Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/18/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/18/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At Belle’s Apartment:

Hope and Kate face off. Kate is upset with Hope for pushing Belle to be with Shawn. Kate tells Hope about coming from Lucas’s after seeing Philip on videotape.

Kate and Hope argue about Hope’s motives in trying to push Belle and Shawn back together. Kate claims that Hope is prodding Belle to be unfaithful to Philip, but Hope says this is about true love, and not sex.

Kate disagrees with Hope’s assessment regarding one true love. Kate believes that people change and fall in love with other people. Kate brings up all the horrible things that Shawn did to Belle, and Hope defends him. Kate continues to bash Shawn and Hope blames Kate for interfering with Bo and not allowing Bo to spend time with Shawn, to help straighten him out.

Kate scoffs at Hope’s justification for pushing Belle and Shawn together, which, again, is true love (true love means you get to call your ex-girlfriend a whore, but I digress). Hope suggests that Philip will recover from this. If he lives, Kate retorts. Kate then imagines how Philip will receives information that Shawn and Belle have reunited. Hope believes that Philip has more important things on his mind than his love life (good point, Hope). Hope contends that it’s inevitable that Shawn and Belle will wind up together (So, if she believes true love is inevitable, then why does Billie bother her?). Kate then accuses Hope of trying to keep Bo and Billie from finding Georgia, and then she further accuses Hope of hoping that Georgia is not alive.

Hope says that she’s sick of the accusations that she’s hoping that Georgia isn’t alive. Hope accuses Kate of trying to push Bo and Billie together and Kate counters that Hope is trying to push Shawn and Belle together. Hope claims that Kate lied about not being able to stay with Billie at the hospital. Kate explains that she did go home to check on John, but he wasn’t there. Kate ends the conversation with a ‘Go to Hell’ and leaves.

At the Brady House:

Bo tells Billie that he’ll stay with her in case the man who called and taunted Billie calls back. They talk about trying to trace the call, but are unable to do so.

Bo tries to convince Billie that the DiMeras are intentionally paying a sick, twisted game designed to upset them, and he urges Billie to stay above falling for it. Billie whines and cries and shows that she’s completely unable to do that. However, she regains some sort of composure, and Bo sets to leave. However, when he opens the front door, he finds a manilla envelope on the doorstep. The envelop says ‘Mommy’ on it in annoying bubble letters (thankfully, no Hello Kitty stickers accompany it).

Billie is anxious to open the envelope. Bo, however, wants to put on gloves before opening them. Inside, they find pictures, of a little girl and two adults, which appear to have been drawn by a child. Billie, never mindful of DiMera tricks, gets upset that the pictures show the adults crossed out (get it, the little girl is angry at the adults, and the adults are Billie and Bo – how clever. Not.) They also find an audiotape. It’s a child sing-songing in nursery rhyme style, taunting Billie and calling her horrible names. Billie, ever the capable ISA agent (Not!), gets upset. Billie gets all weepy, while I get all sleepy (sorry, those horrible rhymes are contagious).

Billie eyes the liquor cabinet, as Bo again becomes set to go. Bo looks over and sees the liquor cabinet and offers to put the alcohol somewhere else. Billie tells him that that won’t be necessary, and Bo (finally!) leaves.

Alone, Billie tortures herself with listening to the audiotape (I hope they didn’t have a real child to recite those lines).

On a Street Near the docks:

Sami, disguised as Stan, runs into Will and becomes emotional. Sami flashes back to a happier time when Will came home from summer camp. Will, fearful of the stranger, tries to ward Stan off by telling him that he has a black belt. Will then tells Stan tall tales about his father being 6'8'’, which proves untrue with the 5'6'’ Lucas arrives.

Lucas asks Stan what he’s doing here with Will, but Will explains that Stan wasn’t trying to hurt him. Stan introduces himself to Will and Lucas. Lucas extends hi hand, and as Stan hesitates in shaking it, he flashes back to a time when the three of them were getting ready for a camping trip. Back to reality, Stan overcompensates and shakes Lucas’s hand especially vigorously. Lucas and Will turn to leave, but Stan aks to speak to Lucas for a moment. Alone, Lucas pauses and says in a shocked voice “My God, I know you.” (Reilly, we’ve been subjected to this ploy TOO many times, that we know for certain that Lucas hasn’t recognized that it’s Sami, nor will Lucas seem as shocked when next we see him, a few minutes down the road. Cut. It. Out.)

Turns out that Lucas doesn’t know him after all, and that Stan just has a familiar face (man, was I surprised by that. Oops, I meant insulted by that). Stand mentions his own son, and that he has lost him and thtat the son is now living with his mother. They talk about Will and Stan mentions overhearing that Will is mad at his mother. Stan assures Lucas that Will’s mother loves him. Lucas, meanwhile, wants to know why Stan is so interested in them.

Stan tells Lucas not to be suspicious of him, and that he just sees that they are nice people. Lucas says that Will takes after his mother, and the conversation turns to Sami. Lucas describes her to Stan, calling her mean and vindictive in one breath, and admitting that Sami has a good heart in his next. Lucas explains how he and Sami were best friends, and then they hated each other before they came back together. Stan aks Lucas if he still loves Sami.

Sitting on the same stoop upon which John collapsed earlier, Lucas says that it doesn’t matter whether he loves Sami. Lucas explains how he found Sami in bed with her ex-husband the night before his and Sami’s wedding. Lucas makes it clear that it’s over between him and Sami.

Will honks the horn, and Lucas says he has to go. Lucas tells Stan he hopes things work out for Stan and his son. Stan advises Lucas to try to work things out with Sami when she returns. Lucas says that will never happen and leaves. Stan is upset and he’s sits with head in his hands, when Kate strolls by. Kate takes a moment out of her meddling in her children’s lives and asks if Stan is okay. Stan snaps at Kate and Kate struts off. After Kate walks away, Sami tells her that she’ll get revenge on her yet.

The Deveraux House:

There was a review of the last scene of yesterday’s show, as Jack again steals Tony’s gun away from him. This time, Madison and Bart wind up next to each other, other than on other sides of him. Jack asks Tony if Patrick Lockhart works for Tony.

Meanwhile, outside, Patrick stops Jennifer just as she is about to go inside.

Tony doesn’t think that Jack has it in him to shoot Tony. Jack, however, says that he’s desperate, so maybe he will. Bart counters that losing Tony would make him desperate to, especially since he’s not eligible for unemployment (gotta love Bart). Jack says that he would do anything to protect his family, to which Tony responds that shooting him would be the worst thing that he could do to make that happen.

Outside, Patrick points out the first bloom of spring. Jennifer doesn’t find Patrick extremely strange. Instead, she flashes back to Jack planting that very bush. Jack and Jenn talk and laugh and start to kiss in the flashback. Back to reality, Jenn looks off wistfully.

Inside, the guns remain drawn and the stand off continues. Tony says that even if he is killed, that his employees will carry on after him (didn’t Jack ever watch Stand By Me? Ace: What are you gonna do, shoot all of us? Gordie: No Ace, just you.). This causes Bart to think, exactly how is he going to paid if Tony dies, and he starts to ask Tony about logistics (“How exactly is that going to work, boss? I mean, are you going to get, like, a bank to send us our pays every month or... you know, something along those lines? 'Cause I'm not exactly sure.”). Madison says that Jennifer is outside, and Jack shouts out, “Jennifer, No!” Bart takes advantage of the fact that Jack is distracted and overpowers him, taking Jack’s gun and returning it to the Count.

Patrick and Jennifer talk about how Jack distrusted him. Jenn says that Jack would think differently if he knew him better. Patrick says that he has something to confess to Jenn.

Inside, Bart has Jack in a grip. Madison takes out a syringe.

Jack struggles, but Bart and Madison hold him down, as Tony injects Jack with the contents of the syringe.

Outside, Jenn and Patrick don’t hear any of the struggle. Patrick admits that he’s a little jealous of Jack, about the life he had with Jenn. Jenn’s response was so bland, that I didn’t write it down nor do I remember it, but she does walk over to the front door and takes out her keys to prepare to go inside.

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