Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/4/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/4/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

In Rex’s apartment:

Mimi is in the living room, unable to sleep. Rex comes out and wants to know why Mimi hasn’t come to bed. Rex sees that something is bothering Mimi. He asks about it, but Mimi just tells him that she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. Mimi sees the doll that Jan gave Rex and imagines Jan’s head on it. Doll Jan taunts Mimi about Rex learning about the abortion.

Rex feels guilty for being mad at Mimi for interfering with Belle and Shawn. Mimi tries to tell Rex about the abortion, as she starts to tell him that she lied to him, but Rex jumps to the conclusion that Mimi is talking about lying about her involvement with Belle and Shawn. Rex talks about the importance of family, making Mimi feel all the worse about the abortion. He picks up the doll and cradles it in his arm, and starts talking of them having a family, which causes Mimi to shout that she doesn’t deserve to be the mother of his children.

Rex tries to reassure Mimi that she’ll be a great mom. He talks of Cassie and him not having a mother, but becoming closer to Kate. Rex notices that Mimi looks pale and sick, and Mimi tells him that her head hurts. Rex believes that it’s a tension headache. Rex asks Mimi whether she wants to tell him what she told him while he was asleep in the tub.

Mimi flashes back to her confession to Rex, but once back to reality, she can’t confess a second time. Instead, she tells him that she said that she was sorry for interfering with Belle and Shawn and that she wouldn’t know what to do if she lost him. She continues to imagine the Jan doll taunting her.

Mimi finally says that she has to get rid of the doll because it’s making her nervous. The doll continues to taunt Mimi. Mimi imagines the doll telling her that her only hope is to keep quiet about the abortion and to keep Belle away from Shawn.

At the military airport:

Shawn is on Belle’s cell phone, trying to tell Philip that Belle is in love with him and not Philip. However, the connection is bad and breaks up. Hidden from Shawn’s sight, Jan looks on. She thinks to herself that Belle will not break up with Philip since he’s going to war and that she’ll remain faithful to him.

Belle believes that Philip’s leaving before they could tell him was a sign that they are supposed to wait until Philip’s return. Shawn doesn’t want to wait, though.

Belle and Jan run into each other. Jan tries to persuade Belle into being faithful to Philip. Then, Jan lays into Belle for being selfish and not being able to wait until Philip comes home to break up with him.

Shawn remains determined to try to talk to Philip while he’s flying out, as he talks with military personnel. However, he is unsuccessful and he returns to Belle to tell her that he can’t get in contact with Philip’s plane. Shawn wants Belle to send Philip a Dear John e-mail. Belle thinks that a Dear John e-mail would be harsh, but Shawn doesn’t want to wait. Belle flashes back to Philip telling her that one should break up with someone in person.

In the Penthouse:

John is in bed, in obvious pain from the drug withdrawal. He calls out for Marlena and flashes back to when they were on the raft, after escaping Melaswen. John continues to call out for Marlena and sits up, and the nurse comes and tries to get John to lay back down. Writhing in pain, John knocks over a lamp and picture on the nightstand. The picture, one of Belle and Philip, falls and the glass in the frame shatters.

Kate returns to the penthouse and asks the nurse about John. The nurses admits that John has had a rough time. Kate asks the nurse to stay through the night. The nurse agrees, and offers to stay through the next day as well. When the nurse retires, Kate calls Lucas. She tells him that she hired a private detective to follow Sami, but that the detective found nothing on her. She apologizes for doing it, and says that she now supports the wedding.

Kate checks on John. She assures him that no one will find out that he’s going through drug withdrawal. She notices the broken picture frame. John mistakes Kate for Marlena and begs for her not to leave him, and once Kate realizes John’s mistake, she corrects him. John opens his eyes to see that it is Kate and he pleads with her for more drugs – a request that Kate refuses. Kate pleads with John to block out the pain and to concentrate and continue fighting through the withdrawal for the sake of his children.

Later, alone again, John flashes back or dreams of a moment with Marlena when they declared their love to each other. Meanwhile, downstairs, Kate and Eugenia confer about the next phase of their plan.

At the hotel by the airport:

Kate and Eugenia are outside Brandon’s room. Kate confirms her final instructions with Eugenia – Eugenia is to hack into the horoscope website and plant another false prediction. They laugh and celebrate.

Meanwhile, inside the hotel room, Sami talks to a sleeping Brandon. Not aware that he’s asleep, she urges him to leave so that her wedding will not be destroyed.

Sami begins to feel the affect of the drugs and becomes sleepy. She tells Brandon all the secrets that she knows – that Mimi had an abortion without telling Rex, that Jan drugged Shawn, that Belle didn’t love Philip, that Kate was a prostitute and that John is a drug addict.

Meanwhile, Eugenia listens in, though apparently not hearing exactly what’s being said, as she waits for the drug to knock out Sami.

Sami finally notices that Brandon has been asleep the whole time. She tries to wake Brandon up, but falls asleep next to him instead.

Once Sami has passed out completely, Eugenia goes into the room and makes it look as though they were drinking champagne. She rubs the rim of a champagne flute against Sami’s mouth to get Sami’s lipstick on it. Eugenia then climbs on top of Brandon and starts to undress him. Later, having undressed them both and putting them under the sheets, Eugenia leaves.

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