Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/17/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/17/05



By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer comes creeping down the stairs in her bathrobe, and is started to see Patrick in the living room. Patrick tells her that he couldn’t sleep until he knew things were right between them again. Jenn lays into him a little about the things he said to Hope and Patrick reiterates that he was just pointing out that Billie wasn’t forcing Bo to go with her by gunpoint. Chelsea creeps to the top of the stairs to eavesdrop. Jennifer admits that she’s still mad at Patrick and tells him that he made a bad situation worse.

Hope is walking up to her front door when all of the sudden she’s struck by a sensation that something bad is about to happen to Bo. She tells herself that if something happens to Bo then there will be only one person to blame…..Billie.

Bo and Billie are tied up in the home that they thought Georgia was at. Billie asks her captors where Georgia is at and they taunt her by saying she’ll never see them. They go to leave and Bo asks them what they plan to do with Billie and him. The captors just laugh and tell Bo to use his imagination. After they’re gone, Bo gets upset with Billie and basically gives her the “I told you so” about this being a trap. They get into a little argument and Billie states that the important thing now is to get out of there.

Mimi walks out into the hallway of her & Belle’s apartment in a mild panic over Rex and Jan discovering Shawn not in his room and Phillip waking up to find Belle missing. Just then Sami comes out of the elevator and begins to walk to Belle’s door. Mimi asks what she’s doing there and Sami explains she’s there to talk to Belle. Mimi tells her she can’t let her do that.

Phillip is in bed and dreaming of the wedding. He murmurs “I love you Belle” and runs his hand alongside her place in bed.

Belle wonders to Shawn that after everything he’s done to her, she doesn’t know why she’s still there. Shawn states that it could be because like him, she feels that there are still some things that need to be worked out. Belle tells him that it doesn’t matter now – that she’s married to Phillip. Shawn asks her to level with him, if he had made it to the church on time would she have called off the wedding?

Marlena and Roman are pacing around their room worried about what happened after the explosion. Marlena is upset that Tony hasn’t turned the monitor back on so they have no way of knowing who’s hurt or ever dead. Roman tries to calm her down the best that he can.

Kate walks into John’s room stating that she forgot her keys and sees a vial of medicine and a needle on his nightstand. John comes out of the bathroom and Kate starts in on him lying to her and Brady and him being an addict. John angrily tells her that he resents her feeling the need to snoop around behind his back and not trusting him. She retorts that she resents him treating her like an idiot. She tells him that the worst part isn’t that he’s lied to her and Brady; it’s that he’s lying to himself.

Patrick is explaining to Jenn that all he was trying to do was to make Hope feel better about Bo being with Billie. That Bo was fired up to go find Georgia and obviously wanted to go. Jenn doesn’t buy it and tells him that she doesn’t understand how he can take Billie’s side all the time. Patrick tries to get her to see things as Billie does – if something happened to Abby, wouldn’t Jennifer do the same thing? Jenn agrees that she would, but would not involve another woman’s husband. Patrick reminds her that Bo is also Georgia’s father and therefore a part of the whole thing. Jenn asks if he’s interested in Billie and Patrick states that he’s in no place to be interested in anyone. Jenn is asking him why that is when the doorbells rings. Chelsea runs back upstairs as Jennifer goes to answer it. It’s Hope who apologizes for bothering her twice in one night, but states that Bo is not coming back to her.

Bo tells Billie that the first priority is getting untied and out of that house. Billie agrees and says the next will be finding Georgia and bringing her home. Bo states that Georgia isn’t there, but Billie knows that she was – she can feel her. Even if she was, Bo tells her that the minutes they knocked on the door, the “goons” moved her out of there. Billie tells him that they have to get untied, find the captors and make them tell them where Georgia is. Bo doesn’t think it will be that easy, but they struggled to free themselves.

John tells Kate that for the last time those drugs were prescribed to him by the doctor from the ISA so that he could walk his daughter down the aisle. He reminds her that Brady called the doctor and got it confirmed. Kate knows that’s true, but tells him that the vial is pretty empty so he’s obviously been taking the drugs longer than just today. John gets very defensive and tells her that vial has to do with the investigation that Lexie has asked him to conduct. Kate gently tells him that she and Brady really want to believe him, but so many things don’t add up. John gets very angry and orders her to leave but Kate stands her ground, angrily stating that she’s not going anywhere.

Sami asks Mimi why she can’t go in to see Belle. Mimi covers and tells her that’s it’s her wedding night and she should try to be more sensitive Sami states that she is trying and that’s why she’s there – she wants to apologize to Belle for the way she’s been acting over the last couple of weeks about Belle getting married before she married Lucas. Mimi mutters under her breathe “Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen”, but again covers when Sami asks what she just said. Sami states that she’s there to wish Belle luck on her marriage to Phillip, which is looks like she’ll need after what her “psycho ex-boyfriend” tried to do. Mimi defends Shawn saying he did what he did because he still loves Belle. Sami states that he’s got a funny way of showing it since he almost killed her, Phillip and most of the guests.

Shawn again asks Belle if she would’ve called off the wedding had he made it there on time. Belle tries to evade answering him by saying none of it matters now that she’s married Phillip and that she should be in bed next to him instead of on the roof with Shawn. Shawn replies that she keeps saying she wants to leave but is still there. He pleads with her to answer his questions: Why did she leave him a message? Why did she want him to call her back? And who picked up the phone when he did try to call? Belle says she doesn’t know and tries to duck answering him again, but he persists. Belle finally tells him that no it would not have changed anything had he gotten to her, but Shawn doesn’t believe it. Belle asks him why he keeps pressuring her and he tells her that it’s too important to let it go. He asks her to be honest, would she have not married Phillip had he gotten through to her?

Billie and Bo are still struggling to get untied. Bo comments that their captors really knew what they were doing since they took their wallets, keys and cell phones. Billie tries to reassure him that they will get out of there. Bo states that that isn’t what he’s worried about, he’s been in more dire circumstances before and gotten out of it. She asks him what he’s worried about then and he tells her that it’s Hope – she’s going to go ballistic when he doesn’t come home like he promised.

Jenn tries to calm Hope down and asks what happened. Hope reminds Jennifer of the connection that she and Bo have, and it’s that connection that is telling her something happened to Bo. She tells Jenn and Patrick that she called the Basic Black pilot and he told her that Bo had called him an hour ago to have the plane ready but he hasn’t seen or heard from Bo or Billie since. Patrick is concerned and states that that doesn’t sound good. Hope asks Jenn to watch Zack until she returns. Concerned Jennifer asks her where she’s going, and Hope tells them that she’s going to Europe.

Roman asks Marlena to stop looking at the worst in everything, that they just saw Belle marry Phillip so they have to believe that Belle is over Shawn and loves Phillip. Roman states what he can’t believe is what Shawn did. Marlena reminds him that people do crazy things when they’re in love. She then tells Roman that she believes that some people are meant to be together like Belle and Shawn, Hope and Bo and her and John. She tells Roman that she feels bad that she was the reason the Shawn and Belle broke up, that Belle had to lie to him about her. Roman reminds her that it wasn’t her fault; it was all the DiMera’s doing. They start talking about people coming apart and coming together and Marlena shares with Roman that if they don’t get home soon that they are in danger of loosing everything – even the loves of their lives.

John spits out to Kate that NO ONE talks to him like that and asks what she thinks she’s doing in his wife’s bedroom. He asks her if she thinks Marlena would ever accuse him of lying to her. Kate shoots back that since he’s bringing her name up, then she thinks Marlena would be devastated to see what John has become. He accuses her of believing Nicole over him and orders her out. Kate responds by saying if he wants her to believe in him there is one simple thing he can do. She walks over to the nightstand and picks up the vial and the needle. She tells him that all he has to prove that he’s not addicted is let her throw it away.

Mimi tells Sami that Shawn was not intending to hurt or kill anyone when he drove his motorcycle through the window. Sami sarcastically states that he was probably just practicing his Evil Kenevil act. Mimi tries to distract Sami further by stating that she should just leave since the only reason she’s there is because Lucas talked her into coming. Sami protests and says that while her and Lucas did discuss it, she decided that her jealousy got in the way and she would be happier if she could put all that aside and be happy for Belle. Mimi states that it’s a great idea, but reminds Sami that it’s Belle’s wedding night which Sami replies slyly that she knows that and she also knows that Belle will be awake. Phillip comes out and asks Sami what she’s doing there and Sami explains. Phillip tells her that she can’t talk to Belle right now because Belle isn’t there, and then asks both of the girls if they know where she went. Sami looks over to Mimi.

Belle gets upset with Shawn and tells him that all these “What if” questions no longer matter and she wants him to be happy and move on with his life and let her move on with hers. Shawn states that it doesn’t matter and it’s not fair to either of them. He tells her to answer this one last question and he’ll go – What does she think would’ve happened had he gotten to her before the ceremony began? She tells him that nothing would’ve happened; she still would’ve married Phillip. Shawn gives her a small smile and tells her that he doesn’t believe her.

Billie is laughing at Bo because here they are all bound up with Tony’s goons ready to carve them up like a Christmas turkey and all Bo can think about it “Ohhh Hope’s gonna be mad!” Bo shoots back that being in the situation that they’re in is NOTHING compared to Hope on a rampage. He then stops himself and says “Unless…” and Billie asks him “Unless what?” and he states unless Hope decides to come looking for him herself.

Jennifer tries to get Hope to stop and think about what she’s doing, but Hope is adamant about leaving. Jennifer suggests that Hope call the ISA, but Hope protests saying that she can’t tell them that she’s just got a “feeling” something is wrong and besides, Billie wasn’t on an official assignment anyway. Hope makes Jennifer promise to watch Zack and try to be there for Shawn, and Jenn assures her that the boys will be taken care of. Patrick pipes in with a warning that she could be walking right into danger, but Hope doesn’t care. Patrick tells her that he’s going with her for the same reason Bo went with Billie. Chelsea (who is still eavesdropping from the stairs) is shocked. Hope tries to protest, but Patrick won’t listen. She gives him 5 minutes to pack. While he’s gone, Jenn asks Hope if she knows what she’s doing and Hope tells her that Bo’s in danger and she may be the only one who can save him.

John agrees to let Kate throw out the medicine as a sign that he’s not addicted to it. Kate asks him if he’s sure and he says he is – he wants to prove to her that he’s okay. Kate tosses it out and walks over to him saying she wants to help him - that he has no idea how much she wants too. At that moment the camera focuses on the clock that John got for Christmas with the hidden camera in it. We then go to Roman & Marlena’s room where Roman notices the TV is back on. Roman and Marlena watch as John and Kate rub each others arms as they apologize for their behavior. Kate acknowledges that John wanted to walk Belle down the aisle and he was able to. Marlena whispers that to please tells her that everything turned out okay. John and Kate start discussing what Shawn did and how relieved they are that no one got hurt and now Phillip and Belle are celebrating their wedding night. Marlena starts to cry in relief. John and Kate talk about how they both wish Roman and Marlena could’ve been there to celebrate. Kate tells John that they both can be grateful that they have each other. The TV goes out just as John takes Kate in his arms and tells her that he doesn’t know what he would do without her. Roman and Marlena are visibly upset.

Mimi tells Phillip that Belle probably stepped out to get something, but Sami asks “On her wedding night?” Mimi then says that maybe she went out to get some air since getting married can be overwhelming. Sami again chimes in that if she wanted air she could’ve gone out on the balcony. Sami then realizes that Belle is probably on the roof with Shawn since that was their special place. Phillip is enraged and asks Mimi if that’s where Belle is. Mimi doesn’t answer him, so he takes off to the roof saying that he’s going to finish it once and for all. Mimi walks up to Sami and asks her what the hells the matter with her.

Belle tells Shawn that he’s wrong, nothing would’ve been different had he made it on time. Shawn asks her if she’s sure about that, because he thinks that things would’ve turned out differently. He tells her that he would’ve taken her hand, as he takes her hand in his, and she would’ve been reminded of all the promises they made and all the things they had to look forward too and how nothing or no one would’ve been able to come between them. Belle is deeply affected by all this, but pulls her hand back and turns from him asking him to stop. He turns her gently back to facing him, takes her hand again and places it over his heart. He tells her that she would’ve felt his heart racing like it is right now. She pulls it away and tells him that it wouldn’t have been like that, and he quickly responds that it would’ve been exactly like that. Then he pulls her into a deep kiss.

Mimi tears into Sami about opening her mouth about Belle and Shawn being on the rood together and accuses her of trying to cause trouble. Sami shoots back that she’s not clairvoyant and had no idea they’d be up there. She then states that Shawn is no good for Belle because he broke her heart. Mimi tells her that Shawn and Belle love each other. Sami accuses her of wanting Belle’s marriage to be ruined, and reminds Mimi that she’s SUPPOSED to be Belle’s best friend.

Belle and Shawn are still kissing, but Belle suddenly pulls away and tearfully asks Shawn to stop it, she’s married to Phillip. Shawn quickly pulls her back into a kiss saying that the marriage was a mistake. Belle pulls back again and starts to walk to the door, pleading with him to stop saying that and that she’s married. Shawn rushes to her and pulls her back into a kiss. She pushes him away just as Phillip comes out to the roof, clearly angry.

Jennifer walks Patrick and Hope to the doors, making them promise to call her and to be careful. She hugs them both and closes the door and spots Chelsea at the top of the stairs. Chelsea covers by saying she’s got insomnia and wanted to get something to drink but didn’t want to interrupt the “heavy” conversation that was going on. Jenn admits it was pretty heavy, but just prays that Hope and Patrick find Bo and Billie and they all come home safe. Chelsea asks if Jennifer thinks that Hope might have a thing for Patrick. Jenn is surprised she asked that, but confirms that Hope doesn’t want anyone but Bo and anytime anyone tries to come between them, it only makes Bo & Hope’s relationship stronger. Chelsea thinks to herself that she doesn’t care about all that – she was just making sure that she didn’t have more competition for Patrick.

Outside, Patrick asks Hope if this ‘connection’ with Bo is real. Hope says that it is and that Patrick saw it for himself on the island and it’s never wrong. He asks her what type of trouble is Bo in – physical or emotional. Hope states that given the fact that Billie is with him it could be both.

Billie asks Bo if he really thinks Hope will coming to looking for him. Bo says that he wouldn't be surprised if she’s on a plane right now. Billie thinks it’s a good thing since if they can’t get out of the ropes they’ll need her help or someone’s help. Bo thinks it will complicate things more if she does come. Bo tells Billie that the next time he tells her to leave a situation, she should just listen to him. She agrees and hopes that there will be a next time.

Marlena is relieved that Belle is okay. She thinks that John looked pale, like he was in pain. Roman states that he was able to walk Belle down the aisle and Kate is there for him. He reminds Marlena that John and Kate are living together now. Marlena acknowledges that and says that if they don’t get back home, they might loose more than they want. Roman tries to cheer her up by saying that they can’t think about what they’ve lost, but be grateful for what they have – starting with each other. Marlena agrees and they get lost in a kiss.

John tells Kate that he’s tired and she agrees that they should get some rest. He kisses her hand and she goes to leave, but first she stops at the trashcan and picks up the needle and the vial. John asks her what she’s doing and she tells him she’s taking it downstairs to throw out so the maid doesn’t see it. John tells her to just leave it and she asks him why. John finally admits to needing it to get through the night. Kate implores him to go without it, that he promised her that he doesn’t need it. He starts to get angry and grabs her hand, demanding that she just give him the drugs. They struggle with it for a bit and he finally wrestles it from her grasp, but not before sending her falling to the ground where she hits her head on the dresser.

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