Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/25/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/25/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

In the living room of the Penthouse:

Eugenia is alone. She flashes back to a few moments before when she came over to talk to Kate.

They continued to scheme to prevent Lucas and Sami’s wedding. Kate shows Eugenia a centerpiece of flowers that she had got, to look like she was supportive of the wedding. They talk about the message Kate sent Brandon on Lexie’s PDA.

In the hallway outside of the penthouse:

Lucas and Sami arrive, so that Sami can get her mother’s pearls. Lucas mentions that they shouldn’t disturb John, because he has flu. Sami is insistent on getting the pearls, to help her break the curse of her wedding day disasters. Sami claims that if she doesn’t get the pearls, they’re going to elope.

John’s bedroom:

John is in bed, sweating profusely and in pain. Kate mops the sweat off his brow and face. John flashes back to making love to Marlena and pulls Kate into his arms and starts kissing her.

At the village in remote Europe:

Hope and Patrick have arrived in the village that Bo and Billie went too. Patrick suggests that they first book a couple of rooms at the inn and get some rest before they search for Billie and Bo. Hope is reluctant, concerned about losing time, but Patrick convinces her that they need some rest. Hope mentions seeing the Basic Black jet on the tarmac. Patrick notices a Dimera castle in the distance, overlooking the village.

At a house in Europe:

A guard paces outside the front door, as Billie and Bo are still tied up, back to back, in chairs. They are asleep. A teen-age girl goes up to Billie and tells her to wake up. Billie opens her eyes and believes the girl is Georgia.

Back in the hallway outside of the penthouse:

Lucas advises Sami to not call John a junkie if she’s going to ask him for a favor. Sami says that it’s not a favor, that she’s entitled to the pearls. Sami brings up that she told Father Jansen that John was addicted to drugs. Lucas is not happy and tells her to behave and be nice to John.

In John’s bedroom:

Kate breaks from the kiss and hops out of the bed, accusing John of trying to seduce her to get more drugs. John opens his eyes and realizes that it’s Kate. He explains to her that he was dreaming of Marlena, and apologizes for kissing her. Kate tells him that it’s all right. She gives him information about rehab centers that she found on the internet. She picks up some tea to give him, but sees that it’s cold and leaves to get him fresh tea. Alone, John tears up the rehab information and grimaces, saying aloud that what he needs is more drugs.

Back in the village:

Hope and Patrick talk about the need to make a plan. Patrick comments that the village is one giant booby trap, and Hope gathers from that that Patrick has been there before. Patrick admits that he was there a long time ago, and he warns that there are Dimera surveillance cameras everywhere and that everyone in the village is somehow working for the Dimeras. Patrick reiterates that the best thing for them to do is to get off the street and formulate a plan, and Hope now agrees.

They go into the inn. Hope notices that a wedding celebration is taking place. Hope wants to get ahold of the registration book, because she’ll recognize Bo’s alias if he and Billie checked in there. Patrick spots a surveillance camera and grabs Hope and kisses her, just as the wedding photographer takes a picture of them. Patrick explains that about the surveillance camera. He cautions her to keep her back to the camera.

A man comes and checks them in and comments that they are American. Patrick and Hope pretend that they’re engaged, and they are all snuggly. The man mentions that it’s a busy night, but that another person checked out, so that a room became vacant. The man commented that there was another American couple there earlier who looked to be in love and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Hope questions the man about the other couple.


In the Room Where Billie and Bo are being held captive:

Billie calls the girl Georgia and asks her to help them. Georgia asks who Bo is and Billie tells him that he’s her birth father. Billies tells her that she’s her birth mother. Billie calls for Bo to wake up. Georgia suddenly disappears, as Billie wakes up – it was all a dream.

Bo, meanwhile, has gotten loose from the rope and he frees Billie. Bo checks the front door and sees that there is one guard. However, Billie believes that Georgia was really there. As Bo goes to check the back door, Billie goes over to the portrait of Georgia. Bo comes back and wants then to leave, but Billie doesn’t want to leave without finding Georgia.

In the hallway outside of the penthouse:

Sami agrees to try to be good, in honor of her mother’s memory and so long as John gives her the pearls. Lucas offers to buy her pearls, but Sami wants her mother’s pearls, as she believes they will ward off disaster at her wedding. Sami accuses Lucas of being a man and not getting it, but Lucas assures her that he’s a guy who does get it and loves her. They kiss.

In the living room of the penthouse:

Kate and Eugenia continue to talk about their scheme to bring Brandon back to Salem again. Eugenia has been keeping track of Brandon by adding him to her buddy list, and she believes that Brandon hasn’t gotten the message yet. Their scheming is interrupted by a knock at the door and when Kate sees that it’s Sami and Lucas, she has Eugenia hide. When Kate lets Lucas and Sami in, Sami immediately tries to go upstairs to see John. Kate grabs her arm to stop her.

Upstairs, in John’s room, John is wheeling around the room in his wheelchair, scavenging for drugs. He finds Marlena’s medical bag and clutches it to his chest.

At the European inn:

Hope tries to fish for information about a description of the affectionate American couple from the desk clerk, but as the man is about to tell them, a bell rings and he goes off to attend to it.

Alone, Patrick warns Hope not to ask too many questions, or else it will look suspicious. Hope repeats what the man said about the other couple not being able to keep their hands off each other, and she mutters about getting her hands on Bo. Patrick says that Bo and Billie were probably play acting, just like they were.

Hope still wants to check the registration book and Patrick tells her to follow his lead. He goes to the counter and he opens up his map and lays it over the registry. Hope grabs the registry out from underneath and begins to look through it. As she spots something, the desk clerk comes back and demands to know what Hope is doing with the registry.

At the living room of house in Europe:

Bo wants to leave, but Billie wants to stay and find Georgia. Bo tells Billie that it was a setup and that Georgia isn’t there. However, Billie believes that her dream was real and that Georgia was there, and that she has to wait for Georgia to return. Then, Billie believes that she was dreaming, but that Georgia was communicating to her through the dream. Bo tries to reason with Billie, but Billie accuses Bo of not caring about finding Georgia, but wanting to go find Hope.

At the Penthouse:

Sami pulls her arm from Kate and they start to verbally spar. Lucas reminds Sami that she agreed to be nice, but Sami counters that the agreement didn’t apply to Kate. Sami and Kate fight about Kate’s motive for being there at the penthouse. Lucas intercedes, telling them both to stop. Sami agrees to stop fighting.

Sami says that she wants to go upstairs to get her mother’s pearls. Kate wants to know why Sami needs them. Sami says that she’s going to wash her hands, as she leaves Lucas to explain to Kate why Sami wants the pearls. Lucas explains how Sami believes the pearls to be a good luck charm. When Lucas explains that if Sami doesn’t get the pearls, that they’ll elope, Kate gets upset.

Meanwhile, Sami hears Kate shout ‘no,’ and she figures out that Kate has learned of their plan to elope. Sami sneaks upstairs. Eugenia sees that Sami has gone upstairs.

In the bedroom, John empties out the medical bag and doesn’t find any drugs. Upset, he hurls the bag at the door, just as Sami opens the door.

At the Inn:

As Hope gives back the registry and apologizes, Patrick explains to the desk clerk that they moved the registration book to lay out their map and circle things on it. Patrick signs the registry and the man gives them a key to their room. Going over to their luggage, Hope tells Patrick that she saw that a page was torn out, but could see a piece left that said “R-e-e.” She concludes that Billie had registered under her own name. The registry states that she was in room 206.

The living room of the house in Europe:

Bo and Billie argue about Hope and Georgia. Billie apologizes for being so stupid. Bo tells her that they have to work as a team. Bo says that he has plan. Flash forward to their plan: Billie calls for help and when the guard out in front turns towards the door, Bo knocks him out. The guard drops his gun and Billie picks it up.

In the penthouse living room:

Kate tries to convince Lucas to not elope. Lucas admits that Sami is a little paranoid about people conspiring against their wedding. They argue over the type of wedding Sami wants. Eugenia tries to signal to Kate about Sami. Kate shows Lucas the centerpiece. Lucas catches Kate trying to signal back to Eugenia, but doesn’t understand what she’s up to.

In John’s bedroom:

Sami comes in and John tells her that it’s not a good time, because he has the flu. John wants to know what she wants and Sami pretends to be there just to visit. When John doesn’t buy it, Sami admits that she’s there to get her mother’s pearls.

In Billie and Bo’s Room of the Hotel:

Hope knocks on the door to Room #206 and it opens up. They see that they left in a hurry. They talk about how sloppy and impulsive Billie is. Hope is worried that they’ve been taken by the Dimeras, but Patrick tries to convince her that they may be fine, and nosing around the town.

Hope says that she feels that Bo is in danger.

Bo and Billie:

Bo drags the guard to his feet, but the guard pulls out another gun and he holds it on Bo. The guard dares Billie to shoot, because his dying reflex would be to kill Bo. Billie asks where Georgia is, and the guard indicates a second floor window, where Billie sees the silhouette of teen-age girl brushing her hair.

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