Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/9/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/9/05



Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Horton cabin:

Jack has lit several candles around the cabin and is getting out two glasses and a bottle of champagne. Jack remarks about how this was a good idea to come here as he finds more matches to light the last two candles on the fireplace mantel. Jack notices a picture of him, Jennifer, and Abby on the mantel. The match burns down and burns Jack’s finger. Jennifer comes out of the back room in sexy lingerie, much to Jack’s delight. They kiss. Jack is afraid that he is dreaming but Jennifer assures him that he is really there. Jack thanks God for bringing them back together. Jack notices a picture of Jack Patrick but agrees with Jennifer that this night should be just for them. Jack calls Jennifer his one true love. They kiss.

Chelsea’s bedroom:

Abby is lying on the bed flipping through a magazine. Chelsea opens a window to try and get rid of the smoke from a cigarette she had just sneaked. Abby complains that it’s freezing and lectures Chelsea on smoking as Chelsea sprays a lot of air freshener around the room. Chelsea’s mom calls from downstairs that it is time for bed and Chelsea asks for 10 more minutes because they are still studying. Abby wants to get ready for bed but Chelsea has decided that they are going out. Chelsea is convinced that she has a date with Patrick tonight. Abby rolls her eyes.

Cheatin’ Heart:

Some patrons are playing pool. A group of men is at a table in the back room playing cards. The waitress closes the curtain on the private room as she leaves it, carrying a tray of empty glasses back to the bar. Patrick enters the bar and looks around, deciding to take a seat at the bar. Patrick orders a beer and chats with the bartender about his previous outing to the bar with Billie. The bartender warns Patrick not to get into any more brawls and Patrick angrily assures him that he has no intention of getting arrested, only planning on sitting there in hopes of figuring out a way to make some fast cash. The bartender tells Patrick about Eddie Diamond, the loan shark that is playing cards in the back room, is looking to get a game of poker going. Patrick thanks him for the information and the bartender walks away. Patrick ponders whether he could beat Eddie for some cash.

University Hospital waiting room:

Billie and Bo have just dropped off the hair sample for DNA testing. Hope walks up to them, explaining that she wanted to come down to be with them. Bo asks about Zack and Hope explains that she dropped him off with Julie and Doug. Bo explains that they are still waiting for the lab technician to take their DNA samples. Billie, angry that Hope has joined them, accuses her of praying that the DNA won’t match. Hope insists that Billie is wrong but Billie doesn’t believe her.

John’s bedroom:

John opens the drawer but fights the urge to take the pills. John hears Kate’s screams and calls out to her. John starts to get out of bed.

Penthouse living room:

Belle and Shawn have followed Kate inside the penthouse as Kate tries to wrap her head around the news. Kate begins to cry, as she can’t believe that Philip could be missing in action. Belle offers her condolences, wishing that she were here under better terms. Kate insists that the news isn’t true and demands to know who told Belle. Belle explains that Bilbo, Philip’s commanding officer, was the one who called. Shawn tries to offer consoling words but Kate turns on him, accusing this of being Shawn’s fault. Shawn is taken aback by the accusation. Kate then turns and points her finger at Belle, accusing them both of being responsible because they were seeing each other behind Philip’s back.

Hospital waiting room:

Hope defends her position on the situation and Bo stands up for Hope. Hope apologizes for being pessimistic but still fears that this could all be a DiMera hoax. Billie insists that she knows Georgia is out there and she will go through 100 false leads if she has to. Lexie comes out to join them and tells Bo and Billie that they are ready to take their samples and to go into the other room to do so. Bo and Billie leave.

Lexie advises Hope to prepare herself for the possibility that the hair sample could really be from Georgia. Hope refers to the situation as classic DiMera and then realizes that she is saying this to Lexie and apologizes. Lexie insists that she had no idea that Zack was Hope’s son and that she can’t believe all that Tony did to keep Abe from her. Hope asks about Abe and Lexie tells her that Abe is losing his sight incrementally. Hope offers her sympathy as Lexie says she is grateful to have Abe back. Hope starts to walk away but Lexie calls her back to point out that Billie deserves her loved one back too. Hope agrees as long that loved one is Georgia and not Bo.

Penthouse living room:

Kate repeats that Philip missing in action is Belle and Shawn’s fault. Shawn insists that it isn’t. Kate scoffs at that and tells Belle that she has become a disappointment. Belle assures Kate that she can’t make her feel any worse than she already does. Kate accuses Shawn of moving in on Belle the moment Philip left and vows to make him pay for it. Kate announces her plan of testifying in Shawn’s upcoming trial against his character. Kate vows to make sure that Shawn is never with Belle. Belle looks scared as she looks from Kate to Shawn.

Horton cabin:

Jack and Jennifer are kissing in front of the fire. Jack hopes that all of the other captives will soon be reunited with their families as well. Jennifer is sure that Alice has the ISA on Tony’s tail as they speak. Jack hopes that the ISA gets there in time but Jennifer doesn’t want to talk about Tony anymore. Jennifer pours the champagne for her and Jack. Jack looks forward to being able to see Abby and Jack Patrick. Jennifer assures Jack that Jack Patrick will recognize him and how Abby will love to see him. They talk about Abby’s recent moody behavior. Jack suggests that Chelsea is the bad influence but Jennifer insists that Chelsea is a good influence.

Chelsea’s bedroom:

Abby tries to convince Chelsea that Patrick is too old for her. Chelsea shows Abby several articles on how to get a man. Chelsea shows Abby her new makeup and clothes in hopes of making her look older. Chelsea holds up two outfits and asks Abby for her opinion on which says to come and get her the most. Abby laughs. Chelsea calls the Cheatin’ Heart and makes sure that Patrick is there. Chelsea packs a bag of sexy lingerie and the grown up clothes in hopes that Patrick will ask to spend the night with her and Abby scoffs at the idea. Chelsea’s mother calls for lights out and Chelsea shuts off her light and counts to five before grabbing her bag and heading out. Abby reluctantly follows Chelsea.

Back room of the Cheatin’ Heart:

Eddie tells a joke to the two other men in the back room and they all laugh. They look up at a knock on the door and it is Patrick who asks if they could use an extra hand. Eddie agrees to let Patrick join them and introduces Patrick to Frank and Louie, as his associates. Eddie orders Louie to pat Patrick down and Patrick steps aside to stop him, insisting that he is clean. Eddie insists that Louie still pat Patrick down so Patrick reluctantly allows him to. Louie determines that Patrick truly is clean so Eddie introduces himself to Patrick. Eddie pours him and Patrick a drink and they toast to a beneficial association. Eddie, Patrick, Frank, and Louie sit around the table and prepare to play Texas Hold ‘Em. Patrick pulls out a wad of cash and places it on the table. Patrick eyes Eddie as Eddie deals the cards.

Horton cabin:

Jennifer assures Jack that Chelsea’s family is great, having met them at a PTA meeting. Jack is looking forward to going to normal things like PTA meetings. Jack and Jennifer drink a toast to each other. Jennifer tells Jack about how Abby refused to believe that Jack was dead, wishing that she had faith like that. Jack admits that he feared that Jennifer would have moved on in his absence but Jennifer assures him that he is the only man for her. Jack vows to never be separated from her again and they kiss. Jennifer puts the glasses on the table and asks Jack to make love to her. He gladly obliges.

Hospital lab:

The technician swabs the inside of Billie’s mouth and then leaves to check it with the promise that he’ll be back next to get a DNA sample from Bo. Billie nervously waits as she notices that Bo is quiet. Bo is worried that even with a DNA match it won’t prove that Georgia is currently alive because they don’t know when that hair sample was taken. Billie thinks that Bo is starting to feel the same way as Hope. Billie guesses that Bo is worried that once they find Georgia, it’ll make trouble for Bo and Hope’s marriage. Bo insists that they’ll be fine but Billie doesn’t think so.

Penthouse living room:

Belle defends Shawn but Kate is offended that Belle brought Shawn with her to break the news. John starts to make his way downstairs, wanting to know what is going on but stops when he sees Belle and Shawn. Kate tells John to ask Belle what is going on. Belle hangs her head.

Horton cabin:

Jennifer lies in Jack’s arms in front of the fire after making love. Jack loves the idea of being able to make love whenever they want now. Jennifer jokes about how that won’t be possible being in a house with a newborn. Jack makes a deal with Jennifer for her to do the laundry and he’ll change diapers. Jennifer wishes that everyone could be as happy as they are right now. Jennifer tells Jack about Billie getting arrested and Jack is convinced that Patrick is a bad influence on everyone.

Cheatin’ Heart back room:

Patrick lays down his winning hand as he collects the money. Eddie suggests that they raise the stakes.

Outside of Cheatin’ Heart:

Chelsea calls out to Abby that she is ready after changing behind a wall. Abby fears that they will get into trouble. Chelsea steps out from behind the wall with her hair and make up done and dressed in skimpy clothes. Abby is amazed at how different Chelsea looks. Abby remarks how Chelsea looks 25 and Chelsea pulls out Jennifer’s perfume to dab some on her neck. Abby is shocked that Chelsea stole Jennifer’s perfume. Abby doesn’t want to go inside for fear of Patrick spotting her and telling Jennifer. Chelsea is determined to get Patrick to kiss her and heads into the bar. Abby peeks through the window.

Cheatin’ Heart back room:

Patrick keeps winning hands. Eddie pulls out another wad of money, wanting to raise the stakes and tells Louie to deal. Louie pulls a second deck from his pocket to deal from. Patrick wants to check out the deck and Louie pretends to be insulted. Patrick repeats Eddie’s phrase of trusting but verifying so Louie hands over the new deck. Patrick is looking at the cards as Chelsea walks up pretending to use the phone. The other guys whistle at her. Patrick holds up the new cards and notes that they are marked. Louie stands up; ready to fight but Eddie calms him down by telling Louie to use the original deck to keep Patrick happy. Chelsea slips off her jacket and turns her back on the men to show off her body. Chelsea smiles at Abby, who is still watching through the window. Chelsea turns back to look at Patrick but Patrick isn’t looking in her direction. Frank and Louie remark to each other about how they’d like to get with Chelsea. Chelsea, discouraged, finally hangs up the phone after her unsuccessful attempt to get Patrick’s attention. Chelsea pulls the bottle from her belt and refers to it as her secret weapon. Abby wonders what Chelsea is up to now.

Hospital waiting room:

Lexie asks Hope if she can give Billie the benefit of the doubt. Bo and Billie overhear them and Bo remarks that he would like to hear the answer to that as well.

Penthouse living room:

Belle tells John about Philip missing in action. John launches into action, promising to make phone calls and coordinate with the marines and Shane to get Philip safe. John promises Belle that he will do everything he can to bring Philip home and then she and Philip will never be separated again. Kate announces that it is time that Belle tells John the truth.

Belle begins to cry as she tells John that she should never have married Philip because she is still in love with Shawn. John turns to look at Shawn.

Hospital waiting room:

Hope tells Bo that she feels that Billie has an agenda and Billie denies it. Lexie leaves to go check on the lab. Billie hopes that the DNA will match.

Outside of the Cheatin’ Heart:

Chelsea reapplies her lipstick as Abby notes that so far, she is batting zero. Chelsea pulls out the small bottle and explains to Abby that is an herbal mood enhancer, adding that she plans to use it on Patrick. Chelsea heads back toward the bar and Abby tries to stop her but is too late.

Cheatin’ Heart back room:

Patrick finishes the last sip of his beer. Eddie is angry that Patrick keeps getting winning hands and pulls out another wad of money to raise the stakes again. Patrick wants to back out, fearing that this is getting too rich but Eddie doesn’t buy it, convincing Patrick to stay in. Patrick leaves his money on the table but takes his glass with him on his way to the men’s room. Once he leaves, Frank and Louie turn to Eddie for answers.

Cheatin’ Heart:

Patrick places his glass on the edge of the bar and tells Chad, the bartender, to give him a refill before heading for the men’s room. Abby and Chelsea have their backs turned at the jukebox. Chelsea heads over to the bar where Chad has placed Patrick’s drink refill and dumps in the drug. Chelsea sneaks away as Patrick comes back to the bar and grabs his glass. Abby rushes over to Chelsea as they watch Patrick return to the back room.

Cheatin’ Heart back room:

Eddie, Frank, and Louie are talking about whether or not to shoot someone as Patrick returns to the table. Chelsea and Abby watch through the slightly open door as Patrick takes the first sip of his newly drugged drink.

Patrick begins to lose more hands as he drinks even more. Eddie assures Patrick that he knows that Patrick is good for the rest of the money and suggests that Patrick could work it off by becoming more of Eddie’s “muscle.” Patrick feels dizzy. Eddie says goodnight and he, Frank, and Louie get up from the table. Patrick wants to play some more to win back his money but the men leave anyway. Patrick heads back into the main bar.

Cheatin’ Heart:

Patrick takes a seat at the bar as he tries to clear his head. Abby is now watching from outside. Chelsea approaches Patrick and offers to be his friend. In Patrick’s drugged state, he thinks that Chelsea is Jennifer. Chelsea asks Patrick to dance and he agrees. Chelsea dances very seductively and all the while Patrick believes her to be Jennifer.

Horton cabin:

Jennifer toasts marshmallows over the fire to the point that the marshmallows catch on fire. Jack complains but Jennifer assures him that burnt is the best way to toast a marshmallow. Jennifer directs the roasting stick with the flaming marshmallow atop it to Jack and tells him to blow it out which he does. Jennifer blows out the second marshmallow and savors it. Jack jokes about eating carcinogens as he pops his marshmallow in his mouth. Jennifer thanks Jack for coming with her to the cabin and she snuggles in Jack’s arms. Jack hopes that soon Tony will be in custody and the hostages will be released. Jennifer hands Jack his glass of champagne and they drink a toast to happy endings for all of Salem. Jack then toasts to their family. They kiss.

Hospital waiting lab:

Lexie returns to Bo, Hope, and Billie but she says that the lab has no results yet. She suggests that they go to the cafeteria and get coffee but Bo and Billie would rather stay. Bo and Billie walk across the room.

Lexie checks on Hope. Hope decides to head out onto the terrace for some air and hugs Lexie goodbye as Lexie leaves to check on a patient. Hope pauses at the door to watch Billie pray that they find Georgia. Hope steps outside onto the terrace. Hope privately begs God to let Billie and Bo find their daughter but also to let her keep Bo and her family.


John questions Belle about how this happened. Belle blames herself but Shawn steps in to say that it was both their faults for he loves Belle. Belle swears that she has yet to be unfaithful but cannot deny what is in her heart. John is angry that Belle didn’t come to this conclusion before the wedding. Belle feels ashamed but John repeats his desire for Belle to have figured this out before the wedding. Belle fears that something bad has happened to Philip and John pulls her close to comfort her. Kate accuses Belle of not truly caring about Philip and John tries to convince Kate that Belle didn’t do this to Philip on purpose. Belle pulls away from John, not wanting him to defend her. John calls after Belle but Belle leaves anyway. Shawn follows her out. Kate turns back to look at John.

Hallway outside penthouse:

Belle sobs as Shawn tries to comfort her. Belle pushes Shawn away, believing Kate to be right about them not being together.

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