Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/3/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/3/05



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Another solider reminds Phillip to stay in the restricted area until they can find out more information on the blackout. Shawn sees Phillip and calls his name. Phillip turns around, but thinks he saw Belle and does not see Shawn. Shawn tries to get to the restricted area, but the other Marines stop him.

Lexie thanks Brandon for coming out to be with his family, but still urges him to go back to London. Brandon protests and thinks that the only reason Lexie wants him to go is because Celeste told her about her predictions. Celeste reminds him that he saw the omen as well when the contacted the spirits. Lexie reminds him that Celeste’s visions always come true and thinks that should be enough to get him out of town. Brandon disagrees and states that nothing can make him leave.

Kate and Eugenia are outside Sami’s door waiting to hear confirmation that she read the horoscopes. Sami calls Brandon’s office, where his secretary informs her that he’s back in Salem with his family. Sami screams as Kate and Eugenia laugh. Kate is ready for the next phase of the plan, but before they can discuss they hear movement in Sami’s apartment so she sends Eugenia off to hide. Kate remains in the hallway as Sami comes rushing out of her apartment. Sami is surprised to see Kate and asks her what she’s doing there.

Lexie acknowledges that sometimes Celeste’s predictions can be over the top, but he shouldn’t take a chance and get tangled up with Sami again. Brandon reminds them both that Sami is getting married tomorrow and after that she will be Lucas’ problem. He doesn’t want to go back to London because of her. Lexie tells him that if he insists on staying, then to please go to a hotel and stay there until after Sami and Lucas are married and on their way to their honeymoon.

Sami and Kate argue about the wedding with Sami accusing Kate of trying to ruin it and after she marries Lucas, he will finally see what his mother has been up to. Kate feigns innocent and says she just stopped by to see if she could help the bride in anyway. They trade insults as Sami rushes to the elevator. Kate comments that it looks like Sami is on her way to meet an old lover the way she’s rushing about. Sami shoots back that she is not going to see Brandon, to which Kate retorts that she never mentioned Brandon. Sami jumps in the elevator shouting at Kate that there is no way she’s going to ruin her wedding. When the elevator doors close Kate comments that Sami is wrong about that.

Belle is wandering around the airport calling Shawn’s name when a Marine approaches her asking her is she needs help. She lies and tells him the Marine she’s looking for is named Shawn and he’s in recon. The Marine tells her that she’s lucky that recon isn’t shipping out today, because the Marines that are may be kissing their wives and girlfriends good-bye for the last time. Belle flashes back to the fight she had with Jan right before she went to look for Phillip. She asks the Marine if the mission that these Marines are leaving for today will be dangerous, which he confirms. She then envisions Phillip getting shot while in battle.

Phillip’s friend looks at a picture of Belle and tells Phillip that she’s beautiful and he is lucky. Phillip tells him he knows and that the best part is that she loves him like he wouldn’t believe.

Jan kisses a Marine and asks him to do her a favor. She points out Shawn to him and tells him that that guy is here to steal the wife of Phillip Kiriakis, a fellow Marine. She asks the Marine to stop him from doing that out of brotherhood and SemperFi.

Eugenia comes out from hiding and they are pleased that Sami is so upset and both know she’s off to see Brandon. Eugenia is worried that Sami will see Brandon too soon, but Kate calms her by saying that there is no way Lexie will allow Sami anywhere near Brandon.

Lexie comes downstairs and tells Celeste that Abe is asleep with Theo in the bedroom. She comments that she wishes that his treatments weren’t so exhausting. Celeste consults her cards and says that healing is not in the future for Abe. Suddenly there is loud knocking on the front door and Lexie instinctively knows who it is. She opens the door to find Sami who desperately asks to see Brandon. Lexie refuses.

Eugenia tracks Brandon’s whereabouts by his credit card online. She pinpoints what hotel he’s at for Kate, who comments it’s like their controlling him via remote control. Eugenia asks Kate if she wants her to do her part now, and Kate tells her yes – it’s time for Eugenia to do her part, and for Kate to do hers.

Sami storms in and demands to know where they are hiding Brandon. Both Lexie and Celeste tell her that he’s not there, but Sami isn’t buying it. She threatens to search every room in the house till she finds him. Lexie stops her by saying that Abe is upstairs asleep with their son and she will NOT let Sami disturb them. Celeste asks Sami how she knew Brandon was back in town and Sami informs them through her horoscope and the phone call she placed to Brandon’s office. She demands that Lexie tell her where Brandon is, and when Lexie tells her she doesn’t know, Sami calls her a liar.

Phillip’s friend asks him why he keeps looking around the airport and Phillip tells him that he’s got a feeling Belle is there since they really didn’t get a chance to say good-bye. His friend comments that it must be nice to be loved liked that and Phillip agrees. His friend asks how they met and Phillip explains that he and Belle have known each other their whole lives, but admits that she loved another man for part of it. The friend correctly guesses that it was Phillip’s best friend, and then asks if that friend is still into Belle. Phillip says that all that matters is that Belle isn’t into him anymore. When his friend tries to question that, Phillip interrupts saying that once Belle makes a commitment, she sticks with it and that she may have loved Shawn longer, but she loves him now and their love is going to last.

Belle is still looking for Shawn and tells herself that she and Shawn cannot be together unless Phillip leaves knowing the truth. That she cannot cheat on him with Shawn while he’s out there risking his life in war.

A small group of Marines converge on Shawn telling him that they don’t appreciate “townies” stealing their brother’s wives. They pull him into another room and start beating him up. Jan closes the door so no one will hear it and to herself apologizes to Shawn and states that she’s doing this for them and you always hurt the ones you love.

Lexie tells Sami that even if she did know where Brandon was, the last person she’d tell is Sami. They argue about Sami’s involvement with Brandon and Lexie comments that she can’t understand how Sami could be all set to marry one man tomorrow and running all over town the night before looking for another. Sami explains that fate has it in for her and she has to try to stop it, to which Celeste tells her that whatever fate has in store for her, she won’t be able to undo it. Lexie gets Sami out of the house and Sami promises her that she WILL find Brandon – the stars will help her. After closing the door, Lexie turns to Celeste who picks up a tarot card, reads it and states that the stars might have some helpers.

Kate is sitting in the back of the hotel bar watching Brandon who is sitting at the bar talking to the bartender. Kate calls Eugenia to see if she’s ready for the next phase. Eugenia, who is with the psychic Miss Wendy, lets her know that she’s all set. Suddenly Brandon is paged that he has a phone call by the hotel loudspeaker. He comments to the bartender that it’s strange that he’s getting a call since no one knows he’s there. The bartender points him in the direction of the house phones and Brandon gets up to take the call. Kate goes to the bar, orders a drink to distract the bartender and drugs Brandon’s beer. She takes her drink back to her table and waits. Its Eugenia disguising her voice on the phone for Brandon, she’s asking him if he’s BRADLEY Walker and Brandon politely tells her that she has the wrong man and hangs up. He goes back to the bar and starts to drink his beer.

Sami calls Miss Wendy and Miss Wendy (who’s being paid large sums of money by Eugenia) tells her that the reason she’s calling is because she’s worried about the wedding now that her ex-husband is in town. Sami is amazed and wants to know if Miss Wendy can help her. Miss Wendy informs her that Brandon is staying at the hotel right by the airport. Sami thanks her profusely and hangs up.

Lexie tells Celeste that the only reason Sami is looking for Brandon is to ensnare him back into her life. Celeste believes that she really is worried that Brandon could ruin her marriage to Lucas and wants him out of town. Lexie doesn’t buy it, but states she’s not worried anyway since Brandon promised her that he would go to a remote hotel and stay there till after the wedding.

Brandon decides to call it a night and signs his bar bill and leaves for his room. Once he’s gone, Kate runs up to the bar, grabs the bar bill and leaves some cash behind. Eugenia (who sneaked in without Brandon seeing her) wonders why she did that, but Kate tells her to be patient. Sami comes in to the bar and tries to get the bartender to tell her if Brandon was there, but the bartender refuses. She orders a drink and sits down; suddenly Sami is being paged for a phone call. Sami is surprised since know one knows she’s there. The bartender tells her that’s the second time that’s happened tonight and points out where the phones are. After she goes to get the call, Kate rushes back to the bar to drug Sami’s drink and leave the bar bill Brandon signed behind. Eugenia again uses a fake voice and calls Sami “Samantha Bradley”, to which Sami calls her an idiot and hangs up. She goes back to the bar and starts to drink before noticing the bar bill that is now there. She picks it up and sees Brandon’s room number on it. Excited, she takes a couple more drinks and rushes out. Eugenia comments that Sami is toast now that Kate is working against her. Kate smiles and says she’s just getting started, and then they both get up to follow Sami.

The Marines tell Shawn that they don’t take kindly to men who try to steal other Marine’s wives – especially after what happened to their lieutenant. The warn Shawn that if he goes after Belle while their away, they will hunt him down when they get back. They decide to give Shawn a little taste of what he can expect and start beating on him. Phillip pleads with a more senior Marine that he thinks his wife is there and that they never got to say a proper good-bye. The senior Marine takes pity on him tosses him a cell phone and tells him to make it quick. Phillip calls Belle and asks if she’s there at the base. Belle confirms it and says she needs to tell him something before he goes. Phillip interrupts and says he already knows that she loves him and that’s why he didn’t want her to come there – he didn’t want her to be upset. Belle tells him that she is upset and there is something she HAS to tell him before he leaves.

Brandon starts to undress for bed then calls Lexie to confirm that he’s in a hotel like she wanted. Lexie is relieved and tells him she was right to do that since Sami has already come by looking for him. Brandon asks her what Sami wanted and Lexie asks him why he cares and that it’s obvious she wants him. He tries to tell Lexie what hotel he’s at in case something happens with Abe, but she won’t let him – that way she won’t be able to tell anyone, even accidentally.

Kate and Eugenia are in the hallway outside Brandon’s room and Kate is disguised as a maid. They talk about the real reason Kate is doing this, is that Sami ruined Austin’s life and she won’t let her do the same to Lucas. The elevator dings and Eugenia goes to hide as Sami comes out. Kate “accidentally” hits her with the maid’s cart and Sami angrily tells her to watch out. She then realizes she needs the maid, and nicely asks her to let her back into “her room” because she locked her keys insides. Kate, in a high pitched voice, tells her no way.

Lexie tells Brandon she means it; she does not want to know where he is because Sami may resort to drugging her to find out. Brandon doesn’t think Sami could stoop to that level, but agrees not to tell her. Lexie makes him promise to stay there until Sami is married to “poor Lucas”, to keep his cell phone handy and to not let anyone into his room. Brandon sleepily agrees.

Sami explains to the “maid” that she left her keys in the room and gives her a bogus story about going to the drugstore and not wanting to wake her sleeping husband. Kate plays it up, making Sami go through many hoops before saying that the only way she’ll let her in is by giving her cold hard cash, every last dime Sami has on her. Sami agrees.

Celeste is consulting her cards and gasps which prompts a worried Lexie to ask what’s wrong. Celeste tells her that Sami and Brandon are on a collision course. Lexie asks her if there is anyway to stop it, but Celeste tells her you cannot stop fate.

Kate is able to shake a VERY sleepy Sami down for every last cent she has on her before opening the door to Brandon’s room to let her in. Eugenia comes out of hiding and Kate gives her the keys, telling her she knows what to do when the time is right. Eugenia happily takes them saying that no one deserves this more than Sami.

Yawning, Sami tries to wake Brandon up saying she really needs to talk to him.

The Marines come out of the room where they were beating up Shawn and thank Jan for tipping them off. They tell her that Shawn won’t be trying to steal anyone’s wife from now on. Jan gives them each a kiss as a thank you and tells them to be safe. Alone, she tells herself that she’s got to get out of there before Shawn sees her. She says that Shawn will need her now more than ever.

Phillip tells Belle that he knows that she loves him and that her love is the ONLY thing that will get him through this mission and that he loves her. Crying, Belle tells Phillip that she loves him too….but then the phone is grabbed out of her hand by Shawn, who tells Phillip that that isn’t true – Belle is in love with him.

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