Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/25/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/25/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

On the Pier:

Rex is carrying two ice cream cones and walking back to Mimi, when he comes across Abby. Chelsea surprises Rex and grabs his arm, causing the ice cream to drop.

Chelsea apologizes. Rex questions why they are out so late. Chelsea tells them that they are going clubbing. Abby offers to pay for the spilt ice cream, and hand Rex her wallet. He sees a fake i.d.

Abby grabs the wallet back and Chelsea claims that it’s a friend’s i.d. that they are holding onto. They leave.

Abby freaks out about Rex finding the fake i.d., but Chelsea isn’t worried. They see Patrick coming and Chelsea hides. Patrick comes up to Abby and wants to know where Chelsea is. Patrick believes that Chelsea influenced Abby to break her curfew. Patrick offers to walk Abby home, leaving Chelsea alone on the pier. Stan comes up to her. Stand flashes back to a phone conversation telling him to use Chelsea. Back to reality, Stan tells Chelsea that he knows that she wants Patrick and that he’ll tell her how to get him.

Meanwhile, close by, Stan threatens Mimi with telling Rex about her abortion. Mimi assumes that Stan is being put up to this by Jan.

Stan argues that Mimi isn’t good enough to marry Rex and be a Brady. Mimi bashes Sami, as an example of a not-so-fine Brady. Stan, of course, takes offense.

Stan again threatens to tell Rex about Mimi’s abortion if Mimi doesn’t. He leaves, just as Rex comes over and asks her what’s wrong.

Mimi tells Tex that she can’t marry him.

At the Deveraux House:

Jenn sits on the couch and flips through a magazine, looking at the dog-eared pages and thinking how it must of been Jack. Patrick and Billie return with the large doll that cries out Mommy! And Mommy, why don’t you save me? Patrick and Billie fill Jenn in on all the taunting ploys – the pictures, the phone call and the tape – that the DiMeras have done to torture Billie.

They talk about finding the person who left the doll. Patrick flashes back to chasing after the person and receiving a phone call to tell him to stop (okay, who saw this?). The doll’s taunting voice starts and won’t stop, and Patrick takes it outside. He shakes the doll to shut it up and calls someone on his cell phone and asks what their plans are for Billie.

Patrick is told by the mysterious person to do as he is told or his family will be harmed. He goes back inside. The three of them talk about the DiMeras being behind this and ruining their lives. Jenn suddenly becomes worried that Abby is still out. Patrick offers to go look for her again. Billie thinks that Jennifer is starting to fall for Patrick.

For the 1,345,868th time, Billie it told by someone (this time Jennifer) that this could all be a DiMera plot. For only the eighth time, Billie pulls out that ugly locket o’ hair and talks about how she can’t let go.

At the castle:

Jack returns as a prisoner. Tony and Bart taunt him with the futility of his escape.

Jack tells Tony that his threats are meaningless at this point because he has threatened him too man times. Jack also tells him that Tony underestimates the power of love and then insults tony by saying he’s a lonely, bitter man who was never truly loved by anyone. Jack punches Tony, knocking him out.

Bart quips that the count is down for the count. The guard is about to hit Jack, but Bart stops him. Jack, in turn, hits the guard and runs off. Bart says to sound the alarm. Tony comes to and see that Jack is missing. Bar quips that the guard let his guard down.

Meanwhile, in their room, Roman is up and flipping through a book, while Marlena tosses and turns in her sleep. She dreams of returning home to the penthouse, only to find John and Kate in a clinch. She awakes and tells Roman about her dream and Roman reassures her by telling her that the t.v. footage is getting to her. He tells her that he believes that the film is being edited. Marlena worries that the footage is true. Roman then shows Marlena the book, and says that it may help them escape.

The book contains a map of the castle. They hope that it will show them a secret escape passage.

Roman and Marlena hear the alarm and go to the door. They hear knocking – it’s Jack. Jack still has the skeleton keys and he unlocks the door and lets himself in.

The three are reunited and hug. Roman and Marlena are excited to think that Jack has come to rescue them, but Jack explains that he is a prisoner there too. He tells them about escaping, only to be recaptured after reaching Salem and FauxJenn. Jack tells them that Cassie is alive and held as a prisoner there too. Tony, Bart and two guards then come in and the guards take Jack away. Tony find the map that Marlena was hiding behind her back. Marlena pleads to Tony to let them go, but Tony responds that she can stay there and rot. Tony and Bart leave and Marlena starts crying.

Jack is taken to a bedroom, where he is locked in. He has a vision of Jennifer and promises to get home to her.

At the Penthouse:

With Kate looking on, John opens and goes through Kate’s purse, looking for the painkillers. Not finding them, he turns to her and demands them. He tells her that Philip will die if she doesn’t give him the painkillers, because he won’t be able to concentrate on helping to find him. Kate takes the drugs out of her coat pocket.

Kate turns and runs over to the fireplace, throwing the drugs in the conveniently already lit fire. She tells John that she refuses to barter Philip’s life for John’s. John, furious at Kate, hurls some strong word at her, telling her that she is a lousy mother and putting the image of Philip in an American-flag-draped coffin in her head. Upset, Kate slaps him and call him a bastard.

John orders Kate out of his house. Kate asks for his help in finding Philip. John accuses her of betraying him and she stands her ground and tells him that she was trying to help him. John throws a vase across the room and it shatters against the staircase. He shouts at her to get out. Crying, Kate runs upstairs. John stumbles across the room and to the ground, falling near the fireplace. He sees two pills on the ground.

John takes one pill and hide the second one in his pocket. Kate comes downstairs with an overnight bag and tells him that she’ll send for her things later. John begs her to stay. He tells her that he will help Philip. He apologizes for what he said and did earlier. Kate says that he needs more help than she can give him. John disagrees, saying that she is the only one who has been able to help him and he kneels down before her and begs her to stay. He asks her if she knows how deeply he feels about her, and touching his face, Kate kneels down and tells him that she does know. They lean in and gaze at each other and start kissing.

Kate and John continue kissing. Kate sheds her jacket. John kisses her neck. Kate slides John’s bathrobe off his shoulders. We cut to the castle, where the t.v. turns on in Roman and Marlena’s room. They go over to see John and Kate kneeling on the ground kissing each other and disrobing each other. Marlena gets upset and cries. Roman, too, looks angry. Marlena thinks that they should find a way to be happy that John and Kate have found each other, just like she thinks that they would be happy if she and Roman got together. They hug and then start kissing.

John and Kate make love, while Roman and Marlena make love. Meanwhile, Tony congratulates himself for having everyone right where he wants them.

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