Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/10/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/10/05



By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Phillip and Belle arrive at their apartment and Phillip picks her up to carry her over the threshold. Once they get into the apartment, John, Rex, Mimi, Brady & Nicole surprise them with a small wedding reception. Kate arrives a little late and asks John if she missed anything. John says all he wants is a dance with his daughter. Kate warns him not to overdo it and John starts to snap at her, but catches himself and assures he is fine. Brady apologizes to Belle for missing the ceremony. Belle is glad that he did because he might’ve gotten hurt worse if he were there. Brady starts in on how stupid Shawn was but Belle defends him. Brady is taken aback by this and asks her how she can do that.

Mickey is waiting around the police station as Shawn is led in wearing a jumpsuit and handcuffs. He asks Mickey how much longer he has to be in the cuffs and Mickey explains until he makes bail, and he’s not even sure Shawn will do that. Mickey starts to tear into Shawn about all the charges that are being leveled against him, everything from the DUI to the reckless endangerment to property damage to testing positive for drugs. Shawn gets upset and tries to explain that he never took drugs, but Mickey doesn’t believe him.

Hope is on the phone with Bo telling him that she can’t believe he took off with Billie again. Bo tries to explain that Billie was leaving and it was dangerous and he didn’t have a choice. Hope retorts that he always has a choice, and he always chooses Billie.

Jack is sitting at a table in the bar at the inn reading a newspaper. He puts down the newspaper and starts to looks at a bus schedule. He’s upset to learn that the next bus out of town isn’t for another 3 days. He makes a comment that Houdini would have trouble getting out of that town. He looks at the picture in the locket and tells Jennifer to hold on – he promised he was coming home in his message and that’s what he plans on doing. He picks up the newspaper again and starts to read it.

Billie, who is sitting at the bar in the inn, is looking into the mirror that is right in front of her on the wall. She’s astonished by who she thinks she sees. We think she sees Jack, but she gets up and passes the table that Jack is at, and she peeks into the lobby. It’s Bart that she sees and he’s showing a picture to the innkeeper and asking her if she’s seen that man.

Billie sneaks into the lobby as we see that the picture that Bart is showing the innkeeper is of Jack. Jack leans over to look in the lobby, sees Bart, and panics telling himself that he needs an exit strategy quickly. The innkeeper says that the man in the picture looks familiar, but she cannot place him. Jack slips into the lobby, but doesn’t see Billie (she doesn’t see him either), sneaks past Bart and makes a break for the stairs – not before sending a lamp crashing to the floor first. Bart hears the lamp break, thinks it’s Jack and takes off after him with the innkeeper. Billie tries to place where she’s seen and heard Bart before and goes off after all of them.

Bo tries to explain to Hope what happened, but Hope doesn’t believe him. Then she coldly tells him that there is a big situation going on back in Salem. Bo immediately gets concerned and asks what’s happening. Hope tells him it doesn’t matter anymore; his mind is obviously on Billie and finding their daughter.

Kate apologizes to Belle for not inviting Sami. Belle assures her that it’s okay, Sami hasn’t been the easiest person to be near lately. Rex gets everyone together and hands out glasses of champagne. He then makes his best man toast as everyone raises their glasses to Belle & Phillip. Alone, Phillip makes a private toast to Belle telling her how she’s perfect and how much he loves her. Belle suddenly envisions Shawn there, and distracted tells Phillip that she’s not perfect (and again avoids telling him that she loves him). He responds by saying she’s perfect for him. Nicole asks a distracted Brady what’s wrong. He tells her that life doesn’t turn out the way you think it will. That John lost Marlena, he lost Chloe, Belle and Shawn split up and now Belle is married to Phillip. Nicole tells him she thinks Belle & Phillip were made for each other and it gives her hope for her and Brady. She kisses him, but he flashes back to the dream he thought he had in the hospital of Chloe kissing him and breaks the kiss. He wanders away telling Nicole that he’s hungry. Nicole, knowing why he pulled away, tells herself that this has got to stop – she refuses to compete with a dead woman.

John, who is in severe pain, goes into the hallway and injects himself. Nicole comes out and it looks like she has caught him. John sneaks the needle back into his pocket and casually asks if her and Brady are leaving. She tells him no, she just came to get some air. John replies that he was doing the same thing and goes back inside. Nicole stares after him, trying to figure out what she just saw.

Belle and Phillip cut their cake as Rex takes pictures. Rex then turns on some music and announces it’s time for the bride & grooms first dance. They start to dance, but John comes over and asks to cut in. Phillip obliges and goes to ask Kate to dance. Rex and Mimi begin to dance as well. Belle thanks John for walking her down the aisle. John tells her that she’s so beautiful, just like her mom and that her mom would be so proud of her. Phillip thanks Kate for organizing the wedding and the reception, which Kate assures him it was her pleasure. Nicole comes in as Brady is watching everyone dance. He makes a comment that his dad amazes him; first he walked Belle down the aisle, now he’s dancing with her. Nicole tells Brady she thinks John may be hooked on drugs.

Bo tells Hope that he told Billie that her and the boys always come first. Hope tells him that those are just words, and that actions speak louder than words do.

Jack is darting through the halls of the inn. Billie is also sneaking around. She runs into the innkeeper who is now by herself and asks who the man was that she was with earlier. The innkeeper pretends she doesn’t know what Billie is talking about and rushes away. Billie wonders what she could be hiding. She suddenly hears Bo’s voice through the door telling Hope that the only reason he’s there is to find Georgia, not because he’s lusting after Billie.

Mickey walks in on Hope and tells her he needs to talk to her. Hope tells Bo she has to go and hangs up on him. Bo looks at the phone in surprise. Mickey asks her if that was Bo on the phone. When Hope says that it was, he asks what Bo had to say about Shawn’s arrest. Hope explains that she didn’t tell him about it because Bo was too busy. Mickey is confused and asks her “Bo is too busy for his family?” Hope breaks down and tells Mickey that Bo is in Europe with Billie, just as Shawn enters the doorway and overhears.

Billie walks into the room and asks if that was Hope on the phone and Bo nods. She states that she knows they were fighting about her.

Jack is in a small hallway that connects to two other hallways. He tries to go down one hallway, but sees the innkeeper coming. He then tries to go down the other hallway, but see Bart coming down that one. He tries to hide next to a large plant, but it looks like he may get caught.

Brady doesn’t believe that John is on drugs. Nicole tells him that John shows all the signs – sweaty, shaky hands, glassy unfocused eyes. She knows all the signs. Brady accuses her of trying to place what her own dad did to her on John. Nicole agrees, but says that how she knows that John is taking drugs and she knows Brady thinks so too, but doesn’t want to admit it. Brady tells her that Lexie took John off all pain medications except for aspirin. Nicole states that he must’ve gotten them from somewhere else. Kate comes up behind them and overhears, she looks at John with concern.

Rex is happy that he’s been able to get a lot of great pictures. When he tries to show Mimi, he gets frustrated with her unhappiness and asks what’s wrong. Mimi tells him that the reception doesn’t feel right and that Belle belongs with Shawn. Rex gets more upset and tells her that she’s got to knock it off.

Hope tells Mickey that she’s so mad at Bo for taking off with Billie again. Shawn comes in and says it’s the same story – Bo leaving with Billie to look for their ‘bastard’ daughter and not caring about them. Hope reminds him that he should worry about himself and making bail right now. Mickey warns that that might not be easy and asks if Shawn is ready to go before the judge. Shawn says that he is and Hope gives him a hug and tells him that she loves him. He tells her that he loves her too and leaves with Mickey.

Billie tells Bo that she never wanted to cause more problems for him and Hope. Bo tells her not to worry about it, Hope is mad now but they’ll work it out – they always do. Billie tells him that he’s lucky to have someone who loves him that much. She wishes that she had someone to love her that way, then looks pointedly at Bo and says “Oh wait! I did……once” She then flashes back to a time when her and Bo were together. She snaps back to reality and tells Bo she only wants what’s best for him and if that means that he needs to be with Hope right now…Bo interrupts and tells her that they need to get back to work, the sooner they find Georgia, the sooner they can go home. Billie gets excited and agrees. She tells Bo that she may have a breakthrough…

The innkeeper looks down the short hallway where Jack is and exclaims “AH HA! I’ve been looking for you all over” She rushes past Jack and runs up to Bart. Bart asks if she’s found anything, but she says no. He tells her that he’s put guards at every exit. The innkeeper says that even if Jack gets out of the inn, he’ll never make it through the mountains in this weather. They split up again and Jack rushes to a window and pries it open. As he starts to climb through the window, he says to himself “Don’t be so sure – you obviously never saw the end of ‘The Sound of Music’” and promptly falls out the window.

Bo asks Billie what she has and she explains that she was working on the DiMera CD some more downstairs and thinks that if she can get a reverse directory, she might be able to tell who has Georgia. Bo tries to get up, but she pushes him back down saying that he’s got a fever and offers to check the wound to make sure it hasn’t opened again. AS she does that, she casually asks Bo if he told Hope that they were sharing a room. Bo tells her that it’s too much information and Hope is already mad enough. Billie gets Bo to agree to stay in bed and implores him to call Hope and work it out. She turns off the lights and leaves. Bo picks up his cell phone and begins to dial.

Mickey and Shawn return and Mickey explains to Hope that Shawn is free on bail. He then states that he’s very worried about Shawn’s chances if it goes to trial and suggests that they plea bargain. Hope thinks it’s an idea, but Shawn says no – he never tried to hurt anyone and he never took any drugs no matter what the tests say. The only thing he was trying to do was stop Belle from making a mistake.

Belle and Phillip are dancing and Phillip notices that Belle is again distracted. He asks her if she’s having second thoughts about being married. Belle says no and she knows she did the right thing. Rex tells Mimi that she has to accept that Shawn & Belle will never be together. Phillip is his brother and he will be there to support him in his marriage to Belle. Kate calls Nicole out on her accusation, and Nicole says she’s sorry, but John is a junkie. They get into a small fight were they trade insults about each other. Brady goes to stand behind the couch John is sitting on to observe him closer. John takes a handkerchief out of his jacket pocket and Brady is shocked to see a syringe there.

Kate warns Nicole to stop spreading lies about John, but Brady walks up and says it’s true – he saw the needle. Kate is stunned and asks what they should do. Brady suggests that for now, they all just keep an eye on John. They agree not to tell Belle since she’s already had a rough day. The three of them agree to take John home now. They all gather to say good bye to Belle & Phillip. As they leave, John asks if it’s hot in there. Nicole tells herself “Boy, this should be fun”. Mimi tells Rex that Belle is her friend and she will always support her no matter what. But Shawn is also her friend and she can’t abandon him.

Bo calls Hope and immediately apologizes for leaving with Billie. He reminds Hope that the DiMeras are dangerous and he couldn’t let Billie go alone. Hope reminds him that Patrick could’ve gone with her. Bo gets a little upset and says that Patrick is not Georgia’s father and he doesn’t trust him. Hope snaps that she doesn’t trust Bo now. She tells Bo that Shawn really needs him, but now it’s too late. Bo gets very alarmed and asks what she means. Hope tells him something very bad happened tonight.

Jack sneaks onto a ship and tries to open a crate with a crowbar. A ship worker catches him and asks what he’s doing there. Jack covers by saying that he’s there to inspect the cargo. The worker then demands to see some id. Jack pretends to look for it, when all the sudden the worker grabs and shakes Jack and asks him if he thinks he’s the first person to try something like that.

Bart leaves and tells the innkeeper if she sees anything to call him. Billie comes downstairs and borrows a pen form the innkeeper. She then goes to the computer and puts in the DiMera CD. She thanks god for reverse directories as she jots down some information. She returns the pen and shows the innkeeper the info she just wrote down, asking if she recognizes the name. The innkeeper says she knows the family and that they have a teenaged daughter. Billie looks surprised and very happy.

Bo asks how Shawn could do something so reckless. Hope needles him by saying if Shawn had a father to talk too, then none of this would’ve happened.

Shawn thanks Mickey for bailing him out and Mickey reminds him that he’s not out of the woods yet. Shawn goes to leave and Mickey tells him to start cleaning up his act right now by staying away from Belle & Phillip. Shawn agrees and leaves.

Rex and Mimi say goodbye to Phillip and Belle. Phillip is excited to finally be alone with Belle, but she’s still distracted. Phillip AGAIN asks her what’s wrong and Belle covers by saying she’s worried about her brother because he lost Chloe and about John because he lost Marlena and is in great physical pain. Phillip tells her that they have to be thankful that they are so happy and appreciate what they have together.

Brady, Kate, Nicole and John  return to John’s penthouse. Brady tries to help John off with his jacket and offers to get the wheelchair. John shrugs him off, takes off the jacket and throws it at Brady. He yells at him to leave him alone and stumbles off to his room. Brady goes through the pockets and finds the empty bottle of medication and wonders where he got it. Kate gasps and tells them she remembers Lexis talking about a couple of medicine thefts they’ve been having at the hospital. Brady states they need to get John professional help.

Jack explains to the ship worker that he needs to get back to the states, but doesn’t have the money to fly home. He begs the guy to let him sail with him. The guys tells him that he’ll need papers in order to be let into the United States and Jack explains that it won’t be a problem since he’s a citizen and can prove it. The guy looks Jack up and down for a minute and decides to let him stay since everyone is usually running from something. Jack explains that he’s not running FROM something, he’s running TO something – his wife and kids. The guy suddenly says that there is another problem, and it has to do with his payroll. Jack is quick to assure the guy that he doesn’t have to pay him, all he wants is passage home – he’s even willing to eat just scraps. The guy decides to let Jack stay and work in the laundry department. He tosses Jack a bag laundry and tells him to not make him sorry for this. Jack opens the bag, gets a whiff of the dirty laundry, and pulls a face – he tells himself it’s worth to get back to Jennifer.

Brady says they have to get John into rehab. He goes to call Abe and Lexis because they’ll know how to get the help he needs.

Mimi tells Rex that Shawn really needs them right now. Rex agree to help, but only if Shawn stays away from Belle & Phillip.

Shawn gets off the elevator and starts pounding on Belle & Phillip’s door. Phillip answers and is very shocked. He demands to know why Shawn isn’t in jail. Shawn just glares back and says he needs to talk to Belle.

Bo tells Hope that he’ll be on the next plane home. Hope asks if she can count on that and asks what about Billie. Bo says Billie knows she and the boys come first. He asks her to keep a light on for him.

Billie asks the innkeeper how old the daughter is and the innkeeper states that she’s about 15. Billie thanks her and walks away, very excited. She tells herself that she thinks she found their daughter. The innkeeper makes a call, when the person on the other end picks up she tells them that there was an American asking about you, and that the person on the phone knows what to do. Billie puts on her gloves and decides not to tell Bo, thinking she can find Georgia on her own.

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