Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/6/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/6/05



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Mid-air on the Basic Black Jet:

Bo and Billie talk about Georgia and Hope. Bo reminds Billie that Hope, Shawn and Zack come first to him. Bo tries to reach Hope, but the phone is busy.

At Hope’s house.

Hope is on the phone with the police station, trying to locate Bo. Jennifer comes over to keep Hope company while trying to track down Bo. Jennifer wants to know if Hope has talked with Billie. Hope doesn’t believe that Bo is with Billie. Jennifer talks about how Jack would run off after a hot news lead and she thinks that Bo might have broken his promise to stay home.

In a village outside of the European Dimera castle:

Jack has escaped and is free. He flashes back to his walking out of the castle. He is shivering, in his Dimera guard disguise. He talks to himself about how he has no money, no papers, and is freezing his butt off.

At the hospital:

There is a repeat (though redone) of Lexie’s conversation with John and Kate, where Lexie offers to take John home. John snaps at Lexie, insisting that he is going to stay because of Belle.

Meanwhile Lucas and Sami are talking about what Sami is going to say to the guard who is investigating the drug theft. John comes over and has some ugly words to say to Sami, about Sami’s wish that something disastrous happen to Belle at her wedding. Sami retorts that if her wishes were that powerful, then John would be dead and her parents alive. John calls Sami a bitch. Then, the guard comes over to ask Sami again if she saw anyone stealing the drugs.

They hear Shawn shout “No,” from Belle’s room. Inside, Philip shouts at Shawn that he and Belle are married and he tugs at his wedding band on his hand to show Shawn. Shawn punches Philip and they start to brawl. John tries to separate them with his cane. Abe holds back Philip and Rex and Lucas hold back Shawn. Philip cries out that Shawn could have killed everyone. Lexie demands that Shawn is taken out of there. Shawn begs Belle to tell him that she hasn’t married Philip. Mimi steps forward to tell Shawn that the wedding went forward. There is a flashback to the wedding and the exchange of rings and the priest pronouncing Philip and Belle husband and wife. Then, a replay of Shawn smashing through the stained glass window. Back to reality, John tells Shawn to stay away from Belle. Shawn still wants to talk to Belle. Rex and Lucas physically remove him from the move and Mi and Abe follow them out. Kate and John also leave, and Philip and Belle alone.

The guard again asks Sami if she saw someone take the drugs. Sami looks at John, but doesn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Mimi talk about how the wedding shouldn’t have happened. Jan wants to take Shawn home, but Shawn wants to talk to Mimi alone. Kate is watching them.

Inside Belle’s room, Philip tries to calm Belle down. As he strokes Belle’s hair, Belle talks about how she wants to help Shawn and she starts to get up to talk to him. Philip tells her that he forbids it.

On the Basic Black Jet::

Bo again tries to call Hope. He gets another busy signal. Billie and Bo talk about Hope’s reaction. Billie criticizes Bo for not leaving Hope a note and Bo said that he didn’t have time. They renew their argument about whether Bo should have come along with Billie.

At Hope’s House:

Hope and Jennifer continue to talk about whether Bo is with Billie. They also talk about Shawn. Hope is upset with Julie for putting the thought into head that Bo went off with Billie.

In the European Village Near the Dimera Castle:

Jack is still outside without a winter jacket, and fearful of freezing or getting arrested for loitering, he goes inside a bar. He steals the tip money from a table and sits at another. A waitress comes up to him and asks him how he got out of the Dimera castle.

At the Hospital:

The guard asks Sami again if she saw anything. Sami flashes back to Lucas telling her not to accuse John. Sami says that she didn’t see anything. The guard goes away and Lucas tells her he’s proud of her.

Lexie goes to John and tells him that she wants to talk to him about stolen drugs. Sami thinks that Lexie has figured it out that John has stolen the drugs.

Meanwhile, Jan doesn’t want Shawn to talk to Mimi and Shawn is rude to Jan. Rex takes Jan away to get coffee. Mimi and Shawn talk as Kate listens on. Shawn claims that he had no other option than to crash his motorcycle through the window. Shawn says that his head wasn’t clear. Kate thinks to herself that Shawn will not break up Belle and Philip. When Kate overhears Mimi tell Shawn that she believes that Philip and Belle belong together, Kate thinks that Mimi doesn’t belong with Rex.

Inside Belle’s hospital room, Belle is upset that Philip used the word forbid to him. Philip said that it was a poor choice of words, but that he doesn’t want Belle to become more upset. Belle wants to talk to Shawn to find out why he crashed his motorcycle into the church, and Philip tells her that Shawn did it because he was sick and under the influence.

At the Bar in Europe:

The waitress mistakes Jack for a Dimera guard and tells him that Dimera guards rarely get time off. Jack adopts a bad accent (no worse than the one the ‘native’ Europeans have been adopting) and compliments the waitress and orders a coffee. When the waitress leaves, Jack sees two local police officers. Jack goes over to the coat rack to steal a winter coat. He thinks to himself that while Tony bragged to him that the police are on the Dimera payroll, he thinks that because they don’t know what he looks like, he might be able to get them to take him to the American consulate. Just then, Bart comes in with a head shot of Jack that he shows around to people.

At Hope’s House:

Hope still believes that Bo might not be with Billie. Hope is worried, because Shawn needs Bo around right now. Hope and Jennifer talk about Shawn’s motorcycle crash. Hope flashes back to her wedding to Larry Welsh, where Bo crashed (not in the literal sense) it and whisked Hope away on his motorcycle. This real flashback to the 1980s shows Bo and Hope riding away on the motorcycle and later, when they’re stopped and Bo and Hope kiss.

On the Basic Black Jet:

Billie tells Bo that she knows first-hand what Hope is going through. Billie has a faux flashback to a night when Bo was working on a dangerous police assignment and was late. Billie tells Bo that he’s incredibly loving and generous, but that he makes the women around him nervous wrecks.

At the Hospital:

Lexie asks John to investigate the drug theft. Worried about negative media attention, Lexie wants a private investigation and no police involved. Sami overhears this. Abe says that he doesn’t think that it would be a problem for the investigation to be private.

Shawn and Mimi continue to talk about whether it’s really over between Shawn and Belle and Kate tells herself that Mimi is on thin ice. Jan threaten Mimi again, that if she loses Shawn, then she’ll make sure that Mimi loses Rex.

Philip and Belle talk about Shawn testing positive for drugs and alcohol. Philip tries to convince Belle that Shawn wasn’t trying to stop the wedding because he wanted to talk to her, but because he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Philip promises Belle that Shawn won’t hurt her again.

Kate calls the police on the hospital pay phone and tells them that she has new information about why he crashed his motorcycle into the church.

At Hope’s House:

Jennifer and Hope continue to talk about where Bo could be. Hope continues to believe that Bo wouldn’t go off with Billie without telling her. Hope picks up the phone to call the hospital to see if Bo is there. Hope starts to cry, thinking about how she needs Bo to help with Shawn.

On the Plane:

Bo and Billie continue to talk about how Bo makes the women who love him nervous wrecks. Billie has another false flashback to Billie and Bo being together, with Billie being upset that Bo hadn’t called her while Bo was at work. In the faux flashback, Bo apologizes to Billie by holding her, nuzzling her neck and kissing her. Back to reality, Billie reminds Bo that it took a lot of loving that night for her to forgive him. Bo says that he remembers while Billie smiles at him.

At the Bar in Europe:

Bart talks to the local crooked policemen and shows him Jack’s picture. Bart tells the policemen that a guest has escaped the castle and that the Count wants Jack back, dead or alive. Jack tries to be inconspicuous, by going over to the bar and telling the waitress that he’ll take his coffee there. With Jack’s back turned to Bart, Bart walks over to Jack and, standing behind him, says that he had a feeling he’d find “you” there. But, Bart is referring to the waitress and Bart follows her. As Bart is flirting with the waitress, he receives a cell phone call from the Count and leaves. Jack realizes that he can’t go to the police and he goes to the wall payphone and calls Jennifer. He gets the answering machine and leaves a message, telling her that’s he alive.

At the Hospital:

Sami walks over to Abe, Lexie and John overhears their conversation. John agrees to investigate the drug theft and to keep it discrete. John goes to get air, and Abe offers to go with him. John turns Abe down and walks of on his own. Lexie and Abe go over to call Hope to tell her about Shawn’s toxic screen results.

John is in the corridor, in great pain and agitated, looking for a private, unlocked room. Finally, in the hallway, he takes about another syringe and medicine vial and loads the syringe and injects himself in the thigh again. Sami watches through a window in the door.

On the Plane:

Bo and Billie lock eyes. Their stare is broken by the pilot’s voice telling them that they are going to land.

At Hope’s house:

The phone rings and Hope answers it, thinking that it’s Bo. However, it’s Lexie. Hope asks if Bo is there. Lexie is surprised that Hope hasn’t tracked Bo down yet. Lexie tells Hope that Shawn tested positive for drugs and alcohol.

At the Hospital:

Meanwhile, Jan wants Shawn to leave, but Shawn wants to talk to Belle. Kate pulls Mimi aside and advises her to not interfere. Mimi is apologetic, but tells her that she believes that Shawn and Belle belong together. Kate tells Mimi that Shawn had his chance and that Philip and Belle are married now.

Jan tells Shawn to not get into another fight. But, Shawn refuses to leave. Kate comes over and tells Shawn that he’ll never get near Belle again. Kate pulls Rex aside and appeals to him to keep Shawn away from Belle. Rex agrees with her and he says that he’ll talk to Mimi about her interference.

In Belle’s room, Philip is stroking Belle’s hair. They are still talking about Shawn. Belle wants to talk to him and give Shawn the chance to explain himself.

The police arrive and Shawn is arrested. Shawn demands to know if they know who his family and give them attitude, but then complies and puts his hands behind his back to be handcuffed.

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