Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/31/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/31/05



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 Most of today's show is focusing on Philip - his final goodbye - and the folks back home who love him dearly. But before we join them, we visit Lucas and Will. Poor Will - his mind has been so poisoned, he is busy cutting his mother out of the picture on the computer! Lucas wants to have a talk, but Will says the truth is plain and simple - Sami blew things all by herself - on her own! "Son, our marriage did not work out because it was never meant to be," Lucas tries to convince his son, as they both wonder where she went and why she has not called - to at least check on Will. "She loves you, I know she does," Lucas tries to convince a sad Will but he is terrified that his mother has gone off and done something really terrible, "she always does something crazy," he laments to Lucas. Will questions his father as to whether Sami could have been right about being set up by Grandma Kate, but Lucas believes not.

Unbeknownst to Lucas and Will, Sami - rather "Stami" - is out on the fire escape over at Mimi and Rex's apartment and there is a terrific thunderstorm going on. Mimi wakes from her sleep and sees Stami there, but when Rex goes to check it out, he finds nothing. Having fallen, Stami, who is now covered in mud, decides that he must teach Mimi a lesson. As Mimi imagines Stami coming into her room and telling Rex the truth - she runs out to the fire escape trying to find him. All she finds is a baby bootie! But, as she looks down she does see Stan and hollers for him, but he runs off.

Mimi takes off to try to catch Stan and ends up at Lucas's apartment. She knocks on the door and when Lucas answers she tells him this crazy story about trying to catch a man with blonde hair and who is "freaky". Stan takes off into "his" apartment, and Mimi wants to go to Sami's apartment - are you confused yet? Anyhow, Lucas gets the keys, tells Will to stay put and he and Mimi go to Sami's door as we see Stan hiding inside.

At Belle's, we find Bo and Hope still outside and still kissing. They stop long enough to discuss Shawn and Belle and are both confident that their son and the woman he loves will work things out. Inside, we find Belle and Shawn and she is telling him what a wonderful talk she had with his mother. Bo and Hope step back in to tell the kids goodbye and they all agree that they feel much better about the future. Bells is sure that everything will be fine as soon as Philip makes it back home and she can tell him the real truth. But, she is also worried about Philip and the fact that he really has nothing to come home to now.

Rex comes over and tells everyone that he has hacked into the computer and found some interesting information. There is a covert rescue mission going on and it is being led by none other than John Black. Belle is shocked and goes to call her father and thank him, but Hope stops her. Rex tells them all that the ISA is going to try and track the satellite feed of the next message. Rex and Shawn hook the computer up to the tv so that they can all watch the next transmission.

At the penthouse, we find John and some techs from the ISA setting up all the equipment. Kate wants to know just exactly what is about to take place and John explains to her that they will be tracking the signal. She frets, worrying that it may already be too late for Philip, but John assures her that he is still alive and everything will work out allright. Later, after the techs have left, John and Kate kiss and then they talk about all that has recently happened between them. "I feel a bit guilty," she admits, "after all we are still grieving for both Roman and Marlena." John insists that both would have wanted them to move on with their lives. Kate tells John that she is still concerned about his health, but he reassures her that he really is ok - as we see a flashback of him finding pills on the floor, and as Kate turns away, John pops one into his mouth. Kate notices a red light blinking; it is Shane and he and John talk as he tells then everything is all set to go. Kate mutters prayer that they will indeed find Philip as John begins to receive a signal.

Philip is still being tortured, as an evil Tony and Bart stand and watch. Tony makes the comment that John Black has challenged him, but noone is gonna suspect him because they all think that he is dead. "But, they are all playing by my rules now," Tony says as they are about to do another hostage video. Bart assembles the satellite dish to transmit the signal and then tells the boss that they are ready to go. "Poor Philip," Tony says, "he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time." The kidnappers tell Philip that it's now time to say his final goodbyes, but he refuses to speak unless he can say exactly what he wants to say. They agree and tell him to go ahead.

Everyone back home is watching as Philip suddenly appears on the tv. Kate is visibly shaken, "my son, he looks so awful," she says, as in another part of town poor Belle clings to Shawn for support. Philip addresses his wife, Mrs. Isabella Kiriakis and tells her that he dreams of returning home to her, but if he does not, she must know that he has gone to a better place. We see the reactions on everyone's faces - Belle is sobbing uncontrollably in Shawn's arms; Bo and Hope are visibly upset; Kate is broken hearted. Philip then tells them all that he is not giving up hope for coming home, but if he does not, they must all know that he will love them forever.

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