Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/25/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/25/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the Castle:

Tony is reposing in a sitting room, shaking a snow globe. Bar comes in with wood for the fireplace. Bart thinks that Tony is about to make life difficult for the Salemites. Tony laughs, shakes the snow globe and says that it is time to shake things up in Salem.

Meanwhile, in their room, Marlena and roman are asleep in the bed. Marlena dreams of being in bed with John, but the images turn into a flash back of she and Roman almost making love on Captive Island. Back in reality, Marlena rolls over in her sleep and starts kissing Roman.

As Roman and Marlena continue to kiss, Tony walks in and throws a bouquet of roses on them. They immediately wake and break apart, and Roman gets up off the bed, picks up the bouquet and throws it at Tony’s feet while asking him what the hell he’s doing. Tony tells them that he has bad news about Sami. 

Roman lunges after Tony, but Bart has a taser gun and gets between them and causes Roman to back away. Tony tells them about Sami’s wedding to Lucas and that it was called off after she was found with Brandon. Marlena wants to go to Sami and expresses concern the effect of this on Will. Tony admonishes them for not thanking him for the flowers. He tells them that they were kissing when he walked in, and he taunts them by saying that John and Kate are doing more in Salem. Tony and Bart leave.

In a fit of anger, Roman throws the flowers against the wall. Roman and Marlena talk about wanting to go back home.

At the Penthouse:

Brady, Kate and John are hanging out in John’s bedroom, talking about Sami. They believe that she will try to exact revenge.

When Brady goes into the hallway to take a call from Nicole, Kate tells John that she thinks that she will be the first one whom Sami seeks revenge against. John asks point blank if Kate set up Sami, but Kate crosses her fingers and lies, saying that she was only responsible for hiring a private investigator. John brings up the fact that Roman and Marlena, even divorced, were able to get through to Sami. John talks of an unbreakable bond that they had.

Brady comes back in, after hanging up with Nicole and he says goodbye as he is going to meet her at the clinic. Alone, John and Kate continue talking about Roman and Marlena. Kate admits that she was a little jealous of Marlena and Roman’s relationship when she began dating Roman. John tells Kate that Tony was trying to push them together on the island. He tells her about Roman being poisoned while on Captive Island and that he made a dying wish to Marlena to make love to him. Kate is flabbergasted and upset that John hadn’t told her this before. She asks if Marlena did sleep with Roman, but John tells her that it didn’t get that far and that Tony provided the anecdote in time.

Later, John thanks Kate for standing by her and Kate tells him that he was once there for her. They talk about missing Roman and Marlena. They both say that they believe that they’re together, in heaven, watching out for each other. They talk of Tony and they wonder what Tony’s plan was for them.

At the Clinic:

Nancy stops Nicole from entering Chloe’s room and tells her that Nicole has to go the reception area to sign in. Once Nicole leaves, Nancy goes inside the room and finds Chloe packing.

Nicole goes to a pay phone and calls Brady. She tells him that Nancy is there.

Meanwhile, Chloe complains to Nancy about Nancy’s questioning of Nicole about her relationship with Brady. Nancy explains that she did it so that Chloe could hear how close they were getting and would be motivated to reveal herself to Brady. Chloe explains that she wants to wait until the scars are gone.

Nancy urges Chloe to tell Brady that she’s alive. Nicole comes around the corner and sees a bandaged Chloe from behind. Nicole believes that this must be the woman helping Clara. Nancy sees Nicole and goes out into the hallway. Nicole says that she wants to meet Clara’s friend, and Brady comes around the corner and says that he would like to meet her too. Nancy tells them that the woman is shy and doesn’t want to meet them.

At Bo and Hope’s House:

Bo and Hope are in bed. Bo tries to get up, but Hope tries to draw him back in by kissing him. Bo tells her that they have plans for the night and goes to shower. He tells her to shower after him and to put on the blue dress that he got for her.

Bo is downstairs when Hope comes down in the blue dress. Bo has a romantic dinner for two set up, which Bo explains that Henderson helped set up. Bo has a special wine, from the year they were married, which Victor had set aside for them. Bo toasts to Hope and Hope toasts to Bo (hey – now they can’t drink to each other, according to Philip). Bo and Hope kiss.

Bo gives Hope a necklace – it has a pendant with half a heart. Bo has another necklace, with the other half of the heart as a pendant. Hope’s necklace says “B” and the other Bo is keeping and it says “H.” Hope gets up and goes to the mirror to put hers on. Bo tells her that she can put his on him later. They enjoy dinner and talk about Shawn and the fact that he called saying that he has good news that he wants to tell them later, in person. The conversation turns to Billie, as Hope tells Bo that she fears that Billie is a threat to their happiness.

They argue about Billie and then they argue about Tony. Hope believes that Tony planned to try to break them up by rekindling Bo and Billie’s romance.

Just as they talk about Billie finding another place to stay, the doorbell rings and it’s Billie.

At Lucas’s Apartment:

Billie urges Lucas to not go over to Sami’s place. Lucas is worried about Sami, but Billie is unsympathetic, telling Lucas that Sami got herself into this mess and has only herself to blame.

Lucas changes the subject to Billie’s life. He asks her what is going on between her and Bo. Lucas grills Billie about her feelings for Bo. Billie insists that she does not intend to come between Bo and Hope. Lucas thinks that it will be awkward for Billie to be at Bo’s, since she is still in love with him.

Billie admits that she’s still in love with Bo, but that Bo is in love with Hope. Nevertheless, Lucas thinks that Billie should stay with Bo, because he is the acting police commander and was the one to vouch for her.

After Billie has left, Lucas turns on the television and spots a picture of him, Sami and Will. Lucas picks it up and tells it that Sami screwed up and that she, along with him and Will, are going to suffer for it.

At Sami’s Apartment:

Sami takes in the evening paper that was curiously delivered to her. She flips through it and sees a page completely blank except for the word “REVENGE” in giant letters. A similar page is then delivered to her via the fax machine.

Sami starts to get nervous, wondering why she’s getting all these revenge messages. She dismisses it as a marketing campaign and tries to get herself to relax by pouring wine and listening to music. She turns on the stereo, but a voice comes over it, saying “revenge” over and over.

Sami is freaked out by the voice and she grabs her keys to leave. The telephone rings, stopping her. Sami answers the phone, thinking that it is Kate harassing her. A man’s altered voice asks Sami if she wants to get revenge on her enemies – Belle, Shawn, Brady, John, and – of course – Kate. The man tells Sami that he’s a friend and that he can help her.

Sami threatens the caller that she will call the police. She hangs up the phone, but is unable to get a dial tone. When she tries again, the mysterious voice returns and tells her that he’s a friend and that he wants to help her get revenge. He tells her to open her front door. Sami does, and she is surprised by what she sees on the other side.

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