Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/24/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/24/05



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Todayís show begins at the clinic, where Nancy is talking to Craig on the phone. (Itís super to actually see Craig; he is certainly looking good!) Nancy fills him in on what is going on and has an idea to get Brady and Chloe back together. Craig warns her about such a plan, but she just brushes off his discouraging remarks. Anyhow, Nancy tells her husband that Chloe is helping another little girl, names Clara, who was also severely injured, and loves to sing. As she gets off the phone with Craig, Nancy heads back to Chloeís room, where Chloe and little Clara have been singing. As Chloe talks to Clara, she has flashbacks of her and Brady together, and Clara suddenly realizes that there is somebody very special in Chloeís life. She tells Chloe that she really ought to call him. 

Nancy walks in as Clara leaves for bed, and Nancy starts on Chloe contacting Brady, but of course, Chloe wants to hear none of this. During this time, Clara has had another visitor arrive at the clinic - none other than Nicole, who is told that Clara is visiting with another patient in Room 236. Nicole goes into this room, and sees Nancy. "Ohh my God," she stammers, "what are you doing here?" (Chloe has conveniently disappeared, but later we see her listening behind the door.) Nancy explains that her father started this clinic and she is there volunteering and even living nearby as she talks about how she and Craig miss Brady. Then, Nancy questions Nicole about relationship with Brady, all while Chloe listens. But, then Nicole wants to go and see the other patient and reaches for the door but Nancy tells her, "No!"

Over at Bo and Hopeís, Hope is returning home from the spa visit Bo arranged. Upstairs, Bo is giving Zack his bath and talking to him. He is telling his small son how very much he loves him, but adds, "there is someone else who I love very much also and her name is Georgia." Hope listens, as Bo continues, "but Georgiaís mom can never compare with your mother." As he asks Zack if he would like to have a little sister, Hope walks in, with her face tear streaked. Bo wants to know why she has been crying, but she begins to talk to Zack. Hope asks about her surprise and Bo suggests, "why donít we put Zack to bed first, and then we can get on with our evening?" Later, Bo tells Hope that there is something on the bed for her and she finds a beautiful blue gown. "Itís perfect," she tells Bo, who says, "no, you, Mrs. Brady are perfect."

We find Billie over at Lucasís apartment, where she offers momentary sympathy before she begins to rip Sami to shreds. Then Billie asks her brother if he believes there could be any way that their mother could be responsible, even though "Mom convinced me that she had nothing to do with what happened." Lucas is extremely furious with Sami and how she hurt both him and Will and he finally asks Billie just why she is there. She finally admits that she needs a place to stay - stating all the "made-up" lies Kate told her - the suite being redone and Romanís house being on the market - and Lucas offers her his room. He tells her that vouching for her may not be such a good idea, since he has been before that judge a few times himself.

Sami is having a wonderful day too, as she rips pictures from a photo album, telling each person just how much she hates them. "Kate, you will pay," Sami says as she rips her almost mother in law out, and then she tells John that he will pay, and rips him out also. She finally tosses the whole album in the fire and adds, "burn in hell!" Will walks in and wants to know just what is going on and sees the burning album. He tells his mother that he hates her and goes to his room. Someone begins to knock incessantly on the door and finally Sami opens it - only to find Kate. "I have come to discuss your future at Basic Black," Kate says, "and I am telling you; itís not looking too good." When Sami reminds her that John hired her, Kate informs her that John left her in charge, so - "Sami, you are fired!" As she leaves, Sami throws a vase at her, which shatters against the door, causing Will to come running. He is carrying his clothes and he wants answers. Sami tries to tell him her side, but Will isnít buying; he announces to his mother, "everyone hates you now, and you only have yourself to blame."

Will then tells his mother that he is leaving and moving in with Lucas. "I love you, Mom, but I cannot live with you," poor Will cries. As he storms out, Sami goes to the computer to check her finances and learns she only has about $500 to her name. Her computer screen goes black and the word "revenge" comes up. She screams at the computer, "please do not do this to me now!" In the hallway she finds a newspaper and starts flipping through the want ads. There is a full page that has one word on it - "revenge." Will returns to Lucasís apartment from Samiís, and tells him that his mom is nuts. Lucas wants to go and check on her, but Billie stops him.

John is sleeping as Brady is watching over him. His phone rings, and it is Nicole telling him that she is at the clinic visiting Clara. He tells her about the wedding being cancelled and she is furious that Brandon was involved. John wakes up and Brady begins to talk to him about Kate, but John isnít interested. He asks his son, "what would you do with Nicole if you were to learn that Chloe was still alive?" But Brady says, she isnít, sheís gone, just like Marlena."

Kate comes in and John tells them he is worried about Sami. Kate blames Sami for screwing up her life but John wants to do something for her. Kate says that Sami needs to learn from her mistakes. Brady fears that she will go after the ones she feels hurt her, including John, who may be first on her hit list. John wonders what Sami could use against him and they both swear they havenít said a word about his drug problem. They wonder if she knows somehow, and if so, how would she use it against him.
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