Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/30/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/30/05



Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Todayís show opens out on the pier, where we find Stami as he places a call to Tony. He happily relates how he convinced Chelsea to go after Billie - and Tony is very pleased! Into this now, Stami asks Tony who is to be targeted next, but Tony says to just stay put for now. Stami isnít pleased muttering, "you arenít the one who has to wear this awful getup!" We are treated to scenes of Sami becoming Stan - these are still hilarious to me! But, we all know our Sami - she cannot just sit idly by, and as she remembers her conversation with Mimi in the loft, she picks up a baby doll and decides that it is now Mimiís turn!

Of course, Mimi is home, tucked in bed, dreaming about her encounter with Stan on the docks and the threats he made to tell Rex. "How in the world did that guy know about my abortion?" Mimi questions herself. She wakes up remembering the dream.  Rex awakens and Mimi lies and says that she had a bad dream about that awful man on the dock and awakened afraid. Rex comforts her and they drift off back to sleep, but soon Mimi is awakened by the sound of a baby crying.

Over at Belleís apartment in the loft, she and Hope continue their talk. We find Bo and Shawn up on the roof, still talking as well. Bo tells his son that he must be a friend to Belle, and that he must help her locate Philip and get him home. He understands the love that his son has for Belle and apologizes for not being there when Shawn so desperately needed him. "There are so many things that I donít understand," Bo says, "beginning with how you became engaged to Jan Spears." Shawn flashes back to the cage and tells his dad that maybe Jan actually held him prisoner last summer. In reality, he sees that as the only way he would have stayed away from Belle. "I have memories of kinky sex with her, but I cannot remember buying her a ring, or getting engaged, or even how I came about leaving Belle." "There is just no way I would have left Belle for Jan Spears," Shawn adamantly states.

Inside, Belle is telling Hope how devastated Shawn was when she got engaged to Philip. Hope tells her a story of a long ago time when she thought that Bo was in love with another woman and she also turned to a man who was in love with her - Larry Welch. She tells Belle about the DiMera plots and how Roman was taken from Marlena and John was brought into her life. "And then I was kidnapped and everybody thought that I was dead, thus Billie and Bo came together." They both admit that they love their men and they always will as Hope leaves and joins the boys on the roof. Shawn is thanking Bo for the talk and apologizes for his awful temper, but Bo says that it is his fault and says how sorry he is for not being there for Shawn last summer. They hug, and Hope walks up to witness the emotional scene. She tells Shawn to go to Bells, "she also needs a hug." As Shawn leaves, she grabs Bo and tells him that she never wants to lose him. Bo tells his Fancy Face that he has his priorities straight now and will be there for her and the boys first, before anyone else. Hope says, "it looks like you have already made a difference with our son." We see Shawn with Belle as he tells her that heís there for her  - no pressure - just whatever she needs, and they share a hug.

At the penthouse, we find John and Kate - reveling in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Kate is a bit upset, wondering if this was right for them to do. John assures her that Marlena and Roman are gone, "all we have now is each other," he says. He tells her that all he wants to concentrate on is finding her son for her and he tells her of a plan that he has. He assures her that he will have Philip home, safe and sound in no time. Later, as they have tripped the light fantastic once again, John asks her, "Katherine, what kinda drugs did you administer to me as I feel no pain anywhere."

In Europe, we find Marlena and Roman - and they are about to make love also, but Marlena stops, saying "I cannot do this to John." They talk of the past and the many happy years they spent together, even with the interference of the DiMeraís. In a bit, Marlena turns to Roman and asks him to make love to her, saying "I want to feel safe again." Roman asks her if she is sure and she murmurs, "yes, very sure." In a while, we see them happily snuggling as Marlena tells Roman that she finally feels safe - something she has not felt in a very long while.

Bart is enjoying the scenery, as we see him watching both couples on a small hand held screen. He urges Tony to come over and watch, saying, "this is better than the Spice Channel." Tony tells him to drop the show and get over here and get a look at Philip. Our captured soldier has been awakened when a guard threw a glass of water in his face. Soon, they begin to shoot him with a stun gun, but Philip will stubbornly only repeat his name, rank, and serial number. Bart jokes that when they finish shocking him he should be more than ready and willing to talk. But Tony says, "no, when they are finished, he will be dead." As the guards continue to torture Philip with the stun gun, Bart pleads with Tony to stop, saying, "he is going to be killed, Boss." But Tony only laughs and says, "that is exactly the plan." Tony tells Bart that Philip is really very insignificant in the chain of things, but his father always told him that in the game of chess, it doesnít matter how you maneuver the king or queen, but how you utilize the pawns, and that Philip IS the most important pawn of all. Tony continues, "he is the key to destroying all the great loves of Salem."

The screen freezes on Tony, and then divides into parts, showing John and Kate, Roman and Marlena, Shawn and Belle. It then divides into two, showing Shawn and Belle in one frame, and Philip being tortured in the other.

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