Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/21/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/21/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Today is the 10,000th episode of Days of our Lives! In honor of such a special occasion, Frances Reid, who is the last remaining original cast member, delivers a special welcome. It was so touching and features a clip of her and Tom from the very first Days episode - almost 40 years ago! Frances looked so very beautiful; her welcome brought tears to my eyes. In the background we see a picture of Bo and Hope on the wedding day. The camera moves in on it as the show begins in their living room.

Hope comes down the stairs, followed by Bo. Our Hope is still very angry at her husband, as we see Billie upstairs and a replay of Hope walking in the bathroom to find a naked Bo and a naked Billie. When Billie comes down, she makes herself scarce as Hope lights into Bo. "I want her out of our house and out of our lives - today!" Bo admits that it was not a smart idea to bring Billie home, but he had nowhere else to take her. "Right," Hope stammers, "this was Billieís plan all along." Bo agrees that Billie has to go, and Billie comes back in and asks, "donít you think we need to be going?" Hope comes unglued as Bo tries to explain that he has to take her to the hearing because they never could locate Kate. They all talk about the wedding being called off and they wonder just what is going on, but Billie assures Bo and Hope that she will find Kate and make arrangements to stay with her. She says, "I just cannot locate her right now; I have left messages all over town, but my mother was in charge of that whole gigantic wedding reception, so I am sure she has plenty to take care of now."

Bo and Billie head on off to the courthouse, where Mickey waits for them. He has less than great news. It seems they have drawn the toughest judge in town and Billieís chances may be slim. We see Judge Shay enter - and it is none other than Ken Corday - Days executive producer! Bo promptly runs his mouth and angers Judge Ken - who orders Billie back into police custody - unless someone can vouch for her and provide her a place to stay. Mickey asks for a moment with his client - and of course, Billie starts begging Bo. "You know I would never ask if it werenít for our daughter; I am only asking for Georgia," she begs.

We find Hope and Jennifer sharing a cup of tea and conversation over at Hopeís house. Hope explains to her how she "laid the law down" to her husband and had him put Billie on the road. Jen gets a phone call and it is Alice; she is terribly worried about Lucas and is checking to see if Jen has heard anymore about why the wedding was called off. Jen knows nothing more than her grandmother, but encourages her not to worry. After she hangs up, Jen and Hope discuss Sami and the problems she always seems to bring to her own self. Soon Jen decided she must be heading home and she helps Hope carry the dishes back into the kitchen, where Bo walks thru the back door. Jen says goodbye and heads out the front way, and Hope turns and begins to undress her husband, planning a celebration now that their houseguest has departed. Bo stops her and tries to explain that things did not go as expected - but before he can get the words out, Billie walks back in. Steam comes from the ears of Hope Brady!

At the hospital, Mimi tells Rex that the reason she is in the hospital is because she got pregnant and then ran off and aborted the baby without telling him. Now, she has some terrible infection because of this...but, wait - she is only dreaming! Back to the here and now, Rex is there and says he has something to ask her and cannot wait another second. On one knee he proposes, as he pulls out a ring. It is a very special ring - an antique - and it is engraved with the date 2/14/05 - M&R forever. Mimi cannot believe that there was another M&R who were so in love back in 1905 - and of course, she accepts Rexís proposal. Rex asks Mimi if she is sure, mainly because of the things Jan keeps saying about Mimi lying to him. Mimi brushes this off as Jan being jealous because she is losing Shawn. But, then she does tell Rex that there is something she has to tell him before she can marry him, as there can never be any secrets or lies between them. At this time, though, the doctor walks in and a very happy Rex announces that he and Meems just became officially engaged. He asks, "just when can Mimi go home because I am anxious to marry her and start our own family." A very strange look crosses the doctorís face and Mimi cries, "you have news, and it is not very good."

At Shawnís loft, Belle says that she is going to tell Philip the whole truth whenever he calls her back. Her phone rings, and it is Philip, but Belle struggles to get a word in. He tries to explain to her that he may be coming home soon to her. Belle thinks that he has gotten hurt, but Phil says no, he is fine. She asks over and over how he could be coming home when he just left and finally Philip explains about the mission he is undertaking. As Shawn urges her to tell him the truth, Belle realizes that her husband has signed on for a dangerous mission and she cannot bear to tell him that she is in love with Shawn. Shawn pushes her more, and she tries to speak, but Philipís CO comes by and tells him that they must move out, "Now!" Philip tells her that he loves her and will be home soon and hangs up the phone. When she gets off the phone, Shawn asks where does that leave them?

Over to Lucasís apartment we go, where there is a replay of Sami telling Lucas that she loves him and wants to marry him. Lucas says he still loves her as well and wants to marry her and she jumps into her arms. She excitedly babbles on as he stops her, telling her that they canít. Sami doesnít understand as he explains that although he wants to marry her, he canít. Sami continues to blame Kate, but Lucas is confused. Sami asks what if she can prove that Kate set her up? Lucas asks, "can you prove that my mother did this to you?" Sami says that Kate has always hated her and rants about how mean she is to her when Lucas isnít around. But, it is not enough to convince Lucas. He tells Sami that the only person who could have ruined their wedding was "her." And "she" voluntarily drove over to Brandonís motel room on the night before their wedding. Nothing she says can changes Lucasís mind and finally he takes their marriage license and rips it to shreds. Kate is absolutely glowing, as Brandon stares unbelievingly at her.

With Samiís tear stained face on the screen, it cuts back to Frances Reid in the Horton living room, who says, " Poor Sami, her troubles are just beginning. Now you may ask, what else could happen to her, or to any of us? Well, stay tuned and find out as we begin our next 10,000 episodes tomorrow. Goodbye and bless you." The camera pans over the table covered with pictures of current cast members, Abe and Lexie, Julie and Doug, Bo and Shawn, Jack and Jen, John and Marlena, John and Brady, and finally Tom and Alice, as the camera moves back to Frances looking down on the photos. It was a beautiful ending!

Happy 10,000, Days of our Lives!

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