Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/27/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/27/05



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Shawn is in the living room lifting weights when Jan comes in. She puts down her groceries, opens a bottle of bear and sneaks up behind him. He jumps when she holds the cold bottle to his back and tells her to leave him alone - he’s got a lot on his mind. They start to get into it about Belle, with Jan reminding him that Belle married Phillip out of love and Shawn telling her that it was a mistake and he needs to get it out in the open before Phillip leaves. Jan tells him it’s time to let go and move on with his life.

Belle tells Mimi that she needs to talk to Shawn right away. Mimi is excited and thinks that Belle is going to admit to him she’s still in love with him. Belle tells her that it’s not that easy and there is a lot of answer she needs. Mimi asks her what she will do once she gets her answers.

Back at their place, Sami is mad at Lucas for dragging her out of John’s apartment. She tells him that she wasn’t done with him yet. Lucas reminds her that John wasn’t up for company. Sami doesn’t buy the story that he was sick, and since she saw the fax from Lexie, she knows that Kate and John are just covering up his addiction and theft of the medication. Lucas tells her it’s none of her business and to stay out of it. She tells him she can’t – she knows that Kate and Eugenia are plotting against her and she will not let them win.

Kate comes downstairs and signals Eugenia to come back in from the balcony. Kate asks what happened to Sami and Eugenia tells her that Lucas made her leave – and she wasn’t happy about it. She asks Kate what happened upstairs and Kate explained about Marlena’s pearls that Sami wanted to wear to her wedding. She throws in “Little does she know that there isn’t going to be a wedding!” Eugenia asks her if she really thinks the email she sent to Brandon (posing as Lexie) will be enough to get him to come back to Salem. Kate is certain that once he hears about Abe taking a turn for the worse, he’ll be on the next plane home.

In London, Brandon is doing some work in his office when he reads the email from “Lexie”. He picks up the phone and calls Lexie’s house and Celeste picks up. He asks how Abe is and Celeste tells him that the news isn’t good.

Bo and Hope tell Billie that they did not hear whatever noise she heard coming from upstairs. Billie insists that it has to be Georgia. Bo tells her that she already checked and then explains to Hope about the mannequin and the people who were posing as the adoptive parents. Billie tells them that they can go if they want, but she know her daughter is in that house and she will not leave without her. We then see the girl sitting in the rocking chair upstairs reading a book.

Lucas assures Sami that nothing will spoil their wedding day. Sami tells him that she wishes she could believe him, but knows how devious Kate can be and wonders what she’s up to.

Eugenia checks the PDA and tells Kate that Brandon has read the email she sent. Kate is pleased and knows that Brandon is probably booking a flight home right now. Eugenia brings up a point about Brandon finding out the email was a fake and figuring out that he’s being set up. Kate isn’t worried and tells her that even if he does find out; Lexie can’t deny the contents and will tell him about Abe failing fast. Brandon will hop a plane to Salem and be able to stop Sami and Lucas from getting married just in time. Eugenia tells her that she hopes she’s right, that watching Sami get what she deserves is all she’s living for.

Celeste explains to Brandon that Abe’s eyesight is failing faster than they thought and he took a terrible fall down the stairs. Brandon worriedly asks if he’s okay, and Celeste tells him she doesn’t know, and that Lexie took him to the hospital for some tests. Brandon tells her that he should come home, but she warns him not too – she’s getting a feeling that it will be a terrible mistake.

Billie runs up the stairs and Bo tries to follow her, but Hope stops him. She tells him that he’s bleeding, he may have a concussion and not to mention still running a fever from the infected wound. Bo claims that he can’t just let her go upstairs by herself because it could be a trap. Hope assures him that Billie knows what she’s doing and asks him if they can leave now. Bo says they can’t leave without Billie, which upsets Hope. Billie carefully enters the room holding her gun out in front of her. The girl in the chair jumps up and demands to know who she is and what she wants. Billie gasps.

Jan tries to get Shawn to drink his beer and relax but Shawn won’t go for it. She again tells Shawn that Belle made her choice and married Phillip. Shawn tells her that he ran into Belle earlier. Alarmed, Jan asks what happened and Shawn tells her that he kissed Belle and she kissed him back. Jan asks him what happened after that and he flashes back to the conversation after the kiss when she tells him to leave her alone. Jan is satisfied that his silence means Belle rejected him. Shawn denies that and says what she’s saying and what she’s feeling are 2 different things and he will get to the bottom of it and it has to be done today.

Mimi asks Belle if this means that she and Shawn are getting back together. Belle warns Mimi to be quiet because Phillip is upstairs getting ready to leave. Belle explains she doesn’t know what’s going on but needs to talk it out with Shawn. She wishes that Shawn could just remember what happened over the summer, but even that doesn’t explain why he broke up with her in the first place. She tells Mimi that when they kissed all these feeling came rushing back to her, which make her even more confused as to how they got to where they are now in the first place. She comments it’s as if someone was manipulating their lives and feelings. Mimi flashes back on finding the cage and confront Jan at her house. Mimi states she wishes she knew and could help her. Belle asks if she can set up another meeting between her and Shawn today. Mimi apologizes and tells her she can’t. She explains how angry Rex got the last time and she can’t risk it again. Belle tells her she totally understands and says she will figure it out for herself. She tells Mimi that she needs to talk to Shawn and see if she’s really committed to Phillip or if her feelings for Shawn are still strong, and Phillip deserves to know before he leaves. Phillip comes downstairs and asks her what’s going on.

Lucas tries to assure Sami that no one can stop him from marrying her except for her. Sami says she wants that to be true, but she knew that if she could wear the pearls on her wedding day everything would be okay. Now she knows something will happen. Lucas tells her that he has to go get her wedding present, and makes her promise to be good and stay out of trouble, which she does. Alone, Sami tells herself that she could tell herself anything, but it doesn’t mean she’ll believe it. She pulls out the fax from Lexie and is glad she decided to take it. She then decides that she will find out what Kate is up too and states she knows just who to call.

Eugenia is on the computer trying to see if Brandon has booked a flight to Salem yet. Kate asks how she’s able to get this info and Eugenia explains that she was once a part time travel agent and knows all the codes and passwords. She tells Kate that so far he hasn’t booked a seat yet which makes Kate very upset. Eugenia suggests that he may just no have gotten to it yet, but will set up the computer to alert them when he does. Kate is pleased and states that she will stay to monitor the computer while she sends Eugenia on a little assignment. She wants her to go to the psychic because she knows that’s who Sami will call since she’s upset. She wants Sami to get an earful of what her future will be like.

Brandon asks Celeste why he shouldn’t come back to Salem. Celeste picks up a tarot cards, looks at it and tells him because the cards say so. Brandon tells her that even though her predictions can be right on, they are not always right in the way she thinks they are. He reminds her of the Justice of the Peace prediction with him and Sami and the fact that they didn’t end up getting married. Celeste reminds him that the prediction was marriage, and at the Justice of the Peace they found out that they were still married. Brandon brushes it off and says that his father is going blind and he wants to be there for him. Celeste agrees, but tells him to wait because if he comes back now he will be tempting fate.

Bo kisses Hope and tells her that he doesn’t want to fight and she says neither does she. She explains that she was just worried about him and couldn’t shake the feeling that he was in danger. Bo kisses her again, but she pulls away and tells him that he’s just trying to make her forget she’s mad at him. Bo admits he is and just wants to go home now. He suggests that Hope go check on Patrick and Hope guesses that he’s going to go to Billie. Bo assures her he’s just going to make sure she’s alright and starts up the stairs. The girl again demands to know who Billie is, but Billie is too stunned to answer. She tries to run past Billie, but Billie manages to regain composure and stop her. She tells the girl that she won’t hurt her and wants to ask her one question: what is her name? The girl pauses for a minute and says “Georgia”. Billie is shocked.

Phillip comments that Mimi and Belle look serious and ask what they were talking about. Belle covers and tells him it was just girl talk. Phillip states that he thought he heard his name mentioned and Belle tells him that she was telling Mimi how much she’s going to miss him. Phillip hints that they have a few more hours together before he ships out and Mimi tells them that’s her cue to leave. Alone, Phillip turns on the song that they danced to on their wedding night and takes Belle into his arms. While dancing he tells Belle that he will listen to that song every night while he’s away and dream about coming home to her. He tells her that she will be the reason he will live for and be able to get through every day over there, no matter what he has to face to do it. Belle starts to cry softly and Phillip asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to go. He kisses her and when he pulls away, she sees Shawn instead of Phillip. Phillip puts his arms around her from behind and asks her to not see Shawn at all while he’s gone.

Sami calls the hotline and speaks to “Miss Wendy”. She explains that she’s been busy planning her dream wedding, but feels that her future mother in law is out to ruin it so she wants to know if she should elope instead. “Miss Wendy” repeats what Sami had just said so Eugenia could here it. Eugenia shakes her head no and begins to scribble something on paper and hands it to “Miss Wendy”. “Miss Wendy” tells Sami that the stars say to continue with the wedding, and that everything will be great UNLESS her ex-husband shows up. Sami asks “Brandon?” and “Miss Wendy” agrees that he’s the one to look out for.

Celeste asks Brandon what he will do and he says he’s not sure. He thinks he should leave now to be with Abe, but Celeste advises to wait until after Sami marries Lucas. Brandon states that he’s so busy with work that he might not be able to get away for a few days anyway. Celeste looks at her cards and they project and image of lightening striking and she advises to wait at least a week and asks him to trust her. Brandon, still unsure, thanks Celeste and tells her he will take her warning under advisement. They both hang up. Celeste looks at another card, gasps and says that if Brandon comes back now he could regret it for the rest of his life. Brandon checks his schedule and sees that it’s more packed then he thought. He tells himself he has to make a decision – either leave now or wait.

Georgia demands to know who Billie is and where her parents are. Billie explains to her that she’s her birth mother and says her name. Georgia is surprised and asks her if she’s sure. Billie starts to laugh and cry at the same time and says she’s sure – that she gave birth to her 15 years ago. Bo comes running into the room asking if Billie is ok. Billie tearfully introduces him to their daughter as he looks on stunned.

Mimi walks back into her apartment as Shawn comes out of his bedroom with Jan following. Shawn tells Mimi that he’s glad she’s there because he’s desperate. Mimi tells him that Belle wants to talk to him too. Jan pushes Shawn out of the apartment claiming that she needs to talk to Mimi privately. Jan hisses to Mimi that not only is she NOT going to help Belle and Shawn get back together, she’s also going to do everything in her power to make sure Shawn and Jan stay together, otherwise she will tell Rex everything. Mimi tells her she no longer cares and it’s time that she stood up for true love. Jan tells her to try her, because she’s not bluffing this time.

Phillip tells Belle that he’s only asking this because he has no idea what Shawn will try to pull once he leaves. Belle reminds him that Shawn lives across the hall, so it would be hard to not see him. Phillip tells her that if Shawn tries anything to go to Rex because Rex will be looking after her and making sure Shawn stays away. They sit on the couch and Phillip tells her that he knows she still cares about Shawn and misses the way he used to be. He admits that he misses that Shawn too since they used to be best friends. He reminds Belle that that Shawn is gone and the new one knows how to push her buttons. He takes Belle into his arms and tells her how much he loves her. Belle hugs him back, but looks sad.

Mimi takes Shawn asides and agrees to help him, but he’s got to find some way to ditch Jan and not tell her what’s going on. Shawn is ecstatic, gives her a big hug, and promises to take care of Jan. Mimi leaves to go to Belle’s and Shawn tells her that he owes her one. Mimi tells him that he doesn’t. After she leaves, Shawn is very happy, but then his smile drops when Jan comes out of the bedroom. She’s dressed in a short leather skirt, tight bustier and carrying a whip. She sexily asks Shawn if he wants to play and Shawn looks away disgusted.

Phillip asks Belle if she can promise him that she’ll stay away from Shawn. Before she can answer the phone rings and she gets up to answer it. It’s Mimi and she tells Belle that she’s decided to help them after all and asks where she wants to meet Shawn. Belle hesitates and looks at Phillip.

Brandon paces around his office and decides that even though his scheduled is booked, he’s going to go back to Salem ASAP. He gets on the phone and asks for the first available flight back home.

Kate is pacing around her living room and flashes back to when Sami accused Lucas of hitting her. The computer then beeps and Kate snaps back to reality, happy to see that Brandon finally made a reservation. She knows that now Sami will get what she deserves and her dream wedding will turn into a nightmare.

Sami asks why “Miss Wendy” brought up Brandon. “Miss Wendy” covers by saying that Sami asked if she saw any trouble, and she sees if Brandon comes back, then it will impact the wedding. Sami feels better and says that there is no chance of that happening because Brandon is in London and is never coming back. She’s relieved to know that the wedding will go on as planned and there is nothing Kate Roberts can do about it. “Miss Wendy” and Eugenia high five each other.

Bo and Georgia silently stare at one another, each one stunned. Billie brings Bo closer and says that this is their daughter, she’s really sure. Billie hugs Georgia close and Bo comes over and put his arms around both of them. Georgia slowly puts her arms around both Bo and Billie. Hope rushes into the room and is shocked and crestfallen to see Bo’s little family so close.

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