Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/14/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/14/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

On the roof of the loft:

Shawn and Belle continue their conversation from yesterday. Belle is dressed in her nightgown and robe. Belle tells Shawn that she had always dreamed that she would be married to Shawn, not Philip. Shawn asks Belle whether she loves him (Shawn) and Belle tells him that she doesn’t, that she loves Philip. Shawn tells Belle that he doesn’t believe her.

At Hope’s House:

Julie is alone and she picks up a jack-in-the-box from the coffee table. She plays it and out pops a puppet that looks like Bonnie. Julie wigs out and twists the puppet and tears the head off of it. Meanwhile, outside, at the front door, Hope pauses before she goes in. She flashes back to her earlier conversation with Patrick, where Patrick tells her that Bo went to Europe with Billie by his own choice. Back to reality, Hope goes inside and tells Julie that Bo left the country.

At the house of the Lemarcs in Remote Europe:

Bo and Billie arrive at the house where they believe Georgia’s adoptive parents live. Billie believes that her daughter is inside. Billie thanks Bo for coming with her instead of going home right away. They think they’ll be able to go back home in an hour, maybe even with Georgia. Before they ring the bell, Bo makes Billie promise to keep her cool. They ring the doorbell. A man dressed in drag (okay, I’m supposed to write it’s a woman, but it’s so obviously a guy in drag that I can’t possibly write that it’s a woman) opens the door.

In John’s Bedroom in the Penthouse:

John, Kate, Brady and Nicole are gathered around John’s bed. John tells them that he’s touched that they care about him, but that he is not addicted to drugs. He apologizes to them again for lashing out at them downstairs. Brady and Kate accept his apology. Kate hugs John after accepting his apology. However, Nicole doesn’t buy what John is saying and chastises Brady and Kate for believing him. Brady and Kate plan to leave, the latter to pick up some things from her place. However, Nicole wants to stay and continue the intervention. She tells Brady that she’s not ready to leave. She believes that John is lying to them and that, if they leave, John will take more drugs. Brady and Kate are disbelieving.

Back to the Loft’s Rooftop:

Belle and Shawn continue to argue. Belle tells Shawn that she wouldn’t have married Philip if she didn’t love him. Shawn is adamant that she really loves him, instead. Belle yells at Shawn that when she needed him, he was gone. They rehash their fight about Belle giving her mother a false alibi. They also fight again about how soon they each got involved with other people.

Back at the Penthouse:

John accuses Nicole of having an active imagination. Nicole tells him that he can’t con her. Nicole warns Brady that if they leave, they’ll be hurting John more. Brady and Kate defend John, claiming that John is an honest man who would not lie. Nicole tells them they are fools for believing him and that they are enabling him.

Back In Hope’s Living Room:

Julie bashes Billie, claiming that she is trying to steal Hope’s husband. Hope notices that the jack-in-the-box is broken and Julie explains that she twisted the head off of it. Hope tells Julie that Zack loved that toy. Julie offers to buy Zack a new one. They talk more about Billie, as Julie continues to criticize her.

At the Lemarc House in Remote Europe:

Bo and Billie do not realize that the person answering the door is a man in drag. Bo asks him/her if she/he speaks English. He/she does and Bo explains that they are an ISA agent and a police officer and that they have questions about an American girl that they adopted, for Homeland Security purposes. They learn that the daughter is 15-years-old. A man comes to the door and the “woman” explains to the man that Bo and Billie are there with questions about “Georgia.” Billie reacts to hearing the name Georgia. The German couple invites Bo and Billie to come in and they accept. Billie sees a picture of a 15-year-old brunette girl (she looks a lot like Chelsea), and Billie asks if that is “our girl.”

Back on the Rooftop:

Shawn accuses Philip of stealing his best friend’s girlfriend, but Belle defends Philip. Belle says that she and Philip didn’t get involved until after Shawn broke up with her. Shawn claims that he didn’t break up with Belle, that he needed time to think. Belle mentions the purity ring. She is upset that Shawn had Jan return the purity ring to her. Shawn claims that he never returned the ring.

Back in John’s Room at the Penthouse:

John says that he’s not lying and that he took the painkillers so he could walk Belle down the aisle. Kate thinks that was caring thing to do. However, Nicole wants to know why he’s still taking them now. John claims that he overextended himself and needed one last dose. Brady asks that John give him the rest of John’s medication. Nicole tells John that he can’t fool her because she doesn’t have a connection to him, unlike Brady and Kate. John begins to feel pain, and he sits on the bed. Nicole tells them that it would be easy for her to not be involved, and Kate demands to know why she doesn’t stay out of it. Nicole says that she cares too much about Brady. Brady asks John for the contact number for the physician who prescribed the pain killers to John.

At Bo and Hope’s House:

Hope and Julie talk about whether Bo went to Europe out of free will. Hope claims that Patrick made her realize the truth, but Julie is distrustful of Patrick, because he’s Bonnie’s son. Hope defends Billie, saying that she is only focused on finding Georgia. She says that Bo went because he still loves Billie and wants to protect her, and that’s classic Bo Brady.

At the Lemarc house in remote Europe:

The man questions Billie as to what she meant by the phrase “our girl.” Bo covers, explaining that Billie meant whether that was the young lady they were looking for and that the phrase “our girl” is an American idiom. Bo asks about the name Georgia. The “woman” explains that it was the name on the birth certificate and that she was three-years-olds when they got her, so they did not change her name. Billie asks if they can see her, but she is told that Georgia is not home yet. The couple offers them tea and to let them wait. Billie and Bo agree and sit. They talk about Georgia’s background and the “woman” mentions that Georgia’s mother was a drug-addicted prostitute.

Back at the Penthouse:

Brady is on the phone with the ISA doctor and the doctor confirms that he prescribed the medicine for John, but that there will be no refills. After he gets off the phone, Brady apologizes to John for not having trusted him. Feeling vindicated, John tells them that he wants to take a shower and go to sleep. Brady gets ready to leave, but Nicole is not pleased that they’re ending the intervention. She says that she doesn’t believe the doctor because he and John are probably ISA buddies. John claims that the doctor is no friend of his. Brady and Kate claim that they’ve had enough. Brady tells John that he will check in with him later. They leave, as Nicole warns that they’re going to regret leaving at this time.

Alone, Kate begins to apologize to John for not believing him, but John stops her to apologize himself, again, for the things he said to her earlier. They talk about everything that happened that night and Kate curses at Shawn for crashing into the church. John mentions that Philip and Belle are now enjoying their wedding night. Kate begins to worry about Philip being shipped overseas. John assures her that Philip will be fine. Kate tells John that she’s supposed to be comforting him and John tells her that she is. John reminds her that she needs to go and get some things. Kate kisses John on the forehead before she leaves. Alone, John winces as the pain returns. He hobbles over to the dresser and, with shaking hands, takes out another vial of medicine.


Belle and Shawn continue to fight over whether Shawn gave back the purity ring. Shawn doesn’t remember anything of it and can’t offer any explanations. They fight about Jan. Shawn says he remembers making love to Jan, but he doesn’t remember why he chose Jan over Belle. Shawn brings up the carving of their initials in the door. Shawn is upset because he doesn’t know why they broke up. He pleads with Belle to help him figure out what happened with his memory. Belle says that she can’t. Belle turns to leave, but Shawn stops her. Belle says that Philip is downstairs, sleeping, and that he would be hurt if he knew she was up there with Shawn. Belle leaves, as Shawn shouts after her.

In Hope’s Living Room:

Julie continues her criticism of Billie. Hope explains that she thinks that Bo is feeling guilty for abandoning Billie when Hope came back from the dead. They talk about what happened in the past, about Hope coming home just as Bo and Billie were to be married. Hope gets upset and changes the subject to Mickey, and his having to choose between Bonnie and Maggie.

At the house in Remote Europe:

Billie starts to get visibly upset, as she wants to know why they think that Georgia's mother was a prostitute. As the “woman” goes into more details, Billie gets defensive and starts to talk about what Georgia’s mother was like. As the man says that it sounds like Billie knows Georgia’s mother, Billies becomes so excitable that she exclaims that she is Georgia’s mother.

On the Loft’s Rooftop:

Belle starts to return to her apartment, but stops when she hears Shawn calling out her name. She returns to the roof and agrees to help Shawn regain his memory.

In Hope’s Living Room:

Julie tells Hope that Bo did not make the wrong choice in choosing her. Hope is grateful at Julie telling her that. Hope is hopeful that Bo is on the plane now. Hope tells Julie that if Bo is coming home now that it’ll prove that he loves her more than Billie.

At the Lemarc House in Remote Europe:

Billie demands to be taken to Georgia right now. The couple laugh and the “woman” pulls out gun and takes off his wig. Then, it flashes to Bo and Billie being tied up, sitting back to back in high back chairs. Billie asks if portrait is really Georgia. It is, she is told and Georgia is still alive. Bo asks if Dimera is behind this.

On the Pier:

Nicole urges Brady to go back to the penthouse. Brady believes that his father is fine. Nicole points out all the signs showing that John is addicted, but Brady goes through the litany of all the things that John has gone through in the past year. Nicole continues to try to convince Brady to go back, and to try to catch John red-handed.

In John’s Room at the Penthouse:

Kate comes back in, calling out to John that she forget her keys. She stops when she sees two vials and a syringe on a night stand. John then emerges from the bathroom and locks eyes with Kate.

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