Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/7/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/7/05



By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Today begins with Nicole coming into the room where Brady is, announcing, "are you ready for scary movie night; Iíve got the popcorn and beer." Except Brady is distracted and Nicole asks him whatís up. He is upset because he just received a telephone call from Father Tim. It seems that there is someone who needs the donation they made at Christmas - a young girl named Clara. She was involved in an awful accident, and needs reconstructive surgery on her face, but her parents could not afford to pay for it. "Father Tim added that Clara is a singer - just like Chloe." Brady goes in another room to handle another phone call, as Nicole damns Chloe, saying, "I cannot win with you alive and I cannot win with you dead." Suddenly an idea pops into her head and when Brady comes back in she tells him that she wants to donate the rest of the money for young Claraís surgery - in Chloeís memory. Brady is overcome by Nicoleís generosity and they leave for the clinic immediately.

Of course Chloe is at the clinic, and she is just waking up from her surgery. Nancy is by her side, reassuring her daughter that everything went great and she will be all better very soon. She goes outside to call Craig and runs into Chloeís doctor. He immediately bursts Nancyís bubble by telling her that there is a possibility that the surgery was not a success. But, back in her room, Chloe stares at Bradyís picture and tells him, "it wonít be long now!" We share beautiful memories of the two of them, and as Nancy walks back in praying for a miracle, Chloe tells her that she feels ok, but will feel better once she sees Brady.

At the loft, Mimi tosses and turns and canít sleep. She keeps seeing visions of a little boy, with the voice of Jan. She looks down at her stomach and it is larger than usual and when she pulls the covers back, she discovers that she is pregnant. Rex awakens and is so happy about the baby saying, "see, I told you that it would all be perfect whenever the time was right." Rex gets up and leaves Mimi with the baby who begins to taunt her. Soon she wakes up screaming, wanting to know where her baby is. Rex calms her and tells her that she was having a nightmare, as he discovers she is burning up with a fever. Later, the little boy is again taunting Mimi and as he leaves the room she attempts to follow him. But - he waves bye-bye and Mimi faints dead away!

Shawn and Belle are still at the base, as is Jan, who hides out and listens to every word. Shawn is trying to convince Belle to send Philip an e-mail telling him that she does not love him and that she loves Shawn. He also wants her to ask for an annulment, but Belle just cannot bring herself to do this. She tries to explain to Shawn that, on some totally different level, she did fall in love with Philip - after all he was always there for her. "I cannot hurt him this way," she adds. As Jan listens, she congratulates Belle on being a "good little wife and honoring her wedding vows." Shawn tells Belle, "you cannot live a lie - we cannot live a lie." Belle finally tells Shawn that she is confused and cannot talk to him anymore. As she leaves, Jan comes over and announces to Shawn, "I am tired of the way you have been treating me," but Shawn really isnít concerned at all and tells her to go away saying, "Jan, you are delusional." He begins to question their summer together again and once more wants to know why he cannot remember anything that happened. He adds that he will one day remember "everything" and storms out. Jan is fuming, "you will be sorry, nobody messes with Jan Spears!"

Belle goes back to the loft and sees Philipís things around the room and has flashbacks of them kissing. She also has flashbacks of kissing Shawn as she picks up the stuffed snowman Shawn gave her and hugs it. Suddenly, she asks how could she have married Philip when she still loves Shawn. There is a knock at the door, and Shawn comes in and apologizes for pressuring her. Belle says, "no, itís all my fault; I still love you, and I have never stopped." They start to kiss. Of course, Jan walks up in time to witness the whole scene!

Over at Lucasís apartment, he and Will are shining their shoes for the big event. They discuss the upcoming wedding and how Will has the "very important job" of best man! They are both very excited, however, Will has one worry - Grandma Kate. But Lucas reassures his son that all will be fine and that his grandmother is totally behind the marriage. We see flashbacks of when Kate "told" Lucas that sheíd hired a PI to follow Sami - but could not dig up any dirt on her. "Grandma Kate finally realized that me and your mother are very much in love and that we belong together." He adds, "we will be a family soon."

Meanwhile, the evil Kate calls Eugenia, who is posted outside of Brandonís room. Eugenia assures Kate that everything is going according to plan as we see more flashbacks of Sami and Brandon being drugged. Kate tells her wicked accomplice that they have a lot of work to do - they must now get Lucas over there to witness this for himself. Kate calls Lucas and again apologizes for the private detective thing as she innocently asks where Sami is. Lucas looks out the window and notices that Samiís apartment is dark. He tells his mother that he is going over to check on Sami, but Kate says, "no, that would be bad luck." She finally gets off the phone after having planted the seed she intended to plant.

Sami and Brandon are snuggled in bed, as Eugenia keeps poking her head in to check on them. Sami is asleep and dreams she is in bed with Lucas. She is confused, but figures it doesnít matter and starts kissing Lucas. She wakes up and looks at him and sees that it is Brandon instead. Sami is confused, wondering what happened, but her mind is muddled. Brandon, who is still asleep, pulls her close. Sami canít figure out what is going on and figures it is all a dream and thinks when she wakes up, she will find herself in bed with Lucas, as she drifts off to sleep again. Kate rushes over to Lucasís apartment and comes inside saying she is sorry, so sorry.....

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