Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/28/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/28/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Amazingly, after all this time, we see Marlena and Roman! They are having a conversation when Marlena stands up and says, "we cannot let Tony manipulate us." As she finishes the sentence, the door opens and Bart comes in rolling a dinner tray. Marlena tells him that they are not going to eat it and Bart jokes, "hey, it’s not poisoned." But Marlena states that Tony is "poison." As Bart says that he is just following the Bosses orders, the door again opens and in walks Tony. "I have no agenda," he tells Marlena and Roman, "I am not trying to push you together." Tony continues to taunt, Bart steps in the way and Marlena punches him! They leave Roman and Marlena to decide whether or not they wanta eat. 

Bart asks Tony about Roman & Marlena’s meal and Tony explains it was meant to rekindle feelings in them. Tony doesn’t care if they know what he is up to, because "they will not be able to resist each other." he add. Bart understands the manipulating of Roman and Marlena, but asks about Sami. Tony says she will be his secret weapon. He says she will be working for him and not even realize it. He talks about how Stefano was impressed with her and had told him that she had potential to be useful someday. We are seeing a great plot beginning to unfold.

Roman says again that they are at Tony’s mercy and there is little they can do. As Roman removes the cover from the tray they are both surprised at the dinner awaiting. On the tray is their favorite meal from their happy days together - pepperoni and anchovy pizza, Chinese food, and beer! Excited, Roman chows down and encourages Marlena do he same. She finally gives in and as she opens a beer it spews all over her! Roman attempts to wipe it off - and they talk about how he used to do the same thing back in the good old days. The TV comes on; Roman says, "whatever it is, we will deal with it," as they see John and Kate cuddled together in bed. Oops, Marlena damns Tony; Roman says that Tony may have set all this up, but he is not in control now, it looks like John and Kate have moved on. He turns to Doc and tells her that what they are feeling for watch other is real and that they should not fight it either.

Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, John and Kate talk about missing their loved ones. John also worries about Sami, saying, " I wish I could have done more to help her; I should not have given her pearls to Belle and I was too strung out to be there for her when she really needed me. Kate brushes all his guilt away and suggests that they take care of themselves. John encourages her to go and get some rest, but Kate refuses saying she wants to stay there with him. John thinks that he might feel much better if he took a shower, but he is just in too much pain to get up. Kate jumps to his rescue as she gets up and returns - all ready to give him a nice sponge bath. John objects, but Kate wins out and as she begins John has to ask if she had anything to do with the breakup of Sami and Lucas. Of course, Kate lies thru her teeth and even says that she is sad that they broke up. As she lovingly bathes John, he apologizes for being so pathetic. But, Kate does not think he is pathetic at all as she asks if there is anything else she can do to make him more comfortable. He mentions how lonely it is to sleep all alone, not having anybody to hold. He then asks Kate if she will sleep with him and she happily hops into his bed and snuggles up real close. 

At the Brady house, Bo and Hope are attempting to salvage some of their romantic evening. They drink wine and both are dressed to the nine’s - but things are just not right and finally Hope apologizes for ruining the evening. Before they can talk about what’s going, the doorbell rings - and guess who it is? Billie, or course, and Hope beats a swift path upstairs. Bo feels the heat coming from his wife as he knows that Hope wants Billie totally out of their lives. Hope calls Jennifer, looking for a shoulder to cry on as Bo is about to get more bad news as Billie tells him that she cannot stay with her mother or Lucas. Now, Bo realizes that she is out of options and says she can just stay there. Billie argues that she will get a motel room, but Bo says, "you will just get arrested; I’ll talk to Hope." Billie looks at the table and realizes she interrupted something, but, of course, Bo says again that he will smooth it all over. Suddenly he remembers that it would have been their anniversary as Billie says, "Happy Anniversary." Of course, Hope is listening from the stairs.


We find Sami still on the phone, demanding to know who she is talking to. The "mystery caller" tells her to go to the door and when she opens it she finds a guy standing there with an envelope stuffed with cash! It is now that we see Tony on the other end of the line, but the man at the door says he does not know who he is working for. But - he does tell her that he has a task to do and comes in and gets started. He sits Sami down and puts a cape around her neck. "I am going to transform you," he says as he begins his work - complete with assorted noses - wigs - glasses - and even a moustache! When he is finished, she looks at herself in the mirror and is a new man. Sami says, "wow, I am hot!" When she asks about her voice, the man gives her some kinda device to put in the roof of her mouth that totally alters her voice. He then asks her what she’d like to be called and she answers, "Stan." She adds, "revenge is going to be so sweet!" The man packs up and hands her the envelope of money on his way out. Stan cries out, "ohh my God, this unbelievable!" Her/his phone rings, and it is Tony, with disguised voice, again. He says, "take revenge on the first victim," as Stan grins from ear to ear!

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