Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/18/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/18/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

At the Clinic:

Chloe is lying in her hospital bed and Nancy stands next to her. Nancy is worried about Chloe, because she hasn’t eaten. Nancy reminds Chloe that her surgery is the next day (Shouldn’t Chloe not eat before she goes under anesthesia?), but Chloe isn’t hungry. Nancy urges Chloe, once again, to call Brady.

On the pier:

Nicole urges Brady to face the fact that John is addicted to pain killers, but Brady believes that John only took pain killers that day to walk Belle down the aisle. Brady continues to defend his dad, as Nicole tries to get him to face the truth. Brady accuses Nicole that she’s just bashing John. Nicole defends herself, saying that she’s trying to help because Brady’s love has made her a better person.

In John’s Bedroom at the penthouse:

Kate and John are saying goodnight. John kiss Kate’s hand and she turns to leave. She stops to take the syringe and medicine vials out of the waste paper basket. John asks Kate what she’s doing and Kate tells him that she’s going to throw them away downstairs, so that the maid doesn’t see them. John tells her to leave them, and when Kate asks him why, he admits that he may need them later. John grabs the drugs to wrestle them from Kate’s hands, but Kate refuses to let go. She falls backwards and hits her head on the dresser, knocking her out cold. John leans over and calls Kate’s name over and over as he tries to wake her up.

In the hallway of the loft:

Mimi and Sami are arguing. Mimi is upset that Sami told Philip that Belle was on the roof. Sami shouts at Mimi, accusing Mimi of trying to destroy Philip and Belle’s marriage. Hearing Sami yelling, Rex and Jan open the door and ask what’s going on.

On the rooftop:

Shawn is kissing Belle. Belle pushes him away and tells him that she can’t do this. Belle tries to leave, but Shawn stops her and kisses her again. As Belle is telling Shawn to stop, Philip bursts through the door and begins to attack Shawn.

In the hallway of the loft:

Rex asks Mimi what Sami is talking about. Jan chimes in too, wanting an explanation. Mimi claims that she has no idea what Sami is talking about. Sami explains that she came over to visit Belle and that Mimi tried to stop her. She tells Rex and Jan that she saw Philip come out of his apartment, looking for Belle. Sami then tells them that Belle is up on the roof, on a rendevous that Mimi arranged. Rex is mad at Mimi for interfering

On the rooftop of the loft:

Philip and Shawn fight, with Belle shouting at them to stop. When they break apart, Belle rushes over to Philip and cries for them to stop. Belle tries to explain to Philip that Shawn wanted to talk. Philip says that he saw them kissing. Belle says that Shawn just got carried away. Philip wants to call the police. Philip tries to lead Belle away, to call the cops, but Belle stops him.

At the clinic:

Nancy continues to urge Chloe to call Brady (I really need to create macros for all this repetitive stuff). Chloe refuses to do so, but after Nancy’s persistent urging, she agrees to consider it. Chloe then asks Nancy to go get her soup from the cafeteria. Nancy is pleased that Chloe wants to eat and she leaves. Right after she leaves, Chloe jumps out of bed, fully dressed under her hospital gown. She plans to go see Brady.

On the pier:

Brady continues to defend John, as Nicole tries to reason with him. Brady refuses to believe her, claiming that his dad has super human control and is not the type to get addicted to pain killers. Unlike her father, Nicole asks. Nicole then asks Brady why, if he has so much faith in his father, hasn’t Brady listened to his claim that Nicole is no good. Nicole asks Brady if he’s going to leave her after he has fund with her.

At the penthouse:

Kate comes too, and wonders what happened. John picks up the drugs and holds onto them. John apologizes and offers to call an ambulance. Kate says that she’s all right. John apologizes again. Kate tells John that he couldn’t help what he did, because his desperation for the drugs was too overwhelming. John claims that he’ll stop the drugs tomorrow. Kate tells him that it isn’t going to be that easy for him. She relates her past experiences - with Curtis, Billie and Austin. She tells him that drugs can tear a family apart, and she is worried about Belle and Brady losing their father. She urges John to admit that he has a problem.

Kate tells John about how he’ll keep having excuse after excuse for not quitting. She tells him that he’ll wind up doing things he wouldn’t normally do if he continues on the drugs. She warns him that he keeps on this path, nothing will matter other than the drugs, not even his kids. She tells him to do it for his kids . . . and then to do it for Marlena. John mentions how he couldn’t save Marlena. Kate tells him that no one could save Marlena or Roman or Cassie. She tells him that if Marlena could see him now, she would be devastated.

John picks up a picture of him and Marlena and asks her to help him. Kate goes over to him and tells him that she’s not Marlena, but she’ll try to help him. Kate takes the drugs from John’s hands. They both have tears in their eyes. Kate tells John that he’ll be okay and that she wants to call Lexie. John tells her that she can’t.

At the Pier:

Brady says that what is happening to John has nothing to do with their relationship. Nicole claims that both John and Brady are in denial, and that Brady is an enabler. Angry with her for that accusation, Brady harshly tells Nicole that she doesn’t have faith in people. Nicole tells Brady that he and his father think alike, after all. Nicole starts to cry that no matter how hard she tries to change that it will never be enough and that Brady will always love Chloe.

At the Kiriakis mansion:

Chloe is at the front door. She remembers that it’s Tuesday, Henderson’ night off (I thought it was still New Year’s Eve). She takes out a hidden key and lets herself in. She goes into the living room and picks up a picture of Brady.

In the hallway:

Rex is mad at Mimi for lying and interfering. Mimi starts to explain, but Rex cuts her off. Rex goes up to the roof to check on Philip. When Rex leaves, Jan goes over to Mimi and pulls her hair, threatening her. Sami looks on, in either surprise or admiration (or both).

On the roof;

Philip is pleading with Belle, asking her whether she wants Shawn out of their lives. When Shawn claims that Belle might be having second thoughts, Philip lunges at Shawn to attack him again. Rex comes in and breaks them apart, telling Philip to calm down. Rex tells Shawn to leave, but Shawn says that he wants some answers. He wants to know if had gotten to the wedding on time, would Belle have called it off.

At the clinic:

Nancy brings back a tray of food, but sees that Chloe is missing.

At the Kiriakis mansion:

Chloe talks to Brady’s picture, telling it that she needs to tell him that she’s alive. She imagines Brady coming downstairs (without shirt, of course), to see her.

On the Pier:

Brady tells Nicole that he’s not comparing her to Chloe.

In John’s bedroom:

Kate wants to know why John doesn’t want to call Lexie. She figures out that John is the one who stole the drugs from the hospital. John says that he doesn’t want to go public with this yet, that he doesn’t want to embarrass his family or Basic Black. He says that he has a better idea.

In the hallway of the loft:

Jan continues to yank on Mimi’s hair as Mimi cries out. Finally letting go, Jan tells Mimi that she has pushed her too far, but Mimi says that she did the right thing. Jan tells Mimi that she’ll deal with her later, as she exits to go up on the roof, leaving Sami and Mimi alone. Sami teases Mimi, asking her what was going on between the two of them, but Mimi tells Sami to butt out. Sami wonders what secret Mimi is hiding.

On the roof:

Shawn wants to know whether Belle would have called off the wedding. Philip lunges at Shawn again to attack him, but Rex breaks them apart. Shawn taunts Philip that he can’t handle the truth. Mimi arrives on the roof, and Belle pulls her aside to ask Mimi how Philip found out that they were up there. Sami arrives on the roof and horrified at what Belle is wearing, puts her own coat around Belle. Belle figures out that Sami is the one who told Philip she was on the roof and Belle is upset at Sami. Philip want to talk to Belle downstairs, but Shawn doesn’t want her to go. Belle takes off Sami’s jacket and shoves it back to Sami as she goes downstairs with Philip. Jan wants to take Shawn home, but Shawn shrugs her off. Jan starts to follow Shawn, but Rex stops her, telling her that that isn’t a good idea. Jan is worried that Shawn and Philip will start fighting again, so Rex goes down to make sure they won’t. Jan threatens Mimi again, as Sami, now hiding behind the wall, listens in.

In John’s bedroom:

Kate still wants to call Lexie. She asks John if this is just another ruse, and that he doesn’t want to get help after all. John explains that he just can’t get help from Lexie, and he suggests the ISA instead. Kate doesn’t like that idea, because that’s where John got the drugs. John explains that he coerced the drugs from his ISA contact and that they won’t give him any more drugs. John becomes upset, wondering if everything will be all right. He says that he misses his wife. Kate tells him that she’ll be there for him and hugs him.

At the Clinic:

Nancy finds a note from Chloe that says that she’s gone to tell Brady that she is alive.

At the Kiriakis mansion:

Chloe continues her fantasy of telling Brady about what happened to her. Brady reminds her how he loved her when had leukemia and lost all her hair. They kiss, and Chloe’s scars disappear. They tell each other that they love each other and kiss again. Chloe comes out of her fantasy.

Outside, Nicole is walking ahead of Brady and Brady tells her to hold up. They talk again about John. Nicole tells Brady that she just wants to help him and that she’s sure that if Chloe was telling him this, that he would believe her. Brady wonders why Nicole keeps bringing up Chloe, and, upset, Nicole turns away to open the front door of the mansion.

At the penthouse:

John and Kate are still hugging and Kate pulls back to tell him that she can count on him. John says that the first step is to admit that he has a problem, which he has done, and he thanks her for saving his life. Kate calls Brady to tell him about the breakthrough.

At the Kiriakis mansion:

As Nicole and Brady come through the front door, the phone rings and it’s Kate. Brady answers and Kate tells him that John admitted that he was addicted to pain killers. Brady wants to come back over, but Kate tells him that John is going to get help first thing in the morning and that she’ll help him through the night. After he gets off the phone, Brady apologizes to Nicole and tells her that she was right about John. Nicole turns to put her coat away in the closet and stops short and calls out “Chloe.”

On the rooftop of the loft:

Sami overhears as Jan and Mimi talk about Mimi’s abortion. Sami is pleased to know this secret.

In the hallway of the loft:

Rex and Shawn argue, as Belle and Philip look on as Shawn says that Belle has to admit that she married the wrong guy.

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