Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/1/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/1/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At Philip and Belle’s Loft:

Just as Philip asks Belle what she wants to tell him, Philip’s cell phone rings. As Philip answers the phone, Belle flashes back to earlier upstairs when Shawn told her that they have to tell Philip that they love each other. Belle is thinking to herself, telling herself that she has to tell Philip now that she loves Shawn. Philip gets off the phone - he is shipping out even earlier than before and he has to leave immediately. Philip gives Belle some documents, including his death benefits form and his will. Belle is upset at being given the documents. Philip assures her that he has everything to live for – her.

Philip starts to leave, but Belle begs him to let her drive him to the airport. Philip refuses, saying that he doesn’t want her to drive while upset. Belle starts to cry, and Philip assumes it’s because she loves him. They kiss. Belle pleads with him to stay, while she goes upstairs to get a present for him. As she goes to the stairs, she flashes back to Philip telling her about his jilted friend who tried to commit suicide. She goes upstairs and gets the present, but when she comes downstairs, Philip is gone. She reads a note from Philip telling her that he didn’t want to say good-bye.

Shawn comes over. Belle tells Shawn that she tried to tell Philip, but he had to leave in such a rush that she didn’t get to - she didn’t even get to say good-bye. Shawn decides to go to the airport to tell Philip himself. Belle shouts at Shawn not to, but Shawn says that it’s their only chance. As he leaves, as Belle shouts at him to wait.

At Shawn and Rex’s Loft:

Holding the doll that Jan gave him, Rex jumps to the conclusion that Mimi is pregnant. Jan shakes her head in disbelief. Rex is excited about the idea that Mimi is pregnant. He hugs and twirls her around, and then sets her down. Upset, Mimi sets Rex straight, telling him that she isn’t pregnant. Rex then is confused and wants to know what the purpose of the doll is. Jan taunts Mimi, telling her to tell Rex what she should have a long time ago.

Shawn scolds Jan for causing trouble for Mimi and Rex. Shawn pulls her aside to talk. Alone, Rex and Mimi talk about how crazy Jan is. Rex, for a moment, wonders what Jan was trying to tell him with the doll, but then decides that it’s unimportant. He dismisses Jan’s behavior, noting that she’s obviously lost it over Shawn. Rex would prefer to talk about what happened with Shawn and Belle. Rex takes Mimi into the bedroom to talk.

Meanwhile, Shawn begins to pressure Jan for answers about the meaning of the doll. Jan starts talking to the doll. Jan mentions the baby that Shawn and she lost. Jan brings up the time when she was pregnant and Shawn took care of her. Jan tells him that she fell in love with him then. Jan said that he abandoned her then, just like he’s trying to do now. Shawn tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her, but that she needs help. Jan cradles the doll as they fight over whether it was Belle or Jan who lied to Shawn. Shawn begins to pressure Jan about what happened last summer.

When Shawn mentions that he doesn’t remember why he slept with Jan, Jan becomes upset. She takes off her jacket and tells Shawn that he was with her because she was a woman. Shawn admits to Jan that he loves Belle, which upsets Jan even more. Jan hugs the doll to her and tells Shawn that he is all that “they” have. Shawn tells Jan that it’s over between them and he leaves. Jan mutters to herself that she doesn’t want Shawn to have to die. She starts to cry and talk to the baby, telling it that if she can’t get Shawn back, that no one else will have him.

Meanwhile, in their bedroom, Rex and Mimi begin to talk. Rex thinks that Mimi is upset at not being able to start a family right away. Rex tells her that he now realizes that he can’t wait to be a father. He also notes that their relationship has changed, that he doesn’t think that he can trust her as much anymore, because Mimi went behind his back to run interference for Belle and Shawn. Rex is concerned at the secrets Mimi has been keeping.

Just as Mimi starts to tell Rex about her abortion, Rex realizes that he needs to get ready for his job at Alice’s. Rex plans to jump into the shower, but because it’s broken, Rex has to take the bath of contrivance. Mimi wants Rex to skip work, so they can talk, but Rex says that he can’t. They argue about Shawn, Belle and Philip.

While Rex is taking a bath, Mimi goes into the bathroom. She stops short from being able to see Rex, though. She tells him, heartbreakingly, about her abortion. Wringing her hands, she tells him that she’s sorry and that she regrets it. She tells Rex that if he doesn’t want to see her again, to not say anything. When Rex doesn’t reply, Mimi tells him good bye and leaves.

In Remote Europe:

Patrick is driving Billie, Hope and Bo back to the inn. Patrick is confused and asks what happened back at the house. Sitting in the back seat, beside Bo, Hope tells him that it was all a trick, that the girl in the house wasn’t Georgia. Billie says that she was convinced that they had found her. Bo leans forward assures her that they will find her, as Hope looks on disapprovingly.

As they continue driving back to the inn, Bo fills in Patrick further, telling him that the Lamarques had convincing evidence that their daughter was not Georgia. He also has some of her hair for a DNA test. Billie wants to know what they are going to do next. Hope believes that the best thing to do, especially given that the Dimeras know they are there, is to go home. However, Billie wants to remain, because her mother’s instinct tells her that Georgia is there somewhere. Hope reminds Billie that her so-called mother’s instinct has been pretty much wrong the entire time. Billie fights back by accusing Hope of discouraging them all along. Billie asks Bo to tell his wife to either be supportive or to stay out of it. Billie turns back to Hope and then tells her that this has nothing to do with her.

Hope corrects Billie and tells her that this is her step-daughter - Bo’s daughter - that they are talking about and that this does have something to do with her. Bo tells Billie that he understands that she’s upset and disappointed, but asks her not to take it out on his wife. Hope jumps in to remind Billie that Patrick and she saved her and Bo’s lives. Hope advises Billie to wise up.

When the foursome returns to the inn, Billie suggests that Bo and she walk in together, to avoid suspicion. Hope doesn’t like the idea, but Bo believes that Billie has a point. Hope points out that the Dimeras already know that they’re there and that there is no point in keeping up their ruse. Hope then accuses Billie of trying to get her hooks into Bo.

Patrick wants everyone to go in and get a drink. Billie agrees and they head in, with Hope and Bo trailing behind. Bo and Hope sit at a table. Bo thinks that Hope was being a little rough on Billie. Hop and Bo argue about Bo’s constant chasing after Billie to rescue her. Hope acknowledges that they all have the same goal – to find Georgia, but Hope also wants to get their lives back to normal. Hope criticizes Billie’s headstrong ways, Hope reminds Bo about how it felt for them to have J.T. taken away from them. Bo accuses Hope of not wanting Georgia to be a part of his life.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Billie and Patrick talk about Billie’s search for Georgia. Billie tells Patrick about how she grew up without her mother and that she is afraid that Georgia will resent her just as she resented her mother for unintentionally abandoning her as a child. Patrick tells her about his childhood, about his father leaving him when he was young, and that he turned out all right. Patrick tries to reassure Billie, telling her that she’s going to find her daughter and that she will be a great mother. He gives her a hug.

Meanwhile, Bo and Hope talk about Shawn and Zack and about how Bo is neglecting them. When Bo spots Patrick hugging Billie, Hope asks Bo why he is upset that Patrick is with Billie. Bo mentions that he doesn’t trust him and that Hope shouldn’t have brought him. When Hope counters does that mean she should have come alone, Bo tells her that she shouldn’t have come at all. Hope asks if Bo feels the same way Billie does - that he wants her to stay out of this. Bo says that he just wants her to cut Billie a little slack. They decide to not sit there and argue any longer, and they get up to leave. Hope realizes that Patrick must have the key. Bo is displeased to hear that Hope and Patrick checked into one room. Bo accuses Hope of being hypocritical about him and Billie checking into a single room. As they walk towards their room, Bo sees a picture of Hope and Patrick kissing.

At the Dimera Castle:

Tony shuffles a deck of cards and fans them out on a table. He tells Bart to pick a card - any card. Bart asks if this is a card trick or if Tony is going to read his fortune. Bart pulls out the Queen of Hearts - with Hope as the queen. Bart asks if Tony can tell him what’s going to happen to her. With a smirk, Tony brags that the future of Hope – of all of them – lies in his hands.

Tony shuffles the cards. He and Bart recount what happened with Bo and Billie at the Lamarque house. Bart asks what game they’re playing. Tony asks Bart what he wants to play and Bart chooses Texas Hold ‘em. Tony lays on the table the two black jacks - both have pictures of Jack. Bart brings up the fact that Jack is missing. Tony admits that he’s not pleased that Jack escaped. However, Tony remains confident that he holds all the cards and that he will control their destiny.

Bart asks what are the stakes of their game. Tony tells him that he’ll leave that to Bart’s discretion. Bart is piqued by this idea, and comments that Tony is a more generous man - and snappier dresser - than Stefano. Bart mentions that if this were Stefano’s deck of cards, that Marlena would be the Queen of Hearts. Bart notes that Tony’s deck feature Billie as the Queen of Spades and Bo as the King of Hearts. Bart tries to figure out what it means.

Bart reveals that the cards that he’s holding in his hands are the King of Hearts (with Bo’s face) and the Queen of Spades (Billie). Smiling at Bart’s revelation of his cards, Tony makes a bigger bet. Bart figures that Billie is there to cause problems in Bo and Hope’s marriage, but he thinks that that is not part of the master plan. Tony disagrees and says that the destruction of Bo and Hope’s marriage is part of his master plan. Bart is emphatic that Bo and Hope -- Bope -- are indestructible. They bet as to whether Bo and Hope’s marriage will last.

Bart asks if Tony has any cards up his sleeve. Tony admits that there is a wild card that has yet come into play – Georgia Brady. Not only is she alive, Tony says, but she is the key to the whole game.

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