Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/2/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/2/05



Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Today we find Kate at Belleís apartment, ranting and raving at Belle and Shawn. She proceeds to hand a huge guilt trip over to them about poor pitiful Philip, off defending his country, and expecting his wife to be home - remaining faithful to him. Shawn leaves so that they can talk and Belle admits the truth to Kate. "I never should have married Philip; I still love Shawn and I am going to ask for an annulment as soon as Philip gets back." She then tells Kate about the secret mission that Philip is on and how he will be returning much sooner than expected. Kate, just as hateful and mean as ever, tells Belle that if she leaves Philip for Shawn, there will be a very heavy price to pay. She adds more hurt by informing Belle that her father has had a setback - almost mentioning the drug problem - but settling for the horrendous back pain. Finally, the wicked woman leaves and Shawn returns to comfort a totally distraught Belle. She is worried about her father and also about Mimi, so she calls the hospital to see if there is any news about Mimiís surgery. She then tells Shawn that they must cool things until Philip gets home and she can explain everything to him. Shawn agrees, for Philipís sake.

We move overseas, where Philip is involved in active combat. He decides to go it alone, and tells his fellow Marines to stay put, and to cover him, as he attempts to get to the object of their mission. His friend warns him against being captured, as their foes will not honor the Geneva Convention. But Philip goes off on his own, and there is a lot of gunfire in the darkness. Philip goes down; he manages to retrieve his radio, and he calls his buddies to cover him. Now we see him under heavy enemy fire, but he refuses to abort the mission. Suddenly, he is confronted by mercenaries, with covered faces. They tell Philip to "freeze" and they attack him as he goes down.

Over at the penthouse, John is on the floor, moaning, as he remembers Stan giving him the pills. He opens the package and fingers a pill. "Kate," he calls out, as he wonders just how "Stan" got into the apartment and just where Kate is. He finally manages to get himself back into the bed, just as Kate comes in. In a hurry, he hides the bag of pills under a pillow. When Kate comes in the bedroom and starts to fluff up his pillow, she gasps, "ohh my God, what is that?" John thought she found the pills, but she holds up a rosary, and a relieved John tells her that he was praying for help in resisting drugs. "Please bring me a glass of water." he requests of Kate, and when she leaves he hides the bag of pills. When Kate comes back with the water, she explains where she has been and tells John that Philip is out on a special mission that may bring him back home much sooner than expected. But John informs her that if he is to be briefed in Washington, then the mission he is undertaking is very - very dangerous!

Over at the hospital, Mimi is in a wheel chair, about to go into the O.R. for her "procedure." Bonnie gets there; she is very worried about the surgery. The doctor assures her that everything will be fine, as they wheel Mimi away. Rex is trying to comfort Bonnie, who is now crying and blaming herself for not being a better mother. "I always gave Mimi bad advice," she cries on Rexís shoulder. She then mentions things being this bad because of that "procedure" Mimi had - and then realizes that she almost slipped. But, she did get Rexís curiosity - and she has to cover her tracks real fast. In the OR, surgery begins and Mimi dreams that she is delivering her own baby - actually twins. But, in real time, the doctor makes a discovery that alarms her. Later she tells Mimi that she has some bad news to tell her.

At the Brady home, Bo and Hope continue to discuss Billie in the kitchen. Of course, Billie interrupts them, "ah, itís late and I should be calling for a hotel room." But Bo tells her that the guest room is all hers, so she leaves. Bo tried to rekindle the romantic moment with his wife, but Hope is not responding. Billie watches them from the stairs and says, "I will never come between the two of you, but if Hope continues to push Bo away, I will be right there - waiting." She goes on to her room and sees a wedding pic of Bo and Hope. She begins to fantasize that is her in the pic with Bo. We see her fantasies of the two of them celebrating various anniversaries; even Georgia is in them!

Bo is sill trying to recapture the moment with Hope as he turns on some music. They dance a bit, but Hope stops; she just is not into it. She cannot stand the thought of having Billie in their house, so Bo sweeps her up in his arms and carries her upstairs. Of course, Billie spies out the door at them. Hope begins to unbutton Boís shirt, but stops as she remembers finding Billie and Bo in the bathroom together - naked! She tells Bo that she just canít continue with Billie right in the next room. They go to bed, but Bo says he cannot sleep and goes downstairs. Hope jumps up, goes to the bedroom door and calls out to him. At the end of the hall, Billie comes up with a towel wrapped around her head; she stops and looks at Hope, then proceeds to her room with a huge smirk on her face!

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