Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/22/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

The Penthouse:

Kate and John are on the stair, about to head up to bed. John stops on a step, decides that he can’t sleep, and turns back downstairs to go online and try to hack into enemy communications and find Philip’s location. Kate goes to get them coffee. Alone, John pulls out his bag o’ drugs, loads a syringe, and injects himself with it.

John searches the net, but fails to come up with any leads. John takes off his coat and Kate takes it to hang it up. Kate sees the bag o’ pills and syringes and confronts John about them.

Kate is furious with John for lying to her about using drugs. Kate goes to the phone to call the police and turn John in, but John grabs the phone out of Kate’s hand, drops it and smashes it with his cane.

John demands that Kate give him back his drugs. Kate asks whether he’s willing to get violent to take the drugs from her, but John says no. John still tries to talk Kate into giving him the drugs and he professes that he’ll quit the next morning, again. Kate refuses. She take them to go flush them. John shout that that would be the biggest mistake of her life. John claims that if Kate doesn’t give him the drugs, that she’ll be signing Philip’s death warrant.

At the Deveraux House:

Jack has been immobilized by a drug. Bart has Jack standing, leaning against the front door. Jack can see and hear, so Bart tells him that the Count’s limo is coming around back to pick them up. Bart lowers Jack to the ground and drags him by the feet through the living room. As he is bouncing over carpet, the thoughts that run through Jack’s mind include whether Patrick

Lockhart is on the DiMera payroll (because that is SO important at the moment).

Meanwhile, outside, Patrick wants to go get something to eat, but Jennifer declines his invitation and decides to go inside. Jennifer opens the front door and immediately, without a second of hesitation, cries out “Jack! He’s Here!”, of course referring to anything but actually physically seeing Jack (We are not fools, Reilly, and we’re not going to fall for it).

Jenn, of course, doesn’t see Jack, but she says that she could “feel” his presence (oh brother). Jenn runs upstairs to check for Jack there and she sends a disbelieving Patrick in to check the kitchen.

Jenn is disappointed to find that Jack isn’t there. Jenn then wonders why Abby isn’t home yet. Jenn picks up a magazine and pages through it and instantly declares that Jack was here – because some of the pages of the magazine are dog-eared.

Patrick thinks that Abby, Chelsea or someone other than Jenn’s husband back from the dead dog-eared the pages. Patrick asks, if that’s true, why didn’t Jack contact Jenn instead of sitting on the couch and dog-earing magazine pages. Patrick reminds Jenn that she had been talking a lot about Jack that evening, and Jenn agrees that it might all be wishful thinking on her part.

In a limo:

Bart asks the immobile Jack the $60,000 question: how was sex with the fake Jennifer, or didn’t he even know the difference (well, obviously he didn’t).

Bart ties up Jack’s hands, because the drugs will soon wear off. Jack is now able to speak a little and he asks if Lockhart works for the DiMeras. Bart says that he honestly doesn’t know.

Jack flashes back to the dog-earing the magazine and wonders if Jenn will discover them and figure out that he was there.

Jack manages to loosen the ropes tying his wrists together and lunges for the door. Bart tells Jack that he is taking him back to the castle.

Jack lunges for the door, but Bart pulls his gun on him. Bart threatens Jack that if he escapes, that his family will be in danger.

At the Brady House:

Bo and Hope argue about Bo’s responsibilities to his family. Speaking on behalf of the entire viewing audience, Bo says that he’s sick of having this conversation yet again. Hope says that they wouldn’t be having this conversation if Bo didn’t constantly choose Billie over his family. To this, Billie comes in and smirks.

Billie butts into the argument and explains about how Bo didn’t leave earlier because they received new information about Georgia. Billie brings up the phone call. Billie, displaying the intelligence of a watermelon, gets all choked up about the prank phone call (are we supposed to be moved by this . . because the only thing I’m moved to do is become an organ donor and give her my spine if that will stop her self pity crying gags). Bo and Billie next explain about finding the envelope with the pictures. Billie then plays the tape with the child’s voice (obviously not a 16-year-old girl) reciting modified nursery rhymes that call Billie derogatory and misogynistic names.

Hope and Bo continue their argument as Billie adds her two cents now and again. Hope is upset that Bo is not doing anything about Shawn. Hope wants to know why Bo feels the need to babysit Billie all the time. Billie leaves in a huff.

Bo and Hope continue to argue about Bo’s priorities. Hopes wants to hire a private investigator who doesn’t weep over every new piece of information. Bo rejects that idea because Basket Case Billie wants to be there when they find Georgia.

Bo thinks that Shawn will be all right, but Hope warns Bo that if Shawn gets hurt that evening that she and Bo are through.

On the Pier:

Billie goes to walk on the pier, and she hears a child – clearly not a 16-year-old – call out “Mommy!” Billie continues to hear this little girl begging her mommy to save her.

In Some Woods:

Shawn and Belle whine. And then they kiss. And then they whine some more. And then they take off their jackets and lie down on the ground and kiss.

Belle stops and whines that she can’t do this while married to Philip. The both whine some more.

Belle tells Shawn about her earlier conversation with Hope, in which Hope told Belle that she and Shawn belonged together. Shawn argues that they should start having sex now, because Philip could be held hostage for a long time, even forever. I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation, because the blood was boiling in my ears to hear Shawn talk so callously about their friend’s well-being (the writers so have their priorities messed up here).

Shawn and Belle go back to bickering. Upset, Shawn huffs off and gets on his motorcycle and within 1.2 seconds of starting it, he crashes it.

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