Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/11/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/11/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the Horton cabin:

Jack and Jennifer are wrapped in a blanket, basking in the afterglow. They declare again their love for each other. Jack gets up to get them more champagne and Jennifer receives a cell phone call. Whispering, she asks the mysterious caller if everything is ready. Jack returns with a new bottle of champagne (whoa, boy, you have a busy day of being interrogated by the ISA tomorrow on the whereabouts of Tony and any other hostages), but Jennifer tells him that they have to leave.

Jack pesters Jen about who was on the phone, thinking that it was Alice planning a surprise party. Jen tells him that it was the ISA and the police, who want to talk to Jack right away about being held captive and the possibility of other hostages (notice how Jen lists of Cassie, Roman, Marlena, Victor and Caroline, but forgets Colin Murphy). Jack, in a momentary moment of clarity, says that he should done that in the first place (Ya think? I’d say Cassie’s family has a right to know that she didn’t die in the tsunami, and that the Salemites all have a right to know that Tony is alive and that there is a possibility of other survivors, but that’s just me.)

At the Deveraux house:

Jen and Jack return home and Jen comments that they must have beaten the ISA and police there. That earlier moment of clarity clearly gone, Jack turns the talk to Patrick, as Jack doesn’t want him around anymore. They hug, and unbeknownst to Jack, Jen checks her watch. Jack gets a second moment of clarity as he is worried that the police and ISA haven’t arrived yet.

This second moment of clarity is as fleeting as the first, as Jack and Jen turn the talk to the evilness of the DiMeras and the stability of Bo and Hope’s marriage, because, of course, after one has escaped from an evil madman who was holding him, another young lady and perhaps others captive, the most important thing to talk about is the stability of the marriage of one’s cousin.

Jen goes to make coffee and Jack hears a car pull up. He goes to peek through the curtain and sees Jennifer out in the front yard. He turns to see a second Jennifer bringing in coffee. He turns back around again and sees that the first Jennifer (or is it the second?) disappear from the front yard.

At the Hospital:

Bo and Billie and Hope arrive back at the hospital. Billie, obviously having not learned from experience, is excited as six-year-old Kitty Mattel on Christmas morning. Billie openly sneers at Hope’s suggestion that this might be another DiMera trap. Billie hurls some more unsavory accusations at Hope, including that Hope doesn’t want Bo to find his daughter, while Bo stands by silently. Kate arrives and tells Billie that Philip is missing in action.

When Kate explains the circumstances surrounding Philip’s disappearance, Billie offers to report for duty to help look for him. Kate very quickly (and wisely as there would be no surer way to get Philip killed) says ‘no,’ professing that Billie has to keep searching for Georgia. Billie repeats her accusations that Hope doesn’t want Georgia to be found. A nurse tells Bo that she has bad news for him.

The bad news turns out to be that the lab technician has walked off with the test results and can’t be found (no big surprise there; this is the place that employed Sami and Eugenia). Bo, Billie and Hope start to charge off to find him, but Kate pulls Hope aside to tell her about Shawn’s pursuit of Belle. Kate tells Hope about Philip being MIA. Kate asks Hope, mother to mother, to keep Shawn away from Belle.

Billie and Bo return unsuccessfully from their search for the errant technician and Billie tells Bo about her half-brother being MIA. In a moment that can only happen on a soap opera, Bo reminds his ex-wife that Philip is his half-brother as well. In a moment that can only happen on a soap opera that disregards family history unless it’s convenient, Billie just now remembers that. They hug, just in time for Kate and Hope to return. Kate looks like the cat who just swallowed the canary and Hope, well, Hope looks like a woman who hasn’t swallowed anything in weeks.

Hope pulls Bo aside and tells him that she’s worried about Shawn and wants to go talk to him immediately. Hope is upset when Bo doesn’t want to address the problem right that second, as he is more focused on the DNA results.

Hope wants for her and Bo to go over to Shawn’s apartment now. Just and Hope and Bo are about to leave, the lab technician arrives and Billie calls Bo back from the elevator just before the doors were to close.

Who knows where:

Philip is tied up, apparently by idiots who wouldn’t have earned many badges in the boy scouts let alone be hired as mercenary soldiers, around a square pillar, which allows Philip to rub the ropes against the sharp corners. Bart is watching and reporting back to Tony via cell phone. A captor comes in and, in speaking English obviously learned by watching Hans and Franz skits, tells Philip that he is going to kill him. Other captors come in and point assault guns at Philip.

The captors pretend to shoot Philip, but then laugh they don’t. The one captor pulls out a long chain and tells Philip that they’re to play games with him before killing him.

The captor then find that Philip has nearly worn through the ropes.

Having replaced Philip’s ropes with chains, the captors splash water on Philip’s face. The captors then taunt Philip – not about matters of life or death or about the global issues related to the war that Philip is fighting – but about whether his “new wife” has taken up with another man yet.

The captors then rip the tape off of Philip’s mouth, and Philip goes off – not about his life or about the greater cause for which he risked his life – but about how Belle would never break her wedding vows. Meanwhile, I’m begging that they put the tape back on.

The captors again draw their guns and one has a knife, as Bart tells Tony that it’s time for the sad good-bye.

At the lofts:

Rex is surfing the internet, looking for information on Philip. Meanwhile, Shawn’s effort to get rid of Jan must have been partially successful, because she is out of the apartments and now is in the hallway. Shawn, for the umteenth time requests that she leaves, but immediately drops the subject when Mimi comes out of Belle’s apartment. Shawn goes in and finds Belle, who has conveniently just dropped her towel and is naked.

Later, Belle emerges from the bathroom dressed and she and Shawn engage in the same conversation that they’ve had for the last week (just check back to any summary for the last week if you want to know the substance of it). Belle eventually asks Shawn to leave, but Shawn refuses.

Belle conveniently stumbles from exhaustion (yes, you read that right; I don’t write it, I just report it) and Shawn guides Belle into bed. Shawn says that he’s going to go downstairs and sleep, but as leaves he hears puppies whimpering under Belle’s bed. Oops, no, that’s Belle whimpering in her bed. Shawn goes back to the bed and crawls in and holds Belle.

Belle rolls over and she and Shawn come face to face. They start to kiss. Belle stops, and blames Shawn, because he didn’t go downstairs, like he said he was doing. Belle, for the second time in this episode, asks Shawn to leave. Again, Shawn refuses.

Shawn and Belle are now downstairs and engage in more pointless conversation, including Belle’s third request that Shawn leaves. Even Belle becomes bored of the conversation, as she turns on the television and cries out “Oh No!” (Did she catch today’s episode of Days too?)

In the hallway, Jan and Mimi engage in another meaningless discussion. It turns to yelling, which draws Rex out.

All Shawn’s good work in managing to get Jan out of the apartment goes to waste when Rex and Mimi let her back into the boys’ apartment. Apparently, Rex and Mimi invite her in just so that they can stop and look at her and tell her to leave. However, they drop the subject as Rex’s computer beeps. Rex has hacked into a military website.

Rex finds a videotape of Philip’s message on the internet. Meanwhile, Belle is watching it on television, on Salem Headline News. Shawn and Belle sit together and watch (now, wouldn’t it have been a nice touch if the news had mentioned that Philip was the sone of billionaire and renowned businessman Victor Kiriakis?). Once Philip’s sappy taped message ends, Belle starts weeping (me too, but not for the same reasons), and tells Shawn, for the fourth and final time during this 40-minute episode, to leave.

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