Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/7/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/7/05



By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer’s living room:

Patrick is shirtless, working out in Jennifer’s living. Abby and Chelsea come downstairs and Chelsea comments on how hot Patrick is.

Hope’s living room:

Hope comes downstairs and heads back up, frantically thinking that she’s forgotten her purse. Jennifer comes downstairs as Hope heads up, and Jennifer turns Hope around and tells her that her purse is downstairs. The phone rings and it’s Mickey. He tells Hope that Shawn has been arrested.

At the police station:

Shawn sits in handcuffs. Elsewhere in the station, Kate checks her watch with impatience. A woman, Karen, arrives and goes to Kate. Karen is a judge and she is there because Commissioner Gordon called her at Kate’s request. Kate fills Karen in on Shawn's actions. The Basic Black Jet pilot calls Kate and tells her that he just took Bo and Billie to Europe. Kate is pleasantly surprised. Kate tells him to keep the plane on stand by for them. Meanwhile, Karen reads the police report.

At the European inn:

Bo and Billie are at the front desk. Billie rings the bell and the innkeeper comes over. Billie asks for two rooms, but the innkeeper tells them that there is only one vacancy. Meanwhile, Bo tries again to call Hope on his cell phone.

Outside, in the European village:

Jack is wandering outside, trying to find someone not on the Dimera payroll to help him. He talks to himself about needing money, a passport, and getting inside before he freezes to death. He drops his money and as he crouches down to pick it up, a man approaches him and tells him to hold it. The police officer picks up a coin and tells Jack that he missed one. Jack starts to leave and the police officer stops him to say that Jack looks familiar.

At Hope’s house:

Jennifer is surprised that Shawn is arrested, but Hope says she figured this would happen (duh!). Jennifer offers to go to the station with Hope, but Hope asks Jennifer to tell Alice personally, so that Alice doesn’t see it in the news. They leave and just as they close the door, the phone rings.

At the lobby of the inn:

Bo hangs up the phone without leaving a message. Billie pays the innkeeper for the room. The innkeeper tells them that she can tell when she sees two people in love. Bo and Billie play on the innkeeper’s mistake and talk about being there to check out the village and possibly buying a home there. They ask if there are many children there. The innkeeper mentions a convent and gives them a brochure. Bo asks about the big castle. The innkeeper warns them to stay away from the castle. She leads them upstairs to their room.

In Abby’s bedroom:

Chelsea shows Abby a video monitor. It shows Patrick’s shower. Chelsea says that she took the video camera from Jack Jr.’s (How can he be Jack Jr. if his middle name it Patrick?) room and put it in the shower. Abby says that she won’t let Chelsea do this. Downstairs, the still shirtless Patrick receives a phone call from Jennifer, who asks him to watch the kids. Patrick notices that Jennifer has an answering machine message and he asks Jennifer if she wants him to check it. She tells him that she’ll check it when she gets home. They talk about how they believe that Chelsea is a good influence on Abby and about how Jack could get through to her.

In the European village:

Jack pretends to have a hacking cough and tells the police officer that he has t.b. As Jack gropes the police officer and coughs on him, the police officer squirms away and leaves. Jack reveals that he has pickpocketed the officer’s wallet. Jack then goes into the same inn that Billie and Bo are at. Jack goes up to the same innkeeper and in a German accent he asks for a room. He drops the wallet. Another man steps on it and picks it up, handing it to Jack.

In Bo and Billie’s Room at the Inn:

Bo is frustrated that he can’t get a hold of Hope. Billie notices that Bo is bleeding.

At the Police Station:

Kate tells Karen the judge that she’s worried about Shawn getting preferential treatment because his parents are police officers. Karen assures Kate that Shawn will be dealt with properly. Hope overhears and says that if (if!!!!!) Shawn has committed a crime, that he’ll pay for it. Hope asks Kate if she knows where Billie is and Kate lies to her and tells her that she doesn’t. Hope goes to the commissioner’s office, and Karen mentions needing to go back to a fundraiser. Kate mentions that it’s a re-election year and says that it’s all the more reason to make sure that Shawn doesn’t get off easy. Karen asks Kate if she’s threatening her.

Inside the commissioner’s office, Hope goes in just as Shawn finishes telling Mickey what happened. Hope asks Shawn what he was thinking. She asks him how he got to this point. Shawn has a series of flashbacks, from his conversation with Alice, to talking with Jan about Belle, to getting on his motorcycle, and to his crashing through the window.

In Abby’s Room:

Abby tells Chelsea not to spy on Patrick. However, Chelsea is confident that Patrick will notice her once she changes her image, and she says that even Abby’s mom won’t stand a chance against her. Abby is adamant that her mother and Patrick are not interested in each other. But, Chelsea worries Abby by telling her that Jennifer will forget about Jack and get involved with Patrick. Upset at the idea of her mother and Patrick together, Abby agrees to help Chelsea in her pursuit of Patrick.

In the lobby of the inn:

The police officer hands back the wallet to Jack. Jack asks the innkeeper for a room. The innkeeper tells him that Jack is lucky, that a couple had come in asking for two rooms, but she only gave them one. She tells Jack that she has a room, but that it’s being cleaned and is not yet ready. She sends Jack to the bar to wait until the room is ready.

At Alice’s:

Jennifer and Alice are sitting at the table, with a plate of doughnuts in the middle, with Jennifer finishing telling her about Shawn. Alice asks about Bo and Jennifer says that he’s missing. Jennifer then talks about missing Jack.

At the police station:

Kate says that she’s not threatening Karen, but just pointing out that Karen's actions will be closely watched in an election year. Kate thanks Karen for putting her mind at ease about doing the right thing. Before Karen leaves, Mickey comes out and calls out to Karen. They talk about the charges and that, if (if!!!) the church prosecutes, that Shawn could face several years in prison. Kate overhears this and calls Joelle on her cell phone and tells her that calls have to be made to a bishop and to the D.A.

Inside the commissioner’s office, Hope and Shawn continue to talk, as Shawn’s attention remains focused on Belle. Hope asks him about the drugs found in his system, and Shawn denies taking any drugs. He asks Hope to arrange for him to go and see Belle. Hope says that she can’t do that. Mad at his mother for not helping him, Shawn asks to talk to Bo. Hope tells him that Bo isn’t there. Shawn asks where Bo is and Hope tells him that she doesn’t know.

In Bo and Billie’s room at the inn:

Bo is in bed as Billie bandages his chest wound. She tells him that the high altitude might have opened his wound. Bo thanks Billie for taking care of him. Billie gives Bo medicine and a glass of water. She tells him that she’s going down to the bar because she’s too wired to sleep and wants to review her notes. Bo cautions Billie not to get too excited about finding Georgia. He tells her not to leave the inn without him. Billie kisses Bo on the forehead, turns off the bedside light and leaves. Alone, Bo turns the light back on and tries to call Hope again.

In Abby’s living room:

Abby goes downstairs and asks the still shirtless and now glistening Patrick to help her with her computer. He puts his shirt on to go upstairs to help. Meanwhile, in Abby’s room, Chelsea has put on a risque outfit and lies on the bed. Patrick says ‘hi,’ but pays no notice to Chelsea’s outfit or pose. Patrick goes to the computer and mentions that he dated a girl who had this same computer. Chelsea and Abby ask about this girlfriend and Patrick mentions that she was ‘nice.’ At hearing Abby comment that Patrick’s type of girl is nice and clean-cut, Chelsea pulls a sweatshirt over her head. But, then Patrick says that he also likes it when women dress up and Chelsea takes off the sweatshirt. Her hair becomes all mussed up and Abby and Patrick laugh at her. Patrick determines that the problem with the computer is a loose cord and, having fixed it, he goes to take a shower in the hall bathroom, because he recaulked the one in his own apartment. Abby laughs at how badly Chelsea’s seduction went. But Chelsea is persistent, and wants to spy on Patrick in the bathroom.

At Alice’s:

Jennifer cries, talking about Jack. She tells Alice that it’s not getting easier with time and about how he got him back only to lose him again. Alice brings up Patrick and the possibility of their relationship turning into a romance. Jennifer is adamant that Jack was the love of her life and always will be.

At the Lobby of the Inn:

Jack is eating strudel and he goes again to the front desk to ask if his room is ready. The innkeeper tells him that it will take a few more minutes. Billie comes down the stairs and she and Jack bump in each other, but neither look up to notice who the other is.

At Jennifer’s house:

While Patrick is taking a shower, Abby and Chelsea sneak into the bathroom, but can’t see anything through the steam. They leave the bathroom, and, in the hall, Chelsea remains adamant that she’ll get Patrick to fall in love with him.

At the inn:

Billie takes a seat at the bar and orders black coffee. She opens an organizer to read. Meanwhile, in the lobby, Jack goes back to the front desk to ask if his room is ready. He’s told again that it will take a few more minutes and he goes back to the bar and sits at a table. He flashes back to leaving Jennifer a message on the answering machine. He picks up a newspaper and pretends to read it. He sees a wall pay phone and thinks about trying to call Jennifer again, but decides against it, because Dimera might have the phone tapped. Jack hides behind the newspaper.

Billie looks into the mirror behind the bar and notices someone who she thinks she recognizes.

At Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer arrives home and walks by the answering machine, where the red light flashes with Jack’s message.

At the police station:

Shawn tells Hope that he thinks that Bo is with Billie. A police officer comes in and says that they need to book Shawn. Shawn is handed a prisoner uniform and he turns to leave, Hope tries to hug him, but Shawn walks away. Shawn walks by Kate, who says to herself, “one down, two to go,” referring to Hope and Sami.

Bo finally reaches Hope by telephone. Hope demands to know where Bo is and Bo tells her that he’s with Billie in Europe. Hope is upset with him and curses at him and Kate overhears.

In Abby’s Room:

Abby tells Chelsea not to spy on Patrick. However, Chelsea is confident that Patrick will notice her once she changes her image, and she says that even Abby’s mom won’t stand a chance against her. Abby is adamant that her mother and Patrick are not interested in each other. But, Chelsea worries Abby by telling her that Jennifer will forget about Jack and get involved with Patrick. Upset at the idea of her mother and Patrick together, Abby agrees to help Chelsea in her pursuit of Patrick.

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