Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/29/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/29/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

On the Pier:

Sami/Stan is alone. She flashes back to advising Chelsea about how to get Patrick. Sami/Stan remembers telling Chelsea to eliminate the competition, staring with Billie Reed.

Sami talks to herself about how she is going to get revenge on Kate and Billie by breaking Billie’s heart. Patrick and Billie wind up taking a walk to the docks. Sami ducks and hides and overhears their conversation. Patrick talks about finding Abby there earlier. Billie and Patrick then talk about Jennifer, and all that Jennifer is going through right now. Billie asks Patrick whether he sees himself as Jennifer’s husband. Chelsea sneaks up on them, and Sami notices her.

Billie continues to press Patrick as to whether he’s interested in Jenn. Patrick flashes back to swearing to Abby that he won’t pursue her. Patrick denies that he’s interested in Jenn. Billie asks if there is another mystery woman in his life. Patrick says that no woman would be interested in him, if they knew who he was. Billie claims that she knows that Patrick is one of the good guys. Patrick says that he did bad things for the DiMera, and Billie dismisses that, saying that that was all in the past. Billie advises Patrick to go for it, if he’s interested in Jennifer. Overhearing, Chelsea tells herself the Patrick is too good for Jennifer. Stan comes up behind Chelsea and puts his/her hand over her mouth to let her know he/she was there.

Billie talks about her past – about Georgia’s birth and when she believed she was stillborn. Billie tells Patrick about lying to Bo and her faked miscarriage. Overhearing, Stan whispers to Chelsea about wondering how far Billie would go to get Patrick. The talk turns back to Jennifer. Billie then asks if Patrick is interested in her (Billie).

Patrick says that Billie tops the list of interesting women in Salem. Billie decides that she should get back to Bo’s house. They leave. Chelsea emerges from her hiding place, livid at Billie. Stan eggs Chelsea on.

The Deveraux House:

Patrick and Billie are hugging as Chelsea stands on the front porch and peers in through the window. Inside, Billie thanks Patrick for being a friend. Jennifer and Abby are also there. Abby thinks to herself that her mother is falling for Patrick. Jenn offers to make coffee, but Billie decides to go for a walk instead. Patrick offers to go along, and Billie accepts. They leave. Outside, Patrick asks where Billie wants to go and Billie responds wherever the wind takes them. Chelsea follows them.

Alone, Jenn scolds Abby for breaking curfew and not answering her cell phone. Jenn tells her how worried she was about her. Abby sasses back, telling her that she was heading home when she came across Patrick. Jenn demands an apology, but Abby refuses to give her one, as Abby talks back, telling her mom to shut up. Jenn turns her back and starts to cry, causing Abby to feel guilty. Abby then tells her mom that she was worry. Jenn tells her that she was worried about her, and Abby is mad that her mom treats her like a child. Abby tells her that she wants to know what’s going on. Jenn agrees. Jenn tells Abby that she thought that Jack had made it home last night.

Jenn recounts the sense of feeling that Jack was there earlier. Abby becomes excited, believing immediately that Jack was there. Jenn shows Abby the magazines with the earmarked pages. Seeing the pages, Abby becomes convinced that Jack was there. Abby tells Jenn that Patrick tried to convince Jenn that Jack wasn’t there because he’s interested in her romantically. Abby then asks her mom if she’s interested in Patrick (again . . . the freakin’ triangles).

Jenn claims that she isn’t interested in Patrick, but that she doesn’t want to be alone all her life. Abby jumps to the conclusion that Jennifer wants to sleep with Patrick.

At the Loft:

Hope and Belle talk about Shawn’s latest crash. Hope wonders if Belle think Shawn was trying to kill himself, but Belle is adamant that he wasn’t.

Belle serves Hop tea and they continue to talk about Shawn. The subject changes to Billie (Oye! With the triangles. Always it’s the triangles.) Hope admits that she’s worried that Billie will come between her and Bo, in spite of their so-called true love.

Belle assures Hope that Bo loves her.

They tell each other not to lose faith in their “true loves.”

On the roof:

Shawn is hostile to Bo as he asks him if she’s going to arrest him. Bo tells him that he wants to help him. They argue about the crash.

Bo also lays into Shawn for being drunk and on drugs when he crashed through the church window. Shawn claims that he didn’t take drugs. Still, Bo contends, Shawn knew he had been drinking and was in no condition to drive when he did that. Shawn tells Bo that he’s just as reckless and tells him to shove his fatherly advice.

They calm down and have a heart to heart chat. They talk about Shawn growing up without a mom. But, the chat turns angry again, when Shawn continues to act like a jerk. Shawn tells Bo that he doesn’t want his help because Bo is just there to score points with Hope.

Shawn starts to walk away, but Bo stops him by telling him by telling him that if he leaves now, that he’ll lose Belle.

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