Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/21/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/21/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the castle:

Marlena and Roman remain chained together at the ankles. Marlena is upset and slams her hands on the television. She is angry that Tony gives them a glimpse of their families, but then shuts it off. Roman tells her that she’s playing into Tony’s hands and letting it get to her. Roman tries to convince her what Tony is letting them see is highly selective and could be out of context.

Marlena comments that the closeness of John and Kate that they saw didn’t look out of context. Roman reminds her that they are getting closer too. They both flashback to their earlier kiss. Roman says that they have to talk about it and Marlena agrees.

In John’s bedroom at the penthouse:

John lies in bed, writhing in pain. He flashes back to earlier in the day when Kate took the pain killers from him. Back to reality, John sites up and shouts out, scratching at his bare skin. Kate rushes in. John jumps up from the bed and hugs her. She sees that he’s burning up with fever and she wants to get a washcloth to cool him done. However, John holds onto her and tells her twice that he’s not going to make it.

At the loft:

Shawn, Belle and Philip are in the loft of the newlyweds. Shawn demands that Belle tell them who she has feelings for, him or Philip. Then Shawn tells her that he already knows the answer, that she married the wrong guy. Philip tells Shawn to shut up. Meanwhile, Belle flashes back to different moments of intimacy with Shawn and Philip.

Just as Belle opens her mouth, Jan enters and cuts in, and Shawn and Jan bicker over what Belle feels (can’t the girl speak up for herself and end this seemingly endless night?). Rex comes in and chimes in as well, saying that Belle made her statement at the church through her vows.

Philip wants to talk to Belle alone (no wonder, everyone is cutting her off). Jan asks if it’s about the phone call Philip received. Philip says that he’s shipping out even sooner than he thought, and that this is their last night (good thing it’s 400 hours long).

In the boys’ loft:

Mimi and Sami verbally go at it. Sami threatens Mimi that she should watch her step around her. Mimi is genuinely confused and doesn’t think that Sami has anything with which to threaten her. Sami flashes back to hearing Jan and Mimi talk on the roof about Mimi’s abortion. Just as Sami says that her threat isn’t idle, Rex comes in and asks to know what’s going on with the two of them. Then, Lucas comes in and asks the same thing.

In the newlywed’s loft:

Belle can’t believe that Philip is leaving, and she doesn’t want him to leave. She flashes to an image of Philip in combat. Shawn, however, says that the sooner he goes, the happier everyone will be. Belle scolds Shawn for saying such a thing and talks about Philip risking his life for his country. Jan takes this as a cue to leave and she tries to get Shawn to leave with her. Shawn backtracks, trying to soften his comment by saying that he meant that everything is wrong right now and that Philip pressured Belle into marrying him. Shawn and Philip argue and Belle says she can’t take this anymore.

Philip reminds everyone that this is still Belle’s and his wedding night, and that he wants everyone out of there to spend it with her. Jan again tries to get Shawn to leave, but Shawn again refuses without an answer to his question.

In the boys’ loft:

Lucas pulls Sami aside and demands to know what Sami is doing here. Sami explains that she’s there to give Belle her wedding present and to apologize to her. Lucas says that he got her note explaining that, but he wants to know why she’s arguing with Mimi and still holding the present.

Sami wants to know why Lucas is so suspicious of her, when she’s trying to do something good.

Mimi starts to shout that Sami is only here to create trouble. Lucas wants to know what kind of trouble she’s causing, and Mimi says that Sami blabbed to Philip about his wife being on the roof with Shawn. Sami defends why she did it and blames Mimi for trying to ruin Philip and Belle’s marriage. It’s Mimi’s turn to defend her actions, as she explains that she was trying to help her friends sort out their feelings.

Sami and Mimi go at it, with both of them calling the other a liar. Sami lets slip a little of her newfound secret by saying that if Rex knew what she did, and Mimi counters saying that Sami doesn’t know anything. Rex tells Sami to tell him what it is that she knows.

Back at the castle:

Roman and Marlena talk about what their kiss signified. Marlena thinks it happened because they were married once and where in desperate need of comfort.

They talk about how Marlena is worried about Belle and John and that they may never get back to Salem. Roman says that he wants to remain optimistic, but that if they don’t, then they’re all they have for the rest of the days of their lives (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Marlena laments that John and Kate think that they are dead. She brings up the fact that she and Roman know that John and Kate aren’t dead, and that they are married to them and in love with them. She says that she’s not going to give up on them. Roman says that he isn’t either.

Marlena believes that if John and Kate have turned to each to other, that it’s only because they are going through the same pain and grief. Roman worries that they may fall in love by the time they get back to Salem. Marlena doesn’t want to think about that. Roman presses on, saying that John and Kate’s feelings for each other may not disappear when he and Marlena get back to Salem.

Back in John’s room at the penthouse:

John and Kate are still hugging, as John groans from the pain killer withdrawal. Kate tries to soothe him and tell him that he’s going to make it, while John tells her how awful the pain is. He tells her that he feels like he has spiders crawling under his skin trying to eat their way out. Kate sits John down on the bed and tries to coax him into accepting that the pain is necessary. John pleads with Kate to give him back some of the pain killers, and Kate finally agrees and gets up and goes into John’s bathroom. John smiles at the thought of getting more pain killers.

Back in the boys’ apartment at the loft:

Mimi tells Sami to spit out her crazy lie. Sami warns Mimi she’s going to regret talking to her like that. Lucas pulls Sami aside and gives her the ‘I thought you were going to be good from now on’ speech. Sami says that she’s trying, and that it’s Mimi who is mistreating her. Lucas scolds her and brings up how Sami was going to turn in John for the drug theft without any evidence.

When Rex comes over and tells Sami to tell her what she know, Sami claims there’s nothing to tell. Lucas and Sami leave, with Belle’s present, but not before Sami threatens Mimi again.

Back at the Newlywed’s loft:

Shawn and Philip are still talking, as Shawn demands that Belle give an answer and Philip demands that Shawn shut up so that Belle can give her answer (now, if they both would shut up, Belle can answer and maybe this night can finally be over). (Not able to grasp that concept,) Shawn tells Belle that they’re waiting for a response and Philip tells Shawn to shut up so that Belle can give her response.

Finally, Belle says that she’s in love with Philip (and somewhere, hallelujah, a rooster must be crowing, signaling an end to this endless night). Shawn doesn’t accept the answer, as he starts to bad mouth Philip. Belle and he argue about Philip and his prior intentions.

Belle tells Shawn that she called him from the church because she needed closure and she recites a laundry list of adjectives about how wonderful Philip is. Belle says that, for the last time (please, God, let that be true - at least for ‘tonight’), she is in love with Philip. Philip tells Shawn that he finally has his answer and he kisses Belle. Philip tells everyone to leave as he takes Belle by the hand and they go upstairs.

Back at John’s bedroom in the penthouse:

John is lying in bed again, clutching at the sheets and scratching his arms, when Kate returns with a bottle of sleeping pills. John is upset that Kate has brought his sleeping pills instead of his pain killers. Kate refuses to give him his pain killers, because then he’ll be letting the addiction win. Disappointed and annoyed, John takes the sleeping pills. Still in pain, he shivers, saying that he is so cold. Kate pulls up the blanket and then takes off her robe and crawls into bed, hugging John and telling him to get close to her.

At the castle:

The television turns on, and Roman and Marlena see that John and Kate are in bed together.

At the Newlyweds’ loft:

As romantic music plays in the background, Philip is standing behind Belle with his arms wrapped around her as they look out the window. They talk about Shawn not going to bother them anymore. Philip wants to know why Belle met Shawn on the roof that night. Belle starts to cry, saying that it’s not about Shawn, it’s about Philip.

In the boys’ loft:

Shawn is angry, saying that he would have bet his life that Belle wouldn’t have said that she loved Philip. Rex tells Shawn that he’s in denial. Shawn believes that Belle is caught up in some patriotic duty, because Philip is shipping out to combat. Rex wants Shawn to accept that Philip and Belle are married. Rex goes to Jan and tells her to do something with Shawn. Shawn pleads with Mimi to help him to arrange to talk to Belle again that night (Nooooooo!!!!!!! I just want this night to end - talk to her tomorrow.).

At Sami’s apartment:

Lucas and Sami arrive home. Sami tells Lucas that she knows that Mimi had an abortion, and never told Rex about it or the pregnancy. Lucas is surprised at the information and is disbelieving, but Sami explains how she overheard Mimi and Jan talking about it. Sami wants to go back to Rex and tell him. Sami talks about how good she is being. Lucas wants to know why Sami gets pleasure from turning people’s lives upside down.

Sami talks about the way people have mistreated her. She picks up the telephone to call Rex to tell him about Mimi’s abortion.

Back at the Castle:

Marlena and Roman continue to watch the feed from John’s bedroom. Roman comments that there is no sound anymore. Marlena says that she can’t watch anymore. Roman shouts out to Tony, calling him a son of a bitch and asking him why he is torturing them like this.

John’s bedroom:

John and Kate are lying in bed, in each other’s arms, as Kate is stroking John’s face. John comments that if someone were to walk in on, they would get the wrong idea. Kate is happy to see that John is able to make a joke. At Kate’s urging, John starts to drift off to sleep.

Back at the castle, the sound on the t.v. is restored, as Roman and Marlena hear John thanking her for giving her what he thought that he could only get from Marlena. Kate kisses him on the neck and tells him to get some sleep and that they’ll talk tomorrow. Meanwhile, back at the castle, Marlena looks devastated, as though she’s ready to cry and Roman looks angry, as though he’s ready to punch a hole in the wall.

Later, in his sleep, John talks in sleep, saying, “I love you, Doc” and begging her not to leave him. Kate whispers that she’s afraid that won’t happen because Marlena, and Roman, are gone.

Back at the castle:

Marlena is grateful that John is alive and that Belle and Brady are okay. She remains upset, though, and brings up her conversation with John on the raft, where she told him that if anything happened to her, that he should move on with Kate. Marlena also tells Roman that John gave his blessing to Roman and Marlena, if the should find themselves in a situation where they were never coming home.

Roman swears to protect Marlena and keep her safe and that he would understand if John and Kate can’t let go of their feelings for each other, because he’s never been able to completely let go of his feelings for her. Marlena tells Roman that she never really gotten over her feelings for him, either.

Roman wants Marlena to get some rest and he leads her over to the bed. She lies down and Roman pulls a blanket over her. He tells her that he’ll always be there for her and strokes her arm. She rolls over to face up to him and they kiss.

At the Newlywed’s Loft:

Philip and Belle talk about how this is their last night together, before Philip ships out. They kiss and lay down on the bed and begin to make love.

At the boys’ loft:

Mimi turns down Shawn’s request to arrange another meeting between him and Belle. Shawn goes over to the kitchen area, where he listens to the romantic music coming from Belle and Philip’s room while drinking a beer. Jan looks on, thinking to herself that it’ll just be a matter of time until Shawn accepts that Belle is married. Rex tells Mimi that he hopes she’s learned her lesson about butting into other people’s business and he makes her promise that she’ll never lie to him about anything else again.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami goes on about her list of enemies: John and his attacking her at the hospital, Kate trying to break them up, and Mimi and her threats. They talk about Sami’s penchant for revenge. Lucas warns her that if she doesn’t let go of her need for revenge, that she will never have a good life.

Sami tells Lucas that he wins, and that she won’t do anything to get revenge, as long as her enemies don’t mess with her, first.

Back at John’s bedroom:

John is asleep in the bed and Kate is out of bed, as the telephone rings. Kate answers it and it’s Eugenia. They talk about Philip and Belle and Bo and Billie, and then Kate says that all she has left to do is break up Sami and Lucas’s wedding.

Back at Sami’s apartment:

Sami again mentions that if Mimi, Kate of John messes with her happiness, that she won’t rest until they’ve been destroyed. The screen splits, to show Sami and Kate.

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