Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/24/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/24/05



By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes to meet with Father Jansen at the church to discuss the wedding. Father Jansen assures her that a new stained glass window has been ordered and all the fire and water damage is already being repaired. Sami comments that she’s glad for that because she doesn’t want any reminders of Belle’s “nightmarish” wedding. Father Jansen asks Sami if John will be walking her down the aisle, to which Sami emphatically says no. She explains that he would be the last person she would want to give her away, that he’s a complete jerk and that she has enough “dirt” on him to completely destroy him forever.

Kate brings breakfast to John who is still in bed, struggling with withdrawals from the drugs. She asks John if she should call Lexie since she might have something to help with the withdrawals. John tells her no and that he can beat this on his own. Kate tries to entice him to eat, but he tells her that the food is making him sick and asks her to take it away. She tries to help him drink water since he’s lost a lot of fluids, but he’s so shaky that he ends up spilling it all over the bed. Kate takes the food tray out on her way to get a towel to clean him up. Outside the room, she picks up the phone and calls Lexie – telling herself that this is for John’s own good.

Sami explains to Father Jansen that Kate is now living with John and how Kate hates her and will do everything she can to break up her and Lucas. She tells him that she hates Kate as well, but promised Lucas that she’d try to be civil towards her. Father Jansen tells Sami that hate is a strong word to use. She replies that her list of enemies is growing and starts to tell him that the secrets she has on Mimi could destroy her “precious little world”

Mimi comes out of the bedroom and sees Rex taking some aspirin. She asks him what’s wrong and he explains that he didn’t sleep well and now he has a headache. She goes to hug him in comfort, but he pushes her away. He asks her to sit down so they can talk. When Mimi asks what about, Rex tells her that they need to talk about secrets and lies and there has been something bothering him all night.

Sami confirms that Mimi has got one hell of a secret. Then goes on to say “And that B**** Jan Spears….” But then apologizes to Father Jensen for using the B word. She tells him that Jan makes her look like Mother Theresa.

Jan walks around the bed where Shawn is asleep, wondering what’s wrong with him since he didn’t want to make love to her last night. She climbs into bed and starts to kiss him. Shawn wakes up and responds to her kisses, but when he pulls away we see that he sees Belle in her place. He says “I love you Belle” and starts to kiss her. Jan kisses him back, but looks concerned.

Sami tells Father Jansen that it’s not entirely Jan’s fault, that Shawn is the one who broker Belle’s heart and then decided at the last minute that he still loves her. Father Jansen comments that it’s too late since Belle is now married. Sami agrees and says that Belle & Phillip haven’t even been married 24 hours and there is already trouble in paradise.

Belle and Phillip are in bed together. Phillip turns to Belle, who is sleeping, kisses her on the forehead and tells her that he loves her. Belle wakes up, but sleepily sees Shawn as the one who says he loves her. She does a double take and Phillip asks her if she’s okay.

Father Jansen gets up to pour some coffee as Sami tells him that Belle’s still in love with Shawn and her marriage to Phillip is a sham. Father Jansen tells her he doesn’t believe that and she replies that it’s because he’s like everyone else in town – they all think Belle is little Miss Perfect. Sami imagines 3 bubbles over her hear with Rex and Mimi in one, Shawn & Jan in the other and John and Kate in the third. She pulls out a pin and pops each one, telling herself that she will burst all their bubbles.

Father Jansen tells Sami that he hopes that she’s not going to be spilling all the secrets and trying to ruin other peoples lives, because that would be wrong. Sami says she’s not, that Lucas keeps reminding her that it’s not her business and if she wants anyone to show up at her wedding, then she better keep her mouth shut and not go around alienating half of Salem. Father Jansen tells her that he’s worried about her and asks if she’d like him to hear her confession. Sami declines saying that she has been good so has nothing to confess. Then it dawns on her that she can tell him the secrets she knows since he cannot say anything. She tells him that Mimi was pregnant and had an abortion all without Rex knowing. She wants to be the one to tell Rex since he has a right to know. Shocked, Father Jansen tries to interrupt, but Sami keeps going.

Rex tells Mimi that he’s still upset over her sending Belle up to the roof to meet Shawn. He explains to Mimi that she lied to him and deliberately went behind his back. Mimi apologizes and says that she didn’t mean to lie, but Shawn and Belle are her best friends and she knows they still love each other. Rex is flabbergasted that she can still think that, and reminds her that Belle and Phillip exchanged vows. He sees this as a sign that Mimi cannot be honest and tells her that if she cannot respect the vows that Belle and Phillip took, then how can they ever move forward in their relationship. Mimi tells him that she loves him and when he asks her once more if she’s keeping anything else from him so tells him no and hugs him.

Belle tells Phillip that what’s wrong is that he’s leaving tonight and she doesn’t want him to go. Phillip tells her he doesn’t want to leave her, but he took an oath to serve his country and he has to honor that. He then tells her that this is the only way he’d ever leave her though – being called into active duty. He tells her that he’s worried about Shawn bothering her, but she assures him that Shawn won’t. Phillip tells Belle that he loves her and it’s that love that will get him through the deployment. He explains that when he gets back, they can start discussing starting a family. Belle smiles at him and starts to kiss him. She then flashes on kissing Shawn on the roof. She pulls away from Phillip and reminds him that they have a lot to do today. Phillip reluctantly agrees and gets up to take a shower. Belle tells herself that she’s got to get Shawn out of her head.

Shawn and Jan (who he is still seeing as Belle) are kissing in bed. They pull apart and the image of Belle fades back into Jan, who asks him what’s wrong with him – he just called her Belle. She gets up to put her robe back on; reminding him that Belle told him and anyone who’d listen that she loves Phillip. Shawn reminds her that he told her to leave him alone. Jan tries to put her arms around him saying that all he needs is some sexual healing, but he pushes her away saying he wants to be left alone to think and goes into the bathroom. Jan tells herself that she needs to find a way to get Belle out of Shawn’s head and she knows exactly who she’ll get to do her dirty work.

Sami tells Father Jansen that the reason Shawn crashed through the window is because he was drugged – and that Jan is the one who drugged him. She then goes on to explain that Shawn wasn’t the only one who was strung out that night, and proceeds to talk about seeing John shoot up before he walked Belle down the aisle. Father Jansen protests, saying that it’s possible that John was injecting himself with prescribed medication, but Sami explains that she saw John steal from the hospital. When Father Jansen asks why she didn’t say anything sooner, Sami tells him that Lucas wouldn’t let her. She then tells him that the irony of it all is that Lexie puts John in charge of the investigation of the stolen medication.

Kate lets Lexie into the penthouse and starts to explain that while Lexie refused to prescribe any pain meds to John, he went around her and got some from the ISA doctor. Lexie said she should’ve known since he was displaying all the signs of an addict. Kate leads her upstairs and warns her that John will not be happy to see her. Kate announces to John that Lexie is there and through his pain he reminds her that he told her not to call Lexie. Lexie tells John that she’s there to help him – then it dawns on her: John is the one who was stealing the pain medication. She tells John that she’s sorry, but she‘s going to have to call the police. Kate begs her not too, but John admits that he did steal them so he could walk Belle down the aisle. Lexie tells them that she has no choice but to call them. John starts to shiver and says he’s cold, so Lexie examines him. She determines that he’s hypertensive and gives Kate a pill to give him to lower his blood pressure and to help him sleep. Kate gives it to him, and then thanks Lexie for her help. Lexie warns her to not be so grateful, once the hospital board finds out about this John will be in a load of trouble.

Sami tells Father Jansen that Kate and John are now living together and have no respect for her parents being gone. Father Jansen reminds Sami that they are probably suffering from the loss too, but Sami doesn’t believe it. She states that while she made a promise to Lucas to make peace with Kate, Kate is plotting to split the two of them up. Father Jansen says that he’s confused by this since Kate was so eager for her other son (Phillip) to marry Belle. Sami retorts that it’s only because Belle is the golden child whom everyone loves except her. She explains how Belle broke her promise to her about being her bridesmaid and had the nerve to get married on Sami’s wedding day without even talking to her about it. Father Jansen asks her if that really matters and Sami tells him that it does – especially since Belle doesn’t really love Phillip. Father Jansen doesn’t believe that, but Sami tells him to just watch; as soon as Phillip leaves it won’t take Belle more than 30 seconds to forget her vows and run to Shawn.

Phillip comes downstairs looking for Belle. He finds a note that she left explaining that she went out to get him something, but will be back soon. Phillip smiles, picks up a picture of her and him and tells her that she’s beautiful and nothing will come between them. He then picks up the phone and makes a call, he tells the person on the other end that he needs to see them right away.

Jan comes out of her room fixing her hair. Mimi sarcastically asks her “Isn’t it too early in the morning for you to start bugging me?” Jan shoots back that she’s not bugging her, that she’s just fixing her hair. She dreamily comments that Shawn loves her hair and loves running his fingers through it. Mimi suggests that she go back in the bedroom so Shawn can continue doing that. Jan tells her that she would but Shawn isn’t there, and then asks if Mimi knows where he is. Mimi tells her she doesn’t have a clue. Rex comes out and tells Jan that Shawn left awhile ago, saying he needed some air. He tells Mimi that he’s going out for awhile. When Mimi asks him where, he tells her it’s personal and leaves. Jan jumps on that saying that it serves Mimi right that Rex is now keeping secrets from her.

Shawn is out walking and literally bumps into Belle. They both apologize before realizing who the other person is.

Sami explains to Father Jansen how Belle got up in the middle of the night to go see Shawn on the roof. Father Jansen thinks that there must be a good reason for why she did that, but Sami tells him it’s because she still loves him. Father Jansen disagrees saying he knows how much Phillip and Belle are in love, to which Sami tells him that he’s got it half right. Father Jansen comments that Sami is WAY too involved in other people’s lives. Sami agrees, and says that’s why she’s not going to say anything – unless something bad happens to her then all bets are off. If something happens to her and Lucas or if anything bad in generally happens to Sami, then Belle, Phillip, Shawn, Rex, Mimi, Jan, Lexie, John and Kate better watch out.

Lexie tells Kate that she’s still in shock that John was the one stealing from the hospital. Kate tells her that addiction makes you act different. Lexie agrees, but it still stunned. Kate states that she wants John to get back to normal because the last 24 hours were very trying on him. Lexie comments that they were very trying on Kate too, and then delicately asks if Kate spent the night in John’s room last night. Kate acknowledges that she did, but only to keep him away from the drugs. Lexie states that she understands and knows that Kate, Marlena, John and Roman were all pretty close. Kate thanks Lexie for taking such good care of Phillip and Belle after the accident and states she still can’t believe what Shawn did. Lexie mentions that it might be helpful if Shawn’s parents were around to keep an eye on him. Kate states that while Bo is in Europe with Billie, Hope is still around. Lexie explains that Hope took a leave of absence from the police department and she and Patrick left to go find Bo and Billie. Kate is a little rattled by this and Lexie asks her if she really wanted this trip to bring Bo and Billie closer together. Kate tells her that’s EXACTALLY what she wanted to happen.

Jan taunts Mimi that if Rex is this upset about this little lie she told, imagine how upset he’s going to be about the abortion. Mimi angrily tells Jan that she’d never tell Rex because Jan loves holding it over her head too much. And if Jan did tell him, then she would still have something on Jan to spill. Jan tells her that no one would every believe Mimi because there is no proof. Mimi tells Jan that Shawn will get his memory back, he’ll remember her keeping him prisoner all summer and the phony engagement. Jan says that will never happen, and if Mimi doesn’t keep Belle away from Shawn then she can kiss Rex goodbye.

Rex arrives at Phillip’s asking what is so important. Phillip tells Rex that even though they did not grow up together and share a family history, he’s really glad that they’ve gotten close over the past year. Rex tells him he feels the same, and that after loosing Cassie he’s grateful for having Phillip, Lucas, Billie and Austin around. Phillip tells him that he plans on being faithful to Belle, and he knows that there are only 2 things that can break up a relationship – secrets and lies. Rex tells him that he was just explaining that same thing to Mimi. Phillip asks Rex to watch over Belle, and to keep Shawn away from her.

Belle walks away from Shawn and into a store, he follows her asking her to please stop. Inside, Belle tells the store clerk that she’s looking for a medal that will protect her husband who’s being shipped off to combat. The store clerk says she might have something in back and asks Belle to wait. Shawn begs Belle to please look at him, when she won’t he tells her that he knows the only reason she choose to tell Phillip that she loved him and not Shawn was because Phillip has just gotten the call about being shipped out and she was worried about him. Shawn walks up real close behind Belle and tells her that he knows that she still believes in them.

John is tossing and turning in bed dreaming of showering with Marlena. He cries out that he needs her so bad right now. Downstairs, Lexie gets a call from Celeste saying that Abe fell and hurt himself. She rushes to leave explaining to Kate that his vision is getting worse. Kate tells her she understands and hopes Abe is all right. Kate leans against the closed door and comments that Brandon really should be there for Abe. Just then she notices that Lexie left behind her PDA. Delighted, she picks it up and says to herself that Sami hasn’t married Lucas yet, and she’s going to make sure she never does.

Sami tells Father Jansen that as long as she’s happy, everything will be fine. He tells her that being a good person shouldn’t be contingent upon her mood swings. They talk a little about that, and Father Jansen asks her if she’s having 2nd thoughts about marrying Lucas. Sami says she isn’t, but admits at times she thinks Lucas expects too much out of her. That when someone hurts her, a big part of her wants to get even, but Lucas just wants her to turn the other cheek. And she’s trying very hard to be a good person but she can’t change who she is. Father Jansen thinks that Lucas is a good influence on her and reminds her that life is filled with bumps, and when you encounter one you cannot use it as an excuse to lash out at people. Sami tells him that she doesn’t handle bumps really well, but reiterates that as long as she and Lucas are happy everything will be fine – otherwise Salem better watch out.

John is still flashing back to being with Marlena in the shower. He mutters to himself “I love you so much baby. I need you so bad” He then flashes on kissing Kate and opens his eyes with a confused look on his face.

Kate sends an email from Lexie’s PDA to Brandon telling him that Abe has taken a turn for the worse and needs him to come home. She signs it “Love Lexie”. She says to herself that Sami will probably ruin Brandon’s life, and she’s sorry about that, but she can’t stand by and watch Sami ruin Lucas’s life.

Father Jansen tells Sami that marriage can bring her untold pleasure, while reeking havoc on other people’s lives can only bring misery. Sami agrees that she’s right and says that from now on she will only focus on marrying the man of her dreams. Father Jansen is pleased and asks if she wants to talk about anything else. She mentions Brandon, and Father Jansen is confused and asks “Your ex husband?” Sami states that the annulment hasn’t been granted yet, but assures him that it will be in plenty of time before the wedding. Father Jansen asks why she brought up Brandon then. She says never mind, and tells him the Brandon is out of the country and cannot impact her happiness with Lucas and Will.

Jan tells Mimi not to sweat it, she would never tell Rex. Mimi knows that she won’t because she is having too much fun blackmailing her. Jan says as long as she stops trying to bring Shawn and Belle together, she won’t have to air Mimi’s dirty laundry.

Phillip tells Rex that he knows that Shawn will use his deployment to try to get close to Belle and asks Rex to make sure that doesn’t happen. Rex assures him that he will look after Belle. Phillip thanks him and they hug.

Shawn begs Belle to tell him that she made a mistake in marrying Phillip, that she cannot love him the way she loves Shawn. Belle turns to answer him just as the sales clerk comes out with the medal that Belle asked for. She tells Belle it’s the same kind she gave her grandson before he was shipped out and he never took it off, it made him feel safe and protected. Belle envisions Phillip in combat, then getting shot. She pays for the medal and leaves with Shawn on her heels. He tells her not to ignore him, she angrily turns to him and says that she’s married to Phillip now and whatever she had with Shawn is over with – she plans on being faithful while Phillip is gone. Shawn grabs her shoulders to keep her from leaving and tells her that it will never be over between them. He knows she still loves him, that he can feel it every time they are together, every time he looks in her eyes. He then pulls her into a deep kiss; Belle attempts to struggle for a second, but quickly gives in.

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