Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/21/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/21/05



By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Wooded area:

Shawn pulls over on his motorcycle and walks along the side, carrying a pack of beer. Shawn unscrews the top of one beer and takes a drink.

Belle’s bedroom:

Belle, asleep, hears Philip calling out to her. Belle wakes with a start calling out to Philip. After the fog and smoke clears, Belle can see a coffin on the floor in front of her bed.

Roman and Marlena’s room at the DiMera castle:

Roman is sleeping on the bed and is awoken by the movement of the chain as Marlena paces. Roman doesn’t like seeing Marlena worried and Marlena apologizes for waking him. Roman urges Marlena not to give up hope. Roman points out that the guards are more uptight than usual which leads him to think that someone escaped and is sending help. Marlena worries that they’ll get home too late to reunite with their spouses.


John struggles to stand up from the bench. John pulls the bag of pills from his pocket and begs Marlena to help him get through this. John looks toward the stairs and wishes that Marlena would come walking down them like she did in the past. John flashes back to that moment. Back in the present, John imagines seeing Marlena walk down the stairs to him and they kiss. John blinks and realizes that the woman before him is really Kate.

Bo’s house:

Billie fingers the locket containing Georgia’s hair as Bo assures her that they will find Georgia. Billie thanks him for caring and Bo embraces her. They look up and end the embrace when Hope gets their attention by slamming the door. Hope accuses Bo and Billie of coming home sooner then they expected. Bo starts to defend the situation but Hope doesn’t want to believe otherwise.

Jack’s house:

Jack is lying on the floor, completely still except for his eyes. Bart has been left to keep an eye on him and reports back to Tony over the phone that Jack is still under the effects of the drug and asks about the car coming to pick them up. Jack listens intently to Bart’s side of the conversation. Bart looks out the front window and notices that Jennifer and Patrick are heading up the front walk. Bart pulls out his gun and assures Tony that he knows exactly what to do.

Front walk to Jennifer’s house:

Patrick apologizes for making Jennifer feel sad by pointing out the first bloom but Jennifer assures him that she and Jack used to enjoy spotting the first bloom on the plant. Jennifer puts her key in the lock as Bart aims the gun at the door. Jack watches the scene from his back on the floor.

Jack’s house:

Bart holds the gun close to his body, waiting on Jennifer to walk in the door. Jack sends a telepathic message to Jennifer to stop and not open the door. Jennifer unlocks the door and is about to push it open when she suddenly stops and turns away. Jennifer braces herself on the back of the bench and Patrick asks what is wrong. Jennifer tells Patrick about getting the feeling from Jack again and wonders why this is happening to her.

Bart turns away from the door and breathes a sigh of relief. Bart remarks out loud how Jennifer won’t know how close a call that was thanks to Patrick.

Marlena and Roman’s room at the DiMera castle:

Roman tries to console Marlena by pointing out that they have no idea what is really going on between John and Kate. Marlena points out what they have seen on the monitor and Roman points out that Tony is controlling what they see. Roman refuses to believe that John and Kate would move on so easily but Marlena isn’t convinced.


John explains to Kate that he thought she was Marlena and Kate understands. Kate wants to know why John is here all alone and John gets angry that Kate assumes that he is out scoring drugs. John tucks the pills back into his pocket as he insists that he isn’t buying or taking any drugs. Kate threatens to turn John over to the police if she finds out otherwise.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Hope begins to cry as she tells Bo about how Shawn took off and yells at Bo for not having been there to stop him. Bo urges Hope to calm down as he prepares to make phone calls that will send his officers out to find Shawn. Bo heads into the kitchen. Billie apologizes to Hope for Bo not showing up but Hope doesn’t believe that Billie is truly sorry.

Marlena & Roman’s room at the DiMera house:

Roman and Marlena notice that Tony or Bart hasn’t visited them recently. Roman wants to believe that it’s because Tony is feeling pressured because someone from Salem is on to him but Marlena fears that Tony will feel pressured enough to move them to a new hiding place where they will never be found.


John is angry that Kate would turn him in but Kate stands by her threat. John wants to get stronger for Kate, Belle, and to find Philip. Kate tells John about Philip’s video message. Kate worries what Philip will find when he comes home, believing that if Roman and Marlena were here, everything would be different. John winces from the pain and Kate helps him home.

Wooded area:

Shawn continues to drink as he flashes back to asking Belle for her help to make him the person he used to be and then to when Belle decided that she and Shawn couldn’t be together while Philip is away at war. Shawn worries that if Philip doesn’t make it back, he’ll never be with Belle. Shawn takes one last swig from his beer bottle and then throws it against a rock where it shatters all over the ground.

Belle’s bedroom:

Belle gets out of bed, now dressed in funeral attire, and walks over to the coffin. Belle lifts the lid and finds Philip inside. Philip suddenly opens his eyes and tearfully tells Belle that he had nothing left to live for upon finding out that Belle still loved Shawn. Philip is angry with Belle for saying she loved him when it was all a lie. Belle gasps.

Belle continues to dream. This time, she wakes up in bed and finds Hope standing in her room, dressed in funeral attire. Hope criticizes Belle by pointing out what denying her love for Shawn has done to him. Belle looks over and sees another casket in her room as Hope fades away. Belle gets out of bed and walks over to the second casket. Belle opens it and sobs as she finds Shawn inside. Shawn tells Belle that he is here because he didn’t care whether he lived or died when Belle told him that she couldn’t be with him.

Hope’s house:

Billie tells Hope that Bo tried to go to Shawn’s loft multiple times and it isn’t his fault that he never showed. Hope agrees with that. Billie then explains that even though she encouraged Bo to go to Shawn’s loft multiple times, Bo thought she needed him more. Hope sarcastically asks if Bo simply held Billie’s hand to comfort her. Billie holds out the locket from around her neck and explains what it is to Hope. Hope insists that she wants Billie to find Georgia. Hope tells Billie that her talk with Kate confirmed that Billie is after Bo. Billie denies it but Hope doesn’t believe her. Hope feels guilty when Billie points out that while Shawn has only been missing for a couple hours, Georgia has been missing for years and is probably living a life of pure hell being held captive by the DiMeras.

Jack’s house:

Bart, in a crouched position, backs away from the door, still watching for Jennifer to come in. Bart continues to report to Tony about the situation. Bart returns to the front window to peek out and watch Jennifer and Patrick. Jack continues to watch the situation from the floor.

Patrick sits Jennifer down on the bench in the front yard to talk about why Jennifer believes she is hearing Jack. Jennifer wonders if it is because of attending Alice’s anniversary party made her think of all the couples that have been torn apart. Jennifer flashes back through happier times with Jack. Jennifer looks about to cry. Jack continues to look around as he remains still on the floor.

Belle’s bedroom:

Belle tosses and turns as she hears Philip and Shawn’s voices taunt her. The images of Shawn and Philip’s heads hover over her. Belle wakes with a start seconds before the phone rings. Belle answers it and it is Bo who asks if she knows where Shawn is but Belle doesn’t know. Belle promises to call Bo right away if she hears from Shawn and hangs up. Bo dials the phone again. Belle reaches out to touch the “I love you” inscribed heart on her wall and flashes back to when Shawn gave it to her. Belle realizes that that is where Shawn is.

Wooded area:

Shawn downs another beer as he flashes back to his arguments with Belle about getting her leaving Philip for him. Shawn downs the rest of the beer.

Hope’s house:

Billie continues to yell at Hope for Georgia being alone whereas Shawn is known by everyone and has his entire family to help when he gets into trouble. Billie points out that she and Bo are Georgia’s only family and is shocked that Hope expects her to leave Bo alone because Hope fears that she will try and steal him away. Hope questions whether Billie is actually denying it.

Roman and Marlena’s room:

Roman insists that someone is going to find them. Marlena scoffs at Roman’s optimism because when they lived together, any sniffle he’d get, he’d be convinced it was pneumonia. Roman jokes about how it would have been pneumonia had he not had a live in doctor. Roman promises Marlena that he will protect her. Roman promises to stay by Marlena’s side until they are rescued.

John’s penthouse:

John and Kate arrive home. Kate offers to make coffee when John decides to stay up and map out a plan to find Philip. Kate heads for the kitchen. John turns on the TV and sees Philip’s video message on the news. Kate returns to the living room with the tray of coffee but drops it when she sees what John is watching. John quickly apologizes, explaining that he was only looking for news. Kate begins to cry, as she fears that Philip is already dead. John puts his arm around Kate to comfort her.

Jack’s house:

Bart is getting anxious that the limo hasn’t arrived yet because Jennifer could walk in at any moment. Jack gulps and looks around, worriedly.

Jennifer flashes back through more happy times with Jack. Jennifer tells Patrick about how she was the one who thought of Jack as the most caring man. Jack can hear Jennifer’s loving words about him and telepathically tells Jennifer that he loves her. Jennifer regrets not telling Jack these things more often. Jack uses his head to slam it against the chair leg to make enough noise to alert Jennifer. Jennifer hears the noise and realizes that someone is in the house.

Wooded area:

Shawn takes another drink as he paces. He puts the bottle down and realizes that Belle has walked up to him. Shawn wants to know why Belle is looking for him since he came up here to be alone and to think. Belle tells Shawn about Bo’s call and explains that she didn’t think of where Shawn is until she had already hung up. Shawn asks why Belle came to him instead of just calling Bo back.

Belle explains that she wanted to make sure that Shawn was okay. Shawn insists that he is fine and tells Belle to run on home and wait for Philip. Belle hides her face as Shawn tosses another beer bottle against the rock. Shawn offers Belle a beer but she turns it down. Shawn starts to open the bottle but Belle snatches it away from him, believing that he’s had enough. Belle insists that Shawn means a lot to him and Shawn wants to know if he means as much to Belle as Philip.

Hope’s house:

Hope and Billie argue about Billie’s intentions with Bo. Hope believes that it is obvious that Billie is still in love with Bo and Billie points out that she never denied that but insists that she isn’t trying to break up their marriage. Bo comes back into the living room and interrupts them to verify that Billie did urge Bo to go meet Hope but he decided to stay with Billie. Hope is furious to learn that Bo made that decision.

John’s penthouse:

John insists to Kate that Philip is not dead because his captors want to keep him alive to get the information they desire. Kate begins to sob, not knowing how much more she can take and John rocks her in his arms as he urges her to be strong.

Roman & Marlena’s room:

Marlena decides to be optimistic when Roman points out that if they feel defeated, then Tony will win. The TV in their room clicks on and they can watch John comforting Kate. Marlena’s hopes are dashed when she decides that Tony couldn’t have edited that tape. Marlena fears that they’ve finally lost John and Kate. Marlena begins to sob as she asks Roman to hold her and not let go.

Bo & Hope’s house:

Bo leads Hope aside to try and explain. Hope asks Bo which is more important, Billie and Georgia, or her and their sons. Bo insists that that isn’t a fair question. Hope asks if it isn’t fair because she is the one asking whereas Billie has been asking that same question for months and Bo has repeatedly chosen her.

Wooded area:

Shawn repeats his question about Belle’s intentions. Belle declares that she loves Shawn and would feel bad if anything happened to him. Shawn insists that nothing they do or don’t do will make Philip any safer. Shawn turns Belle to face him as he insists that they love each other and there is nothing wrong with that. Shawn kisses Belle and Belle passionately kisses him back. Belle wants to stop but decides to continue on, realizing that she does want Shawn. They lie down on the ground and begin to make love.

Jack’s house:

Bart sneaks beneath the window to grab Jack and drag him away from the door. Jennifer insists that she heard someone in the house but Patrick tries to convince her otherwise. Jennifer starts to go inside but Patrick stops her by inviting her out to eat. Jennifer turns down the invitation and opens the door. Patrick follows her inside. Jennifer gasps and calls out Jack’s name.

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