Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/14/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/14/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

It's a sad start to the week as we find John and Brady, still on the docks, and still struggling for the drugs. Brady has them, as he had to punch John to take them away. A very sad and sick John pleads with his son, "please, it is the only thing that makes the pain go away." But, passing cops see the commotion and come over and yell, "freeze!" Immediately they assume that Brady was attacking John, but when they find the drugs, both John and Brady are cuffed. John hands over his wallet as Brady tries to explain, but the cops tell him to be quiet. An officer looks in John's wallet and finds his identification; he recognizes the name and that he is with the law enforcement. John uses this to his advantage and makes up a fast lie, saying this was a drug bust gone bad and he had to call his son. Fortunately for Brady and his father, the officers uncuff them and let them go.

At the hospital, things are not going as well for the group gathered. Rex is worried sick about Mimi as the doctor wants to speak to him privately, but before that happens, Bonnie comes bursting in demanding to see Mimi. She demands that Rex tell her just "what he did to her baby." As Rex explains that he found Mimi collapsed on the floor, a bell goes off in Bonnie's head and she asks to speak to the doctor, who informs her that Mimi is suffering from a pelvic infection. When Bonnie mentions the recent abortion Mimi had, she learns that they already know. The doctor then tells Bonnie that the infection could cause some long term serious effects, but they won't know for a while, and urges her to go be with her daughter. Of course, Bonnie is extremely upset and blames herself for Mimi's condition, as she encouraged her to have the abortion.

While Bonnie talks to the doctor, Rex badgers Belle, wanting to know just how much she knows about what is wrong with Mimi. Luckily, the nurse comes out and says that Mimi wants to see him. She has again been having dreams about her baby, with "Jan" tormenting her in these dreams. Rex goes into Mimi and she tells him, "I am so sorry." She adds, "there is something that I have to tell you." Belle and Shawn wait outside as he again begins to badger her about telling Philip about their love. She begs him to let it rest for now and quit trying to manipulate her.

Bonnie leaves the doctor and heads back to where Mimi is, and she runs into Belle and Shawn. Bonnie is extremely upset and breaks down, so Belle takes her to the lobby to talk. She tries to calm Bonnie and assure her that Mimi will be fine; she also lets it be known that she also knows about the abortion. Belle tries to tell Bonnie that it was ultimately Mimi's decision, even though she suggested it. Bonnie tells Belle that her Mimi is so lucky to have a best friend like her and congratulates her on her marriage. She talks about what a romantic story theirs is, a soldier being called to war marries his sweetheart. "Just think of when he comes home; you will see one another at the airport and run to one another and it will be so romantic," Bonnie adds.

Bonnie then offers Belle some advice, "do not let what happened to Mimi happen to you; do not let others interfere with your decisions because it will end up ruining your life." Belle is now suffering a terrible guilt trip as Bonnie hugs her and leaves to go see Mimi. Shawn comes back over to Belle and suggests that they go to the chapel and light a candle for Mimi. She agrees, as she tells Shawn, "I love you and I will do the right thing." We move back to the ER cubby where Mimi is about to tell Rex the truth. Bonnie walks up and hears part of the conversation and prays for her daughter. Rex tells Mimi, "there is nothing that you could ever do to make me stop loving you."

Out at the hotel at the airport, Lucas bangs on the door of Brandon's room. Sami stirs again in her sleep and sees "Lucas" in bed with her, and he tells her to answer the door. Sami fully awakens and realizes that she is in bed with Brandon and totally freaks. Of course, Eugenia is on the phone with Kate, giving here a blow-by-blow account. Sami knocks over a lamp as she gets out of the bed, which Lucas hears. A confused, but awake, Brandon and Sami cannot understand how they got to be like this. Sami wants to hide, but Brandon tries to calm her and says he will handle things. As he opens the door, Sami dives under the sheets and a mad Lucas barges in. He yanks back the covers to find...Sami! Lucas totally explodes as he screams out to Brandon, "you can have her."

Sami tries her best to stop him from leaving, "this is not what it looks like," she cries. She tells Lucas how much she loves him and that she does not know how she and Brandon ended up here, in bed, together. Lucas tells her that no matter how bad he had wanted her to be different - she was the same lying, manipulative person that she has always been. She begs him to listen, "I only came here tonight to talk to Brandon; I did it for us, for our future." She attempts to explain about her "horoscope" and how she had to make sure that Brandon would not interfere with their wedding. Lucas isn't falling for any of this and simply tells Brandon that he can have her, and to Sami, he says, "we are NOT getting married." A crying and begging Sami tries once more to stop him, but he leaves and she collapses crying on the bed.

We find Kate at the penthouse, celebrating with a drink. Her celebration is cut short as John and Brady come in. Brady is totally furious that John was allowed to sneak out and promptly fires the nurse that was supposed to be taking care of his father. John takes the blame completely and tells him not to blame Kate and the nurse. But, Brady has words for him also, after all he lied to the police. He further states that this is not working; it is not enough and says, "I am going to call Judge Fitzpatrick and have you forced into rehab."

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