Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/18/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/18/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

In Bo and Hope’s Living Room:

Hope is alone, in the living room, where someone has obviously spent the night on the couch.

Hope flashes back to Bo and she arguing the night before. In the flashback, Bo tells Hope that he has something important to tell her, but Hope doesn’t want to hear it. She tells him to have a nice night sleeping on the couch and she storms upstairs. Bo follows her, continuing trying to talk to her, but Hope covers her ears. Once Hope has reached the top of the stairs, she throws a pillow, and then a blanket, down to Bo, who is on the landing half-way the stairs.

Back to reality, Hope folds up the blanket, as Bo comes in from the front door.

Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t want to fight with him. They talk about the wedding being called off. They also talk about they hate fighting and that they missed each other last night, and just as they hug and make up, Billie walks in from the kitchen – wearing her bathrobe and holding a cup of coffee.

When Hope sees Billie, Bo starts to explain that this was the news he was trying to tell her last night. Hope says that she needs a minute to calm down and she turns and counts - aloud - to ten. When Hope turns back to face Bo, he gives her a sheepish look. Hope questions Bo about why he invited Billie to stay with them. Bo explains that Billie is there because he didn’t want her at Jennifer’s, near Patrick, and that he didn’t want the judge to get the wrong idea if they both provided the judge the same address. Billie says that she thinks this is a bad idea and goes upstairs to get dressed. Bo tries to reassure Hope that Billie won’t disrupt their lives. He goes upstairs to shower. Alone, Hope again counts - aloud - to ten.

At Lucas’s apartment:

Sami claims that Kate set her up. Sami goes through all the things that she believe that Kate did to pull this scam off – from rigging her horoscope to disguising herself as a maid to drugging her and Brandon. Lucas doesn’t believe her story, telling her that it’s impossible. Sami admits that she did go see Brandon, but that the rest is Kate’s fault.

Sami pleads with Lucas to believe her. Lucas recounts Sami’s dubious history. Sami continues to try to convince Lucas that Kate is behind it all. Brandon pipes in to say that he doesn’t remember sleeping with Sami the night before, but Kate retorts that Austin didn’t remember sleeping with Sami the night she drugged him, either. Sami storms out of the room into a bathroom and slams the door. Lucas goes into the kitchen and Brandon approaches Kate and aks is Sami is right – that she did do all this.

As Lucas makes coffee in the kitchen, Kate and Brandon go back an forth as to whether Kate is behind all of it. They talk about Sami and whether she has changed and is right for Lucas. Brandon warns Kate that if she did set it up, that she’ll lose Lucas and Will and that Sami will win.

Kate insists to Brandon that Sami is behind it all, not her. Lucas comes over and Kate tells him that she’s glad that Lucas isn’t as gullible and forgiving as Brandon. Sami emerges from the bathroom and goes to Lucas. She tells him that she’s through trying to defend herself, but she makes an impassioned plea, through her tears, for Lucas to understand that she loves him and that all she wants to do is marry him. Lucas tells her that he loves her too and still wants to marry her. As Sami is elated and hugs him, Kate looks on, upset.

At the hospital:

Mimi is in her hospital bed, with Belle beside her. Mimi is upset that she didn’t tell Rex about the abortion earlier and she is racked with guilt. Belle tries to comfort her, telling her that she wasn’t ready to be a parent yet.

Mimi and Belle commiserate about telling the men in their lives bad news. Belle whines about telling Philip that she and Shawn are back together. Belle worries about the effect her breaking up with Philip will have on him, and she flashes to an image of Philip getting killed. They also talk about Rex’s likely reaction to hearing about Mimi’s abortion.

Rex enters and tells Belle that she does have to tell Philip about breaking up with him. Belle is surprised at Rex’s change of heart, and Rex explains why he has it. He tells Belle about Philip’s phone call. Realizing that she can’t take Philip’s call in the hospital, Belle leaves. Rex goes to sit with Mimi and asks her how she is. Mimi tells him how worried she is, and Rex takes her hand and tries to reassure her. Mimi tells Rex that she has something to tell him.

Mimi apologizes to Rex from keeping secrets from him, but doesn’t get around to telling him about the abortion.

At the boys’ loft:

Rex gives Jan advice as to how to deal with Shawn, and telling her that maybe she and Shawn need a break. Jan tap dances (figuratively, not literally) around Mimi and her abortion, but Rex doesn’t pick up on what she’s hinting at.

The telephone rings. Shawn answers it not with a hello, but with a “Belle is that you?” Of course, it’s Philip calling, looking for Belle and wanting to know why Shawn would think it was Belle calling. Shawn and Philip get into it and Shawn is about to tell Philip about him and Belle.

Jan pulls Rex aside and urges him not to let Shawn tell Philip about Shawn and Belle. Rex goes over to the phone and grabs it out of Shawn’s hand, much to Shawn’s protest. Philip tells Rex that he’s anxious to talk to Belle but can’t reach her, and Rex explains that Belle is at the hospital with Mimi and likely can’t receive his call on her cell phone. Philip tells Rex that he will call Belle on her cell phone again. When Philip asks about Belle, Rex says that Belle is fine and he reaffirms his promise to keep Shawn away from Belle.

Once off the phone, Shawn lays into Rex for making such a promise to Philip.

Shawn and Rex continue to argue, with Shawn calling Rex a hypocrite for lying to Philip. Shawn storms out to his bedroom, leaving Jan and Rex alone. Jan hints to Rex about what Mimi is hiding from him, but Rex doesn’t bite. He tells her that she’s delusional, which angers Jan. Rex leaves. Jan sits down on the couch and checks her make up as Shawn comes back into the living room. Jan tries to pretend as though nothing is wrong between them, but Shawn tells Jan to move out.

Shawn and Jan continue to argue, as Jan claims that Belle won’t make him happy, whereas she can. Belle knocks on the door and Shawn answers it. Shawn and she start to talk and Jan jumps in with cutting words about belle. Shawn tells Jan to leave and not come back. Jan does leave, and, once outside, she says that Belle won’t win.

Inside, Shawn fills Belle in on the phone call earlier, and Belle is glad that Shawn didn’t tell Philip, because she wants to be the one. Belle’s cell phone rings, and it’s Philip.

In a military tent:

As Philip gets information about his mission, Philip fantasies about coming home and seeing Belle, and then hugging and kissing her. The soldier talking with Philip snaps him out of his fantasy, telling Philip that he can’t lose focus on his mission.

Philip is reminded as to how dangerous this mission is. However, Philip is caught up in his anxiousness to get home.

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