Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/19/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/19/05



Written By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Bonnie is on the couch with Max the dog watching a movie. She likens herself to the heroine, but states that she’s tougher and more glamorous and ALWAYS gets her man. At that moment Maggie walks in, grabs the remote out of her hands and turns off the TV. She tells Bonnie that the house isn’t big enough for the both of them and tells “Bon-Bon” to start packing her bags.

Sami is eavesdropping on Jan and Mimi up on the roof. Jan threatens Mimi that she will tell Rex about the abortion if she doesn’t stop trying to put Shawn and Belle back together. Sami is shocked and thinks to herself that she wouldn’t want to be Mimi when Rex does find out. Mimi tells Jan that she wouldn’t dare tell Rex because that’s her power over Mimi, but Jan disagrees. Jan goes to tell Rex, but Mimi stops her and gives her a hard slap across the face. She tries to reason with Jan that it was the hardest choice she had to make, but she did it for Rex. Jan doesn’t buy it and asks what about Rex’s choice. Mimi threatens Jan that if she spills her secret she’ll get way more than a slap on the face.

Rex and Shawn come back in from the roof. Shawn is telling Rex to leave him alone, but Rex responds by saying not till he leaves Belle & Phillip alone. Rex reminds him that Belle and Phillip are married now and she’s made her choice. Shawn tells him that she made the biggest mistake because she’s not in love with Phillip; she’s in love with him. And sooner or later she’s going to have to admit that she married the wrong man. Belle & Phillip overhear this and Phillip wants to go out there and set Shawn straight. Belle tries to stop him by saying she married him so it doesn’t matter what Shawn thinks. Phillip is convinced that the only way Shawn will leave them alone is if he hears who Belle really loves. He drags Belle to the hallway and asks Belle to tell Rex and Shawn who she’s really in love with.

Brady is on the phone with Kate asking her if John is really going to be okay. Nicole is standing in the background and flashes back to the fight she had with Brady earlier. She tells herself that the one time she tries to honestly help someone and look what happens. She goes to hang up her coat in the closet (where Chloe is hiding out) and Brady stops her. He apologizes for not believing her about John because according to Kate, he is addicted to drugs. Nicole turns back to hang up her coat, sees Chloe and faints. Brady catches her and tries to wake her up. Chloe steps out of the closet a little and reaches out towards Brady.

Sami thinks over what she just heard about Mimi and realizes that’s why Mimi was so mean to her earlier. Meanwhile, Jan asks Mimi why she should just sit on this juicy information. Mimi reminds Jan that she’s got dirt on her too. Sami is pleased by this and thinks to herself that all her enemies have secrets and she’s about to find them all out. She then makes a comment that this is better than a soap opera. She knows that Jan drugged Shawn already, but wonders what else Mimi could know. Mimi tells Jan that if she takes her down, then Mimi will take Jan down with her – then it’s bye bye Shawn.

Phillip tells Shawn that he asked for this and now he’s going to get it. He turns back to Belle and tells her to tell Shawn who she really loves, because it’s obvious that the wedding didn’t convince Shawn. Belle asks to speak to Phillip alone back inside their apartment. Shawn tells Rex that her taking Phillip away proves that he forced her into the marriage and she still loves him. Rex doesn’t buy it and tells Shawn that all he sees is a sweet girl who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Shawn tells Rex to mind his own business since this only concerns Belle, Phillip and himself. Rex refuses and says that he’s not letting Shawn out of his sight. Phillip apologizes to Belle for putting her on the spot, but is convinced that this is the only way to get through to Shawn. Belle tells him that she doesn’t think it will help the way Phillip thinks it will. Phillip explains that if she doesn’t tell him, then he will continue to stalk her while Phillip is gone “fighting for his country” and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let that happen. He then asks her why she’s reluctant to explain that to Shawn.

Bonnie tells “Mags” that she isn’t going anywhere. After Maggie informs her to not call her “Mags” tells Bonnie that she loves Mickey, that he’s a pillar of the community, a well respected lawyer. She goes on to explain that while she was being held captive on the island the only thing that got her through was the thought of Mickey waiting for her. Bonnie tells her that Mickey did wait for her and that he was a complete mess after she “died”, but after awhile he moved on to her. Bonnie admits that if Maggie hadn’t “died” then Mickey wouldn’t have looked twice at her because he’s a one woman man – and now she’s that one woman. Maggie tells her that she doesn’t have what it takes to keep Mickey interested for the long term. Bonnie just laughs and asks Maggie if she’s noticed the spring in Mickey’s step, then points out that she’s the one who put it there.

Brady picks up Nicole and carries her to the living room as Chloe follows quietly. He puts Nicole on the couch and goes to pour her a drink of water. Nicole comes too and asks “Where is she?” “Is she still in the closet?” Brady is confused about who she’s referring to and asks her who is in the closet. Nicole tells him she saw Chloe and that she’s alive. Brady is shocked and outside the living room Chloe looks nervous.

Belle tells Phillip she can’t take being in the middle anymore and just wishes things would be over with. Phillip reminds her that they are over with, and now Shawn is disrespecting her and her decision to marry Phillip by living in the past. She tells Phillip that she just wants things to feel normal again. He tells her they can’t until Shawn is straightened out. He thinks that Shawn believes that last 6 months didn’t happen, like Jan warped his brain or something. Belle tells him she thinks Shawn’s feelings about that are sincere. Shawn tells Rex that he knows Rex thinks he’s crazy, but he knows something isn’t right about all this. Rex tells Shawn that Belle fell in love with Phillip, but only after Shawn fell for Jan. He reminds Shawn that he’s engaged to Jan and that Jan was crushed when she came up on the roof and saw him there with Belle. Shawn states that he wasn’t trying to hurt Jan, but he can’t remember how they even got together. He knows that he and Jan have always been friends, but he tells Rex that he knows that he and Belle have always been in love. Rex tells him that all he’s doing is hurting Jan, Belle and Phillip. Shawn says he doesn’t care; all he wants is to get Belle alone to ask her one question – what would’ve happened had he gotten to the church before the ceremony started. Phillip asks Belle if she really thinks Shawn’s feelings are sincere, since he doesn’t buy it. He sits Belle down and reminds her of all the things Shawn has pulled over the last 9 months and asks her again if she really thinks he’s being sincere now. She tells him that it’s hard to explain, that he’s changed – he’s not the old Shawn they all used to know. Phillip asks her if it’s really more like he’s not the Shawn she used to love.

Jan and Mimi go back and forth over who’s got the better dirt on the other while Sami continues to eavesdrop. Jan taunts Mimi by saying that since Rex grew up without a family, he will hate her forever for killing their baby. Sami silently gives a hand to Jan for being smooth on that one while Mimi screams at her that that isn’t what happened. Jan says it doesn’t matter – that’s how Rex will see it and that Mimi should stop trying to put them in the same boat together, the dirt Jan has is way more hurtful since Mimi can’t prove Jan kept Shawn prisoner all summer. Mimi gets fed up and tells Jan why don’t they see what happens, that Jan should tell Rex what she knows and she’ll tell Shawn what she knows and then they both can loose big time. Jan looks taken aback, and Sami gives 2 points to Mimi for that move. Mimi suggests that they go a different route and call a truce. Just then Sami’s cell phone rings and as she struggles to answer it, falls over the side of the fire escape. Jan and Mimi hear the noise and are panicked that someone overheard their conversation. Mimi calls out to see who’s there.

Maggie admits that Mickey has changed since being with Bonnie and it will take awhile for her to get him back to the sweet Mickey she once knew. Bonnie taunts her by saying that Mickey needs excitement and fire in his life, that’s what keeps men coming home everyday. Maggie protests and says that Mickey needs peace and quiet and a stable home to come home too. Bonnie just laughs at her trying to act like a prude and goes to get more beer. Alone with Max, Maggie talks to him and says that maybe Bonnie does really love Mickey and that she’s trying to be understanding, since Mickey did think she was dead and would’ve been susceptible to her charms. Then she realizes that Bonnie loves something more and leaves the room thinking she’s found a way to win.

Brady holds up three fingers and asks Nicole how many she sees. Nicole insists that she’s not hallucinating and that she really did see Chloe, and that she fainted from the surprise of it. Brady agrees it would be surprising - since Chloe is dead. They argue back and forth while Chloe remains outside the living room. She stares at herself in the mirror and asks herself why she just doesn’t walk out and let Brady see her. She runs and hides as Brady goes to look in the closet himself at Nicole’s insistence. She tells him that she saw Chloe in there wearing some hood thing. Brady opens the closet door, looks slightly shocked and says “Oh my god”

As Sami struggles to hang on to the side of the fire escape, Mimi and Jan look over the edge of the roof but see nothing. Jan thinks that the cell phone noise came from the street and wonders why Mimi is so freaked out. Mimi reminds her that anyone could’ve heard them talking. She tells Jan that she’s going to go talk to Shawn right now about what Jan did to him. Jan tells her to go ahead, she’ll just deny it anyway and still win. Then she’ll wait to drop the bomb about Mimi to Rex and watch Mimi loose him forever. She walks back inside and Mimi rushes after her. Sami hauls herself back up, glad to know that she now knows Mimi’s secret and will just sit back and wait for a time where it will become useful.

Shawn tells Rex that he knows he thinks he’s crazy but that he knows that Belle still has feelings for him. Rex tries to get him to see that Belle made her choice by exchange vows with Phillip and is wearing his ring. Shawn thinks that she may have married him for the wrong reasons, that people do it all the time – family pressures, money. Rex pipes in because the man that she loved since kindergarten pushed her away. Shawn acknowledges that, but has no memory as to why he did that. He asks Rex if Belle felt nothing for him, why didn’t she tell him to go to hell earlier because it’s obvious that’s what Phillip wanted her to say. Rex warns him that if he keeps pushing this, Phillip could call the police over the fight they had earlier. Shawn states that he doesn’t care, all that matters is Belle’s feelings, and that he has to find out the answer to his question. He heads over to Belle’s apartment.

Belle tells Phillip that the Shawn she saw earlier was the Shawn she used to love. Phillip asks her if that means she still loves him. Shawn walks in and tells Belle that he may not deserve to know her answer, but he needs to know if she still has feelings for him.

Brady tells Nicole that he thought she was going insane, but now he sees what she saw and pulls out a hooded sweatshirt. He explains to Nicole that Chloe used to borrow that sweatshirt from him and wear it all the time. Nicole says that’s not what she saw, but Brady thinks it is because of the hood. Nicole tries to explain that it was a different sort of hood that Chloe was wearing, but admits she didn’t get a real good look at it. Chloe, who is still hiding nearby, tells herself that she used to be brave and tries to urge herself to show Brady that she is still alive. Nicole flashes back to her finding Chloe in the closet and tells Brady that the reason she didn’t get a good look at the hood was because Chloe’s face was all scarred. Brady says that’s impossible and starts to fondly remember every feature of Chloe’s face. He says to himself softly that he’ll never find anyone more beautiful than Chloe. Nicole hears him and rushes out of the room. Brady realizes what he just said and takes off after her apologizing. Chloe looks at herself in the mirror and says she’s no longer that beautiful girl he remembers and he can’t see her like this. She walks out the front door.

Maggie walks back into the living room and makes a heartfelt plea to Bonnie regarding Mickey. She explains that she’s been in love with Mickey and he’s been in love with her since she was young and naïve. He’s her knight in shining armor, and she’s been married to him the longest so she should get first refusal of his heart. She tells Bonnie that she’s sure that there are many men who would find Bonnie’s charms appealing and she would have no problem getting another notch on her belt. Bonnie asks her what if she loves Mickey and wants him just as much as Maggie does. Maggie states that that’s not even possible. Bonnie thinks it over, but says she’s Mickey’s wife and there isn’t anything that will change that. Maggie tells her not so fast and pulls out a check and shows it to Bonnie. Bonnie takes it from her and gasps at the amount.

Mimi comes back into the apartment and asks where Shawn is. Rex tells her that he went back to Belle’s then begins to yell at Mimi for interfering and lying to him about it. Mimi tries to explain that she didn’t think she was lying, she thought she was helping her friends. Rex reminds her that Phillip is her friend too, and this was supposed to be a very romantic night for him before he ships off and she ruined it. He starts in about how he wants to marry Mimi one day and start a family, but they can only do that if they have a strong foundation which means no lying. As he’s giving her this speech, Jan walks in behind him. She pipes in by saying how cute she thinks their children would be, and how lucky Mimi is to have such an understanding man like Rex and she better not ruin it by lying to him anymore. Rex asks her to leave so he and Mimi can continue their discussion in private. Jan does and Mimi rushes into his arms crying.

Bonnie is impressed by the amount of the check and didn’t realize that Maggie was loaded. Maggie explains that she kept some money separate from Mickey’s but she’s willing to give it all up for Bonnie to “get out of Dodge”. Bonnie makes sure she understands what Maggie is offering – the money in exchange for her leaving Mickey. Maggie confirms and Bonnie says no dice – she didn’t realize how much she must be scaring Maggie to have her part with that much money. She’s staying in the race for Mickey and betting on herself to win. Maggie is stunned at this, but Bonnie tells her that maybe love means more than money. Maggie tries to get the check back, but Bonnie holds on to it, saying that she’s going to show Mickey how low down and sneaky his first wife is. She then sics Max on Maggie and he chases her out of the room and up the stairs.

Nicole pours herself a drink and is angry at herself that she brought up Chloe so much to Brady and now that’s all he’ll be thinking about. Brady comes in and says that’s not true, he was too wrapped up in his own feeling of grief to pay attention to Nicole’s feelings. He apologizes for being insensitive. She apologizes too, saying that she let her own insecurities get the best of her and she let Brady see a part of her that people normally don’t see. Brady tells her she doesn’t have to apologize and tells her that he finds her to be very desirable. He then tells her that yes, he used to love Chloe, but she’s dead now and he’s moved on. He explains that he’s grateful to have her and that he’s able to love again. He tells her that she’s the only one for him then pulls her into a kiss. He picks her up and carries her upstairs.

Back at the hospital, Chloe is writing a letter to Brady in her journal explaining how close she was to revealing herself to him tonight but decided against it. She looks up from her journal and tells herself that she’s can’t let him know she’s alive until the doctors reconstruct her face, then she and Brady can be reunited in their love.

Mimi apologizes to Rex and promises to never lie to him again. She asks him to believe in her. Rex takes her face in her hands and asks if she really means that and she tells him she does. He tells her that he knows that she was only trying to do what she thought was best for her 2 best friends. She tells him that he’s such a good person and she wants to be like that too. He tells her that she IS a good person, she just loves her friends so much that sometimes it gets in the way. They make up and Rex tells her that he wants to go check on Phillip to make sure he doesn’t do anything he’ll regret. Alone, Mimi asks herself why she is the only one who can see that Shawn and Belle are destined to be together. She goes to leave just as Sami walks in the door. Mimi starts to yell at her about everything happening tonight with Rex being mad at her and Phillip finding out about Shawn & Belle on the roof were all her fault. Sami threatens her that she should be extra nice to her from now on.

Shawn asks Belle what her answer is as Jan and Rex walk in. Belle and Phillip exchange looks and Phillip moves closer to Shawn. Just then the phone rings and Phillip answers it. He quietly listens for a minute, then pulls the phone away from his ear and turns to Belle and tells her to give Shawn his answer.

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