Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/2/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/2/05



Written By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi is wandering around her bedroom and flashing back to telling Rex about the abortion. She tells herself that’s it’s really over just as Rex comes out, drying himself off. She tells him that she’ll do anything to prove how sorry she is, but Rex tells her that it’s too late and there is no going back.

Jan gets off the elevator in the lobby and flashes back to Shawn telling her it’s over. Belle comes into the lobby where they exchange looks and Belle goes inside her loft. Jan follows asking if Phillip and Shawn are in there. Belle explains what happened and how she’s on her way to follow Shawn so they can tell Phillip together. Jan grabs her arms and tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Phillip arrives at the airport and checks his gear in. He runs into one of his Marine buddies and they discuss his wedding and their lieutenant getting into the car accident. His friend comments on how he can’t believe that the lieutenant’s wife could up and leave him for an old boyfriend because they seemed so happy together. Phillip tells him that he’s confident that Belle is in love with him and that will be the only thing that gets him through his tour of duty. Shawn arrives at the airport and tells himself that he has to find Phillip and tell him about Belle being in love with him before Phillip leaves.

Patrick tells Billie that he’s confident she’ll find Georgia and be a great mom. He then gives her a hug. Bo spies the picture of Patrick and Hope kissing and calls her on it. She tries to explain it was to avoid the surveillance camera, but he doesn’t buy it and thinks Patrick is putting the moves on Hope. He then sees Patrick hugging Billie and comments that now he’s moving in on Billie and how he won’t stand for it. He goes to confront Patrick and Hope follows.

Sami is on the phone with Eric discussing the upcoming wedding. She tells him how happy she is that she’s finally marrying the man that she loves and meant to be with. Eric informs her that due to a photo shoot in Malta he won’t be able to come, which Sami understands. Lucas comes in and cheers Sami up about Eric not being able to come. Sami asks him if he’s talked to the landlord yet about getting rid of his apartment. Lucas explains that he will do that after the wedding. Sami gets upset and tells him that the reason he hasn’t done it yet is because he knows the wedding will never happen.

Kate lets in an outpatient nurse that Lexie has recommended her and advises her to take the best care of John, but to be discreet about it. The nurse promises and heads up to John’s room. Kate tells herself that she wishes she could be there for John, but she’s got a lot to do before Sami & Lucas’ “non wedding”. Eugenia brings in some tea and they begin to discuss plans now that they were able to get Brandon to come back to town. Kate tells her that they will have to do something definitive and pulls a handgun out of her purse.

Belle pulls away from Jan insisting that she has to get to Phillip. She and Jan argue and Jan calls her a whore and that she likes to jump back and forth between Shawn and Phillip. She reminds Belle that the vows she took were till “Death do them Part” but then comments that that is probably what Belle is hoping for, that way she won’t have to divorce Phillip. Belle gets away from Jan telling her that she’ll never listen to her lies and runs out the door. Before following her, Jan comments that if she can get Belle to stay married to Phillip, then she and Shawn will still have a chance.

Shawn asks one of the soldiers if Phillip has checked in yet, she looks at her list and tells him that she doesn’t have him down, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t check in with someone else. She offers to have him paged and Shawn tells her that would be great. Phillip’s friend states that their Lieutenant thought his wife loved him too and look what happened. He then states that he’s never getting married. Phillip tells him not to think like that and that the key is communication. He explains that he and Belle have a strong foundation because of their history as friends.

Lucas assures Sami that the only reason he hasn’t given up his apartment yet was because of her superstitions. He explains that he didn’t want to upset the “wedding gods” by moving in until after they are married. He tells Sami that tomorrow she will become his wife, even if she doesn’t want too anymore and that nothing will stop it. Sami is relieved and asks him if that will be true even if his mother tries to stop it.

Eugenia looks at the gun and tells Kate that as much as she wants to ruin the wedding she will not kill anyone over it. Kate tells her that’s not what she meant and that the gun used to belong to Roman and that Bo gave her a license to carry it. She puts the gun down and pulls out what she was really looking for – a website for horoscopes that Sami consults daily. She tells Eugenia that Sami believes in this more that her psychic. Kate tells her that she will write a special horoscope for Sami to read on her wedding day and wants Eugenia to hack into the computer to post it. Eugenia tells her no way.

Rex tells Mimi that he’s still mad and they cannot just forget about it. Mimi starts to cry softly and tells him that she’ll pack and move out. Confused, Rex asks her why she’s leaving and she tells him that she won’t stay where she’s not wanted. Rex tells her that he still wants her to live there and she is relieved. She asks him if that’s true even after what she just told him in the bathroom. Rex is a little embarrassed that he didn’t hear what she had to say as he fell asleep while in the tub listening to his IPod. He tells Mimi that he’s still mad about her butting into Shawn & Belle’s life, but he wouldn’t break up with her over it. Mimi tells him that she did something that she regrets and needs to talk to him about. Rex suggests they sit down.

Hope tells Bo that Patrick was not trying to seduce her; he was trying to protect them both from the camera. She then comments that Patrick and Billie are both single and look good together, so why should it bother him? Bo explains that Billie is a friend and is highly vulnerable right now. Since he’s not convinced that Patrick is no longer working for the DiMeras, he doesn’t trust him. Hope shoots back that he’s very quick to accuse Patrick of butting in, but yet cannot see that Billie is doing the same thing. She reminds him that she and the boys need him right now, then suggests they get some space from each other and walks outside. He follows her and tells her that Georgia is his family too and that even though Hope wants to pretend she doesn’t exist it won’t stop him from looking for her.

Patrick tells Billie that it’s not her fault and that she didn’t give Georgia away. Billie says that she knows that – Georgia was TAKEN from her. Patrick assures her that she WILL get Georgia back which surprises Billie. He then tells her that she will have to do one thing first – give up Bo.

The soldier is called away, but Shawn is able to get her have Phillip paged first. Belle arrives and tells herself that she has to find Phillip before Shawn does so she can be the one to explain to Phillip – otherwise Phillip will kill Shawn. Jan arrives and looks around telling herself that if she can’t keep Shawn & Belle from talking to Phillip, her happy ever after with Shawn will be ruined. They all hear Phillip being page and look around. Phillip hears it too and thinks its Belle.

Kate asks Eugenia why she won’t help her out. Eugenia explains that she doesn’t hack into protected web sites and alter its content because the last time she did that she was fired and hasn’t been able to get a decent job again. Kate reminds her that the reason she was fired was Sami Brady and this will be the perfect revenge. She promises that Eugenia won’t get caught because they are only altering one horoscope. Eugenia comments that Sami could find out, but Kate isn’t worried. Eugenia goes to the computer to start hacking and Kate calls Lucas just to check on the bride and groom the day before the wedding. They chat for a bit until Eugenia whispers that Sami is now online. Kate gets off the phone and goes to sit next to Eugenia. Lucas sees that Sami is on the computer and teases her about horoscopes. Sami giggles and tells him it’s private. He goes to get her a soda as she reads her horoscope. She gasps and says Brandon’s name when she reads it: A Man From Your Past Will Destroy Your Happiness. Lucas comes over to see what’s wrong. Kate and Eugenia laugh over the thought of Sami reading it and Kate comments that if she thinks this one is bad, just wait till she reads her wedding day horoscope.

Mimi tells Rex that Jan wanted to destroy what she and Rex have together. Rex thinks it’s because it’s for trying to get Shawn and Belle together and tells Mimi that Jan doesn’t have the power to do that. Mimi says she does and it’s not over the Shawn and Belle thing, it’s for something else that happened months ago. She tells Rex that she’s a horrible person and has been trying to tell him for months, but could never find the courage. Rex doesn’t think she’s horrible, but wants to know what’s going on. He asks if has something to do with the doll Jan gave them and Mimi confirms it does.

Hope tells Bo that of course she wants him to find Georgia, she’s her step-daughter and she will do what it takes to bring her home safely. Bo shoots back that she still doesn’t want to actually LOOK for her and doesn’t want him too either. Hope disagrees and suggests they do what the originally suggested to Billie in the first place – hire a private investigator to do the leg work. She reminds Bo that right now they are just running around like lab rats in a DiMera maze. Bo argues with her, saying that he knows that being personally involved right now isn’t the best thing, but it’s the only way to handle it.

Billie tells Patrick that there is no way she is cutting Bo out of the search for their daughter. Patrick reminds her that if Bo stays then Hope will too. Billie says that isn’t her call and that Bo is a great detective, which is what is needed. Patrick tells her that he’s better equipped to help her as he used to work for the DiMera’s and knows their M.O. He then asks her how would she feel if both Bo & Hope were killed in this search and Zack and Shawn loose their parents forever. Billie suggests that if that’s such a concern then Hope can go home, because she won’t tell Bo to go. She then wonders why Patrick keeps defending Hope, but then sees the picture of them kissing and taunts Patrick that he “has a thing for Mrs. Brady” and goes upstairs.

Hope reminds Bo that if the DiMera’s have Georgia, she will not be easy to find and it could take years to do so. She asks Bo if he’s really willing to give up everything, his life, her, their marriage and the boys to go looking for a daughter that may not even be alive. He tells her that he’s not giving up on his family and she says “You could’ve fooled me” He goes back inside and Hope tells herself that she realizes that Tony did not want to just ruin her marriage, he wanted to ruin their lives. Patrick overhears this and tells her that she’s right.

Shawn thanks the soldiers for having Phillip paged. Phillips gets excited and tells his friend that it’s probably Belle. Jan gets worried and looks for a distraction so Shawn and Belle don’t get to Phillip. She finds the main light switch and shuts it down and the airport goes off. Shawn looks around; as does Belle in a panic…she calls out Shawn’s name. Phillip’s friend doesn’t allow him to leave the room now that the power is out.

Lucas tries to see what the horoscope said, but Sami closes the laptop telling him that it was dumb anyway. He still tries to look at it, but she tells him its bad luck to read his fiancée’s horoscope the day before their wedding. He just laughs and tells her he’s got to go pick out some wedding socks and she can’t see them otherwise it’ll be bad luck. She laughs and opens up the laptop after he’s gone. She wonders if Brandon is back, then decides to look up tomorrow’s horoscope to see what it will say.

Eugenia finishes typing up the wedding day horoscope and asks Kate is she realizes how much money people get paid to do what Eugenia just did. Kate tells her that the reward will be seeing the look on Sami’s face once she reads that horoscope. Eugenia comments that it’s too bad they won’t be able to see it, but Kate tells her to come with her. They both pick up their coats and leave.

Sami finds tomorrows wedding horoscope which reads: Today is your Wedding Day; Unfortunately you’ll Never Walk Down the Aisle. She screams NO! And suddenly Lucas closes the laptop telling her that she will stop reading those things and start trust in their love. He asks her if she thinks she can do that.

Mimi is about to tell Rex when the phone rings. He tells her to hold that thought and goes to answer it. Alone, she tells herself that she must tell him before Jan does. He walks back into the room carrying the doll and tells her that he doesn’t have to go into work tonight because business is slow. Mimi is glad and he asks her what could she have done that was so terrible and asks why the doll freaks her out so much.

Patrick tells Hope that DiMera’s plans for Salem included breaking up more couples than just her and Bo. Hope agrees and talks about Mickey and Maggie’s marriage being destroyed and how a love like theirs should keep them together. She then mentions the other marriages he’s destroyed. Patrick reminds her that Tony hasn’t been able to destroy her and Bo. Hope says not yet, but it’s harder now that Billie is back and sinking her hooks into Bo, making him travel the world searching for someone who may or may not exist. Patrick defends Billie saying she’s not after Bo and he can prove it.

Bo goes up to the room where Billie is. She tells him that she was so sure that that Georgia was THEIR Georgia and is now worried that they will never find her. Bo assures her that they will, but Billie is concerned that they have nothing to go on and will have to start all over again.

Mimi starts to explain to Rex what happened but he interrupts telling her that whatever she did couldn’t be as bad as she thinks. She starts to talk about Jan, but he interrupts again saying Jan is jealous of what they have together and the only reason she gave them the doll was because she knew he wasn’t ready to have kids and was trying to get him to think that Mimi was. He tells Mimi that he loves her and wants to have kids with her someday, but right now they have to focus on themselves. And whatever happened in the past can stay there, they have each other and nothing will separate them. He takes her in his arms.

Another solider comes in and tells Phillip that due to the blackout, all Marines are to stay in the restricted area. Jan hopes that the blackout has bought her some time to keep Belle & Shawn away from Phillip. Belle spots Shawn and rushes off to get him. Shawn sees Phillip in the restricted area and calls his name; Phillip turns around and sees him.

Hope asks Patrick how he can prove that Billie isn’t using the search for Georgia as a ruse to get closer to Bo. Patrick says he can’t, but Billie can and take Hope back inside.

Bo assures Billie that they will find Georgia and he will go to the ends of the earth to look for her. Billie tells him that he won’t, she tells him that Patrick wants her to cut him loose from the search and that she thinks it’s a good idea. She doesn’t want to cause any more problems for Bo, Hope and the boys. She urges Bo to go home and be with his family and she will keep him apprised of the search and send for him when she has something concrete. Patrick and Hope listen in from the hallway and Hope comments that it sounds like another manipulation tactic. They enter the room to see Billie in Bo’s arms.

Sami asks Lucas what he’s doing there and he tells her that he found the cufflinks she gave him. He then begs her to believe in them and not to read anymore horoscopes. He kisses her and goes back to his apartment. Kate and Eugenia are hiding in the hallway. They wait till Lucas goes back inside his place, then sneak up to Sami’s door to listen in. Kate states that she’s sure Sami has read the horoscope by now and is probably on the phone trying to confirm if Brandon is back in Salem. Sami calls Brandon’s office in London and his secretary confirms that he’s in Salem visiting his family. Sami slams down the phone and scream, which causes Kate and Eugenia to erupt into laughter.

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