Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/8/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/8/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the clinic:

Chloe’s face is covered with bandages, as her surgery is over. Nancy comes in the room, and tells Chloe that she has to stay positive. Nancy tells Chloe that her surgery was a success, but Chloe believes that Nancy isn’t telling her something. Nancy says that there may be some residual scarring that will take quite some time to heal. Nancy urges, yet again, that Chloe contact Brady. However, Chloe doesn’t want to contact Brady until she is completely healed. They talk about how close Nicole and Brady have become.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the clinic, the doctor is talking with Nicole and Brady, who came over to the clinic in the middle of the night to give the doctor a check for a young girl’s reconstructive surgery. The young girl, Clara, is the youngest daughter of the family that Nicole and Brady sponsored during the Christmas giving tree program. The doctor shows pictures of Clara from before and after her accident.

The doctor asks Nicole and Brady if they want to meet his patient. Brady thinks the doctor means another patient (perhaps Chloe) and readily agrees. Nicole is more reluctant, and tells the doctor that if Clara is too embarrassed or ashamed of her looks to see them, that she would understand.

Doctor Weiss brings in Clara, whom he introduces to Nicole and Brady. Clara rushes over to Nicole and hugs her and thanks both her and Brady for paying for her surgery. Clara apparently sings too, and they talk about listening to her tape and wanting her to pursue a career in music when she grows up. The little girl leaves and the doctor says that he has another interesting case - also involving an extremely beautiful singer.

Meanwhile, while Nancy and Chloe continue to argue over Chloe’s unwillingness to contact Brady, Clara comes in, with news of the donation.

In the doctor’s office, Brady compares Clara and Chloe and the doctor comments that the person Brady is talking about reminds him of another patient (any bets that it’s yet another girl named Clarice?)

At Jennifer’s house:

Patrick, Hope, Billie and Bo arrive and Jennifer welcomes them back. They tell her that they didn’t find Georgia and that the whole thing was a Dimera trick. Jennifer asks if Tony is alive, but Hope tells her that this was a plan that he had set in motion long ago. Bo wants to contact Shawn.

Bo can’t get a hold of Shawn. Hope and Billie continue to squabble as Billie remains optimistic about finding Georgia, but Hope is more cautious. Bo fills Jennifer in on Tony’s scheme, that he left clues for them to think that a particular girl in Europe was their daughter, but that it was a hoax. Hope believes that Tony wants Bo and Billie to spend the rest of their lives chasing after Georgia’s ghost. Billie again becomes upset with Hope. Meanwhile, Bo is unpleasant to Patrick when Patrick tries to comfort a frustrated Billie.

Jennifer defends Patrick, saying that he is not working for the Dimeras. Jennifer tries to convince Billie to not be so emotional and to proceed with a plan.

Jennifer asks Billie is she is going to stay in Salem and Billie says that she is, until she gets another clue about Georgia’s whereabouts. Patrick offers to help her. Patrick walks over to Billie and puts his hands on her shoulders, as Jennifer looks on. Bo begins again with his accusations that Patrick is in on the Dimera plot.

Bo and Hope argue about whether Bo is willing to let Hope help him in the search for Georgia.

Billie and Patrick join in the squabbling, waking up Jack Patrick (again, no Jr., because a child is not a Junior unless the middle name also matches). Patrick apologizes for waking up Jack Patrick. Jennifer comments on the fact that Abby is spending the night at Chelsea’s. Jennifer goes to check on Jack Patrick, as Zack comes downstairs. Hope greats him with a big hug and wants to get him dressed and take him home.

Billie and Patrick decide to go get something to eat, but Bo doesn’t like that idea. Bo and Hope take Zack home. Alone, Jennifer talks to herself about how she and Jack used to fight and about how much she misses him.

At Belle and Philip’s loft:

Shawn has Belle in his arms and kisses her. Belle, though, wants to stop. Shawn reluctantly sets Bell down, but he wants to resume their relationship. Belle reminds him that she’s married. Shawn doesn’t care. Shawn tells Belle that he loves her. Shawn apologizes for the way he behaved before. Belle says that she regrets marrying Philip. Shawn tries to push Belle into dumping Philip right away.

Shawn sees that Belle is worried about Philip going into combat. Belle doesn’t want to break his heart while he is over there, but Shawn doesn’t want Belle to go on living a lie. Shawn continues to pressure Belle into sending Philip a Dear John e-mail. Shawn then suggests that Philip might be able to get time off, so that Belle can meet him face-to-face to break up with him. Belle finally asks Shawn whether he really wants her to sacrifice Philip’s happiness for his.

Belle reconfirms that she loves Shawn. So, Shawn pressures Belle into writing that Dear John email, so that Philip can read it the moment he lands. Shawn sits Belle down at her computer and she begins typing.

At the hotel by the airport:

Eugenia hovers outside of Brandon’s room, waiting for Lucas to arrive to catch Sami with Brandon. Eugenia is stopped by a hotel employee, who is responding to complaints about a woman loitering in the hall. Eugenia tells the hotel employee that she was there because she was to be meeting Brandon for a drink. She knocks on the door, pretending to try to get Brandon’s attention. She tells the hotel employee that she believes Brandon is in the shower and that she wants to wait for him. The hotel employee asks her to wait in the lobby, and he escorts her there.

At Lucas’s apartment:

Kate has arrived and is upset. Lucas and she talk about Kate’s support, and lack thereof, for his marriage to Sami. Kate claims to Lucas that she finally has come to terms with Lucas marrying Sami. Lucas brings up the private investigator that Kate told him that she hired. Kate tells him that she called the detective to tell him to stop following Sami, but that the detective planned to continue to follow her through that night. Kate becomes emotional and starts to cry crocodile tears, forcing Lucas to drag out of her that she has learned that Sami isn’t home. Kate says that she has more bad news for Lucas, as the show ends.

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