Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/1/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/1/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Behind Enemy Lines:

Philip is engaged in combat. He received a flesh wound on the arm.

Another marine wants to send Philip back for medical treatment, but Philip insists on staying, so that he can ear his leave and get home to Belle.

Another marine tries to call off the mission, but Philip wants to continue. He fantasizes about returning home and making love to Belle. Back to reality, Philip looks at a picture of Belle and tells it that it won’t be much longer.

Part of the mission is very dangerous and Philip says he has to do it alone.

Belle’s Loft:

Belle returns home to find that Shawn has planned a romantic, candlelight dinner. Belle is not pleased, as she will not cheat on Philip. She is worried about Philip. Shawn believes that Philip is going to be fine, as he has been well-trained. Belle says that she’ll tell Philip about the two of them when Philip returns home. Shawn becomes frustrated that he can’t remember last summer. He gets an awful headache and Belle has him sit down on the couch. Belle gets some of the dinner and starts to feed him. She spills the dinners over Shawn’s pants and tells him to take them off.

Belle gives Shawn a robe of Philip’s to wear. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Kate. She comes in to find Shawn.

Kate goes off on Belle and Shawn. Belle tries to tell Kate that nothing is going on, but Kate accuses Shawn of pursuing Belle.

Belle admits to Kate that she’s not in love with Philip and still is in love with Shawn. Kate is livid with Belle and tells her and Shawn that they are selfish, especially if they call and tell Philip over the telephone while he is in a war zone and needs to keep his wits about him.

John’s Penthouse:

John and Kate are in bed and John is shivering. Kate asks him if he’s all right and he says that he is just trying to make it through the night. John thanks Kate for staying with him through the night.

John and Kate lean in, as though they are about to kiss. John stops to say that he doesn’t want to send the wrong message. Kate says that they are just getting carried away, being so close and in the bed together and because they miss their spouses. John tells Kate that she’s a very beautiful and desirable woman and that Brady is pressing him to move on with Kate. Kate says that Billie gave her the same suggestion. The talk turns to Philip, as Kate is worried about him.

Kate hears her cellphone buzz. She answers, and it’s Tony, with a distorted voice. He tells her that Belle is cheating on Philip with Shawn.

Kate doesn’t believe the voice, but Tony urges her to rush over to save Billie while she can. Once off the phone, Kate debates over whether to go to Belle’s. She sees that John is asleep and she decides to go and try to get back before he wakes up. Someone is in the shadows, watching. Once Kate leaves the bedroom, Sami – disguised as Stan – comes in.

Sami wakes up John and offers him drugs. John turns down the drugs, but Sami dangles them in front of him. John jumps off the bed and attacks Sami.

John starts to strangle Sami, but she gets away and John falls to the floor. John tries to get up, but Sami kicks him back down. Sami drops the drugs just outside of John’s reach and steals his watch of the dresser.

John starts to reach for the drugs.

Bo and Hope’s House:

Bo realizes that tonight is his and Billie’s wedding anniversary. Hope comes downstairs with Billie’s make up bag and intentionally coughs to interrupt them.

Billie is about to leave, but Bo stops her. Bo explains to Hope that Billie has to stay, that she can’t stay with Lucas or Kate. Hope and Bo go into the kitchen and argue. Billie, still in the living room, can overhear them.

Billie barges into the kitchen and interrupts them and tells Hope to back off.

Bo gets up and tries to talk to Billie, but Billie presses on and tells Hope that she should blame her and not Bo. Hope thinks that Billie should go to Jennifer’s for the night, but Bo says ‘no.’ Hope asks to be allowed to finish the conversation with Bo in private. Billie leaves, and Hope accuses Bo of having Billie on his mind when he bought the dress she is wearing, because she seldom wears that color (who does?). Bo says that Billie can stay only if Hope is all right with it.

Hope caves and says that Billie can stay. However, their romantic evening is ruined.

Sami’s Apartment:

Sami is disguised as Stan. She read a letter from the person behind her transformation. The phone rings. It’s Tony, who is disguising his voice. Tony tells Sami to do as she’s told in the letter. Sami asks who is behind this, but Tony doesn’t tell her. He just tells her to do as she’s told. Sami protests, telling Tony that he’s evil and that she can’t do it.

Tony encourages Sami to get revenge on her enemies. He tells her that she deserves payback, and that John is first. He has her look in the make up bag, where Sami find a baggie of drugs.

After visiting John (see above), Sami returns to the apartment and gloats about how well that went.

At the Castle:

Tony and Bart celebrate Tony’s latest plan. Bart commends Tony for using Sami to exact revenge against the Salemites.

Later, alone, Tony enjoys a cigar by the fireplace, as he says that Sami is out for revenge and that he is out for blood.

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