Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/4/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/4/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Guess who's back? Well, for starters, we see Chloe at the clinic, where she whispers, "it won't be much longer now." But, Nancy bursts this bubble as she walks in with a newspaper article about Brady and Nicole. She reads the entire thing to Chloe, and Chloe is not a happy camper, at all! Chloe finally tells her mother that maybe she really does need to let Brady know that she is alive, "but, I can't do it on the telephone, I have to do it in person." Nancy is excited and runs to get her brush - and she hears a loud scream. She runs back into Chloe's room and finds her standing there, staring at her scars as she tells her mother, "I just cannot see Brady like this." Nancy comes to her rescue and says, "well then, I can," as she takes off out the door before her daughter can stop her. In a bit, her cell phone rings, and knowing that it is Chloe, Nancy ignores it.

Brady and Nicole are at the mansion, as Nicole is trying to tempt and tease Brady back into bed. He tells her that he doesn't have time right now and when Nicole volunteers to "help him out," he hands her a stack of work to get started on! But, when Brady comes back, Nicole throws her robe at him and starts kissing him, saying "the business part of this meeting is over; you need to get naked now." Later, they are both naked and Brady compliments Nicole, comparing her to Chloe. "I cannot believe that all my dreams are coming true and we are together," Nicole rejoices. Brady assures her that nothing will ever come between them. Later the doorbell rings, and Brady tells her he ordered a pizza and goes to answer it to find Nancy. She tells him, "I have come with important news concerning Chloe!"

Mimi returns to the docks, as she has flashbacks of talking to Stan there. She is determined to find out who he is and who told him about her abortion. She sees Jan and rushes over and slaps her. "You evil little rat," she screams. as Jan asks her "what the hell is wrong with you?" as Mimi rants about her telling, but Jan denies it. But they continue to argue and fall into the water. As they climb out, Jan is bellyaching about her coat being ruined, but Mimi has much more important issues, "my life is ruined," she screams at Jan. But, Jan continues to deny anything and Mimi says, "you told that man, that icky man with the blonde hair and the goatee," Jan is totally dumbfounded and keeps denying Mimi's accusations. She tells Mimi that if her life it ruined, it is because she ruined it her very own self. Jan leaves as Rex calls and Mimi tells him that she will be home soon.

We find Stami in his/her motel and furious at Mimi for saying all those bad things about "her" in front of Lucas. Flashback to the Stami transformation, AGAIN, as she swears that "Mimi is going down tonight!" Mentally, Stami goes over her list, as she begins to wonder where Nancy and Chloe are hiding out in town. Getting a sudden brainstorm, he picks up the phone and calls St. Luke and pretends that he attended Clara's lovely concert and want to send her flowers - that was easy; Stami now has the location of Chloe. "Nicole, life as you know it is about to end," he mutters as he continues down his list of Salamites that he is out to get. John Black is next as Stami looks at his little bad of drugs and makes a phone call.

John and Kate are at the penthouse and John boy is working out with weights and is looking might fine, I must add! Kate is hovering over him, fearing the he might overdo it. He stops and tells her just how sorry he is that they were unable to bring Philip home. "It's my fault that the missions did not succeed," he tells her, but she begs him not to blame himself. She leaves to take a shower and the pains begin to hit John again. He reaches for the pain meds - but the vials are all empty. Kate returns to find him among the scattered empty vials. John thinks fast on his feet, "I was just about to throw these away," he lies. But she buys his story and goes off the fry her hair. John begins to will himself, "you do not need these drugs; you do not need these drugs" when the phone rings. Of course, it's you friendly neighborhood pusher - Stami! He taunts John with the bag he is holding, and although John refuses, Stami says, "I'll meet you at the pier."

At the loft, Bo and Hope, Shawn and Belle are still there as Hope tries to comfort Belle and tell her that Philip is alright and will make it back home. Shawn boldly announces to his father that he is going to find Philip and rescue him! Bo wants to know how he is going to accomplish what the ISA and Special Forces could not. "I have a secret weapon - Rex!" Shawn declares. "He can find him," Shawn further states, but Bo thinks he is crazy and wants to know just exactly how they intend to rescue Philip - even if they do locate him. Meanwhile, Hope talks to Belle about being married to a cop and knowing how she feels. "Some day when you have children, it becomes even more difficult." But, Belle announces that she doesn't plan on having children. "At least not until I have finished my education and am secure in my marriage," she adds. Hope and Belle overhear Bo and Shawn and they also join in trying to talk Shawn out of it. Shawn finally concedes that they are all right, but Hope tells Bo that she isn't buying this, "like father, like son," she says, knowing full well that Shawn fully intends to do what he said he wouldn't. She asks Bo to promise that he will stop Shawn and be there for hi, and "please do not run off somewhere with Billie again!"

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