Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/4/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/4/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

In a Hospital Room:

Mimi is in her hospital bed, crying. She tells Rex that she can’t have children. Bonnie rushes in and tires to assure Mimi that the infection isn’t her fault, but Mimi insists that she was selfish and is now being punished. Rex remains clueless.

The doctor and nurse come in and want Rex and Bonnie to leave. Outside, Bonnie is upset and she starts to cry. The doctor comes out and tells Bonnie that Mimi needs to rest. 

Belle and Shawn arrive at the hospital and Belle goes in and talks with Mimi. Mimi is going to be released soon.

Meanwhile, Jan arrives at the hospital and Shawn and Rex are unhappy to see her. Jan says that she’s here for Mimi. Jan says that Mimi could have prevented this from happening. At this time, Belle comes out from Mimi’s room and she confronts Jan alone. Belle calls out Jan for blackmailing Mimi and taunting Rex. Jan fires back at Belle that she’s cheating on Philip with Shawn.

At the Castle:

Bart is concerned about Jack being missing. Tony, however, is unconcerned. He tells Bart that they need to prepare for their new guest.

Tony also says that it’s time for Phase II.

At the Deveraux house:

Jen and Patrick babble on about being there for each other. Jen asks Patrick how long he plans to stay in Salem and Patrick ask her how long she wants him to stay.

Patrick says that he wants to find a steady job and a life of his own. He tells Jen that she’ll find someone knew to fall in love with someone knew. Jen talks about her love for Jack.

Patrick goes for a run, but he forgets his keys and Jen rushes after him. Meanwhile, Jack’s call comes in.

Jack arrives at the house, and he greets the trees, the shrubs and the mailbox on his way to the front door. He looks inside and sees Jen on the couch. Meanwhile, Jen is holding a picture of Jack and, as she looks at it, she sees Jack’s reflection. Jen faints – right into Jack’s arms.

In a Woods:

Jack has swam ashore into a wooded area, and conveniently finds a pay phone. He tries to make a collect call, by the phone requires a quarter deposit to do so.

Jack is on the side of the road, trying to hitchhike. A man named Smitty picks his up.

Jack is dropped off in Salem and he finds another pay phone and makes a call and this time leaves a message on the answering machine.

In a Salem Park:

Chelsea and Abby walk along with coffees. Chelsea is still drooling over Patrick and talks of planning to make him her lover (who talks this way?).

Chelsea tells Abby about her earlier staged fall, when Patrick caught her. Chelsea borrows Abby’s lip gloss. Chelsea accuses Jen of using Jack Patrick (at least they finally acknowledge that he shouldn’t be called Jack Jr.).

Chelsea goes on about how she plans to seduce Patrick.

Later, while Patrick is on his run, he runs into Chelsea and Abby, and stops to talk to them. Abby is adamant that she won’t apologize to her mom. Patrick goes to a bench to stretch and Chelsea tells Abby in a very loud voice, intended for Patrick to overhear, that Abby should apologize to her mom.

At the loft apartment:

Jan is in the hallway and spies on Belle and Shawn. Belle accuses Shawn of sending Philip an email. Shawn admits to writing the email, but he says that Jan must have sent it.

Shawn and Belle fight. Shawn accuses Belle of stalling in telling Philip about the two of them. The phone rings; it’s Rex. He says he has bad news about Mimi and asks Belle to come to the hospital.

Behind Enemy Lines:

Philip is reported missing and the other marines can barely pick up his transmission. Meanwhile, Philip is knocked out ion the ground and one of his captors finds and destroys his transmission.

Philip is taken to a room and put on a gurney. A captor is with him and pulls a sheet over Philip’s head.

Later, Philip pulls the sheet from his head and envisions Belle telling him that everything is going to be all right.

Another captor reports that Philip was a fighter who nearly killed one of his men. 

It is later revealed that Tony is the one who has captured Philip.

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