Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/10/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/10/05



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At the hospital:

Bo and his two wives, present and past, are gathered, waiting for the DNA test results of the hair mysteriously left on their door step. Billie is all set to start again her search for Georgia, while Hope continues to be the voice of reason.

Bo goes to get the three of them coffee and Billie checks in with the lab technician about the status of the test results. She gives the tech her cell phone number, because she has to go to the Cheatin’ Heart.

When Bo returns with the coffee, he’s upset to learn that Billie went off without telling him or taking him with her. Bo asks if Billie and Hope had another fight (I’m beginning to think that he’s getting off by watching the two of them fight over him). Hope can’t believe that Bo would suggest that and she resents being put in the position of the evil, jealous wife. When Hope tells Bo that she overheard that Billie was going to the Cheatin’ Heart, Bo does what no ex-husband who wants his ex-wife to live her own life does, he goes to follow her. Hope doesn’t like the idea, but when Bo suggests that if Billie starts drinking again that they may never get rid of her, Hope is all set to go with him.

Shawn’s Apartment:

Jan and Mimi face off, but say absolutely nothing new or interesting. Suffice it to say, Jan demands that Mimi convince Belle to stay with Philip.

After visiting Belle, Shawn comes back to his own apartment to find Jan there. Shawn pays lip service in telling Jan to leave, but Jan shrugs off Shawn’s request because people are always telling her to leave, but then they don’t do anything about it when she doesn’t. Instead, Jan follows Shawn around, whispering sweet-nothings about how much she loves him and how good they are together. Shawn flashes back to being held captive in the Cage O’Love and being whipped by Nurse Jan.

Jan dismisses Shawn being shackled in a cage as a kinky idea, and Shawn drops the subject. Rather than pressing her for more information as to what happened last summer, Shawn listens to Jan as she tries to convince him that Belle and Shawn aren’t meant for each other. Jan mentions that Shawn is the child of blue-collar parents, whereas Belle is a trust fund baby, completely disregarding that a few months prior it was her bright idea that Shawn would live off his Horton Trust Fund. Rather than telling her to shut the hell up, Shawn engages in a conversation with Jan about his and Belle’s relationship.

Shawn tells Jan to stop talking, but Jan seizes upon Shawn’s inability to avoid her unwelcome presence inside his own home, and she tries to plant seeds of doubt in his head about the depth of Belle’s feelings for him.

Belle’s Apartment:

Shawn and Belle are together and Shawn wants to be there to comfort Belle. Belle thinks that’s inappropriate.

Belle whines to Mimi, as Mimi wonders what Belle is going to do if Philip is gone a long time. Mimi wonders what Belle is going to do when the news media descends upon her, which begs the obvious question: if they didn’t show up when people declared dead and held captive on a tropical island remade into an exact replica of Salem turned up alive, why would they show up now?

At the Cheatin’ Heart:

Chelsea and Patrick are dirty dancing, as Patrick has been drugged by Chelsea (like grandmother, like granddaughter [just speculation]). Patrick believe the woman in front of him is Jennifer (just how drugged is he???) – and just not any Jennifer – Jennifer with bangs. Abby looks on in either disbelief or mild disgust.

Chelsea and Patrick kiss on the dance floor. Ever the professional (again, like grandmother . . .), Chelsea tells Patrick that her name is Angelica and gives him her card. Patrick is confused, because he still believes that she’s Jennifer. Chelsea leaves, and Patrick stumbles into the back room and accuses the man he was playing poker with of drugging his drink. The man admits to sometimes cheating, but denies that he did so in this instance, or that he drugged him. The man tells Patrick that Patrick still owes him money and Patrick attests that he’s good for it (the man has free rent, why can’t he find a job and earn some money?).

Billie arrives and convinces the bartender to drop the charges against her. The bartender agrees to talk with the off duty police officer, who is also a regular. Billie runs into Patrick, which upsets an onlooking Chelsea. Chelsea now wants to spike Billie’s drink, but Abby dumps out the rest of the drugs (bet we’ll never have any follow-up to that with Chelsea’s mom noticing that her ‘herbal mood enhancer’ is missing).

Bo puffs out his chest like a rooster and acts like Billie’s keeper in demanding to know what she’s doing there with Patrick. Patrick tells them that his drink was drugged and Bo wants to test Patrick’s glass. The glass is long gone though. Hope defends Patrick, which upsets Bo. Bo wants to know why Hope is always defending Patrick, and following the idiom that the best defense is a good offense, Hope retorts that Bo is always taking Billie’s side.

Billie and Hope square off, which again may very possibly excite Bo. Bo pulls Billie aside to scold her like a child or harem wife no. 2. Meanwhile, Hope and Patrick are left to bond at the bar. Patrick is touched that Hope is worried about him and believes in him. Hope doesn’t wonder as to who drugged him or why (but then again, who in Salem isn’t getting their drink drugged), but she does wonder how Patrick is getting home.

Outside, no one wonders why two teen age girls are hanging around staring in the window. However, the bartender brings out Chelsea’s coat and gives it to the half-naked, but surprisingly unshivering girl. Abby and Chelsea leave.

Meanwhile, inside, Bo and Billie have rejoined Hope and Patrick. Bo is upset at Hope for being Patrick’s keeper, while Hope remains annoyed that Bo is acting as Billie’s keeper. Billie receives a cell phone call from Kate, who says she has news that has to be told to her in person (even though Lucas didn’t need to be told in person). Billie tells her mom that they can meet at the hospital, and Kate is excited to hear why. Kate harps on the idea that finding Georgia – a 16-year-old girl – could reunite Bo and Billie.

In the Penthouse master bedroom:

John is going on and on about what a bad father’s he’s been, and then finally realizes that Kate might just be upset that her son has been declared MIA. Kate starts to cry on John’s shoulder.

Even the camera man is bored of how long John has been in bed and decides to shoot Kate and John from the mirror (cool shot, though). John and Kate remain cuddling in the bed, talking about how they are family. John wants to help Kate and Belle and is upset that he is incapacitated (bet you thought I was going to say constipated) and can’t.

Alone, John is tempted to take the pills left by the intruder, completely disregarding that he has no idea what they are (Propecia, arsenic, Midol???). He sits up on the edge of the bed and picks up a glass of water. Kate comes in and catches John with pill (or Sweet ‘um) in hand.

Actually, despite the close up of the Sudafed in John’s hand, Kate only catches John glass-handed (boy, was I sure fooled by that). Kate shoos John back into bed. Kate tells John that Lucas didn’t take the news about Philip very well. As an aside, Kate mentions that Sami has abruptly left. Kate comments that the news media (must be that new media that Mimi was also talking about) will be here soon.

John offers to help Kate find Philip by calling his ISA contacts. Kate warns that John shouldn’t overdue it and foreshadowingly tells him that if he relapses now that he might never recover. Kate leaves to call Billie and John stares at the Tylenol Rapid Release Gel.

Once off the phone, Kate goes back to check on John and he promises that he won’t relapse. John breaks that promise five seconds later when he pops the tic tac, errr pain killer of unknown origin, in his mouth and downs it with a glass of water.

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