Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/1/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/1/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

The night that never ends is still continuing on today's episode. Stami is still hiding in the closet at Sami's apartments, as Lucas and Mimi come in the front door. Lucas opens the closet and comes face to face with Sami's wedding gown, thus treating us to the flashbacks of the wedding that never was! After Lucas closes the door, he and Mimi discuss his brothers and he tells her that she and Rex should be together, but inside the closet, Stami swears this will never happen. But Mimi is convinced that when Sami left, she left her bad karma behind, but Lucas argues, "that only applies to me and Will." As Mimi decides she needs to get back to Rex before he becomes suspicious, she tells Lucas about the special communication going on right now with Philip. They talk about this terrible thing that has happened to Lucas's young brother and Stami gets ever antsy in the closet. She vows that "everyone is going to be heartbroken when I am done."

Chelsea is down on the docks and is soon joined by Abby who has once again sneaked out of the house - and her mother. The same old conversation - Patrick Lockhart - and how Chelsea is going to claim him for himself takes place between the two girls. The one thing that worries Chelsea is whether Jennifer is after Patrick - and she asks Abby once again. Abby assure her that her mother loves noone but her father and will never care for another man.

But there is another woman who has caught the eye of Patrick Lockhart - and that is Billie Reed. In fact, she is with Patrick right now and they are talking. Billie is again telling Patrick that she is not going after Bo Brady - all she wants is for him to be a father to their daughter, once she is found. "If you are so worried about my feelings for Bo, then why don't YOU start dating me?" Billie asks a startled Patrick! "Are you asking me out on a date?" Patrick inquires. As they dance, two pairs of teenage eyes are upon them. Chelsea begins to get mad; Billie Reed was not in her plans! Abby tells her, "looks like those two are really getting closer." Chelsea agrees, then asks Abby to help her get rid of Miss Billie Reed! A worker has turned on some music and Patrick and Billie slowly begin to sway to the beat. There is much sexual tension between these two as Patrick asks Billie is she will go with him to the Swing into Spring dance - that is being set up at this very moment. Billie accepts and Chelsea is livid.

We then return to Belle's apartment where Belle and Shawn; Bo and Hope; and Rex are all seated - still watching the satellite feed. Across town, at the Penthouse, John and Kate are watching the same thing. Somewhere we see Tony and Bart, also watching. Suddenly they lose the feed. Belle breaks down in tears in Shawn's arms as Rex attempts to get the feed back. Tony jokingly tells Bart, "I bet John Black is about to pull out every bit of his perfectly coifed hair by now!" He adds, "this is the end of the road for young Kiriakis here." Bo sits by, feeling totally useless because he cannot save his own brother and he turns to Hope for a hug.

Finally, Rex is able to hack into the live feed again and we see everyone once again watching in terror. John warns Kate that what is about to be attempted is very dangerous and Philip could get caught in the crossfire - but after careful consideration, she says, "Philip is so proud to me a Marine; he would want you to proceed." John contacts the mission leaded for a status update.

Bart, ever the idiot, gathers helmets and flack vests as he warns his boss that "smart bombs are gonna be dropped on us." (Bart, you should be so lucky.) Shooting begins and we see Kate and Belle freak as we see the prisoner get shot. But, when John rewinds the tape and as they rewatch, he announces, "this was not Philip." Tony and Bart watch the feed as well; Bart gets on his knees and prays to live through this as he calls out for his mommy. Tony watches calmly and says that was only a scene from a movie he put on the satellite feed for those in Salem to see and tells Bart to see their surprise ending. Tony figures they'll launch a rescue team of their own from Salem.

John tells Kate, "Philip wasn't there; it was just a set up. He hugs her and apologizes for getting her hopes up. Across town, at the loft, the others have now figured out the same thing. Shawn jumps up and announces, "I am going to go get Philip myself!"

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