Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/16/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/16/05



Written By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At a Random Foggy Street, Near a Bus Stop:

Chloe and Nancy are walking along, out for some air in the middle of the night. Actually, as it will become evident later, time has reversed and it’s become earlier in the evening – must be because Salem is near the Arctic Circle . . . or the Equator . . . I’m not sure. Meanwhile, Nicole is also walking in the London, errrr Salem, fog, looking for John.

On a Nearby Equally Foggy Street:

John and Sami/Stan continue their confrontation. John asks Stan where he knows him from, just as Brady comes upon them.

Stan gives Brady a story that he and John worked together at the ISA, but Brady says that that doesn’t explain why John said he didn’t know him. Stan claims that he was undercover at the time, and asks John if he knows him now. John says that he does. Stan leaves. Brady still thinks there’s something off about him. He asks John if he’s here to get more drugs.

John assures that he wasn’t there to buy drugs, and that he just had to get some air because some bad things have happened. He tells Brady about Philip. Brady wonders why John isn’t with Kate, then, but John says that it’s more complicated, because Belle has re-declared her love for Shawn. Brady wants the two of them to find Nicole and walk John home, but John wants to be let alone. Brady leaves.

Once alone, John berates himself lying to Brady. He sees a woman drop a letter in a mailbox, and he thinks that it’s Marlena. In pain, John sits down on a random front stoops and pops more pills like candy (which, again, the drugs have not been ruled out to be).

Maggie’s House:

Julie and Maggie are in the kitchen, preparing for the anniversary party for Tom and Alice that is going on in the living room. Julie apologizes to Maggie for not being able to have the party at her house, and in the one piece of conversation that isn’t centered around triangles or true love, Julie explains that Doug has become addicted to 3-D jigsaw puzzles, and that he has them in the dining room, the living room, etc. “ I ask you, what’s next -- Versailles in the bathtub?” Julie asks and this conversation is too welcome . . . and too fleeting. The talk turns to, you guessed it – triangles – as they talk about Bonnie, Mickey and Maggie all living in this house.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Bonnie hits on Mickey and Mickey giggles like a school girl. Bonnie leave and Doug comes over and aks Mickey when it’s going to end (took the words right out of my mouth, Doug). Mickey responds, “Not you, too.” (Been reading that hate mail, Mickey?).

Bonnie goes out on the porch and lights up a cigarette (Because she’s a bad character, and only bad characters can smoke – I’m surprised they haven’t made Kate a chain smoker). Max arrives, with Patrick on his heels, looking like crap (Now, if only Max were a cat and I could say, ‘look what the cat dragged in.’ Because that would have been so appropriate, for the way Patrick looks).

Meanwhile, at the Horton picnic table, Chelsea and Abby are painting a poster for the party. This, in spite of the fact that they were put to bed earlier at Chelsea’s house, which, of course, was before they snuck out, changed, went to the Cheatin’ Heart, drugged Patrick and Chelsea made out with him, which is proof positive that Salem is near some time tunnel or wrinkle in time.

At the Deveraux House:

Because watching Jack act like a complete and utter moron who doesn’t deserve to live once wasn’t enough, we’re forced to suffer through Jack’s idiocy a second time, as he stares at the table, with his back turned to a woman who held him captive at gun point, while waiting for Jennifer to pick up her cell phone. Once again, Jack is knocked over the head with a candle stick in the living room by Miss Scarlett, errr, by FauxJenn.

Back to the Horton House:

Patrick tells Bonnie about having been drugged and making out with some girl he didn’t know. Just as Bonnie asks him who could have done this, Chelsea and Abby walk up.

In Jenn’s car:

Jenn is driving and talks to herself about some feeling she’s having about Jack. (Hey – Jenn, maybe it’s the fact that he was shouting your name while you were in the driving of your house, but you still just drove off).

Back to the Deveraux House:

FauxJenn checks Jack’s pulse – he’s out cold. She rummages through some drawers and finds a child’s jump rope. She ties up Jack with it. Jack starts to come to, and confuses FauxJenn for RealJenn, even though she has her mask off, and they start to kiss.

Jack awakes and still thinks that it’s RealJenn as he carries on a conversation with her, telling her about this dream of an intruder. FauxJenn laughs at Jack’s stupidity (Join the crowd, honey), and FauxJenn goes on about how great a lover Jack is. Jack becomes very upset about the idea that this woman slept with him, knowing how much he loves his wife (because, that of course is the theme of this show and they ignore the bigger picture about everything – like the fact that he’s being held captive and is about to be taken back to a castle and may never see his wife or two children again). FauxJenn leaves, but not before saying the line of the day: “Who are you kidding? You didn't even notice the difference.”

Jack wrestles his way out of the magic trick jump rope and strangles FauxJenn until she passes out. He ties her up, using a real rope. However, his intelligence runs out – like the sands in an hour glass – and StupidJack returns. StupidJack sets the gun down, right next to the knocked-out FauxJenn, and goes to the phone and once again turns his freakin’ back on her, as he calls someone (Which of course brings to mind that famous quote: ‘There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.’ I think a Days writer said that).

Whoever StupidJack calls puts him on hold (ever hear of 9-11, Jack?). FauxJenn gets out of the ropes, picks up that gun conveniently left right next to her, and pulls it on StupidJack.

Back to the Horton House:

Mickey and Doug continue to talk about Mickey’s predicament. Mickey claims to love both Bonnie and Maggie.

On the front porch of the Horton House:

Seeing Chelsea, Patrick flashes for a moment to kissing her, but shakes the idea off. Jennifer arrives. Bonnie, Abby and Chelsea go inside and Patrick asks Jenn why she seems so shaky. Jenn mentions imagining hearing Jack call her name.

Jenn and Patrick chalk Jenn’s experience up to being over-tired. Jenn gets upset and starts to cry, talking of Jack and how much she misses him.

Patrick and Jenn come inside and Jenn picks up a picture of her and Jack. She has a fantasy about Jack being there to celebrate. Back to reality, Alice comes out and they talk about missing Jack.

On the Foggy Street:

Nancy and Chloe continue to hang out chat. Nancy goes to a convenient store, leaving Chloe alone. Nicole comes upon her. Nicole tells her that she’s lost and asks Chloe for directions.

Chloe keeps her back to Nicole and gives Nicole only monosyllabic answers. Nicole thinks the voice sounds familiar, however. Nancy rushes over.

Nancy tells Nicole that the woman is Clara’s friend and they have come from hearing Clara sing. Nicole says that she wants to do more in Chloe’s memory. Nancy accuses Nicole of using her money to get in good with Brady. Nancy calls Nicole a shameless grifter. Nicole then calls Nancy a bitch, which causes Chloe to shout out “Stop it!” and storm off. Nancy slips up and tells Nicole that she bothered “her daughter.”

Nancy backtracks and says that she was rattled and misspoke. Brady comes upon them and Nancy leaves. Nicole thinks that there’s something weird about Nancy’s friend.

Alone, Chloe talks to herself aloud, telling herself that she wants to reveal herself to Brady. Sami comes upon her and overhears her.

Stan aks Chloe if she’s okay and Chloe turns, says she’s fine, and walks off. Stand can’t believe that Chloe’s alive.

Back at the Horton Kitchen:

Alice comes in and she and Maggie talk about Mickey and the Bonnie situation. Maggie goes through the litany of things that Bonnie has done to her. Alice, however, urges Maggie to be more patient.

Maggie doesn’t think that she can be more patient, but then changes her mind and says she will be. As Alice tells Maggie that it will all work out, Bonnie eavesdrops.

Meanwhile, the party is underway in the living room. Maggie pulls Mickey aside and tries to talk to him, but Mickey wants to wait until afer the party. Bonnie paces back and forth, with Max matching her step for step, in the kitchen. Bonnie is fuming, as she vows to not let Maggie have her meal ticket.

Bonnie, upset at the idea of Maggie being alone with Mickey. Bonnie runs over and turns on the stereo and asks Mickey to dance. Mickey, who protests a bit, doesn’t protest enough and starts to dance. Maggie, in retaliation, asks Patrick to dance. That, in turn upsets Chelsea.

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