Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/16/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/16/05



Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

Mickey is overwhelmed by Maggie’s surprise anniversary celebration at the Horton home.  He is bothered by the fact that he got Maggie nothing, while she had planned all of this for him.  Maggie declares all she wants is for Mickey to remarry her.  He reminds Maggie that he is still legally married to Bonnie, and for the time being till all of this can be straightened out, all three of them are supposed to be living platonically in the house.  Maggie wants to forget about Bonnie as she tells Mickey she has a surprise for him.  When he opens his eyes, Maggie is standing in front of him dressed to the nines in a red dress, glitzy jewelry and a feather in her hair. 

John is tossing and turning, plagued with terrible memories of his one-sided fistfight with his son Brady where in order to stop John from buying drugs, Brady had decked his father.  When John awakes, he stares longingly at a picture of his “Doc”, Marlena, and wonders what has happened to him and how he will get through this drug dependency without her.  Downstairs Brady has arrived to check on his dad.  Kate tells him that after a rough night John is sleeping.  Brady is saddened by the fact that John won’t reach out to him, but Kate assures him that it is only because he is too close, and John doesn’t want Brady to see him this way.  Brady thinks maybe his dad may need rehab, but Kate convinces him that they can take care of him better.  Brady then offers to watch John while Kate goes to Lucas and Sami’s wedding.  Brady tells Kate to pass along to Lucas best of luck because with Sami “he is going to need it.”

Will is very excited for his parent’s wedding, but realizes as he is talking on and on about the day that Lucas is not even dressed.  That is when Lucas sits him down to gently break the news that there is not going to be a wedding.   Will wants to know why there won’t be a wedding, and if Sami had done something again to ruin their chances to be a family.  Lucas decided Will should be told the truth, and so he tells him that Sami was with Brandon the night before the wedding. 

Brandon shows up on a surprised Lexi’s doorstep to fill her in on the cancelled wedding.  Lexi can’t believe that Sami has ruined another of her weddings.  However, Brandon comes to Sami’s defense saying he thinks they were set up.  Some strange and inexplicable events had been taking place.  There had been a psychic that had told Sami where to find Brandon, and a maid who had disappeared after letting Sami into his room.  Also, they both had woken up in bed, naked with an empty champagne glass beside them, and they had no idea how it happened.  Lexi is sure Sami set this up because she is obsessed with Brandon.

A devastated Sami sits alone in her apartment, wondering how it all went wrong again.  She daydreams of her wedding day and how perfect it is going until Kate appears to tell Lucas Sami cheated on him.  Then Brandon appears wanting to know from Sami when she is coming back to bed.  The daydream fades out to Sami vowing that she and Lucas will get married today and Kate will not stop them!  She has all her traditions – the old, new, borrowed and blue.  She has her grandmother, Carolyn’s brooch for something old, and pearls Lucas had bought her for something new.  She has Will’s lucky rabbit foot for something borrowed and a garter, which is blue.  There is no way she is not getting married Sami decides.  Back in her daydream (or should we say nightmare) Sami is desperately trying to get Lucas to believe she loves him and Kate was the one who set her up.

Eugenia grabs Kate outside John’s penthouse anxious to know what happened with Sami and Lucas.   She is surprised to see Kate dressed for the wedding, but Kate tells her it is just for appearances, and that she is on her way to Lucas’ apartment to see if he found Sami with Brandon.  Eugenia asked Kate if she is worried that Sami will convince Lucas that they set her up, and that she could lose Lucas and Will forever.

Lexi is worried now that Sami has screwed things up with Lucas, she will come after Brandon.  Brandon is more concerned with the idea that Kate is setting them up, and although Lexi believes it is possible for Kate to do that to Sami, she is still not convinced.  Although in talking further they realize that the email Brandon received about Abe’s eyesight failing further wasn’t sent from Lexi as he thought – which further proved to him that someone is setting up Sami.  Lexi wishes Brandon would get on a plane and go back to London and stay out of it, but Brandon can’t and won’t.

Kate shows up at Lucas’ feigning a last minute check in on him to make sure he is all set for his wedding.  As Lucas explains there isn’t going to be a wedding, Kate tries to show her support as she hides her happiness.  Kate goes to talk to a depressed Will, Sami knocks on the door in her wedding dress as if she were about to walk down the aisle.  Kate lurks in the shadows. 

Brady went upstairs to check on John and in the process they get into a conversation where John berates himself about how pathetic of a father he is.  Brady counters by saying in the past he was a bad son to him and Marlena.  Brady apologizes for hitting John on the docks, and says the only way they can be even is if John hits him back.  John refuses to hit Brady, and they end up in an embrace commiserating over their lost loves – John who has lost Marlena, and Brady who has lost Chloe.  However, Brady thinks that John has a chance at another great love – with Kate. 

Bonnie is furious at walking in on a close moment between Mickey and Maggie.  She quickly grabs Mickey’s sympathy by breaking down in tears about Mimi being rushed to the hospital.  That being said, Mickey’s attention is now more on Bonnie, which is not lost on Maggie who calls Bonnie on it when Mickey leaves the room to call the hospital to check on Mimi.  Both women own up to fact that they are not above doing what they can to grab Mickey’s attention.  Both women are convinced that the other will soon be a thing of the past.  It seems Bonnie may have won this round, but we see Maggie privately plotting Bonnie’s downfall.

Sami wants Lucas to believe that she loves him and that her night with Brandon was not what it seems.  She wants to be a family with Lucas and Will, but Lucas is determined not to fall for anymore of her lies.  He even tells her he and Will checked the website of her psychic hoping she may have been telling the truth about it mentioning an old love interfering in her future.  However, the website had said nothing about a past love interfering whatsoever.  And so he will never marry her because not one thing she has said had been true!  As Lucas opens the door to kick Sami out of his life forever, Brandon is arriving wanting to speak with Lucas.  He is there to talk to Lucas about the fact he believes Sami and he were set up and the culprit – Kate. 

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