Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/5/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/5/05



By Amy
Pictures by Juanita

Bo & Billie are on airplane fighting about Billie being emotional and Bo tells her that he’s doing this because he loves her. Billie asks him what he meant by that, but at that moment the pilot comes on the intercom and asks them to take their seats because of turbulence.

Hope is in the hospital and asks Lexie if Belle will be okay, and Lexie assure her that she’ll be fine. Hope says she’s so mad at Shawn and wonders why he did this since he could’ve killed several people including himself. Lexie tells her that it’s obvious he wanted to stop the wedding. Hope then asks her if she really thinks that Shawn is under the influence. Lexie isn’t sure yet and needs to wait for the tests. Hope explains how she can’t get ahold of Bo and how every time she tries his cell phone claims he’s out of the calling area. Lexie thinks she might know where he is.

The security guard and the nurse ask Sami if she saw anyone break into the medicine cart. Sami flashes back to seeing John break in and steal the drugs. Sami is looking directly at John and says “You’re damn right I did”

Mimi tells Rex that she knows why Shawn crashed through the window – he still loves Belle and it was a wild and romantic thing to do. Rex is stunned that she believes that and tells her it was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

Phillip is upset that Belle wanted to see Shawn and not him. Kate tells him she probably did it so they wouldn’t cross paths and so she could tell him how much she now hates him and never wants to see him again. Kate tells him to be patient because after Belle is done with Shawn, he will be out of their lives forever. Phillip says she’s right – if the cops don’t throw the book at Shawn, Phillip will kill him.

Shawn tries to explain to Belle his reasons for doing what he did, that all he could think about was getting there in time to stop the wedding. He asks her if he made it in time and she gets furious at him. Belle reminds him that he could’ve killed her, Phillip and many others. Through angry tears she asks him what is wrong with him.

After Bo & Billie take their seats to wait out the turbulence, Billie makes a joke that Hope probably heard Bo tell Billie that he loves her and is now throwing thunderbolts at the plane. She tries to give Bo an out by saying she knows he didn’t mean it. Bo tells her that he does and reminds her why else would he get out of his sick bed and risk Hope’s anger. Billie again kids him that she’s going to be even more furious when she finds out that he loves Billie. Bo asks her if she plans on telling Hope and Billie tells him no. Bo says that Hope is a smart lady and probably figured out how he feels about Billie.

Lexie tells Hope that it’s probably a problem with the cell phone company and Bo is at home asleep. She suggests that Hope go home and check on him. Hope protests and says she can’t until she sees Shawn. Lexie tells her that she is too upset to see him right now and should go home first. Lexie promises to keep an eye on Shawn until Hope gets back. Hope gives her a hug and thanks her for being a good friend.

The security guard asks Sami what she saw and she begins to tell him when Lucas interrupts. The security guard tells him that he was taking Sami’s statement and Lucas sarcastically asks if some files were tampered with again. Sami gets mad and tells him to shut up. The security guard explains about the break in of the medicine cart. Lucas senses what Sami is about to do and gets her away from them by saying he’s got news on Belle. He takes her to another room and says she can’t possibly know anything unless she’s trying to set someone up.

Lexie talks to another doctor about the missing medicine and how it’s got to stop. John overhears with a guilty look on his face.

Jan rushes in and asks Rex where Shawn is and he tells her the ICU. She says she has to see him but Mimi stops her.

Kate says she’s sure that once Belle tells Shawn off, he’ll be out of their lives forever. Phillip says he’s not going to let Shawn get away with this. Kate pleads with him to just focus on Belle and let the police deal with Shawn.

Belle lays into Shawn about being so angry and destructive all the time now. Shawn stops her and begins to explain himself. He tells her that everyone out there thinks there is still something between them. Very emotionally he tells her that they belong together. He tells her he knows why he left at the beginning of the summer; he’s just not sure why he stayed away for so long. Belle retorts she knows why – he was in Jan’s bed. Shawn tells her that’s not the case and he can’t blame everything on Jan. His memories are all foggy and in bits and pieces since his accident. When he went to talk to Alice and saw the invitation and how that the date had been moved up, it hit him like a jolt and he realized that he could really loose her. That in the back of his mind there what always a chance they could work it out. Belle fixes him with a hard stare and asks “Work what out?”

Back at home, Hope is about to make a phone call when the doorbell rings. Julie & Maggie are bringing Zack home. Julie tells Hope that she called the hospital and Belle, Phillip and Shawn are all going to be okay. Hope is thankful but knows that while Shawn may be okay physically, he’s not emotionally. Julie states that it’s obvious Shawn wanted to stop the wedding, but obviously he didn’t think through the consequences. Hope says that he had months to tell Belle how he felt, but was too stubborn. Julie reminds her that he grew up on the story of Bo rushing on his motorcycle to stop Hope from marrying the wrong man. She tells Hope that her and Bo just have to get through to Shawn. Hope replies that that won’t happen because Bo isn’t there. Julie and Maggie are shocked and Julie asks Hope if she thinks Bo left with Billie again.

Billie asks Bo how he really feels about her and he tells her that she already knows the answer – he loves her. She agrees that she knows. He then adds that she also knows how he means that. And she said as a friend. Bo explains that there can never be anything romantic between them again. Billie says she knows that he loves Hope fully and completely, which Bo says is true. Billie then reminds him that at one time when he thought Hope was gone; he once loved her fully and completely too. She then flashes back to a scene when they were together as a couple. Bo says he did love her and still does, but Hope and the boys are his life and his future. Billie tells him that she knows that, she just wishes it was different.

John hears Lexie and the doctor talk about the side effects of one of the drugs that were stolen, which include tensions, stress, mood swings, anxiety, and if overdosed could result in violence. Phillip comes over with Kate and asks if he’s alright. John answers yes and asks about Belle. Phillip tells him that aside from a couple stitches, she’ll be okay. John says he’s glad and tells Phillip to hang in there – he knows he’s the right man for Belle. Kate can see that John is in extreme pain and asks him if she can get his wheelchair. John snaps at her “NO!” and to forget about the damn wheelchair. He walks away as Phillip and Kate look on concerned.

Sami asks Lucas why he’s so sure she’s making this up. He tells her that there is no way she saw anything and he saw her eyeing John. He warns her not to set John up. They begin to fight about Sami’s hatred towards almost everyone and her unwillingness to let things go. He tells her that he and Will cannot be the only people she can turn too. He then reminds her what happened the last time she tried to set someone up, when she accuse Lucas of hitting Will to gain full custody. He tells her that they could’ve been married and happy that whole time if it weren’t for that. Sami angrily demands to know if her thinks she should just keep quiet and take the blame for everything. When he tells her yes, she storms out saying he’s just like John & Kate.

Jan tells Mimi that if Shawn is hurt then she needs to see him. Mimi tells her that he’s fine, but he’s in with Belle. Jan wants to know why and Mimi explains she doesn’t know but Belle wanted to talk to him. Rex chimes in saying he doesn’t understand why since Shawn almost killed them. Jan walks away and says to herself that she doesn’t understand what happened, that the drugs she slipped him were supposed to mellow him out and not the opposite effect. We see Sami in the background and is stunned by what she just heard from Jan.

Phillip tells Kate that he hopes the DA locks Shawn up and throws away the key. Kate says she’s surprised he was able to do what he did considering there were guards outside. Phillip asks her why she put guards outside anyway. Kate flashes to the call she intercepted from Shawn.

Shawn tells Belle that he got her message about needing to talk and there were still a lot they needed to work out. Belle shoots back that he never called her and Shawn exclaims that he did call but she never said anything! Belle stares at him oddly and Shawn realizes it wasn’t her who answered. Shawn tells her that he asked her what was wrong and the call got disconnected. Belle scoffs and obviously doesn’t believe him. Shawn gets very upset and tells her that he just had to get to her in time. He then asks her again if she married Phillip.

Hope tells Maggie & Julie that Bo would never leave; he promised he wouldn’t and besides they talked Billie out of going too. Julie asks Hope “What if Billie changed her mind?” and Hope replies that even if she did, Bo has his priorities straight and he promised he wouldn’t go without hard evidence and ISA back up. Maggie thinks that Bo might’ve seen the fire at the church on TV and went looking for them. Maggie goes to call the church to see if he’s there. Meanwhile, Julie reminds Hope that Billie was supposed to be at the wedding and asks why they didn’t see her there. Maggie hangs up the phone and says that there are a lot of people at the church so they’re not sure if Bo’s there. Maggie goes to the church to look for Bo. Julie tells Hope that Shawn is going to have to pay for what he has done. Hope says that she knows and is afraid that this time they won’t be able to help him out of it. She knows that what he did was irresponsible and dangerous. Julie reminds Hope that it’s irresponsible and dangerous to Hope’s marriage if she lets Bo run off with Billie again.

Bo tries to explain his feelings, but Billie says he doesn’t have to, they now know where they stand with each other and she knows why he’s there. He says he is there to make sure she doesn’t fall into a trap and to back her up. Billie tells him if that’s the case the he should’ve let Patrick come instead. Bo warns her to stay away from him. Billie asks him why, since he’s so keen on her moving on, why not with Patrick? Bo tells her that she deserves better than that. And she replies that in her experience, all the good ones are taken. Bo tells her she’s right – he can’t tell her who to care about even if it’s Lockhart. He tells her again that the only reason he’s there is to find Georgia, even though it would be easier for everyone if he didn’t. This upsets Billie and she yells at him that what he really means is that he wishes Georgia didn’t exist.

Belle starts to tell Shawn “When you came crashing through that window…” but is interrupted by Lexie and the plastic surgeon who wants to evaluate Belle. Lexie asks Shawn to wait outside.

Kate tells Phillip that the reason she had guards outside was to prevent Sami from ruining the wedding since she’s been on a mission of vengeance lately. Phillip says it’s too bad she didn’t have the guards looking out for Shawn, which Shawn overhears. At that moment Phillip notices Shawn and tries to attack him. John intervenes and tells Phillip that it’s not worth it.

Lexie come out of Belle’s room and is handed some paperwork. She tells Shawn that she got his test results and his blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit and he tested positive for drugs. Shawn is shocked. Phillip becomes more enraged and starts to verbally attack him. Lexie tells Shawn that she will have to report the findings. Jan runs up to Shawn and hugs him, but in pain Shawn pushes her away. As John tries to lead Phillip off, Phillip points at Shawn and tells him “You and me soon – very soon”

Rex asks Mimi if she changed her opinion on Shawn. Mimi says no, she can’t believe he took drugs, but he tried to stop the wedding out of pure love. Jan overhears this and looks worried.

Lucas finds Sami and apologizes for bringing up the custody issue and Sami accepts. He still doesn’t believe she saw anyone steal the drugs. She tries to explain but he reminds her she wanted to be the new and improved Sami and begs her to give him some peace in his life.

The plastic surgeon comes out of Belle’s room where Shawn and Phillip are standing and says that Belle is asking to see him. Phillip says “Thank God” and starts to walk towards her room, but the doctor tells him its Shawn she’s asking for. Shawn goes in as Phillip looks on angry.

Julie starts in again about Bo & Billie. Hope gets fed up and yells at Julie to stop it – she’s got enough on her mind with Shawn without having to worry about Bo too. She really believes that Maggie will bring Bo home, where she will then tuck him into bed and they will deal with Shawn together in the morning. Julie explains that she’s not trying to add to Hope’s worry; she’s just trying to get her head out of the sand where Bo and Billie are concerned.

Bo tried to calm Billie down by saying he didn’t mean he wished Georgia never existed. It’s that because of her that he will always share a bond with Billie and that bond will prove to be painful at times. Billie tells him that Georgia will be her salvation from Bo and he tells her that’s what he wants for her. Finding Georgia will fill the void in her life she explains.

Maggie comes back and tells Hope that Bo wasn’t at the church or the hospital. Julie suggests that she at least see where Billie is. Hope snaps at Julie to not go there-there is no way Bo could be with Billie.

Billie tells Bo that she couldn’t stand it if anything happens to him. He tells her he feels the same way and that’s why he’s there. Billie thinks it’s just because she’s stubborn, but Bo says it’s because of Georgia and family comes first. BUT if he ever had to make a choice, he would choose Hope and the boys first. With a sad smile she tells him that she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Lexie offers to take John home if Kate wants to stay with Phillip & Belle. Kate thinks it’s a good idea but John says no. Lexie thinks he must be in pain and asks him if he’s tense. He says that if he were tense, it’s because Belle was almost killed tonight and he’s sick of everyone treating him like a child. There is no way he’s leaving.

Lucas asks Sami what her decision is and she tells him she has to think about it. Just then John walks over and demands to know what she’s still doing there. He then proceeds to yell at her and ends it with calling her a vindictive b****. The security guard walks up next to John and asks Sami if she did in fact see who broke into the medicine cart, John looks a little surprised as Sami stares hard at him.

Jan insists to Rex, Mimi & Phillip that Shawn is not in love with Belle and reminds them that he’s engaged to her. Phillip suggests if that’s true, then she marry him and ship him off to Europe or something. Jan says she’s love too so it would stop all the ‘crazy talk’ about Shawn being in love with Belle. Suddenly we hear Shawn yell “NO!” from Belle’s room. Everyone rushes in and Phillip goes to her side and asks her what’s wrong. Shawn is standing off to the side in obvious emotional pain. Belle tells Phillip that she told Shawn that they’re married. Phillip turns to Shawn and confirms that she’s right and shows him the wedding ring and tells him there is nothing he can do about it now. Jan stands in the doorway ecstatic as Shawn looks heartbroken.

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