Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/13/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/13/05



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Jennifer is trying to comfort Hope with talking about Bo coming back home. Patrick again pipes in with the fact that it’s all not Billie’s fault. Jennifer and Hope tell Patrick that he doesn’t know Billie like they do. Hope describes when Billie was pregnant, thought it was stillborn, still pretended she was pregnant just she could blame Hope and get Bo away from her. Patrick doesn’t care about the past, all he knows is that Billie has lost 16 years of her daughter’s life and had to go. He turns it around on Hope and asks her what she would do in Billie’s place. Hope states she would never rush off like the without a plan because she could be putting Georgia’s life in more danger. Patrick again sticks up for her by saying that Hope is blaming the wrong person.

Mimi is struggling with Jan, trying to keep her from going to check on Shawn. Jan demands to know why she can’t go in his room and Mimi flashes on her talk with Shawn about getting Belle to go to the roof, then to telling Belle that Shawn is waiting for her on the roof. She tells Jan that she just can’t go in there. Jan tells her that she’s his fiancée and she has every right too. Rex comes out to see what they are yelling at each other for, to which Jan replies that Mimi won’t let her go check on Shawn. Mimi relents and tells Jan that she can go check on him, but she guarantees if she does then Shawn will break up with her.

Up on the roof, Shawn thanks Belle for coming up to see him and asks her how she’s doing. Belle tells him that she’s alright, but then changes her mind about seeing him. She tells him it was a mistake to come up there and turns to leave. Shawn stops her by asking if they could talk about them.

Brady is holding the empty vial in his hands and flashes back to the argument they just had with John. Kate and Nicole come back in and hand him some coffee. They all sit around and discuss what to do next. Brady apologizes for the way John spoke to Kate & Nicole, but Nicole and Kate tell him that they both know that’s not really John. Kate still suggests that they call Lexie and get some opinions on how to help. Nicole disagrees and says all that will do is delay the intervention and make it public. Brady wonders how they will get John to come back downstairs and Nicole states that they will have to go to him. Up in his bedroom, John is struggling with himself over whether or not to take the shot. He looks at the vial and states he has enough to get him through the night. Before he can do anything, Brady, Nicole and Kate knock on his bedroom door.

Hope demands to know why Patrick keeps defending Billie and Jennifer tells him that this isn’t something Hope needs to hear right now. Patrick thinks it is, he tells Hope that the picture she painted of Billie to him while they were on the island hasn’t been proven true. He also reminds her how many times Billie has laid her life on the line for others, including Hope. Patrick states that right now, Bo is the furthest thing on Billie’s mind. Hope agrees and says that she doesn’t think that Billie is sitting around plotting how to get Bo back right now, but no matter how much she says she has changed, she just hasn’t and will always want Bo. Patrick asks her if she trusts Bo, because if she does then Billie’s feelings for him shouldn’t matter, but if she doesn’t then she can’t really blame Billie.

Brady is pounding on John’s bedroom door pleading with him to be let in. John, who is loading up the syringe, yells back that he told them to get out. Nicole encourages Brady to keep trying, that John hasn’t shot up yet since you can still hear the rage in his voice. Brady continues to pound on the door and tells John that he has always been there for Brady, but now it’s his turn to be there for John. John snaps that he doesn’t need his help. Kate asks Brady if he knows where the key to the door is, but Brady has no idea where to look. Brady asks Kate and Nicole to move and he kicks in the door. They all walk in to find John with the needle in his leg and obvious relief from the pain on his face. They are all shocked and Brady asks John what the hell has he done?

Jan demands to know why she can’t go see Shawn. Mimi tells her that right now Shawn isn’t in the state of mind to see her, Jan or even his mom. Rex gets worried about Shawn and thinks that he may drink again, climb out on the fire escape and try to go back to Belle’s to find out why she called him. Mimi states that there is no way that Shawn would interrupt their wedding night, but Rex reminds her that even after Phillip punched him, he continued to bang on the door calling for Belle. Jan gets worried and thinks that he may drink again, just like before he went to the church. Mimi jumps all over her and reminds Jan that SHE was the one who gave Shawn liquor before. Jan flashes back to her trying to erase Belle’s phone message before Shawn could hear it, then snaps at Mimi. Rex says that Mimi was with Belle in the bride’s room before the ceremony and asks why Belle called Shawn. Jan wants to know what or WHO possessed Belle to make that call.

Belle tells Shawn that they have nothing to talk about anymore. Shawn asks her then why did she come to the roof. Belle replies that she came to tell him that he ruined what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Shawn tells her that the happiest day of her life was when she was supposed to marry him. Belle shoots back that things change and people change and now she loves Phillip. She then yells at him for crashing through the window, that he could’ve hurt himself or her. Shawn states that he never meant to hurt her, but she yells at him that all he’s done for the past 9 months is hurt her and goes to leave. Shawn quickly apologizes and says that if he could take it all back he would. Belle stops and states that he’s right, what’s done is done, she loves Phillip now and if Shawn is apologizing, then she accepts his apology. Shawn looks hopefully at her and asks if she forgives him.

Hope yells at Patrick that he has no idea the kind of trouble Billie has caused in the past and tells him about the last time she was in town and almost got her and Zack killed. She then tells him that her and Bo offered to get a P.I. to help with the investigation and even offered to help pay for it, but Billie just wanted Bo. She doesn’t see how giving Billie the benefit of the doubt will help her accept this. Jennifer pipes in saying that Patrick hasn’t known Billie long, but they have – they know everything Billie has ever tried to pull. That she lied to them about waiting to find Georgia, but then sneaked off while everyone was at the wedding. Hope chimes in that Bo was too sick to go to the wedding, but okay enough to hop a plane. Patrick gets mad and suggests they listen to what they’re saying. He reminds both of them that Billie did not force Bo to go with her at gunpoint. He comments that Hope is letting Bo off the hook every chance she gets and points out that Bo chose to leave with Billie.

Nicole tells John to not bother to hide it, they caught him red handed. John acknowledges that he was shooting up with medication. Brady holds up the vial and asks where he got the drugs since he knows Lexie didn’t prescribe them. John flashes back to getting them from his friend in the ISA. He tells them that since Lexie was being too conservative with her prescriptions, he had to get a 2nd opinion. Nicole comments that he stole the drugs from the hospital and John flashes back to breaking into the medicine cart. John tells them that Lexie would never ask him to handle the investigation if she thought he was addicted. Brady asks for the name and number of the doctor so he can check up with them, but John states that he can’t do that. Brady tells John that if he were to believe his story, then why didn’t he tell Lexie that he got pain medication from another doctor since Lexie thinks he’s toughing it out with just aspirin. Brady then asks him why he stopped the aspirin and switched to something stronger. John asks him to ask Kate why that is.

Jan asks Mimi if she’s the reason Belle called Shawn and Mimi flashes back to when she encourage Belle to do so right before the wedding. Mimi covers by saying she doesn’t know every little move Belle makes. Rex agrees and says that weddings to make people emotional and maybe she called Shawn to get closure. Jan disagrees and says there is something there that they don’t know. Rex tells them to work it out and leaves to change his clothes. Jan slaps Mimi and calls her a lying little B****. Mimi demands to know what that was for and Jan replies that it was for having Belle call Shawn. Mimi protests, but Jan tells her that she overheard Mimi tells Shawn that she was the one who told Belle to call him to try to sort things out. Jan asks her when she’s going to give up on the idea of Shawn and Belle and Mimi says never. Jan tells her then she better be ready to deal with how she’s going to keep Rex once he finds out about the abortion. Mimi threatens her not to say anything, but Jan taunts her by asking what she’s going to do – tell Shawn she kept him locked in a cage all summer. Mimi says she could, but Jan just laughs it off saying she has no proof and no one will believe her. Jan tells her that she thought she had a hard time when she gave up her baby, but wait until Rex hears about the abortion – he will be so shocked. Rex comes out at that moment and asks “What’s this about an abortion?”

Belle tells Shawn that she can accept his apology and is even glad that he apologizes, but she can never forgive him for the things he’s said to her. Shawn tells her that he understands and takes off his jacket to give it to her. Belle declines and turns to leave telling him she doesn’t want Phillip to wake up and find her gone. Shawn stops her by saying she never answered his question. She starts to say that she did, but he walks up behind her, puts the jacket over her shoulders and tells her not that question, the one he asked her at the hospital – why did she call him before the wedding. He tells her that Mimi kind of explained it to him, but he wants to hear it from Belle.

Hope tells Patrick that he’s wrong, Bo would never go to Europe on a whim, and then she stops herself and says unless he thought Billie would be in danger. Patrick states that is his point – Bo left because he was concerned about Billie. Hope flashes back to the last time Billie came to town and she and Bo had a heart to heart talk about his feelings for her. She tells Patrick that he’s right; Bo did choose to go with Billie. She then states that she needs to go home and work it out with Bo, who better be home tonight. Patrick apologizes for upsetting her, and Hope says that he didn’t upset her – he just made her see things differently and she appreciates it. She thanks him and Jennifer walks her to the door asking her if she’s okay. Hope promises to call her when Bo walks through the door. Jennifer stalks back into the living and furiously asks Patrick what is wrong with him.

Kate asks John why he’s turning this around on her; she has no idea why he’s shooting up pain medication. He tells her that she knows it’s because of Belle. Brady incredulously asks him if he’s really pinning his addiction on Belle. John says he doesn’t have an addiction and all he’s trying to say that it’s because of Belle that he needed the medication to get through the wedding. Nicole chimes in that an addict will try to pin the blame on anyone but himself. Brady says maybe, but he wants to hear what John has to say and asks John how Belle is responsible for him taking the medication. John explains that first Belle lost Marlena, then she and Shawn broke up, then she got engaged to Phillip. He thought he had time to get through the pain with physical therapy and rehab so he would be able to be there for Belle, but then Kate had to put together a rush wedding and ruin all that. John states that he couldn’t let Belle down so when Lexie would give him medication, he turned to the ISA doctor. He claims that is the only reason he took the medication and implores them to believe him.

Rex again asks why they are talking about an abortion. Jan tells him that she and Mimi were just discussing how a girl they both know had an abortion without talking to her boyfriend about it. Rex states that it’s very sad that she felt she wasn’t able to communicate her feelings with the man she’s in a relationship with. Jan agrees and says that the boyfriend is an upstanding, caring, compassionate, and noble man. Rex asks what the problem was then, and Jan answers by saying it was the girl who was a selfish b****, always meddling into other peoples business and always acted before she thought things through. Rex turns to Mimi and asks her what this is all about. She just stares at him worriedly and he asks her what’s wrong.

Belle tells Shawn that there is no use in talking about it, she’s now married to a kind and loving man. Shawn stops her and says if she doesn’t want to talk about why she called him then that’s fine, but he would like to explain why he crashed his bike through the window. Belle agrees to listen and Shawn explains how seeing her invite at Alice’s house lifted a fog from his brain, then hearing her voice on the answering machine prompted him to get to her right away. Belle says she called him to talk, not to come crash through the window at the church. Shawn tries to explain that he had too, all the doors were locked and there were guards everywhere. He was hoping to talk to her about their relationship and why things went wrong. Belle gets angry, throws his jacket back at him and tells him things went wrong because he abandoned her.

Rex takes Mimi’s face in his hands and asks her what’s wrong. Mimi starts to cry and Rex puts his arms around her, reassuring her that everything is okay, that they are not the couple Jan is talking about – nothing like that could ever happen to them. Rex asks Jan what happened and if the guy ever found out, and Jan tells her that the girl had the abortion and now lives in fear that she will loose her boyfriend. Rex says he wouldn’t blame the guy because he had a right to know and to be a part of that decision and it’s unforgivable that the girl did it on her own. Jan looks pointedly at Mimi.

Shawn tells Belle that he would never abandon her, but Belle snaps that he did and then get got engaged to Jan. Shawn says he doesn’t remember that and doesn’t even know how the engagement happened. He tells Belle he still loves her. Belle asks him not to do that. Shawn tells her that he knows he’s changed and he’s been acting different, but he needs her help. Belle tells him that he has to stop doing this, she’s married now. Shawn reminds Belle that she called him before the wedding, and Belle agrees that she did – before she got married, but looking back now she sees that it was a mistake. She holds up her left hand and tells Shawn again that she’s married, she then tells him that it was supposed to be his ring she was to wear and she was supposed to be spending her honeymoon with him alone – but not like this. She goes to leave, but Shawn says to her “Just tell me before you go – Do you still love me?” Belle turns and looks at him.

Jennifer tells Patrick that she cannot believe that he is taking sides with Billie and she asks “What about Hope?” He tells her that he didn’t want to get involved, but her and Hope pulled him into it. Jennifer asks what he’s talking about, and he tells her that he can’t just sit there and agree just to agree. He explains that he’s gotten to know Billie and he believes that she is not after Bo, in fact he thinks its Bo that’s drawn to her. Jennifer sarcastically states that it sounds like he’s fallen under Billie’s spell too, but he protests and said he hasn’t fallen under any women’s spell and doesn’t intend too. Jennifer leaves to go upstairs to check on Jack Jr.

Hope is on the docks and flashes back to the same scene with Bo she was thinking about earlier….Bo is telling her that he may have loved Billie, but Hope is the one he has always loved and will always choose. She asks herself why she feels so alone.

Brady and Kate get John into bed and John pleads with them to believe him – it was just to get through the wedding that was all. Nicole asks why he just did it then since the wedding is over. John tells them that he over did it with the walking and the dancing, and after everything he’s been through in his life this is by far the worst pain he’s ever experienced. Nicole states that he will probably shoot up again in the morning when he wakes up still in pain. John tells her to shut up. He tells Brady that he’s done now and he knows that he understands why he was concerned since he went behind Lexie’s back. Brady tries to confirm that John did not steal any medicine from the hospital, but John starts talking about how good it makes him feel that they felt they needed to do an intervention, but it’s unnecessary – he doesn’t have a problem. He apologizes for lashing out and Brady assures him that it’s okay – they know it was the drugs talking. He warns John that he has to lay off of them though or he will get addicted. John nods then turns to Kate to ask if she can forgive him. Kate says of course she can and hugs him. Nicole states she can’t believe this and walks out.

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