Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/11/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/11/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope’s house:

Bo is whispering on the phone and quickly gets off as Hope comes in. She immediately jumps to the conclusion that Bo was on the phone with Billie. Bo corrects Hope and tells her that he was planning a surprise for her. Hope apologizes for jumping to conclusions. They begin arguing about Patrick and Billie. Bo wants to stop arguing and get back to his surprise. He blindfolds Hope and carrier her upstairs.

He sets her down on the bed and takes off her blindfold. Bo has had the room decorate with flowers, balloons, candles and champagne. Hope realizes that the mystery call was related to this surprise and apologizes again. They start to kiss, but Bo stops and gives her a box of her favorite truffles. They start to kiss again, but Bo stops them again to pour them champagne and to toast her. Bo tells Hope that she’s the love of his life. She tells him that she loves him and they kiss again as they fall back on the bed.

After making love, they enjoy truffles in bed. Bo gives Hope yet another present – a charm bracelet with a charm of a sailboat. They talk about how they’ve made it through choppy waters. They kiss again. They talk about the search for Georgia and about getting a private investigator to find her. They go to sleep.

At the Cheatin’ Heart:

Billie, who is drinking and getting drunk, downs a beer and orders more. Patrick thinks they should slow things down, but Billie wants to speed things up and she kisses him. Patrick breaks the kiss and tells her that he won’t take advantage of the situation. Patrick wants Billie to stop drinking. Billie and Patrick talk about Bo.

Billie starts to take another drink of her beer, but Patrick stops her. When Billie walks towards the bar to order a new drink, Patrick grabs her arm to stop her. A man who had been dancing earlier with Billie comes over to them and asks if there’s a problem. Billie starts to flirt with him and accepts his offer for another beer. However, once they get to the bar, the man wants to take Billie to his place rather than buy her a beer.

Billie wants to stay, and agrees when he asks her to dance. Once dancing, the man’s hands are all over Billie and when Billie tells him to back off he calls her a tease. Billie twists the man’s arm and throws him down on the pool table, and when the man struggles and bumps into another man, a bar brawl with several of the patrons ensues.

During the brawl, Billie accidently hits a stranger. The man turns out to be a police officer, and he arrests her.

Billie tries to talk herself out of getting arrested by claiming that she was aiming for someone else. Patrick tries to defend Billie and is arrested for interfering with an arrest. Billie tells the officer to call Bo Brady. The officer calls Bo, who was sleeping. As the officer explains that he’s arresting Billie for being drunk and disorderly and assaulting him, Bo can hear Billie in the background calling for him to help. Bo tries to talk the officer out of arresting Billie, but the officer refuses and says that he’s taking her to headquarters. Bo gets up out of bed without disturbing Hope. Patrick is not happy with Billie for bothering Bo. The officer takes them in.

On the Pier:

As John is slumped on the ground, loading a syringe and about to inject himself, Brady comes up to him. Brady wants to know where John’s round-the-clock help is. Brady drags his dad to his feet, but John slumps down to the ground again. John starts a story about getting air, but Brady doesn’t believe him. John manages to get to his feet again and they stand face to face. Brady wants his dad to check into a rehab center.

John tries to walk away from Brady. They argue about Nicole. John pulls the drugs out of his pocket, to take them, and Brady and he start to struggle.

As they break apart from their struggle, Brady figures out that John’s problem isn’t just physical, it’s emotional – as John is missing Marlena. John claims that Marlena was there earlier and couldn’t help him.

John and Brady renew their struggle. Brady takes the drugs from John and knocks him to the ground. While lying on the ground, John talks about his pain and demands the drugs back from Brady. Brady refuses and stands over John, lecturing him. Brady wants to call Kate and Lexie. John gets up and lunges at Brady and Brady hits him and knocks him down.

Lucas’s Car/The Jetway Inn:

Lucas is on his way to the Jetway Inn when he begins to speed and is pulled over by a police officer.

Meanwhile, Eugenia is lurking outside of Brandon’s hotel room, in her maid’s disguise.

The police officer does a background check on Lucas and comes back and makes Lucas get out of the car and put his hands on the roof of the car.

The officer tells Lucas that the background check revealed that he had two DUIs. The officer makes Lucas walk a straight line and when Lucas passes the test, the police officer says that Lucas is free to go – as soon as the officer finishes writing him a speeding ticket.

In the hotel room, Sami wakes up for a moment, and in her drowsiness thinks that Brandon is Lucas. Brandon also wakes up and sees Samantha, but falls asleep again.

As Sami and Brandon are stirring, Lucas arrives and knocks on the hotel room door. Eugenia hides around the corner and watches.

At the loft/Hospital:

Belle comes into Shawn and Rex’s loft and finds Mimi collapsed on the ground. Rex and Shawn come when they hear Belle call out to Mimi.

The three of them take Mimi to the hospital, with Rex carrying Mimi into the emergency room. Mimi is taken into an examination room. Rex begins to blame himself, telling Belle about the doll that Jan gave him and his assumption that the doll meant that Mimi was pregnant. Belle flashes back to her and Mimi talking about Mimi’s abortion and Mimi didn’t want to tell Rex and aloud Belle says ‘secret.’ Rex overhears her and wants to know what Belle meant by that.

Belle covers for her slip and says that she doesn’t want to keep Mimi’s condition and a secret from her mom. Belle goes off to call Bonnie. Left alone, Shawn and Rex argue about whether Shawn should contact Philip while he is overseas to tell him that Shawn and Belle have gotten back together. Rex wants Shawn to wait until Philip returns to tell him. Belle comes back and tells them to stop arguing.

In her hospital room, the doctor determines that Mimi is septic and notes that Mimi was pregnant a few months back, but had either a miscarriage or an abortion.

The doctor and have found that Mimi has scarring on her uterus. Mimi is not alert enough to talk with them and the doctors ask her if there is anyone else there who can answer questions about her condition. She says ‘Rex.’

Meanwhile, outside of the examination room, Rex, Shawn and Belle argue about Philip. Belle makes Shawn promise that he won’t contact Philip. The doctor wants to ask Rex if he knows if Mimi has had any complications with her abortion and she goes out to the waiting area and starts to talk to him.

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