Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/11/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/11/05



Written by Emily
Pictures by Juanita

In Abby’s room:

Chelsea has a magazine and she mentions that Orlando Bloom doesn’t compare to Patrick. Chelsea want to try to sneak in and get a glimpse of Patrick in the shower, but Abby tries to dissuade her, telling her that they tried that already, but couldn’t see anything because of the steam. Abby criticizes Chelsea for invading Patrick’s privacy. When Abby is grossed out by Chelsea’s sexual comments, Chelsea tells Abby that it’s not like Patrick is her father. At the mention of her father, Abby says that she believes that he’s still alive.

On a ship in the Atlantic:

Jack is in the laundry room, dumping clothes out of a bag. He’s takes a shirt and scrubs it against a washboard and then dunks it into another tub of water. He flashes back to the phone call that he made to Jennifer and the message that he left on her answering machine. He thinks about seeing Jennifer’s face when she listens to the message and hears that he’s alive, as he wrings the shirt out, tosses it on a table, and grabs the next shirt to scrub against the wash board.

In Jennifer’s living room:

Jennifer comes in from the kitchen with a coffee cup. Patrick, still shirtless after taking the shower he started on Friday, comes in from the front door area, presumably from upstairs. He explains to Jennifer that he showered there because he had caulked his own shower. He asks about what happened with Shawn and Hope, but Jennifer says that she’ll fill him tomorrow morning. Patrick says that he’ll bring the bagels. Patrick reminds Jennifer that she has an answering machine message, as he goes into the kitchen.

At the loft:

Mimi and Rex lay on their couch and they talk about Shawn.

Meanwhile, in Belle and Philip’s apartment, Belle is in her bedroom and she lays her nightgown out on the bed. She flashes back to the priest pronouncing her and Philip husband and wife and Shawn crashing through the window.

Shawn gets off the elevator and immediately pounds on Belle and Philip’s door. Philip opens the door and Shawn starts shouting for Belle. Philip pushes Shawn him into the hallway and tells Shawn that he’s never going to see Belle.

At the Penthouse:

Brady, Nicole and Kate are downstairs. Brady looks at the syringe that he found in John’s pocket. He figures out the his dad is abusing drugs. He picks up the phone to call Abe and Lexie, but Nicole takes the phone away from him, telling him that that’s a bad idea. Brady wants to know why Nicole doesn’t want to call Lexie and Abe. Kate jumps in to say that Nicole doesn’t want John to get help.

Meanwhile, upstairs in his bedroom, John, nearly dripping with sweat, looks at himself the mirror. He flashes back to the times that he injected himself with pain killers. He picks up a picture of Marlena as his hands are shaking. He tells her that he did it for Belle, because he promised to walk her down the aisle at her wedding and he flashes back to doing that and to his dance with her at the impromptu reception. He tells the picture that he’s sorry, but that he had to do it.

At the loft:

Mimi and Rex continue to talk about Shawn, as Rex gets up to play with the mini pool table.

In Belle’s rom, Belle takes out a picture of her and Shawn from her dresser drawer. She imagines a conversation with Shawn where she asks him why he stopped the wedding.

In the hall, Shawn says that Philip can’t keep him away from Belle and Philip says that, as her husband, he can. Shawn takes a swing at Philip, but misses, and Philip hits Shawn, who lands against the door of Shawn’s apartment. Rex and Mimi open the door.

At the Penthouse:

Nicole and Kate continue to bicker a little, and Brady reminds them that they are here to help John. Nicole says that Lexie and Abe can’t help because John is using pain killers and not hardcore drugs and that John is not a criminal. Kate says that John has suffered a lot and she thinks that John is using just a small amount to deal with his pain and that he was a hero at the wedding. Nicole agrees with Kate, because bringing in cops and doctors would bring up issues that they don’t want to deal with. They agree to keep it in the family and intervene with John themselves. Brady and Kate think that John will respond if they confront him, and that he’ll admit to using pain killers. Nicole thinks they’re deluded.

Upstairs, John is sitting on the bed, clutching Marlena’s picture. He tells her that this is the worst pain he’s ever experienced. He mentions that he can’t face Brady, Nicole and Kate downstairs feeling the way he does. He goes over to the dresser, sets down the picture, and picks up a syringe and a vial of medicine. He goes back to the bed, sits down and injects himself in the thigh.

At the Deveraux house:

In Abby’s bedroom, Chelsea advises Abby to accept that her father is dead. Abby refuses to believe her. Chelsea changes the subject back to seeing Patrick in the buff. She rushes out of Abby’s room, with Abby following here. Chelsea opens the bathroom door, but it’s empty. Abby chastises Chelsea, telling her to think of the mortification if they were caught. Chelsea just laughs at Abby, telling her that she thinks that the real thing is probably even better than her imagination She then mentions that Abby’s mother probably thinks the same thing.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Jennifer trips on the living room area rug and falls. Patrick rushes in from the kitchen and offers to take Jennifer to the hospital. Jennifer says that she just twisted her back, nothing more. She starts to laugh, thinking of how funny she must have looked and thinking of Jack and the pratfalls that he used to take. Jennifer tells Patrick that she misses Jack.

In the ship laundry:

Jack is still doing the laundry, with his own t-shirt dirty from all the work. As he scrubs another shirt, he imagines returning home. He sees himself outside, at the front door, looking up as his house. In his imagination, he goes over and rings the doorbell and Jennifer answers, her mouth agape at seeing Jack.

At the loft:

Belle walks over to her bed, while holding and looking at the picture of her and Shawn. She continues her make believe conversation with Shawn, where Shawn tells her that he stopped the wedding because he had to talk to her, before they can both move on. Back to reality, Belle says aloud that it is too late, because she’s married to Philip now.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Philip grumbles to himself about Shawn not ruining this night and goes to the kitchen and takes out two champagne glasses.

In the hallway, Shawn gets up and starts to pound on the door to Philip and Bell’s apartment. Philip responds by turning up the stereo in the living room and he carries the glasses and a bottle champagne upstairs.

Philip brings the champagne and glasses into the bedroom just as Belle was leaving the room. Philip asks where she’s going and she says that she thought she heard Shawn calling her name. She asks if Shawn is there.

At the penthouse:

Nicole warns Brady and Kate about how she expects John to respond. She says that she knows from experience, from her own father getting her hooked on drugs when she was a teenager, how a drug addict will respond to being confronted. She warns them that John will probably lie, tell them that they’re crazy and that he’ll guilt them. Brady and Kate don’t believe Nicole, as they think that John will admit that he has a problem. Nicole scoffs at their naivete, and tells them good luck., as she goes to pour herself a drink. Kate and Brady strategize as to how to confront John. Kate says that she thinks that they should strike while the iron is hot, and Nicole laughs and throws out other cliches, like no time like the present and love conquers all. Kate demands to know why Nicole doesn’t leave if she doesn’t want to help and Nicole says that she doesn’t want to miss the show. Brady goes over to the staircase and calls up to his dad, asking him to come down. John hobbles out with his cane and comes downstairs, asking what’s up.

As Nicole sits farther away, Brady and Kate go over to John. Kate takes John’s arm and leads him over to the couch. She talks to him about the always puts the needs of others before himself. John shifts from looking at Brady to Kate and back again, asks them if they’ve come to praise Caesar or to bury him, and demands that Brady spit out whatever he wants to say. Brady says fine, as he sits down and tells John that he knows that he’s doing drugs.

At the Deveraux house:

Abby comes into her room, where Chelsea is sitting on the bed, flipping through a magazine. Abby grabs the magazine out of Chelsea’s hand and tells her that her mom isn’t interested in Patrick. Chelsea tells her that you don’t have to be widowed or divorced to notice that Patrick is hot. Chelsea tells Abby to admit that she finds Patrick attractive too. Chelsea talks about her plans to get Patrick, and she says that she doesn’t want to fight Abby’s mom for him.

Downstairs, Patrick apologizes to Jennifer for reminding her of Jack. Jennifer says that she can’t be reminded of him, because she always thinks of him. Jennifer winces as she tries to stand and Patrick leads her to the couch. Patrick says that he thinks a massage will work. Jennifer at first runs him down, but Patrick issues her an ultimatum: massage or doctor. Patrick starts to massage Jennifer’s shoulders (I thought she hurt her back), and Jennifer takes of her blazer at Patrick’s suggestion. Abby and Chelsea come downstairs to see.

In the Laundry:

Jack empties out another bag of laundry and starts to scrub another shirt. As he rinses it and wrings it out, he continues his fantasy of arriving at the front door. In this fantasy, Jennifer at first disbelieves that it’s real. She turns away from him and tells him that it can’t be true. From behind, Jack gently brushes Jennifer’s cheek and plays with her hair. Jennifer turns to him, confused about whether he’s really there or not. Jack asks her if she got his message and she says that she couldn’t believe it was true. Jack tells her that it was true. Still disbelieving, Jennifer backs away as she starts to cry. She thinks this is a dream and she’s upset to think of how upset she’ll be when she wakes up. Jack tells her that it’s his dream, not her dream. As they argue about whose dream it is (classic Jack and Jennifer), Jennifer realizes that it is Jack and she runs to him and they embrace and kiss.

At the loft:

In Belle’s room, Philip opens the champagne as he tells her that Shawn was handcuffed and taken to jail. Belle goes to turn down the loud music, but Philip stops her, telling her that he wants to hear the music up in the room. Philip picks up Belle’s nightgown and robe and tells her that he can’t wait to see her in them. She tells him that she’ll go change and they kiss. Philip tells Belle that he loves her and kisses her. Belle turns to go into the bathroom to change.

Across the hall, Rex, Mimi and Shawn come inside. Mimi gets an ice pack for Shawn’s jaw while Rex and Shawn talk about the seriousness of the charges against him. Shawn throws the ice pack down and starts to head back over to Belle’s apartment, but stops when Mimi and Rex tell him that it’s not a good idea.

At the Penthouse:

Kate, Brady and John sit close together on the couch, as Nicole sits further away and looks on. Just as Nicole had warned, John claims that they are crazy for thinking that he’s on drugs. John claims that he’s only taking aspirin. John is hostile to Brady and demands to know whose idea it was that he’s on drugs. Brady says it was Nicole and John puts down Nicole and tells Brady that he’s disappointed in his taking her word over his. Nicole goes over to get a drink and John gets up to walk towards her. He claims that Nicole is trying to pit him against Brady. John turns to Kate and asks how she could believe Nicole. Brady jumps in to tell John not to get angry, but John demands to know how is he expected to react. He rails on Brady and Kate for buying into what Nicole, whom he calls a lying bitch, is telling them.

In the Laundry:

Jack looks exhausted and frustrated, as he continues doing the laundry. He stops to continue his fantasy. He and Jennifer kiss and lay down on the couch, as Abby comes in, carrying baby Jack. Jack gets up and hugs Jack and Abby and Jennifer looks on with joy. They all join together for a group hug.

Deveraux living room:

Abby and Chelsea look on with distaste at Patrick giving Jennifer a massage. Chelsea tells Abby that she told her so, that there is something between Patrick and Jennifer. Abby still believes that her father is coming home, even though Chelsea tells her that it’s not realistic. Abby is worried that if Jennifer and Patrick become involved, that it’ll ruin her family when her dad comes home. Chelsea talks about how Jennifer is too old for Patrick. Abby steps into the living and calls her mom’s name to get her attention. Jennifer turns and Patrick stops. Jennifer explains how she tripped and has kinks in her back. Chelsea asks if she can stay overnight and when Jennifer tells her that it’s all right, Chelsea asks to use the phone to call home. As Chelsea is at the phone, Jennifer asks her to play the message on the answering machine.

Chelsea hits the wrong button and accidently erases the message. Jennifer is unconcerned and thinks that whoever will call will call back, but Abby is worried.

In the Laundry:

Jack continues his fantasy where his family continue their group hug and Jack tells him that they’re not going anywhere and that they’ll stay together forever and ever and ever. Back to reality, Jack thinks that Jennifer must have listened to his message by now.

In Belle’s bedroom:

Philip lights a candle and turns off the lights. Belle emerges from the bathroom in her nightgown and robe. She goes over to Philip and he raises her hand up to kiss it. Belle notices that Philip’s knuckles are bruised and asks him what happened. Philip claims that he scraped them. He kisses Belle and tells her that he loves her, but she doesn’t respond. Philip gives Belle a glass of champagne and makes a toast and they clink their glasses.

Across the hall, in Rex, Mimi and Shawn’s loft:

Mimi hands the ice pak back to Shawn, who this time says thank you. Rex tells Shawn that he has to leave Belle and Philip alone.

At the penthouse:

Brady and Kate continue to try to get through to John. Brady tells John that he loves him and Kate tells him that they know how much pain he’s in. Brady mentions that they have been noticing changes in him. John is verbally vicious, calling Nicole whore. He hobbles over to the door, opens it and shouts at them to get out of there.

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