Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/12/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/12/05



Written By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is massaging Jennifer’s back, she turns to him and they exchange a long look. The doorbell rings interrupting them. Patrick goes to put on a shirt as Jennifer goes to answer the door. It’s Hope and she tells Jennifer that Bo has left with Billie and they are in Europe. Jennifer is shocked. Hope tells her that Shawn is out on bail, but it’s too late – the damage is done and Bo should’ve been there for Shawn to talk to. Jennifer assures Hope that Bo didn’t want to leave, and reminds her that Billie seems to be getting what she wanted.

Billie is outside the Inn buttoning up her coat when Bo grabs her and demands to know where she’s going. Billie tells him she got a lead off the encrypted files – a couple with a 15 year old girl nearby. Bo warns her that this sounds like a trap. Meanwhile, the innkeeper calls Bart, telling him that Billie left and is on her way to their “friend’s” house. Bart is pleased and says he’ll be waiting, also that Billie will get the surprise of her life.

Phillip is lighting candles when Belle comes in dressed in a white lace nightgown with matching robe. He is clearly taken by her and takes her hands in his and tells her that he so lucky to have her. Belle notices the bruises on his knuckles and asks what happened. Phillip flashes back to the fight with Shawn, and tells her he just scraped them. He tells her that he loves her and gives her a kiss. He hands her a glass of champagne and they toast to their future together. They begin to kiss more passionately and make their way to the bed.

At Rex’s apartment, Rex stops Shawn from going back to Belle’s by saying he will not allow him to ruin his brother’s wedding night. Shawn sits on the couch with Mimi and Shawn tells her that Belle called him right before the wedding and asks if Mimi knows why. Mimi tells him that it was her idea to have Belle call Shawn because she knew there were still things that needed to be said. Shawn starts to ask her if Belle wanted to call off the wedding. Jan is outside the door listening in with a worried look on her face.

John opens the door to his penthouse and orders everyone out. Brady refuses to leave and tells John that he needs help. John snaps at him that he doesn’t need any help and that he’s going to his room. Nicole asks “To what? Shoot up again?” John shoots back that she won’t get a place in the family by trying to turn Brady against him. Brady steps in and says he knows that John’s addicted and he has proof.

Jennifer tells Hope that Bo didn’t have a choice; he had to go with Billie. Hope disagrees and says that he had a choice and he made it, now his life it in danger. Jennifer reminds her that the important thing now is Bo coming home. Hope starts to talk about how Patrick could’ve gone with Billie, but Jenn reminds her that Bo doesn’t trust Patrick and Billie knew it would be like waving a red flag in Bo’s face. Patrick comes in and Hope asks him if he knew Billie left without him. He tells her know and looks concerned. Hope confirms that she did and she took Bo with her. Patrick states that he understands why Hope is upset, but it’s not totally Billie’s fault.

Billie tells Bo that the only way they will know for sure about Georgia is if she goes and looks for herself. Bo reminds her it could be a trap, but Billie turns it around and says it might not be a trap. She tells Bo that he can go with her or stay, but she has to go now. Bo stops her by saying that she needs to know something. Bart tells the innkeeper that when Billie gets to the house, she will get a surprise that will change her life. Bo has told Billie what happened back in Salem, and Billie encourages Bo to go home to be with his family. Bo tells her that the Basic Black jet will be ready to leave in an hour, he’s got her all packed and all they need to do is check out of the inn. Billie tells him she’s staying to look for Georgia. Bo reminds her that both their families need them right now. She disagrees since Phillip was already released from the hospital, but knows that Bo has to get home right away. Bo gets upset, calls her stubborn and tells her that she is getting on that plane even if he has to pick her up and carry her.

Brady is firm with John that they are not going anywhere. He tells John that he saw the syringe in his coat pocket and John flashes back to that moment at Belle’s reception. He snaps at Brady that he is his father and he doesn’t have to explain anything to him. Nicole pipes in that they are only trying to help, but John turns his rage onto her. Brady sticks up for Nicole by saying she didn’t do anything wrong. John gets very angry and reminds them that he was once a DiMera operative trained to handle pain. Brady holds up the empty vial of medicine and asks him if that were true, then what is he doing with that?

Phillip and Belle are in bed and we can hear faint pounding coming from downstairs. Belle asks Phillip is he hears it, but he distracts her by saying it’s their wedding night and all he wants to do is spend it loving her. They begin to kiss. Outside, Shawn is banging on their door screaming her name as Rex tries to stop him. Mimi and Jan are standing by watching and Mimi taunts Jan by saying she hopes she’s happy – she’s ruined Shawn’s life. Jan tells her that Shawn is just confused right now, and then to herself she asks softly if there is a drug to help with that. Mimi hears this and accuses her of drugging Shawn tonight and probably all summer. She taunts Jan more by saying it’s obvious that Shawn only wants Belle and asks Jan if she thinks all the stunts Jan has pulled are true love. Jan asks Mimi if the abortion she had and never let Rex know about was true love too. She also states that she was successful in keeping Shawn & Belle apart since Belle married Phillip and Shawn will marry her. Rex tries to calm Shawn down and reminds him that it’s Belle & Phillips wedding night. Upset, Shawn tries to explain to Rex that Belle called him right before the wedding so he knows she wants to talk to him. Rex is a little surprised by this, but says it doesn’t matter know because Belle went through with her vows. He tells Shawn that he’s got to respect that and back off, to let her move on with Phillip like he did with Jan. Jan advises Mimi to listen to Rex and walks inside the apartment. Shawn comes up to Mimi and asks her to help him.

Patrick tells Hope that he was all set to go with Billie, the only reason they stopped by Bo’s house was because Billie had promised Bo that she’d keep him in the loop. He reminds Hope that she saw how Bo acted when he found out that Patrick was going – like he was Billie’s keeper. Jennifer and Hope start to protest that, and Patrick apologizes but says someone has to stick up for Billie. He reminds them that Billie didn’t want Bo to go, so if Hope is going to be mad at someone, to be mad at Bo.

Bo and Billie walk back into the Inn and argue about leaving. Billie tells Bo he needs to leave, and he tells her that he won’t leave her alone there. The innkeeper calls Bart and tells him about the argument. Bart is happy and calls it divide and conquer – first they go after Billie, and then they go after Bo.

Nicole states that all addicts are liars and the story John gave them about carrying the needle because of the investigation he’s doing for the hospital is too convenient. John rips into her and starts calling her the ultimate liar. He then tries to turn Brady against her. Kate states that she’s willing to give John the benefit of the doubt. Brady tells him that he’d love to believe him, but he knows his father and his father would never treat even his worst enemy the way he’s treating the three of them tonight. Brady doesn’t buy the investigation story because John wouldn’t be carrying around evidence without using gloves. He calls John an addict and says until he admits it, they can’t help him. John tells him he’s not an addict, and he doesn’t need any help. Brady reminds him that he didn’t answer his question – what is the real reason he’s carrying around an empty vial and syringe.

Shawn corners Mimi and begs her to help him. Mimi says she wants to but can’t, whatever she thinks it doesn’t matter anymore because Belle married Phillip. Shawn asks her to give him a key to Belle’s loft, but Mimi tells him no. Shawn reminds Mimi that she’s the one who wanted them together so she better come up with a way to help him or he will bust down the door and get arrested again. During this conversation, Jan is in the kitchen shooting warning looks at Mimi.

Phillip and Belle are in bed and Belle tells him that she’s glad she married him. Phillip asks her if she had second thoughts, but she assures him it was just pre-wedding jitters. He admits he was nervous too, but always knew she was the woman for him. She hugs him & tells him that everything worked out the way it was supposed too.

John yells at Brady that if he doesn’t believe him, he can call Lexie to verify. John then tells him that even if the did need help; he wouldn’t want it from Brady because he doesn’t trust him. Brady is shocked by this, and John goes into detail about Brady always taking Nicole’s side even when she was accused of killing Victor and Colin Murphy. Brady reminds him that both of them were found alive. Kate steps in and asks John if would be willing to take a drug test. He tears into her, starts calling her trash and accuses her of sleeping her way to the top just like Nicole. He tells them all to go to hell, orders them to leave and stumbles off to his room. Once he’s in there he gets out another vial of medicine and a syringe, but puts them down on the dresser telling himself that he’s not addicted.

Jennifer asks Patrick if he really believes that the only reason she told Bo was to keep him informed. Patrick says yes and that Billie had sworn to him that she was not trying to get Bo back. Patrick reminds Hope that she knows better than anyone that you can’t get Bo to do things he doesn’t want to do.

Billie hangs up the payphone in the inn and tells Bo that the pilot said the place is ready. Bo is still unsure of her lead and is worried that she doesn’t seem to be worried at all that this could possibly be a set-up. She tells him she has to this because Georgia is her family. She reminds him that he has to leave because his family needs him and then she leaves. Bo gets up, says to himself “Sorry Fancy Face, I have to do this.” And takes off after Billie.

Shawn tells Mimi she has 2 choices: to either get Belle on the roof in 15 minutes or he will break down the door – either way he will talk to Belle tonight. Mimi agrees to help, but tells him that Rex & Jan cannot find out. Shawn agrees. She asks him how he plans to get on the roof himself, and he tells her the fire escape. He then announces to everyone that he’s got a headache and needs to go to sleep. Rex is glad because he thinks Shawn has come to his senses. Rex tells Mimi that he’s going to shower and change. Jan says she needs a drink and busies herself in the kitchen as Mimi sneaks out the front door.

Phillip and Belle are asleep. Belle hears some commotion from the living room and sneaks downstairs to find Mimi. Mimi tells her she just wanted to make sure she was ok. Belle lies and launches into a story about how she’s very happy and glad she married Phillip. She’s even glad that Shawn never called her back. Mimi explains that Shawn is on the roof waiting to talk to her and if she doesn’t go up there, then he will come down and get into another fight with Phillip. Belle doesn’t understand what she means and Mimi explains about the fight they got into earlier which is why Phillip turned the music up – so she wouldn’t hear Shawn calling for her. Belle is stunned, but says she can’t go to see him which prompts Mimi to ask if it’s because she’s afraid of what feelings it might bring up.

Mimi goes back into her own apartment just as Rex comes out of their bedroom. He asks her where she was and she lies and says she was taking out the trash. Jan states that she’s going to go check on Shawn, but Mimi stops her. Rex asks her what is going on.

Belle arrives on the roof where Shawn is waiting for her. She tells him that Mimi said he wanted to see her and asks what he wanted.

Patrick apologizes to Hope for upsetting her, but Hope tells him she appreciates the honesty. Bo broke a promise about leaving with Billie. She just hopes that his new promise comes through.

Bo goes outside and tells Billie that he’ll delay leaving for an hour or 2 and they go off. Bart starts to follow them while he talks to Tony on a cell phone. He tells him that Bo and Billie are on their way. He tells Tony that he knows what to do and they won’t know what hit them.

Brady, Kate and Nicole are still wandering around John’s place. Nicole asks Kate if John got under her skin by what he said to her. Brady asks himself what it will take to get through to John. He says he has to get John some help before he kills himself.

John finally succumbs to the pain and goes to fill the needle.

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