Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/26/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/26/05



Written By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Belle comes back to the loft and Phillip is glad to see her. He comments that she must’ve picked out something really special for him since she’s been gone for so long. Belle flashes back to the encounter and the kiss she had with Shawn outside the store where she bought the medal.

Shawn is wandering around his apartment, also flashing on the encounter with Belle. Mimi comes out and tells him she’s glad to see him and not Jan. Shawn asks where Jan went and Mimi tells him that Jan went out to do something special for Shawn. Shawn obviously doesn’t care. Mimi tells him that she wishes Rex wasn’t working so much because she misses being with him. Shawn sympathizes and tells Mimi he just ran into Belle. Mimi is surprised and asks if they were able to talk. Shawn tells her that they did a little more than that, he admits he kissed her but that she also kissed him back.

Kate reminds Lucas that he couldn’t wait to have a wedding ceremony when he decided to get married and now he’s willing to chuck it all just because Sami can’t get her hands on Marlena’s pearls and wants to elope. Lucas defends Sami and tells Kate that Sami doesn’t trust her since she’s been hanging out with Eugenia lately, and she thinks that they’re plotting against her. Just then Eugenia sneaks in behind Lucas and frantically waves to Kate to distract him so she can go hide, which she is able to do out on the balcony. Kate keeps his attention by saying it’s all in Sami’s head and wonders what’s taking Sami so long. Lucas realizes something is going on and calls Kate on it, but she covers by saying she’s going to go look for Sami.

Sami is with John trying to be nice, but John cuts to the chase and asks her what she wants. Sami asks for Marlena’s pearls so she can wear them at her wedding. At first John doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but after Sami reminds him, he tells her that he gave them to Belle. She gets very upset, but he tells her that they were a Christmas present from Marlena. She starts yelling at them that they were supposed to go to her and demands he get them back.

Patrick asks Hope if she really believes that Bo and Billie are in trouble. Hope says yes and explains about the bond that she shares with Bo, that’s what telling her. Meanwhile, the guard demands that Billie make a choice: either shoots him and he will shoot Bo with his dying breathe or go up to Georgia. Billie stares at the window where Georgia’s silhouette is and tells him that it’s not a fair choice. Bo jumps in and says he’ll make the choice for her – go to Georgia. The guard states she only has a very few minutes before Georgia is gone.

Eugenia is out on the balcony shivering, when Lucas comes over to close the door. Kate comes back in and comments that Sami is not in the bathroom, so she must’ve gone to see John. Lucas and Kate get into it over Sami’s intentions and how Kate doesn’t want her to upset John while he’s sick. She tells him Sami might get sick thereby ruining their honeymoon. Lucas wonders why she seems to be in such a hurry to get Sami out of the house. Again, Kate states that Sami will upset John, but Lucas tells her that Sami agreed to not intentionally upset people anymore.

Sami continues to yell at John and John tells her to be quiet since he doesn’t feel good and talking to her normally makes him feel worse. He explains that Marlena wanted the pearls to go to the first daughter that got married. Sami calls him and idiot and says he got it wrong – Marlena wanted the pearls to do to her first BORN daughter on her wedding day. John states he can’t ask Belle for them back since she’s already got enough to deal with, with Phillip leaving tonight. Kate and Lucas come in to see what all the yelling is about. Sami tells them that John gave her pearls to Belle and then accuses Kate of probably giving him that idea.

Hope and Patrick are searching the room that Bo and Billie were in at the inn. Hope finds a pad of paper that has a slight indentation on it and gently runs a pencil over it, revealing an address. Patrick warns that they may be walking into a trap, but Hope says it’s worth it if it means saving Bo’s life and they take off. Bo encourages Billie to go find Georgia, but she tells him she couldn’t bear it if anything happened to him. They exchange looks and suddenly Bo elbows the guard who falls to the ground. They start to struggle and Bo tells Billie to go get Georgia. When it looks like Bo has the upper hand, the 2nd guard arrives and tells Bo to freeze. Billie gets upstairs and into the room where she thinks Georgia is. It’s a little dark, but she thinks she sees a figure sitting in a rocking chair by the window. She whispers Georgia’s name.

Phillip notices that Belle is distracted, but she covers by saying she’s just worried that he won’t like the gift she got him. Phillip decides to give her his gift first – it’s a journal, which he wrote his mailing and email addresses for her so she can write him while he’s away. He tells her that he’d love to get emails from her, but warns he might not be able to check them all the time. She’s moved and tells him that it’s really hitting her that he’s leaving. He tells her he knows what she means, but says he was so happy to have been able to spend one night with his wife. He leans into kiss her, but she pictures Shawn as the one about to kiss her. She gives him the medal and explains it’s just like the one her grandmother gave her grandfather before he went to WWII and it will protect Phillip. He’s very touched and puts it on. He takes her in his arms and she quickly flashes back to kissing Shawn.

Mimi is stunned to hear about the kiss and asks Shawn what it means. Shawn states that he doesn’t know, and that Belle’s is still married to Phillip. He flashes to the conversation that he had with Belle after the kiss in front of the store – Belle tells him that he has to stop doing this; she’s fine when he’s not around and she’s devoted to Phillip. Shawn pleads with her to help him figure out why she’s with Phillip, why he’s with Jan and what happened. Belle tells him she can’t and he should ask someone else for help. He snaps back to reality and tells Mimi that he can’t just leave it like that with Belle and asks Mimi to help him talk to Belle one last time.

Kate tells Sami that she has no idea about the pearls and besides she promised Lucas that she would be nice to her and that’s what she’s been trying to do. Sami doesn’t believe her, but Lucas chimes in that it’s true. She reminds everyone that Marlena intended to give the pearls to her and if John really wanted to fix it, he could go to Belle, explain what happened and get them back for her. Kate jumps in and states that John is sick and that Belle already is dealing with enough having Phillip leaving so no one should bother her. She then cattily states that if Marlena really wanted Sami to have the pearls she would’ve given them to her at her first wedding…or her second. John suggests that Sami just go out and buy new pearls and send him the bill. Sami is enraged and claims that everyone is looking out for themselves, but no one cares about her.

Bo is unconscious on the floor of the home. Hope and Patrick arrive at the house and Patrick asks if she’s sure they’re at the right place since it looks deserted. Hope spots blood in the snow and determines it’s the right place. Patrick and Hope agree that Hope will have 5 minutes to go in the house to look around before Patrick comes to get her. Hope gets to the door, but ducks down when a guard comes up behind Patrick and tells him to put his hands up. Hope pulls her gun and wills Patrick silently to move so she can shoot the guard. Billie begins to talk to the figure, thinking its Georgia. She explains who she is and why she wasn’t there for Georgia. When the figure doesn’t make and response or movement, Billie walks to the front of it thinking she may need to speak another language. She’s stunned to see it’s just a mannequin and suddenly a hand reaches out to cover her mouth and point a gun at her head.

Phillip and Belle are kissing and Phillip tells her that he hopes she writes or emails him everyday. Belle promises to do both, but states it probably won’t be too interesting. Phillip states he doesn’t care if it’s just about what she had for breakfast, as long as he knows she’s living a safe life while he’s fighting over there. Belle tells him that she hates to think of him fighting at all and asks if he even knows when he’s coming home. Phillip tells her that it’s all pretty vague right now. He then tells her that he’s got another surprise for her and leaves the loft.

Mimi reminds Shawn that she already helped him talk to Belle once, and that ended in disaster. Shawn agrees, but states the Belle is just as confused as he is and they need to sort it out. Mimi tells him that no matter who Belle actually loves, she married Phillip and at some point they have to start respecting that. He tells her that both he and Belle need to explore why she ended up with Phillip and why he ended up with Jan and that they need to do it before Phillip leaves. Mimi commends him on not trying to sneak around Phillip’s back doing all this. Shawn admits that there is another reason that he wants to get it cleared up before Phillip leaves, he knows once Phillip is gone Belle will remain loyal and faithful to Phillip. Shawn explains to Mimi that the only memory he has of the summer is what Jan told him and he doesn’t exactly trust her. Mimi tells him that Belle stayed faithful to Shawn when he took off. Shawn states that he knows that know and also knows that Mimi is the only on who can get Belle alone so he can talk to her. Mimi is torn, but tells Shawn that she just can’t.

Sami is still yelling about the pearls, saying that the one thing that she had left from her mother and John gave them to his illegitimate love child Belle. John reiterates that she can go out and buy whatever she wants and he’ll pay for it to try to make up for the mistake. Sami tells him to take the offer and shove it. She starts on a tirade about how she’s glad that her mother and father aren’t around to see how John and Kate are treating her and how disappointed they’d be to see them “shacking up” now. Meanwhile outside on the balcony, Eugenia listens for voices and decides it’s safe to go back in and leave. All the sudden she hears Sami telling them to go to hell and her coming down the stairs. Eugenia panics and runs back onto the balcony. Lucas tries to calm Sami down about the pearls, saying it’s unfair to blame John and Kate. They get into it about Kate and how everyone is against them. Sami states she can’t talk to Lucas when he’s obviously on Kate’s side and tells him she needs to go outside to get some fresh air. She starts towards the balcony where Eugenia again starts to panic.

Bo and Billie are again tied up, and Bo is unconscious. Billie calls his name until he wakes up and sees they’re tied up again. Bo asks if she found Georgia, and Billie explains about the mannequin. She produces a knife she took from the kitchen before going upstairs to find Georgia and is able to cut them loose. Bo gets her to agree to leave, but first comforts her with a hug when she says she’ll never get a chance to be a real mother like Hope is. Patrick turns around to face the guard and the guard recognizes him and is surprised he made it off the island alive. He tells Patrick that he didn’t know he was back on assignment with the DiMera’s, and says that after what Patrick did for the DiMera’s in Barcelona he should’ve known that Patrick was a survivor. Patrick plays along saying he decided to take some time off, but is back now – then punches out the guard. Another guard comes up, but Hope is able to knock him out. They enter the house and find Bo and Billie embracing. Bo turns in surprise to see Hope, but Hope looks upset.

Belle and Phillip toast each other with champagne and begin to eat the layer of wedding cake usually saved for first wedding anniversaries. Belle mentions that fact to Phillip, but he tells her that he might not be home for the anniversary so he wants to do it now. Belle is shocked that he could be gone that long, and he tells her that the military is so unpredictable right now that he could be gone longer. He tells her that all he wants to do is hold her, finish the cake and the champagne and then take her to bed one last time. Belle cuddles up in his lap and they feed each other cake and toast one another some more.

Shawn begs Mimi to help him, but she refuses explaining that she won’t risk Rex getting mad at her again. She tells Shawn how upset Rex got the last time she helped him out and cannot bear him being that mad at her. Shawn tells her that he understands and doesn’t want to cause any trouble for her and Rex. He states that he doesn’t want to cause any trouble for anyone, her, Belle even Phillip and that he will figure something out on his own.

Phillip tells Belle that he has to go finish packing and Belle offers to help. He tells her to just sit and relax and think of romantic thoughts of the man she’s going to be with the rest of her life. He tells her that he loves her and goes upstairs. Belle flashes back to the kiss with Shawn and him telling her that he needs her help figuring out what happened to him. She goes over and picks up the phone to make a call.

The phone rings in Mimi’s apartment and she answers it. Belle asks to see her immediately and she promises to come right over. Mimi tells Shawn that she has to go somewhere and again apologizes for not being able to help him. Shawn tells her that he understands and doesn’t want to ruin the good thing she has with Rex. Mimi leaves and Shawn tells himself that he has to figure out what to do about Belle himself and he has to do it before Phillip leaves.

Mimi goes over to Belle’s and Belle whispers that she needs Mimi like she never has needed her before. She tells her that she needs to talk to Shawn right away. Mimi is happy and asks if she’s going to finally admit to Shawn that she still loves him.

John is very upset with himself and realizes that he did make a mistake by giving the pearls to Belle instead of Sami. He states that he’s been in so much pain and Belle was getting married without her mother being there that he just wanted her to feel like Marlena was a part of the wedding. Kate assures him that he did nothing wrong and that Sami is and has always been a spoiled selfish brat. She helps John get up to get back into bed, telling him that she asked Lexie to prescribe something for John. John states he thought the whole idea of him going cold turkey was to quit taking drugs. Kate acknowledges that, but states he needs something to get him through. She hugs him and promises to stand by him.

Sami is about to go on the balcony (to Eugenia’s panic), but is stopped when Lucas notices a fax coming in. Against Lucas’s warnings, Sami reads the fax and says that now she has proof that John’s a druggie.

Bo walks towards Hope saying he knew she’d come to find him. Hope punches him in the stomach and says they will discuss later, they need to go now. Billie tries to explain that they thought Georgia was there, but Hope doesn’t want to hear it – she starts in by saying she told them this would end up being a trick and to wait for ISA backing. Patrick steps in and tells them to save the fighting for when they get home. Bo is mad and tells him not to order his wife around, but Hope defends Patrick by ordering Bo not to talk to him that way. Patrick goes to check on the guards, and Hope pulls Bo by the ear to the other room and starts yelling at him and hitting him for taking off. Bo tries to explain and states that she’s always forgiven him before. She coldly tells him that that was then, and this is now. Suddenly there is a noise from upstairs, and Billie asks them if they heard it. There is now a girl sitting in the rocking chair where the mannequin was reading a book.

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