Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/15/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/15/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the Loft:

Belle is forlorn, sniveling on her couch. Mimi tries to comfort her. Instead of being concerned about Philip’s well-being, Mimi and Belle are focused on whether Belle will leave Shawn to try to make her marriage to Philip work.

Instead of touching on the history of the teens and relaying some interesting anecdote regarding Philip, or trying to create a touching moment by focusing on the fact that Philip is a soldier who put his life on the line and said life is now in jeopardy, the writers have Mimi and Belle talk more about Belle’s relationship with Shawn.

It turns out that Belle is so upset because she feels guilty (is it just me or is that still a little selfish – like ‘poor me, I did something awful’ rather than ‘I did something awful, I hope everything turns out all right’?). Belle blames herself for Philip’s capture, because he volunteered for this dangerous mission because of his concern to get home and make sure that Shawn wasn’t trying to get back together with Belle.

Belle picks up Philip’s photograph and says that, if Philip makes it home, she’ll make him happy. Mimi, however, wants to know ‘what about Shawn?’.

Mimi then says that Belle shouldn’t make any decisions, yet. Belle thanks Mimi for being such a great friend.

In the hallway, Shawn and Jan argue. If they said anything new or interesting, I would tell you. . . [birds chirping] . . . you get the point. After rehashing what’s already been said, over and over (though noticeably Shawn doesn’t yell at Jan to leave, now that’s a first), Jan hold up the keys to Shawn’s motorcycle, as she tells him that she’s had it repaired (Wow — even after it burned in a fire?). As Jan is about to give Shawn the keys, Hope appears out of nowhere (no elevator sound, no footsteps – damn, she should be the one in ISA) and grabs them out of Jan’s hand.

Hope goes off on Jan for giving Shawn – who has a suspended license – keys to a motorcycle. Hope tells Jan to leave, and finally Jan leaves . . . or at least she appears to.

Hope questions Shawn about what’s been going on between him and Belle. Shawn claims that there’s nothing to tell. Meanwhile, Jan eavesdrops on their conversation.

Hope asks Shawn if Kate is wrong in thinking that Shawn is pursuing Belle, but Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it. Jan appears with the keys, and Shawn grabs them and takes off. Mimi and Belle come out of Belle’s apartment and they comment on how Shawn might hurt herself (but of course they’re not concerned that he could hurt anyone else).

At the Hospital:

Billie is given the lock of Georgia’s hair, presumably to hold and weep over. Bo and Billie are happy at finding this new clue.

Bo wants to get over to Shawn’s, but, first, he has to make pointless conversation with Billie. Billie has minor breakdown no. 20,563, and Bo assures her that Georgia and she will always be part of his family.

Bo still hasn’t left for Shawn’s yet, as he has gotten himself and Billie coffee. They sit and gab. Billie apologizes to Bo for her treatment of Hope, even though it’s Hope to whom Billie owes the apology. Bo gets up to leave and Billie drops her paperwork regarding Georgia. Bo picks them up and hands them to Billie, who immediately notices something she missed before.

It turns out that it was an entire 8 ½ by 11 piece of paper with Georgia’s footprints that Billie had missed. Billie admonishes herself for missing what I would call metaphorically a pitchfork in a bucket of hay (as opposed to a needle in a haystack). Bo rushes off to fax the footprints to the police station.

At the Penthouse:

Nicole and Brady arrive at the penthouse, bringing popcorn as a midnight snack for John. Wait, Nicole is munching on the popcorn, which tells us that Brady and Nicole decided to drop by – in the middle of the night – after having been at the movies. Brady opens the master bedroom door and freaks out when he finds John missing. Brady charges out of the room and shouts for his father, but Nicole, the more level-headed one, sees a note on the night-stand.

The note says that John went out to get air. Nicole scoffs at that idea and immediately assumes that John is out to score drugs. Nicole and Brady leave to search for him.

Somewhere near the Pier:

Nicole and Brady have not found John in any of the “usual” drug-scoring hang outs, though inexplicably they failed to check the place where Brady caught John scoring the drugs earlier.

Nicole and Brady decide to split up, because Brady has to be alone when he finds John, oops, I mean to cover more ground.

On the Pier:

John and his cane have made it to the pier. John has his 1,287th flashback to Stan giving him the drugs. John berates himself for taking the pills that Stan left with him. John imagines seeing Marlena, but as he walks towards the image, Stan appears. More pointless flashbacks to Sami watching John steal and inject drugs. Stan tells John that they meet again.

Stan and John continue to face off and have a ‘who can have more flashbacks’ contest. Stan/Sami grabs the lead from John, as he/she flashes back to more moments of witnessing John taking drugs. Stan figures out that John taken some of the drugs he left for him, because John is more ambulatory than he was before. John thinks he knows Stan from somewhere.

More flashbacks abound (as I wonder whether the person whose job it is to identify, find and edit the flashbacks gets paid more than the writers, because he does a lot more work than they do). At this point all the flashbacks regarding John’s drug addiction have played out, unless they’re going to flashback to the fade in and fade out reaction shorts in prior flashback scenes.

Just when I thought that Stan and John finished their “flashback” contest because they’ve run out of any more possible flashbacks, Stan has a flashback of burning the pictures of Kate and John and vowing revenge on them and on everyone in Salem who wronged her. Winner of the contest: Stan/Sami. However, I remind myself that it was inevitable that there would be more flashbacks, because they have to fill the time somehow, as Brady can’t find them until the end of the show.

At the Castle:

Roman and Marlena’s room is dark and the inhabitants are asleep. Marlena wakes up and walks over to the mirror. She looks into her mirror and sees herself as she would look like without plastic surgery, errrr, I mean as really old and decrepit. Marlena screams at the sight and goes over to the still sleeping Roman. She pulls back the covers, to find that Roman has turned into a skeleton. She screams again. It turns out to be a dream, as Roman shakes Marlena awake. Marlena tells Roman about the dream.

Roman and Marlena talk about whether they’ll ever get out of the castle. Today, it’s Marlena’s turn to be the pessimist in this never-resolved conversation.

Roman and Marlena have the same old-same old conversation, but the one interesting thing is that they are both holding glasses of wine. Roman remains the optimistic one (at least for this episode), as he assures Marlena that they will get out of there and get back to their loved ones.

Roman and Marlena finish their nightcap and Roman tucks Marlena back into bed, wishing her sweet dreams and kissing her on the forehead. Roman gets up and walks over to the window, as the torch of pessimism has been passed on to him and he thinks to himself that they might not get out of there, after all.

At the Deveraux House:

FauxJennifer has met with Jack outside. She does “the hair thing,” which convinces Jack that FauxJennifer is RealJennifer. They kiss. Jack wants to call the police immediately and he rushes inside. FauxJennifer comes inside with him. Jack locks the front door and tells FauxJennifer to go check and lock the other doors. FauxJennifer walks to the kitchen, but turns at the doorway and pulls a gun on Jack. Jack calls out for Jennifer, who is outside. RealJennifer hears Jack calling her name.

RealJenn pauses and notes that the voice has stopped. She tells herself that she’s hearing things and leaves to go to Maggie’s. FauxJenn continues to hold the gun on Jack. Jack asks questions, but doesn’t get an answers, other than FauxJenn is a hired gun for the bad guys and that Count DiMera is capable of pulling off anything. FauxJenn pulls off a mask to reveal her true face. FauxJenn tells Jack that she’s here to collect his sorry butt (not the nicest thing to say to someone with whom one has just slept with). Jack tells her that she’ll have to kill him first.

RealJenn pauses as she thinks to herself that she doesn’t remember leaving the living room light on. Based on FauxJenn’s threats, Jack is worried that RealJenn will be harmed if she comes inside and he wishes that she goes away. FauxJenn laughs at the situation and says that things are about to get interesting (Oh, yeah, I’m once bit and twice shy about that promise; I’ll believe it when I see it).

RealJenn pauses at the door and realizes that she might have actually left the light on. So, she turns to leave again. Jacks punches out FauxJenn and grabs her gun. He rushes out the front door and shouts out Jennifer’s name. Jennifer, who is sitting in the driver’s seat of her car and is on her cell phone, hears her name again.

Jack shout after RealJenn. Unsuccessful, he runs back inside. Apparently losing whatever survival skills and brains he used to overpower FauxJenn, Jack puts down the gun and turns his back on the now-stirring imposter. Instead of calling 9-11, Jack decides to call Jenn’s cell phone. Before he can say ‘Can you hear me now,’ the formerly-stirring FauxJenn is now candlestick-wielding-and-fully-upright FauxJenn, and she knocks Jack out cold. FauxJenn picks up the phone and tells RealJenn that she dialed the wrong number (okay, do the writers NOT own cell phones? The cell phone would say that it was a call from the house phone). FauxJenn congratulates herself on a mission accomplished.

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