Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/14/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/14/05



By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Rex & Mimi’s loft:

Rex and Mimi continue to watch Philip’s video message on the computer. Rex fights back tears as he grows angry that Philip is being tortured and humiliated. Mimi doesn’t want Rex to say things like that and reminds him that Philip is specially trained to get out of situations like this. Jan watches the conversation from across the room with a big smile on her face. Rex believes that the only thing keeping Philip strong is knowing that Belle is waiting at home for him but that they all know that isn’t the case. Jan speaks up to gloat that as soon as Belle sees the video, she won’t risk letting the news media find out that she’s in love with Shawn. Mimi and Rex glare at each other but Jan promises not to say anything, believing that all she has to do is wait for Belle to push Shawn away and then he’ll come back to her.

Belle’s loft:

Belle and Shawn watch Philip’s video message to Belle. Belle begins to sob. Shawn watches Belle’s reaction to the video. Belle begins to sob harder and turn to Shawn when the TV announcer mentions that it is not known whether Philip is dead or alive. Shawn attempts to comfort Belle but she pushes him away.


Bo and Hope wait for the elevator to arrive so they can leave the hospital. The lab tech returns with the results and Billie calls Bo over to them. Hope is angry that Bo left her again but follows closely behind. Billie is anxious to hear the results. The lab tech confirms that the hair sample submitted does belong to Georgia. Billie enthusiastically hugs Bo, excited by the prospect of finally bringing Georgia home as Hope watches them.

Jack’s house:

Jack is in the living room and hears a car door close. He looks outside the window and sees Jennifer outside. Jack wonders why Jennifer would be outside when she just went into the kitchen. Jack looks back to see Clone Jennifer return from the kitchen carrying a tray of coffee. Jack rushes back to the window but now sees no one. Jack blames it on his exhaustion. Clone Jennifer jokingly notes how Jack looks like he’s seen a ghost and Jack tells her that he just saw her ghost.


Bo and Billie question the lab tech, Ricardo, about the certainty of the tests and he assures them that the results are 100% certain as he explains to them how the DNA matched.

Kate turns to Hope and insists that she admit that Georgia is truly alive and Hope insists that she wanted Georgia to be alive as much as everyone else but Kate doesn’t buy it.

Hope is skeptical about the results. Hope asks Ricardo if there is a way to tell how recent the hair sample is and whether or not it could have been fabricated. Billie is angry that Hope isn’t happy for her and Bo and Hope explains that her gut instinct is that this is a trap. Billie is upset that Bo believes Hope.

Jack’s house:

Clone Jennifer doesn’t understand what Jack is talking about. Jack blames it on sleep deprivation. Jack drags Clone Jennifer to the door to show where he saw her clone. They both look outside but find no one there. Clone Jennifer heads back inside and talks about how worried she is that Tony could be after them right now, wanting to leave the house.

A mystery person enters through the back of the house.

Jennifer heads into the kitchen and dials her cell phone. She tells the person on the other end of the line that she will get what she came for and then get out before anyone knows that she was here.

Mimi & Rex’s loft:

Mimi tries to convince Jan that she’s delusional for thinking that she has a chance with Shawn. Jan pretends to be shocked that Mimi doesn’t believe that she and Shawn could have a relationship. Rex tries his hand at convincing Jan that Shawn doesn’t want her. Jan insists that she must be there to pick up the pieces after Belle dumps him, believing that devastation would be good for him. Jan believes that Shawn will soon see that she is the only woman good enough for him. Jan uses Rex’s computer to restart Philip’s video and congratulates Philip for piling on the guilt. Mimi and Rex, disgusted with Jan’s behavior, decide to leave. Jan remains behind and sits at the desk to watch the video. Jan gloats about how while Philip is in pain, she’ll be the one getting to gain. Jan looks toward Belle’s loft as she enjoys the thought of Belle telling Shawn to get lost.

Belle’s loft:

Belle fears that Philip will be executed. Shawn tries to make Belle feel better by reminding her that the ISA and John have already launched a rescue mission. Belle is impatient, wanting Philip to be found right now. Rex and Mimi enter to offer their support. Belle asks Rex to use his computer to try and find more information on Philip. Rex agrees to head back to the loft but Mimi decides that she wants to stay here and support Belle. Mimi holds Belle as Belle frantically tries to find a replay of Philip’s video message on the TV. Shawn watches Belle from across the room as Jan watches the scene from the doorway.


Billie wants to dismiss Hope’s gut feelings, accusing her of wishing the DNA was a hoax. Hope explains that when Billie had Georgia, she was unconscious at times and the DiMeras could have used that time to take a DNA sample from her. Ricardo speaks up to insist that the Georgia DNA sample did not come from Billie. Hope reminds everyone about how the DiMeras were able to engineer Rex and Cassie. Hope doesn’t want Bo and Billie rushing off without proof that Georgia is even alive and Billie points out that if it were Zack or Shawn, Hope would exhaust every possibility. Hope still wants to wait and find out more answers before chasing off after another possibly false lead. Bo asks Ricardo if there is a way to tell whether the hair sample was recent and whether its owner is still alive.

Jack’s house:

Jack frantically looks out the window as he suggests that DiMera got a clone to come back and get him or even to get Jennifer. Clone Jennifer looks worried until Jack decides that he is out of line and insists that there is no one out there trying to break in. Clone Jennifer acts concerned about Jack’s theory but brushes off the clone part as nonsense. Jack negates the idea and flashes back to finding Jennifer on the island. Jack vows not to leave the house, wanting to go to bed and sleep as soon as the ISA comes and takes his statement. Clone Jennifer decides to take the coffee back into the kitchen, opting instead to make herbal tea. Clone Jennifer stops on her way to the kitchen and shares her worries about DiMera with Jack.

Jennifer finds the block of large kitchen knifes on the kitchen counter and decides that she is definitely going to need one of those knifes.

Jack begins to think that Clone Jennifer is right about Tony possibly being after them. Jack assures Clone Jennifer that he will be ready if Tony tries to come and get them.

Jennifer admires the knife, believing that it will do the trick.

Rex’s loft:

Rex pulls up the Pentagon’s website on his computer but finds nothing on Philip. Rex decides to try another website but the computer crashes. Rex vows not to lose Philip on top of losing Cassie. Rex notices a picture of Kate on the desk and asks her how she can stand to lose another child.


Kate hangs up the pay phone, having tried to call John but there was no answer. Kate is thankful that Philip isn’t here to see Shawn and Belle. Kate vows that she will fight for Belle for Philip.

Belle’s loft:

Shawn tries to take the remote out of Belle’s hand but she insists on trying to find another station that is playing Philip’s video. Shawn tries to convince Belle that she is driving herself crazy by doing this and Belle, still sobbing, exclaims that she is crazy for betraying Philip’s love. Shawn tries to convince her otherwise but Belle begs him to leave her alone. Shawn pulls Mimi aside to talk, wanting her advice on what he should do. Mimi looks over at Jan and tells Shawn to give Belle some space to work it out on her own. Jan thinks that she can help Belle do just that. Shawn decides that Mimi is right. Jan steps up to Belle to offer her condolences and praise for Philip’s bravery. Jan then lays on the guilt, rubbing it in that Belle is betraying a man who is about to die.


Ricardo explains that he can tell that the hair did not come from a newborn and judging by the amount of oil and nutrients on the specimen, it was recently taken. Ricardo confirms that this means that the sample is from someone who is currently alive. Billie is ecstatic at the news and hugs Bo. Hope forces herself to smile. Kate shares Billie’s happiness and hugs her. Bo pulls Hope close as Hope decides that they now have solid proof that Georgia is alive. Billie is anxious to get back to work on finding Georgia. Ricardo asks that they first sign some forms and leads Billie and Bo away from the counter. Hope stops Bo to ask him if he is coming with her to talk to Shawn. Bo hesitates to answer Hope.

Jack’s house:

Clone Jennifer wonders what Tony could do to them. Jack vows not to let anything happen to Jennifer and explains that Tony warned them that everyone in town was on his payroll. Clone Jennifer wants to call Bo but Jack insists that the Jennifer he saw outside was just a figment of his imagination. Clone Jennifer smirks before turning around to face Jack. Clone Jennifer isn’t sure but Jack assures her that there could only be one Jennifer. Jack asks Clone Jennifer to do a special hair thing for him that only Jennifer does.

Jennifer decides that the knife isn’t what she needs because Maggie asked her to get a pie server so Jennifer puts the knife back into the knife block. Jennifer realizes that she doesn’t have a pie server but that a spatula will work just as well. Jennifer uses her cell phone to call Maggie and tell her that she can’t find her pie server but has a spatula that they can use.

Clone Jennifer tries to avoid Jack’s request by grabbing the tray of coffee to take back into the kitchen. Jack repeats his request. Clone Jennifer agrees to do so but only after she heads into the kitchen to make Jack some herbal tea. 

Jennifer brings her phone and spatula outside and heads for her car.

Clone Jennifer slams the tray down on the kitchen table and curses Tony for not telling her that the real Jennifer does something unique with her hair. Clone Jennifer worries that the plan to capture Jack could be in jeopardy.

Jack rushes to the front window and flashes back to seeing the real Jennifer toss her hair like he likes. Jack can’t understand how Clone Jennifer doesn’t understand what he was talking about with her hair. Jack flashes back to talking to Clone Jennifer when he first arrived home. Jack rubs his eyes and shakes his head as he realizes that something strange is going on here.

Rex’s loft:

Rex tries to call Kate but her voice mail is full. Rex tries the Pentagon web site again but is discouraged when he reads that they’ve called off the search for Philip because of rough terrain and fog.

Belle’s loft:

Shawn rushes over to Belle and yells at Jan to get away from her. Belle insists that Jan is right, that she did cheat on her husband with her ex-boyfriend. Shawn reminds Belle that she has yet to cheat on Philip. Belle believes that wanting to sleep together is the same as adultery. Shawn admits that in that case, he committed adultery too but they can’t control their thoughts. Belle insists that she’ll never forgive herself if Philip dies. Belle notices that the news is now talking about Philip again and turns up the volume on the TV. The announcer recites that the search for Philip has been suspended due to bad weather conditions. The station prepares to play the video message again and Shawn tries to stop Belle from watching it. Belle tells Shawn to leave her alone. Shawn agrees to leave and Jan follows behind him. Rex returns to Belle’s loft and confirms with Mimi that they heard about the search.

Loft hallway:

In anger, Shawn punches the brick wall and hurts his hand. Jan rushes up to try and help Shawn and Shawn has a flashback to being locked up and making love to Jan. Shawn tells Jan that it is because of her that he can’t be with the woman he loves.

Outside of Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer tells Maggie that she found the pie server and asks if Chelsea and Abby have arrived there yet. Jennifer’s expression confirms that she got a negative response and ends the call by telling Maggie that she will be over for Gram’s party as soon as she heads back inside to leave a note for Abby and Chelsea on where to meet.

Clone Jennifer is talking on the phone in the kitchen, complaining about Jack’s request for Jennifer’s hair flip. Clone Jennifer, in a whispered tone, yells at the person on the other end that she is only as good as her “Intel” and to take action before their mission is compromised.

Jack heads for the kitchen but then stops. He wonders whether the Jennifer he is with is the clone and wonders how to find the real Jennifer. Jack realizes that he could have been making love to the clone in the Horton cabin. Jack rushes out the front door.

Clone Jennifer shuts off her phone and ducks behind the door when she hears someone coming. The real Jennifer walks into the kitchen. Jennifer grabs a pad of paper as her cell phone vibrates. Jennifer answers it and it is Maggie. Clone Jennifer peeks out from behind the door and watches Jennifer toss her hair as she looks for a pie plate for Maggie. Clone Jennifer ducks back behind the door as Jennifer turns around to place the pie plate from the cupboard onto the counter. Jennifer tells Maggie that she will finish the note and be right over.

Outside of Jack’s house:

Jack paces back and forth and looks around, trying to figure things out.

Jennifer’s kitchen:

Jennifer finishes the note and leaves it on the table. Jennifer looks out the window and sees Jack but doesn’t really believe what she saw.

Outside of Jack’s house:

Jack notices that Maggie’s car is parked outside and calls out to Jennifer. Jack turns and hears Jennifer (not shown) exclaim that Jack is alive.

Belle’s loft:

Rex tells Mimi that he will go back to his loft and check his computer again. Mimi asks if Rex has talked to Kate yet. Rex decides to try and call Kate again and Mimi asks Rex to keep an eye on Shawn while he’s over there so Shawn doesn’t do something stupid. Rex agrees and leaves. Mimi tries to comfort a still sobbing Belle. Belle fears that Philip will never come home again and that they’ll never be able to work things out. Mimi asks Belle if she is saying that she’s ready to give on Shawn.

Loft hallway:

Jan wants to take care of Shawn’s hand but Shawn pushes her away. Rex pushes Jan aside and asks if Shawn is okay and he insists that he was only blowing off some steam. Rex heads back into his loft. Jan tries to convince Shawn that he needs her but Shawn yells at Jan to get out of his apartment and out of his life. Jan insists that while Shawn may not know it, he still needs her. Shawn demands that Jan finally admit that she is at fault for his losing Belle.


Kate eavesdrops as Bo reminds Hope that she never told him what is going on with Shawn. Hope wants to explain on the way and urges Bo to come with her. Kate steps up to insist that someone needs to stay with Billie. Hope points out that Kate is Billie’s mother and can stay with her. Kate negates that idea by claiming that she needs to get back to John. Kate tries to make Bo feel guilty about leaving by pretending to be concerned that if Billie is left alone, she won’t stop searching for that next clue which could possibly endanger her or Georgia. Bo pulls Hope aside to try and convince her that Kate is right. Hope doesn’t believe that Bo won’t go chasing after Billie again. Bo is angry at Hope’s accusation that Bo is abandoning his sons. Bo tells Hope to go talk to Shawn and then wait for him to finish with Billie before meeting them there. Hope reluctantly agrees and Bo walks away.

Kate walks up and tells Hope that she needs to keep Shawn away from Belle. Hope offers her condolences about Philip but points out that nothing they say to Shawn will bring Philip home. Hope lashes out at Kate by claiming that none of this would have happened if Kate and Billie would just let Bo have five minutes with his family. Kate is shocked that Hope is blaming her when Shawn is the one doing harm. Hope vows to talk to Shawn and adds that Shawn was brought up to believe adultery was wrong, suggesting that Kate teach her children the same lesson. Hope walks away and boards the elevator as she watches Bo and Billie sign the papers.

Outside of Jack’s house:

Jack watches as Clone Jennifer pretends to be shocked to see him. Clone Jennifer flips her hair and Jack believes that she is the real Jennifer.

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