Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/15/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/15/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

In Bo and Hope’s Living Room:

Hope is asleep on the couch. She dreams of earlier that evening when she and Bo talked about their first kiss. Hope is awakened by Maggie knocking at the door. Maggie comes in and they sit on the couch. Hope comments that she believes that Bo is taking a shower. Maggie and Hope talk about the romantic an evening Bo and Hope just had.

Hope serves Maggie tea. They talk about Bonnie and about Maggie’s situation. Maggie mentions that Mickey was called away to the police station.

Hope advises Maggie to seduce Mickey, in order to “win” over Bonnie. Maggie wants to do just that, and she asks to borrow a bottle of champagne from Hope.

Hope is upset, thinking that Maggie is going to try to get Mickey drunk. Maggie explains that champagne is classier than the long neck bottles that Bonnie drinks and that she wants to make Mickey a mimosa. Hope wonders why Bo hasn’t come downstairs. Maggie’s cell phone rings and it’s Mickey. Mickey tells her that he’s tied up at the police station and he mentions that Bo is there. Maggie repeats that Bo is there, causing Hope to stand up and take notice. Once off the phone, Maggie tells Hope that Billie was arrested. Hope is displeased.

At the Police Station:

The police officer who arrested Patrick and Billie has Patrick handcuffed to a chair and is about to handcuff Billie to another chair. Billie protests and demands that the handcuffs on her wrists are taken off. Jennifer comes in and goes to Patrick. Bo shortly follows. Billie demands that Bo order the police officer to take off her handcuffs and Bo refuses.

Billie is now handcuffed to a chair. Patrick tries to explain what happened at the bar. Billie protests that she was aiming for another guy when she accidently hit the police officer. Bo tells the police officer that he’ll take over for him. As the police officer leaves, Billie apologizes to the police officer for hitting him. Bo releases Billie and Patrick from their handcuffs. Mickey arrives. Patrick thanks Jennifer for calling Mickey. Bo is angry with Patrick for calling Jennifer instead of his mother, Bonnie, if he wanted to get a hold of Mickey. Bo is also angry with Billie for drinking.

Mickey advises Billie to not make any statements to Bo, as he is a police officer. Bo says that the comments will be off the record. Patrick asks if this offer applies to him as well. Patrick recounts that he took Billie to the Cheatin’ Heart to eat, and that he bought them beers, which angers Bo. Jennifer explains to Patrick that Billie had a drug addiction and has an addicting personality. Meanwhile, Bo pulls Billie aside and talks to her about why she was drinking. Bo tells Billie that she should have called him if she had the urge to drink.

Billie and Bo argue about Hope. Bo wants to know why Billie called him in the first place. Billie claims that she panicked. Billie now insists that her arrest isn’t Bo’s concern. Patrick and Bo argue. Jennifer defends Patrick. The four of them start to squabble. Mickey comes over and tells them at it’s time for the arraignment. Mickey confirms their addresses. Billie mentions that she was staying at Jennifer’s, but Bo cuts in to say that he doesn’t want Billie near Patrick, so he tells Mickey that Billie will be staying with him.

Mickey talks to Jenn and Patrick about the case and the fact that Patrick and Billie face potential jail time. Meanwhile, Billie is starting to sober up. Bo offers to explain Billie’s situation to the judge. Billie is concerned that an assault conviction might cost her her job. Billie tells her that she’ll be fine and pulls her in for a hug, just as Hope arrives to see them and seethe.

At the Castle:

Roman and Marlena are going stir crazy from being locked up by Tony. They talk about wanting to get back home to John and Kate.

Roman and Marlena talk about how upsetting it was to see John and Kate together. Roman then notices that a gaslike substance is being pumped into their room.

Roman hoists Marlena up to stuff a handkerchief into the pipe that is pumping the gas. Once close to the pipe, Marlena recognizes the gas.

Back on the ground, Marlena tells Roman that Tony is pumping in the scent of roses – as a reminder of a former Valentine’s Day. They both flash back to some Valentine’s Day from the 1980s when Roman was protecting Marlena. In the flashback, Roman gave Marlena roses and Marlena gave Roman beer.

After the flashback, the television turns on, and shows Kate and John in bed, with Kate stroking John’s hair.

Marlena recognizes the pajamas Kate was wearing as a pair John had given her for a past Valentine’s Day. Marlena is upset to think that John has moved on, as Roman tries to assure her that things will change when they return to Salem. Marlena mentions that John had told her that she would always be his Valentine. Roman reminds her that he once made the same promise to her too, and they kiss.

In John’s Bedroom:

John is in bed and Kate is sitting beside him. John is upset with himself for what he put Brady through earlier that evening. They talk about Lucas and Sami getting married later that day.

John and Kate talk about how they want their children to be happy. Kate gets the sleep medication that Lexie prescribed and as she hands John a glass of water to drink it with, John knocks her hand and spills the water on Kate. Kate mentions that her other nightgowns are packed away and she takes a pair of pajamas from the dresser.

Kate comes out of the bathroom in pajamas with hearts all over them. John sees Kate and imagines that it’s Marlena. When he tells Kate of this, she offers to change out of them, but John appreciates the reminder of Marlena.

As John falls asleep, Kate strokes John’s hair and explains to him that she is there for him because John had helped her at her lowest point.

At the Jetway Inn:

Sami pleads with Lucas to not leave and to listen to her. Sami tells Lucas that she has no idea how she wound up naked in Brandon’s bed. Brandon chimes in that he doesn’t know either, and that the last thing he remembers is calling Lexie. Lucas isn’t satisfied with their lack of an explanation and reiterates that the wedding is off.

Sami and Lucas continue arguing. Lucas is about to leave, but turns back, and Sami continues to shout her explanation. Sami tells Lucas that the maid let him in and she admits to lying to the maid to let her into Brandon’s room.

Sami explains why she asked the maid to let her in Brandon’s room. She also tries to explain that her goal was to save their wedding and that she was worried about what her horoscope said. A maid walks by and Lucas stops her and pulls her into the room. When questioned, the maid asserts that she had never seen Sami before and that she did not let Sami in the room. Sami claims that it was a different maid and flashes back to Kate disguised as a maid. Brandon explains that he came back to Salem for his dad. Brandon admits that he still has feelings for Sami. Lucas tells Brandon that he can have Sami.

Lucas says that he saw signs of Brandon and Sami’s closeness (and flashes back to various moments in the previous months). Lucas accuses Sami of needing one last fling with her ex before marrying him. Sami continues to protest. Lucas tells her how he loved her and then he leaves, as tears roll down Sami’s face.

After he leaves, Lucas stops in the hallway and thinks of the fact that Sami didn’t try to come up with a lame excuse, which may mean that she was telling the truth.

Back in the room, Brandon and Sami try to piece together what happened. Brandon thinks it’s fishy that a phone psychic knew where he was staying. Brandon comments that the person behind this is probably the one who has the most to gain and Sami immediately thinks of Kate.

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