Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/22/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At Jack and Jennifer’s House:

Jennifer arrives back home and Patrick comes downstairs. Jennifer fills Patrick in on what happened at Hope’s. Jennifer blames Billie for getting Patrick into trouble with the law.

Patrick defends Billie, while Jennifer wants to know how Billie is so able to wrap men around her finger. Jenn mentions that even Jack found excuses for Billie too.

Jenn and Patrick continue to argue about Billie and what Jenn claims to be her damsel in distress act.

Patrick accuses Jennifer of being jealous of Billie, which Jennifer denies. Just as Jennifer says that she understands why Hope doesn’t trust Billie, Billie walks in.

Jennifer confronts Billie about her earlier bathroom incident at Bo and Hope’s house, which Billie laughs off.

Billie goes to pack her things, as Jenn wonders what more trouble Billie will cause Bo and Hope.

At Bo and Hope’s House:

Bo has Billie come in, much to Hope’s chagrin. Bo tries to explain that Billie had to come here because Bo was the only one in court who vouch for Billie and give her a place to stay. Hope flashes back to finding Billie and Bo both naked in the bathroom and is angry at the idea of Billie being there.

Billie promises to contact her mom, to move out hopefully by the night, and to stay out of the way in the meantime. Hope storms out of the living room and into the kitchen. Bo follows her and they argue about whether Bo should have vouched for Billie.

Billie overhears them arguing over her, and she leaves. Hearing her close the front door, Bo comes into the living room and gets to the window by the front door just in time to hear Billie peel away. Bo turns to Hope and warns her that he will blame her if Billie gets into trouble (WTF??).

Bo and Hope continue to argue about whether Billie should stay. They argue also about Patrick, as Bo still doesn’t trust him, and doesn’t want Billie near him.

Bo reassures Hope that she won’t lose him to Billie. Hope caves and says that Billie can stay, if she has nowhere else to go. Bo asks if he has to sleep on the couch again. Hope says that he doesn’t, and that she’s putting a bell on him to make sure that he doesn’t sleepwalk.

Bo and Hope kiss, but everything is still not okay with Hope.

At Lucas’s Apartment:

Sami continues Day 5 of her begging Lucas to believe her and to still marry her. In response, Lucas tears up their marriage license. Will comes in and he blames Sami for blowing it. Brandon pulls Kate aside and urges her to not hurt Will and to come forward, if she had anything to do with last night. Sami turns Kate around and begs and pleads with her to tell the truth.

Kate, with crocodile tears, tells Will that Sami is falsely accusing her of setting her up. Will tells Lucas how hurt he is that they will never be a normal family. Lucas asks Sami to leave. Sami wants Will to go with her, but Will wants to stay with Lucas. Even more devastated by that news, Sami leaves. Brandon tells Lucas that he’s sorry for how things turned out and he leaves as well. Lucas takes Will into his room, to play or watch a game.

Later, Lucas comes out and talks to Kate. Lucas is still upset, and he mentions how upset Will is. Lucas tells Kate that he still wonders whether she was involved. Lucas threatens Kate that if he finds out that Kate was behind all this, that she will be dead to him.

In the hallway outside of Sami’s apartment, Brandon asks Sami if she’s all right. Sami admits that she isn’t and they talk about Sami wanting to show that Kate is behind it. Brandon asks if there is anything he can do to help, but Sami thinks it’s best if they keep their distance. Brandon wishes her well and leaves.

Going inside, Sami looks in the mirror and she takes off her head piece. She picks up a wedding invitation and tears it into pieces, while crying. Crying even more, she begins to rip apart her bouquet.

Sami changes out of her wedding dress, and as she collects envelopes and throws them away, she vows to get the proof that Kate is behind it all and to turn her into a lonely, old woman.

At the Hospital:

The doctor talks with Rex and Mimi. The doctor tells Mimi that her infection is not responding to antibiotics. She wants to perform routine, exploratory surgery. Rex leaves and the doctor tells Mimi that the infection might be due to her abortion. Mimi confides in the doctor about not having told Rex about the abortion. Just as Mimi says that Rex will freak when he finds out, Rex comes back in and asks what he will freak about.

Mimi covers with a story about how the infection could have been prevented if she had gone for a regular check up.

The doctor leaves and Rex tells Mimi that he loves her and that everything is going to be all right. Rex talks about their future and about having children, which causes Mimi to imagine the taunting toddler with Jan’s voice telling her that she doesn’t deserve a second chance.

On a Ship En Route to South America:

Jack is in the laundry. The caption is there and he tells Jack that, due to the weather, the ship has been re-routed to South America. The captain orders Jack to wash and iron new loads of laundry. As Jack complains about needing to get home, the captain tells him to suck it up, and he leaves. Alone, Jack flashes back to the video Bart showed him of Jenn and Patrick arriving together to Belle and Philip’s wedding.

As Jack continues his washboard washing, he wonders whether Jennifer is now involved with Patrick. He fantasizes returning home to find the two of them kissing. Snapping back to reality, Jack begins washing more vigorously, as if it will get him home faster.

Later, while ironing, Jack continues the fantasy, as the baby cries, causing Patrick and Jenn to stop kissing. Jack goes inside and Jenn sees him and hugs him. Jack mentions the answering machine message, which Jenn says that she didn’t receive. Jack blames Patrick, accusing him of erasing it and trying to get close to his wife. Jack tells Jenn to pick between him and Patrick.

Jenn tells Jack that there is no contest and hugs him. She tells him how much she loves him. Jenn kisses Jack as the baby starts to cry. As Jennifer tends to the baby, Jack pulls Patrick aside to kick him out of the house. They argue again about the answering machine message, which Patrick claims he knows nothing about. Patrick tells Jack that he loves Jenn. Back to reality, the captain returns and tells Jack that the weather has cleared and that they are back on course for Salem.

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